Student Campaign Targets Halloween Racism

by Jamilah Lemieux

A group of savvy students at Ohio University have launched a poster campaign highlighting the racist costumes that rear their ugly heads every October 31st, especially on college campuses.

Students Teaching About Racism in Society (STARS) is a student organization with about 10 members, who have been so overwhelmed by the response to these images that they’ve had to seek out the assistance of a lawyer in protecting their work. Kudos to these young people for such a powerful campaign! 



  • LemonNLime

    It is Ohio University, there is not University of Ohio.

  • Rinny

    I think this is a step in the right direction. I personally was tired of seeing insensitive blackface costumes. I’m glad the youth are taking steps forward to speak out against ignorance.

  • secret ninja

    these need to be made into a commercial and they need to come on every year. there is no excuse for this kind of behavior and it’s not “just a joke” or “just a costume”.

  • boho.barbie

    Let’s not forget about the beloved AFRO. I am really proud of these young people and I hope this campaigns airs on MTV, Teen Nick, CW, etc to target their peers who believe this is cute and funny. It’s great to see fellow minorities besides AA stand up for their culture.

  • supporter

    Much respect and praise to these kids. Fully support this campaign. This is what we need more of. There will always be backlash but these things cannot be continuously ignored.

  • Clutch

    Fixed! The first story I read about this campaign had the school name wrong as well. Thanks!

  • ashley

    This is actually really cool!

    I Agree that those images should not be exploited, nor should they be made a parody. However, the campaign’s whole “This is not who I am…” approach leads me to believe that the students see shame in those images. Society at large, regardless of race, should have a more culturally sensitive, inclusive approach when it comes to self-expression – which is the conversation that we aren’t having. What about the girl/guy who is that image – the person who actually rocks bamboo earrings, a fro or is a migrant worker, etc – I guess I’m wondering what kind of messaging it sends to those individuals?

  • jasmin

    errr Im going to be Betty Davis 4 halloween and wear an afro, dress and huge 70s glasses is this wrong (in your eyes)(Im black)?

  • Timcampi


    Um. It says “My culture is not a costume.” Which shows that they DO realize that their are people like that and reverence should be shown towards that CULTURE. Read it again please…

  • I got sense!

    I don’t get how this is racist. So no one who is black (or at least 50% black) can dress up as Obama for Halloween because it’s racist? How? Where do draw the line? I think people are being WAAAAY too sensitive. It’s one thing to dress up as a “black, white, asian, arab, gay person” but something else all together to dress up as Lil’ Wayne, Obama, Sarah Palin, etc. I can see if someone was dressed as someone from a terrible act (i.e. slave, haitian earthquake survivor, holocaust survivor, columbine shooting survivor, etc) that would just be horrible but public figures are public figures. Also, I don’t see who it’s offensive to dress as a specific things like a geisha. They are beyond beautiful and I would dress up as a geisha with no apologies to anyone. I guess I grew up in an environment where people didn’t do things in a bad way so no one even thought about it like that. I can see how it could be offensive but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

  • Telekendall

    I think she might mean that its cool to dress up as a character. But its annoying when I see people with afro wigs on and their regular clothes. And they tell me that they have dressed up as a black person. . . then its kinda like oooook. . . I wouldn’t straighten my hair and say I am white. At least you are a character or or a figure. Thats cool and what dressing up is all about. Not just being a “black person”

  • E.

    I wonder why the American Cowboy wasn’t represented when people wear those stupid Redneck/Farmer costumes? Just bc you are from Southern or from a rural area doesn’t mean you are small minded or ignorant or behind in the times. Funny how caucasian people aren’t represented when there is hate and disgust out there against them as much as any other ethnicity. I don’t say this bc I am caucasian. In fact, I am mixed, raised hispanic but I come from a multiracial community where the minority is caucasian. If you are going to point fingers, come correct and point everywhere. There is a difference in being desensitized and overly-sensitive as well. Racisim is not cut and dry as this campaign makes it seem.

  • I got sense!

