MTV to air “True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street”

by Jamilah Lemieux

As the Occupy Wall Street movement enters its second month, an upcoming MTV special will allow viewers to take a closer look at three of the young people currently protesting in New York’s Zuccotti Park. “True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street” will explore the frustration of the thousands of people who are taking a bold stance against the banks, corporations and the government who have struggled to pay back loans and build careers during the economic crisis.

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Feature in the special is Bryan, a leader of the Occupy sanitation team who was faced with the challenge of motivating protesters to clean up before facing eviction from local government. He is joined by Kait and Caitlin, college students who are terrified about their post-graduation job prospects.

An MTV survey found that 93 percent of young adult respondents (aged 18-29) felt that the current economic situation had a direct impact on their lives, while 72 percent did not trust the government to take care of their needs; 62 percent expressed concern over their parents’ ability to retire and 66 percent felt they were in need of a leader outside of the political world who was capable of speaking to their needs.

Rumor has it that MTV also searched for future “Real World” cast-mates among the throngs of people at the protests. “True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street” airs on November 5th at 6pm EST.


  • Cee Lo

    I cant decide if this is bringing light to the issue or exploitation/for profit..hmmmm

  • JMichelle

    I heard on the radio a week and a half that they were casting in the Bay Area for “attractive individuals” between 18 and 24 who were wall street protestors… I guess tv really is as vain as it seems. You claim to want to follow people involved in intelligent (sometimes) and political arenas but they have to look good? Okay.

  • frankenstein

    cee lo -
    this isn’t even about exploitation, this is about incorporation. the occupy wallstreet movement is now doing the bidding of viacom, an international media conglomerate of the sort that these protesters ostensibly, have spent the better part of 2 months complaining about. this dude, byran ought to be fucking ashamed of himself for participating in this. he obviously hasn’t thought seriously about what he’s actually doing there; apparently, he’s there for his chance at 15 minutes. well congratulations dude, you got it.

  • African Mami


  • aedivine

    Pshh,MTV will truly find any way to turn something meaningful into reality TV trash. I mean looking for real world contestants? wow.

  • Kaydee-P

    MAJOR side eye.

  • Cee Lo

    yea i was thinking that as soon as I saw the clip. Like ppl who are openly detesting major corporations/slanted media coverage are voluntarily putting them selves on camera for mtv’s dime. I really hope the funds go back into ows but prob not. I was kinda disappointed but I know many ppl want to capitalize on this movement but I was hoping the protesters would hold their ground against the mercenaries.

  • secret ninja

    i wouldn’t throw shade at MTV, this is what they do, they are a media machine, and that’s what i believe the M in MTV stands for, not music, but media.
    who i am giving a side-eye to are these protesters. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. these people act like the greed that has been going on is brand new when it’s been going on for years and years and minorities have felt the brunt of it. now that this greediness is looking like it’s going to effect them, their job prospects, the way of life they’ve grown accustomed to, now all of sudden it’s a problem, all of sudden it’s not fair, all of sudden they want justice.
    these protesters are a bunch of overprivileged brats.
    “occupy wallstreet” my ass! i’d like to protest them. ask them what their protesting about and what they would like changed and you get a different answer everytime or none at all.
    oh yeah, you’re “protesting” – you’ve got showers and an open air market and a freaking yoga studio setup in the park, because you’re protesting be damned, you’re going to keep up your standard of living.
    you’re eating good in the damned neighborhood, hot gourmet meals that have been “anonymously” donated from the same rich fat cats you claim to be raging against.
    let the police sick their dogs on you or the fire department set their high powered hoses on you like they did the people of the Civil Rights Movement and see how long you last, or better yet, let that icy cold NYC winter hit. but knowing you, you’ll be in your tents with “donated” mink coats, surrounded by heat lamps because “protesting” be damned, you’re going to maintain the standard of living you’ve grown accustomed to.

  • D.j. Baker

    Thank you secret ninja THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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