Pornography: A Woman’s Pleasure

by Arielle Loren

Contrary to popular belief, pornography viewers have breasts, hips, and vaginas; not every porn connoisseur has a penis. Talking to most women, there seems to be a consensus that the pornography industry is lacking in diversity: the type of porn being distributed primarily caters to men and the production team behind it is predominantly composed of one gender, men, again. But the truth is that women also receive pleasure from visual stimulation. Not to be confused with objectification, the admiration and appreciation of our naked bodies does incite arousal. The consideration of our diverse and multifaceted desires is a turn on. And frankly, the answer to the porn industry’s woes is not to stop making pornography, but rather make better films, empower women directors, and use our purchasing power to support adult films that take our cravings into consideration.

The recipe for a good adult film is relative to the person sitting in the viewer’s chair. But there are a few requirements that tend to be universal: good production values, decent acting, strong performances, and no cheesy music. There’s nothing worse than a porno flick that looks like it was shot on someone’s webcam with horrible lighting and limited camera focus. Unless you’re into amateur pornography, it’s an automatic turn off and tends to foreshadow what’s to come: no stimulation. In addition, bad production values coupled with dreadful acting and low-energy performances equal an automatic fail. There are too many adult flicks on the market that feature a macho male character using horrible lines and ridiculous moves to “put it on” his female companion while clearly not being concerned about her pleasure. Add a bit of cheesy techno music and it’s an official disaster.

But there’s hope as women porn directors, such as Candida Royalle, Erika Lust, Shine Louise Houston, and Estelle Joseph, redefine the saying “for us by us” in the pornography industry. Obviously, not every woman has the same desires and thus, each of these leaders cater to multiple women’s demographics through the production of same-sex, transgender, interracial, heterosexual, and kink-focused flicks. And they’re not alone. Organizations, such as the Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards, celebrate these directors for honoring women’s desires in adult film and echo the need for empowering filmmakers battling the porn status quo.

However, despite the good intentions of the above filmmakers and organization, the myth that women don’t enjoy porn is continuously reinforced by the fact that not enough women use their purchasing power to say what they do and don’t like. The illegal downloading of pornography doesn’t support women directors or any other creative professional that works to provide a platform for women’s desires in adult film. Perhaps, there’s still a stigma attached to purchasing pornography despite the fact that the charge rarely appears on credit card statements under a company name that indicates adult entertainment. But even if paying for porn is a deal breaker, there are plenty of sites that have secured licensing deals to distribute adult films for free. If there’s ever a time to use “ethical” and “porn” in the same sentence, it’s to encourage viewers to consume adult entertainment in a legal manner.

As pornography grows to accommodate more women’s desires and the market increases, there needs to be a declaration, once and for all, that women should have the freedom to enjoy porn without slut-shaming or negative backlash. Men are not the only visual creatures. And women deserve to be served.

What kind of pornography do you find most pleasurable? Are you fed up with the industry primarily focusing on male desire? Weigh in. 

  • Hmm…

    I think many women are too ashamed to admit watching porn. I do find many videos to be to violent and lacking in passion. I enjoy ebony and M/F porn probably because that moreso reflects my tastes in real life. I would like more of a plot buildup… I would like to see more women take control of their sex lives instead of being manhandled in the bed room. Do I believe porn compares to the real thing though? NOT EVEN.

  • sunshyne84

    I don’t care for storylines in porn. We already know what happens at the end. I can watch softcore on Cinemax or something for that. But I do get annoyed when they spend 15 minutes following a chick up the stairs, that’s clearly not for me. Sometimes I do wish they had more chemistry though like they are a couple instead of just doing their job. I hate when the camera guy is talking and their interviewing the chick and she’s lying saying she’s 19 or something. It feels like watching a prostitute, I know how awkward that sounds, but still.

  • hehe

    I’m with you. I don’t care for story line but I would love it if there’s chemistry. Porn seldom so men pleasing women beside just peen in vag. Also would love if there is more attractive men in porn.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    You know what would have made this article more encouraging?

    A list of filmmakers and directors dedicated to serving women who enjoy quality porn, in the same fashion as a previous Clutch article highlighting and listing independent black female filmmakers and directors.

    We need to know exactly what our better options are!