    I have another question. Is the problem that people are dressing like other people OR is the problem that people are dressing like people from a culture they are not a part of? The more I look at those pictures the dumber it gets. Like I see so much wrong with it. “We’re a culture, not a costume.” I would like to ask them what costumes they think are appropriate for halloween? And take it a step further should this not be done in school plays and on tv and in movies either? Very interesting but obviously pointless. No laws are being broken so people will do what they want regardless.

  • LaNeshe

    Interesting conversation here. Where is the line when it comes to a racist costume vs. a non racist one. Is it racist to wear an afro wig and be a “black person” but not racist to wear an afro wig and bell bottoms and be “a person from the 70s disco era”?

    I love the campaign, but it’s definitely worth discussing where that line is, because I believe there is one. Pocahontas vs. “an Indian” would be another example.

  • African Mami

    Ummm…isn’t Halloween all about exaggeration and pushing it to the limit, port of Miami (Rick Rozzzzzzzzzay)! I’ll be him….

  • jasmin

    ok I understand completely.. thanks

  • jasmin

    yes, exactly

  • Timcampi

    @I got sense

    Do you know what a geisha is? Do you know how this stereotype offends Japanese women? If you knew, then you’d understand it doesn’t really matter if you think it’s beautiful… Like, I don’t know how to explain how woefully ignorant that sounds. It’s like if someone dressed up in random African garb and said “this is just a really neat costume!” It’s so disrespectful. My culture is not something you get to dress up as? You don’t get to decide how people are offended. If they are, then you must acknowledge it. This is definitely akin to the “I don’t see how it’s racist” argument some people break out whenever blackface is dawned.

    “The more I look at those pictures the dumber it gets. Like I see so much wrong with it. “We’re a culture, not a costume.” I would like to ask them what costumes they think are appropriate for halloween?”

    Totally read that last sentence again… there’s something really wrong with it.

  • I got sense!

    Okay, first of all calm down, you being upset isn’t going to change how I feel or what I think. Yes, I know what a geisha is and have Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese friends so I understand the different stereotypes of Asian women. I also know that geisha’s were artists and highly misunderstood. I also know that the practice is still going on today. How can you speak for ALL Japanese women? You can’t. No one can, not even a Japanese woman. That statement is ignorant and racists. As if all Japanese women think and feel the same way so you can lump them all together. Try again, you need to re-evaluate your train of thought. Again, you can be offended but not everyone is and there is nothing you can do about it but not like it.

  • Timcampi

    @I got sense

    I’m not angry. I was speaking to you like a rational person would. So um yeah… not sure why I should calm down? It’s not that serious. My goal is not to change how you feel. It’s your feelings… why would I change them. The goal is to help you understand because that is what you asked downthread -___-.

    “How can you speak for ALL Japanese women? You can’t. No one can, not even a Japanese woman. That statement is ignorant and racists. As if all Japanese women think and feel the same way so you can lump them all together. Try again, you need to re-evaluate your train of thought. Again, you can be offended but not everyone is and there is nothing you can do about it but not like it.”

    Wtf did you even read what I said?

    ” You don’t get to decide how people are offended. If they are, then you must acknowledge it. This is definitely akin to the “I don’t see how it’s racist” argument some people break out whenever blackface is dawned.”

    Never did I say all Japanese people think like that. Please go quote me on that. You can’t can you? I said if someone IS offended you must acknowledge it. And because they ARE from that culture you should respect it. It doesn’t matter if you have Japanese, Korean, Whatever friends. They don’t speak for the whole damn nation. Like you said. -___- I’m really not liking the fact that you skipped over everything I said in order to portray me as some nutcase. Read please.

  • MochaNapps

    Good question. I feel that specific and individual people are fine (like pocahontas or Obama) are okay. I think the problem becomes when they are general ideas (like “I’m going to be a mexican for Halloween”) when it becomes a culture. I think Telekendall said it best

  • secret ninja

    for the very few people that are wondering “how is this racist?” #nottoobright (i mean wow, there are pictures included some of you are still scratching your head!)

    it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure how these costumes could be considered racist. instead of arguing semantics about what’s racist and what’s not, how about just not doing it?
    is your personal happiness really that much more important than upsetting someone because you decided to go as an indian or as a chinese dishwasher or as a black person (like the picture above)?

