Skateboard P has announced that he will be expanding his Billionaire Boys Club clothing line to include a women’s divsion to be called- surprise- Billionaire Girls Club. The musician-turned-clothes maker told Women’s Wear Daily that the new line will have a full range of ladies’ clothing and is set to launch in the Spring of 2013 (which is kind of a long time for now, especially considering the fickle nature of urban clothing trends).

Williams is also collaborating on a line of shoes with designer Mark McNairy, which will be available next February. He’s also working on a coffee table book with Ambra Medda of Design Miami. “Places & Spaces I’ve Been” does not yet have a release date. Go Pharrell, go!




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  • His Billionare Boys Club attire was pretty expensive. “LE” question is, who has the money to buy Billionare Girls Club attire, but then again I know women who can barely make ends meet wear high end fashions. carry on.

  • Pink

    All I’ve got to say is that most people consume too much, and don’t save and invest enough.For some reason a lot of people think that THINGS enhance their status in life. NOT!!

  • African Mami

    Congrats on your added hustle. But I just have to say this, it’s truly eating my innards if I hold it in.

    Celebrities, QUIT claiming to be designers. Attaching your name to a brand does NOT make you a designer. Secondly, please for heavens sake take the craft seriously. Pharrell I’ve gone through your lookbok and I was VERY disappointed. Some dudes got on jailbird shorts….lawwd! Nyhoo end of rant.

    #Occupy TALENT!

    • Mimi

      AGREED!!! The funny thing about celeb lines is that for the most part, I don’t see anyone wearing them anymore. I haven”t seen anyone in Dereon crap in a long time and I certainly haven’t seen anyone in BBC considering t-shirts are a couple hundred.

    • kat

      Dereon, haha! I don’t know what made her think people wanted to walk around with swirls all over their butts :-/

    • LaurenB

      Honey, Pharrell never claimed to be a designer. This is his brand. Just because YOU don’t like some of the looks doesn’t mean he doesn’t take his craft seriously. BBC is made for a certain crowd and by certain crowd I mean people who actually follow him, skateboarding and such “fashion” if you will. If you don’t wear such clothing or anything similar there’s a huge chance you won’t follow it or like it for your own personal taste. Give the man a chance, he has have 10+ seasons with BBC, I’m sure he has to do something differently.

  • secret ninja

    *swoons* i love Pharrell!

    • katia

      amen. He has that way about him that makes me melt!

  • Jmichelle

    If this was 2004 I’d probably be really excited but it’s 2011 and my triple 5 soul and azzure wearing days are over…. But congrats to Pharrell.

    • Suai

      I juuuuust threw out my T5S hoodie, lol! Yeah, 25 now, probably won’t be buying any BGC crewnecks :/