  • chanela

    isnt this like the 4th article on this??? lol

    @sunshyne they ARE prostitutes. they get paid to have sex right? whats the difference?

    another way to support women is to have prettier black women in porn. come on ladies dont be a prude! quit leaving out the possibility of being a prostitute when your daughter wants to figure out a career. we need more pretty black girls in porn. we need to be employing more black women AND men to have unprotected sex almost daily for entertainment purposes!! it’ll be the solution to the unemployment rate amongst afro americans

  • lalalalala

    Chanela you killed me!! lol

  • Clutch
  • Arielle Loren

    Also check out the directors that I linked to in the third paragraph :-)

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  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    I was definitely unaware of the Clutchosphere in April. I read the article and clicked on the links to the few directors mentioned in my first reading. The given link in the first reply is what I’m TALKIN about! An extensive list!

    Thanks Arielle!

  • Timcampi

    I’m more fed up with the lack of condom use in American Heterosexual Porn. In many male-on-male flicks I’ve seen condom use is mandatory. I know a lot of sad souls who watch porn and use it to measure their sexual experience. I’m not sure how to point out to them that the average porn flick has over thirty different takes and STIs become more of an issue with each penetrative scene.

    When I want a healthy dose of consensual, loving sex I check out any site with a Female Friendly option! Porn doesn’t have to be a taboo’d thing. Neither does prostitution, but that’s another subject. Anyway I would really love it if most porn looked as consensual as it deems. Brazzers is a freaking scary site.

  • Timcampi

    Whoops, I didn’t mean to respond to you chanela.

  • Johnnya

    women like porn???..when did this happen

    Best Buy giving out $1,000 giftcards ..4 their 30th 24 hours a laptop & a

  • AG

    i rarely get turned on when watching porn but once in a while i get into it but that is very RARE. i hate that most are kind of racist and really unrealistic. i avoid stuff like big black man does this and this to white woman, barely legal girl fucks for first time, anything with young or girl in the title creeps me the f out. Oh and teacher and student anything is nasty esp since the girls are acting as young teenage girl.

  • AG

    i rarely ever watch porn because i rarely ever get turned on. i find most porn really unrealistic and funny. i normally avoid porn with titles like young girl gets f***ed for first time, big black man does this and this, barely legal girl does this ans this, anthing with young or girl in its title. i also hate teacher student stuff. ewww

  • AG

    i meant porn rarely turns me on

  • Alexandra

    Hilarious. Like seriously, what’s the point of the story? Lol
    I do agree with you about softcore films, I’ve seen hardcore and I can’t….

  • Ebonylolita

    I like to get STRAIGHT to the action!!!! What I would like is more of a diverse choice of MEN in porn. I HATE the guys that talk entirely TOooooooo much. Please don’t get it twisted there is a lil shit talking & there is STFU dude & f’the chick.
    I prefer Black on Black porn but watching the same dyck being thrown in the exact same manner gets BORING!!! Thank God for the internet b/c you can find more diversity out there!

  • Ms. Terious

    I like watching ALL different types of porn: orgy, ebony, interracial, latino, gang bangs. I mean, its whatever to me. Now don’t get confused. Just because I watch it doesn’t mean I want to do it all but I do enjoy it. I get the most enjoyment when the movie is tastefully done (i.e., attractive actors/actresses, clean environment, good production). There are some attractive men in the porn industry but not many. Brian Pumper is kinda cute, very corny though, but cute and I’ve always had a crush on Mr. Marcus. Overall though, I find that ebony is really boring, unless it includes a popular person. SN: I learn some of my best material by watching Lethal Lipps. I appreciate women in porn because sometimes they have to f%$k some of the nastiest looking dudes. Thank you ladies. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  • Angie

    I personally love hardcore porn. I particularly like to watch lesbians and women who squirt. Yeah…it’s pretty awesome lol. I am not embarrassed to say that I watch porn. I think what turns me on is pretty normal.

  • Pink Panties and Leopard Lipstick

    I partake from time to time…. not ashamed to admit it! (though I have a hard time doing so without gigglin’ a bit) lol

  • Unique One

    Lesbian porn is hot. And I’m 100% hetero.

  • mailla

    Porn can and does have negative affects on relationships if its watched too much and there are too many people who LIVE on porn. That’s unhealthy. Most porno films are more like comedy with graphic/ violent sexuality thrown in.

  • lee

    I enjoy watching some porn. I prefer if the man is attractive. Lesbian porn does nothing for me. I don’t enjoy watching scenes with two women going at it. If I am watching a menage a trois scene there has to be two men in it, I love that.

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