  • Timcampi

    @secret ninja

    EXACTLY. Thank you. There is an exorbitant amount of other things you can go as. Pixies, dragons, werewolves, Rosa Parks… I mean is it really that important you PROVE that other people should not be offended? You just look like an asshole =/

  • I got sense!


    Okay, let’s try again.

    1. I didn’t say you were angry. I said upset.

    2. I asked a specific question that you didn’t answer. Everything else you said is irrelevant to the specific question I asked.

    3. If it’s not that serious why the hell are you talking about it. Make up your mind.

    4. “Do you know how this stereotype offends Japanese women?” Your statement generalizes. Not all Japanese women are offended.

    5. You skipped over what I said to make generalizations and then tell me to read stuff again.

    6. “I said if someone IS offended you must acknowledge it.” What law says that? Please quote it, I’ll wait.

    You are back peddling and it doesn’t look good.

  • KissOfDanger

    I hate it when people dress like native americans! Argh!

  • I got sense!

    @secret ninja

    for the very few people that are wondering “how is this racist?” #nottoobright (i mean wow, there are pictures included some of you are still scratching your head!)

    it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure how these costumes could be considered racist. instead of arguing semantics about what’s racist and what’s not, how about just not doing it?

    The key phrase in the above statement is “could be considered racist”. And it “could be considered racist” to those who see it that way. If you (and others) see it that way then don’t do it but you can’t keep anyone else from dressing up as a character for halloween. Doesn’t take a “rocker scientist” to figure that out either.

    Another reason I can’t take this silly shit seriously is because of all the REAL RACIST shit people have to go through every day. Shit that really matters but people are throwing a fit over a damn halloween costume. Lol, too much.

    is your personal happiness really that much more important than upsetting someone because you decided to go as an indian or as a chinese dishwasher or as a black person (like the picture above)?

  • Timcampi

    Um. Not backpedaling. Upset and angry tirade are two interchangeable passive aggressive words in my thesaurus. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Which is why I said it’s not that serious. I don’t need to calm down because there is nothing serious to get passionate about -___-.

    4. That sentence should say all Japanese women. Didn’t type all, so I apologize for that as well. It wasn’t mean to say “All Japanese women are offended.” It’s supposed to say Do you know how this offends all Japanese women? As in “You don’t know how all Japanese women will react to it.” You are not apart of that culture. You don’t get to defend the costume.

    6. Alright. I see your point. I’m totally going to use this logic next time someone complains about a person dressed in niggerface.

    If you don’t see how it’s offensive. Then you just don’t. I can’t waste anymore time explaining how it doesn’t matter the context or how specific you are with the background of the costume (given your examples of Obama, Sarah Palin, etc). It just boils down to everyone, but many. And when they are vocal about it you should respect the appropriating a culture you are not apart of. And it is offensive to many. Not to overwhelming cry of “don’t be a douche this Halloween”.

    Like you said it isn’t a law. So I wonder why people get so uptight about racial insensitivity anyway .___. Oh yeah, something something equality… something something the right not to be oppressed.

  • ashley


    i saw the poster. i still maintain that in selecting those images, the students are acknowledging what they believe to be problematic stereotypes. in addition to “i am not a costume”, the poster still says “this is not who i am…and this is not ok”. what’s not ok about those photos? is it just because non-persons of color are wearing them?

    i’m more interested in learning why the students want to defend those particular characterizations. we are socialized to believe they are not ok. so when we see them in the media or dramatized in a costume, we are offended because we have been conditioned to believe that aspect of our culture is something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. this, in turn, forces us to defend images of ourselves that really might not be so bad – and may very well just be an extension of cultural expression.

    a side of x’s “who told you to hate your hair?” anyone?

    i also agree w/ the poster above who challenge the exclusion of the “american cowboy.” they didn’t protest the “dumb blonde” or the “sexy slut”, either. a more compelling campaign would have been to include other images that exploit gender, sex, class, age, as well as race. the larger question lies in each of us asking ourselves how we have come to think of certain images as wrong and others as right or offensive and non-offensive. regardless, this was thought-provoking and sparked this conversation so i would consider their mission accomplished.

    and what the hell are people suppose to be if they can’t dress up like a black hip hop girl from bk or a blk dude with a fro? next peta will be protesting folks dressing up as animals. cows are more than just milk… they’re beef too!

