Skateboard P has announced that he will be expanding his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line to include a women’s divsion to be called- surprise- Billionaire Girls Club. The musician-turned-clothes maker told Women’s Wear Daily that the new line will have a full range of ladies’ clothing and is set to launch in the Spring of 2013 (which is kind of a long time for now, especially considering the fickle nature of urban clothing trends).

Williams is also collaborating on a line of shoes with designer Mark McNairy, which will be available next February. He’s also working on a coffee table book with Ambra Medda of Design Miami. “Places & Spaces I’ve Been” does not yet have a release date. Go Pharrell, go!




  • Shug Avery

    His Billionare Boys Club attire was pretty expensive. “LE” question is, who has the money to buy Billionare Girls Club attire, but then again I know women who can barely make ends meet wear high end fashions. carry on.

  • Pink

    All I’ve got to say is that most people consume too much, and don’t save and invest enough.For some reason a lot of people think that THINGS enhance their status in life. NOT!!

  • African Mami

    Congrats on your added hustle. But I just have to say this, it’s truly eating my innards if I hold it in.

    Celebrities, QUIT claiming to be designers. Attaching your name to a brand does NOT make you a designer. Secondly, please for heavens sake take the craft seriously. Pharrell I’ve gone through your lookbok and I was VERY disappointed. Some dudes got on jailbird shorts….lawwd! Nyhoo end of rant.

    #Occupy TALENT!

  • secret ninja

    *swoons* i love Pharrell!

  • Mimi

    AGREED!!! The funny thing about celeb lines is that for the most part, I don’t see anyone wearing them anymore. I haven”t seen anyone in Dereon crap in a long time and I certainly haven’t seen anyone in BBC considering t-shirts are a couple hundred.

  • Jmichelle

    If this was 2004 I’d probably be really excited but it’s 2011 and my triple 5 soul and azzure wearing days are over…. But congrats to Pharrell.

  • sweetpisces

    I love this guy but he should focus more on getting his production skills which seems to be fading

  • kat

    Dereon, haha! I don’t know what made her think people wanted to walk around with swirls all over their butts :-/

  • Brodie

    I’m a thrifter myself. They really don’t make clothes I like anymore. Nothing is really feminine, just short and tight. The Somali Twins have clothing that is more my taste but as long is McCalls and JoAnn Fabrics is around I’ll be good to go.

  • African Mami

    @ Brodie

    If you are referring to Mataano….High FIVE!

  • Pink

    With the economy the way it is… now really a good time to release an expensive clothing line? Also Queen Latifah recently releashed a clothing line. What’s that about?!? Neither will get a dime of my money.

  • katia

    amen. He has that way about him that makes me melt!

  • Isis

    Lmaoo @ occupy talent

  • LaurenB

    Honey, Pharrell never claimed to be a designer. This is his brand. Just because YOU don’t like some of the looks doesn’t mean he doesn’t take his craft seriously. BBC is made for a certain crowd and by certain crowd I mean people who actually follow him, skateboarding and such “fashion” if you will. If you don’t wear such clothing or anything similar there’s a huge chance you won’t follow it or like it for your own personal taste. Give the man a chance, he has have 10+ seasons with BBC, I’m sure he has to do something differently.

  • LaurenB

    Darling, there’s nothing wrong with his production. A lot of his or The Neptunes production don’t make the albums. Music has taken on a different direction if you haven’t noticed. He’s a very versatile man, so let him rock out.

  • Brodie

    @ Mami

    Yup, Mataano. :)

  • geek chik

    i thrift too..
    i am getting tired of seeing see thru tight clothing at work.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    JoAnn’s fabric is AWESOME!

    You sew? Go woman.

  • art

    Love his work. From music to clothing lines, to shoes, all his work is great.

  • Kaydee-P

    BBC is crazy expensive…looks like Teyana Taylor will be the only one rocking that

  • Suai

    I juuuuust threw out my T5S hoodie, lol! Yeah, 25 now, probably won’t be buying any BGC crewnecks :/

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