A group of savvy students at Ohio University have launched a poster campaign highlighting the racist costumes that rear their ugly heads every October 31st, especially on college campuses.

Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS) is a student organization with about 10 members, who have been so overwhelmed by the response to these images that they’ve had to seek out the assistance of a lawyer in protecting their work. Kudos to these young people for such a powerful campaign! 




  1. Really? Get to studying, you lazy !#$!%. Don’t complain, out compete. I cringed when I saw the sister in the advert. Why is she there and not in the library cranking it out? If she was my daughter, I give her the scolding of a lifetime.

    The math is simple. People in power do what they want to do because you lack the power to stop them. Address the power differential and you address the problem.

    • gruff

      Yoni – I have to say, you put it on the money. Work for what you want, people, life ain’t fair. Who dares, wins.

  2. Thanks God, I don’t live in this idiots country. USA soon become country were you will not able to speak and all you will be able to wear would be kind of jail form.

    Stupid, so stupid. Why I can say that prostitue is prostitue, neger is neger, mexican is mexican?

  3. Sally pants

    The problem is, that if we must take into consideration everything that everyone considers offensive, there will be no room left for any creativity or self expression. By the way, I am of scandinavian descent, and people often think its “funny” to dress up as “vikings” thus portraying my ancestors as a bunch of criminal rapists and plunderers.. but I can take a joke, so feel free to wear your helmets with horns :)

  4. Lara

    if its not who they are then why is it not ok?

  5. anha0220

    Sweet, my midwest trailer trash costume is still inoffensive and ok! :-)

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