  • thegirlwiththecrown

    Aside from them being offensive, the costumes are lame. Like, seriously.

    I wonder what people would say if they actually saw someone they knew dressed in these costumes, and asked about them only for the person to respond on some “I’m you!”, or “I’m your sister/brother!” type BS.

    How interesting would that be?

  • Deej

    OK, kitty cat costumes and skeletons for everyone!! Halloween is no longer a time to joke or have fun because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    Please, get over it. It’s a JOKE. People dress up as giant penises and other “offensive” things, yet people are taking offense to a Geisha? I’ve SEEN black people dressed up mocking themselves. I’ve SEEN white people do it. Why can’t we have fun anymore? This country is so stupid. All anyone does now is whine about how they are treated unfairly. Maybe if you didn’t complain constantly, I would respect you more.

  • mary mary

    I was just thinking about this cause I saw a pic of Seal and Heidi Klum’s children dressed as Native Americans and I thought to myself that it was inappropriate.

  • Candy J

    You know, I don’t see the sense in downplaying and trivializing other people’s feelings when it comes to issues like this. Everybody is not going to feel the same. If you are not offended, fine and dandy. That means less things bother you, but you can’t expect everyone else to feel the same and deem them oversensitive or ridiculous if they feel offended by something. Everyone has been offended by something at some point…and then there’s always that person in the background yelling about the race card, oversensitivity, get over it, or so on.

  • LemonNLime

    No problem, just helping!

  • Sussudio


    *sorry for the all the cappage*

  • Jeckie

    Whether or not it’s included in the campaign, there are plenty of people who dress up as “white trash” for halloween or otherwise. And it’s equally reprehensible. I dare you not to find a “white trash” costume wherever you are this halloween. it’s the same thing, and it’s gross (AND a really lame costume; like, really. try at least 2%).

  • Jeckie

    i mean — those people need to try harder, not you, i don’t know your life and you seem nice :)

  • Alexandra

    This is a good idea. Every year or so, there’s a controversy about a Halloween costume. Especially costumes that relate to cultural/racial stereotypes that may or may not be offensive to some. A few years ago an aunt Jemima costume caused controversy. Here in NYC a Halloween display of a scarecrow(?) hanging from a rope in a tree is riling up some Black activists. I think it’s just encouraging people to do their research before proceeding with a costume idea.

  • Real

    Up next, combating bigotry against elves……..every December 25th, Elves are made to feel inferior.

    Also, turkeys are unfairly targeted during thanksgiving.

    There is such thing as poor taste. But get a sense of humor.

  • Chnyere

    What is wrong with these ppl, get off our a**es it’s like they r obsessed smh

  • ruggie

    I’m proud of these young people and their campaign! Halloween is no excuse for bigots to turn back the racial clock and dress in black face.

  • jeeer

    oh please, this ‘”ignorance” thing is going too far, it just shows how obsessed people are with labeling themselves, I’m polish and never in my life would I get offended if I saw someone wearing a traditional polish costume for Halloween. I’m just waiting until someone will start a campaign in order to ban words: yellow, black and brown from everyday use. Just because someone wears a geisha costume to a party doesn’t mean that person thinks that all japanese girls dress and behave like geishas.

  • CLP1

    And please no one eh, dress up as a Canadian eh! So tired of people wearing toques, and hockey pads and carrying a beaver, eh, and talking like a ‘Canadian’ eh! Take off you hosers! This is my culture stop trying to make fun of us eh! Now excuse me, eh, I have to go scrape the ice off my igloo and go to the store using my dog sled eh! Oh and I am sorry if I have offended anyone eh. Us Canadians just wanna be nice ya know! Eh! ;)

  • isolde


    . . . Some perspective on the type of depth you’re dealing with when discussing race with this one


    . . . Some perspective on every ridiculous trope you’ve used on this thread from “you’re being over emotional (upset)” to “Don’t you have more important things to think about?”

  • MAI

    So ridiculous. I’m so fed up with the PC bullshit. You can’t do or say anything anymore, because someone’s going to get butthurt about it. The only people that aren’t allowed to get upset when being called names or being made fun of is white people.

  • sunshyne84

    None of this stuff is scary anyway. I thought that was the point of Halloween. Get back to the ghouls and goblins!

  • Emily

    I understand all of these except the geisha one. When people dress up as geisha, they are dressing up as geisha, not Japanese women as a whole. Geisha were intelligent, independent, talented, gorgeous, female artists that shattered every stereotype in the world. I think that is a great costume.

  • Me

    What I don’t get is all the “This is not who I am” intros. If that’s not who you are, then what are you crying about? If some Chinese kid decides to go out as Abraham Lincoln for Halloween with a big hat and beard I have no right to try to prevent him just because he’s not from the same white race as Aberham Lincoln and I. These students are a bunch of racist idiots. They’re promoting segragation by saying that they’re not the same as everyone else from their race, while simultaneously telling other races that they have to choose costumes from their own race. I’m guessing this campaign is targeted at whites. You know, the ones from the country of white. They’re all the same, just a bunch of racist whites who have no specific ethnic heritage worth mentioning because they’re all the same color.

  • nope

    I go to Ohio University I have not seen any of this at all anywhere

  • Amber(The Urban Socialite)

    “I’m polish and never in my life would I get offended if I saw someone wearing a traditional polish costume for Halloween.”

    -________- Yeah, because people of Polish descent have a well-documented history of oppression and stereotyping.

  • Amber(The Urban Socialite)

    I just have to say, that Mexican costume is DEAD WRONG…they actually sell that??

  • simplyme

    To the people who don’t understand why people would find these costumes offensive you have to realize that the costumes must be part of an already majorly stereotyped and marginalized group.

    If you are part of a group that is already bombarded with messages on a daily basis saying that because you are (insert minority race/ethnicity here) you must be (insert NEGATIVE stereotype here) then seeing costumes like this that play on those negative stereotypes hit a nerve. They are mocking more so than imitating.

    Anyway no one should have to explain why they’re offended. Its sad that people are attacked for being offended by things. If you know something offends someone as a basic decent human being you just shouldn’t do it… whether you understand why or not. Nothing you say is going to change how some people feel about these costumes. If you tell ‘your momma’ jokes and someone is offended because their mother is dead you would stop instead of accusing them of being too sensitive. Its really that simple.

  • mkb

    I totally agree. I would prefer that people who are not brunette not wear brunette wigs. I was born with brown hair and my characteristics are not a costume. I especially will be offended if it’s done for fun, for Halloween, and with no malicious intent. I like to fight important battles like these to ensure that real inequality is ignored.

    The person dressed as an Indian (I’ve got Cherokee blood, so I can say that) better NOT come knocking at my door. If they do, I will immediately know they are a racist and put on that costume just to mock Native American history.

  • gruff

    The black costume is a bit off but if you think the Arab in the dynamite belt isn’t funny then you are dead inside.

    Also, the real inequalities have to do with money, not costumes. Try doing something about those, if you can.

  • nenuna

    whats up with the black girl, she’s not ok being a vampire victim?

  • I got sense!


    “Alright. I see your point. I’m totally going to use this logic next time someone complains about a person dressed in niggerface.”

    That is the problem. You don’t need to explain anything. People always have and will always do what they want to do. Your logic will not keep them from it and so you are wasting your time along with the young people making these posters. There will be even more people dressing up this halloween just to piss them off and out of spite.

    “And when they are vocal about it you should respect the appropriating a culture you are not apart of. And it is offensive to many.”

    “Should” being the operative word. There are a lot of things people should or shouldn’t do and in a perfect world everyone would share and there would be no war. But since this world isn’t like that people simply do what they want and most try to do so without breaking the law. And at what point to you violate constitutional rights because someone is offended. Someone will be offended about EVERYTHING.

    “Like you said it isn’t a law. So I wonder why people get so uptight about racial insensitivity anyway .___. Oh yeah, something something equality… something something the right not to be oppressed.”

    Oppression and inequality aren’t the same as a costume for halloween. I’m sorry I thought you understood that.

    Again, I see how some could be racist but not necessarily. If you can’t dress up as someone you admire or like just b/c they are of a different culture then this country is not as free as you think it is. Also, this is not a new concept. Have you ever heard of the movies White Chicks, Vampire in Brooklynn, Mrs. Doubtfire, etc. What about the countless movies where white people play people of color who are a different culture? These many everyday examples are just another reason why this is bullshit. These kids don’t want anyone of a different culture to dress up on ONE DAY in a year but there are movies and tv shows doing the same thing all the time. Why now? Why halloween? I call bullshit. They suddenly got offended? They are only offended on certain days and during certain times of the year? #epicFAIL

  • whatevar

    What does that have to do with dressing up as a geisha?

  • anannafesto

    @Amber(The Urban Socialite)

    “-________- Yeah, because people of Polish descent have a well-documented history of oppression and stereotyping.”
    Well, this sarcasm would be appropriate if the holocaust had never happened. But it did, and the Polish were targeted as a Jewish people. Just because they’re “white” doesn’t mean that they haven’t been oppressed or stereotyped.

    But on that note, it’s not right no matter who the oppressed are. Period.

  • chinaza

    We’ve become thin-skinned to the point of stupidity.
    Yes I said that with no apology.

  • C

    How are these racist?? It’s supposed to be funny. It’s haloween. Lighten up!

  • jules


  • Socially Maladjusted

    I’m confused, I had a reply all ready to post and then I remembered the furore over here in the UK when Prince Harry dressed up in a nazi uniform at a Halloween fancy dress party.

    Well if ever there was a fitting subject for a halloween costume it’s got to be a nazi storm trooper – right?

    Surely there is no better symbol of evil than that.

    However, Jews didn’t approve that one, but then I doubt they’d approve of someone dressed up and acting out some Jewish money lender stereotype.

    Then again, how would whitey like it if at every halloween or fancy dress party we all dressed up and acted out some white cultural stereotype in a derisive way. like a dungaree/wife beater wearing, gun toting racist redneck hick?

    How about people just back off using people’s attributes whether, cultural or personal, as a source of mockery and REMEMBER that YOU didn’t think it was cute or funny being the subject of mockery when it happened to YOU, either at school on the job – for being fat, thin. too tall, too short, for having acne or ginger hair, for being ugly, gay, too dumb, too smart, too fast, too slow, sick, unathletic, weird, rich, poor, – in short for being slightly different.

    I don’t respect anyone’s “freedom of speech” to belittle me or my culture.


  • gruff

    Notice that the offended people are all dressed in a generically “white” way: short hair, pants/shirt, no ethnic clothing whatsoever…the message of these images is “We are a culture that has no defining characteristics apart from skin color…This is not who I am: Who I am is a slightly different skin-colored version of you. White culture is the norm, and other cultures differ from to no visible degree.”

    Is that true?

  • White Guy

    I’m glad they have this, because as we all know, white people don’t know the difference between stereotypes and real people.

    So while we’re at it this is a list of all the costumes non-white people can’t wear…

    16th Century Pirates*
    Witches (salem witch trials)
    Ghosts (they’re white)
    Any US President (Obama’s Mum was white)
    A corporate business man (most are white, But not all white people are rich!)

    Remember guys Halloween is good fun, just make sure your costume is something that your race is allowed to wear. It’s about having good taste and sticking to your side of racial lines.

    Note on pirates, Chinese pirates are okay if you’re Chinese, and Somalian pirates are okay if you’re African-American, but only if you can trace back to eastern Africa, most African-Americans are of west African heritage so be careful.

  • Cyberspice

    Purely from an interest point of view when does appropriation of culture become “ok”. Is it a time thing? A memory thing?

    You are all saying do not appropriate cultures when fancy dress for Halloween. Halloween is Samhain. You’re appropriating what is to some people a serious event and commercialising it. But you seem to be saying that is okay.

    Here in Europe various peoples’ have been oppressing other various peoples for millennia. Romanies, Irish, Welsh, etc. etc.

    The comment about appropriating Polish dress is correct. The person who responded showed ignorance and a lack of knowledge of history. The Poles suffered terribly under the Nazis in the war and then they were invaded by a foreign oppressive regime who took over the country for decades. Since the fall of the wall Poles have been moving across Europe for work often in the service industry. Here in the UK your morning coffee will more than likely be served by a Polish person. They do a damn good job. But that’s also resulted in racism from Brits (of all colours) who think they’re “stealing our jobs”.

    This is just one example. Race isn’t a colour thing. Its a people thing.

  • AM

    Obama and similar politically correct fascists will turn life into a 24-hour Oversensitivity Zone of lectures and no fun whenever they get the chance.

  • Jason

    Is there a poster with an Italian-American on there? Or is it still OK to dress up as a “guido”? Just curious.

  • char

    as much as some people don’t get the offense i can personally say it stings. halloween is like a big bag of excuses, bump a trick or treat. so you wanna dress up like a black person? cool. but it gives you no excuse to insult me. some people act like they’re up for an award how ‘deep’ they get into character. because during previous halloweens, i saw no reason why a ‘black couple’ had to come up to me and a group of friends and say really digesting things, while in their black face, and insult black people and show their ignorance.

    dress up like a rapper, cowboy, whatever it is but when you let the ignorance from inside be your costume it’s kinda sad.

  • K

    this is stupid! why aren’t they teaching kids to just ‘grow up’ and ignore stupidness. who *really* thinks burying racism is a good idea? it will just create more resentment.

  • pete

    Nobody is flooding and “integrating” black nations and ONLY black nations with non-blacks and calling native blacks evil racists for opposing their replacement. This is happening in white nations and ONLY in white nations. They say they are antiracist. What they are is antiwhite. Antiracist is a code word for antiwhite.

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  • …..o.O

    If these costumes were targeting specific individuals then there might be a problem but they aren’t. are there princesses in England pissed right off that someone dresses like a princess? come on. its the lines that are being divided that are making race such a big deal. I’m an American Indian and do you know what i would do if i seen someone dressed like a chief? nice costume bro, happy Halloween, suck. it. up. don’t be mad at people because you’re a “minority” (hardly the correct word to describe race ratio in America” be mad at god for making you that way. besides you should feel somewhat honored that someone would want to dress in way that inevitably describes your race, it means you’re mainstream. huzzah.

  • Sussudio

    Excuses Excuses Excuses

    Never try to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t be offended by.

    To act so self-righteous when one is wearing offensive racially stereotypical Halloween garb is imprudent and insensitive that person is to the offended party.

    Continue to wear what you want, as it’s a free country, but expect the backlash.

  • thereluctantsocalite

    “i also agree w/ the poster above who challenge the exclusion of the “american cowboy.” they didn’t protest the “dumb blonde” or the “sexy slut”, either. a more compelling campaign would have been to include other images that exploit gender, sex, class, age, as well as race.”


    I mean… seriously… does it bother anybody else that almost EVERY costume for adult women is somehow sexy??? I was looking for a costume the other day to wear to work and almost EVERY costume had the discription of being “sexy”. Like… “sexy cop”, “sexy nurse”, “sexy Belle” (from beauty and the best. Yes… seriously), “sexy tinkerbell”…etc. There was sexy ketchup bottles, cartoon characters that were sexed up, sexy witches… it was rediculous! If it wasn’t “sexy”… then it was “sassy”. I can’t wear any of that stuff to work, so I guess I’m just gonna have to improvise…

    Why is it assumed that Halloween is an opportunity for women to walk around with no clothes on???? I don’t particularly want to be all that sexy on Halloween. At least not EVERY year. I wish there were more options for women…

  • Thomas

    Seems a lot like “Do not be a whitie”-campaign: Why there’s not a single person dressed as “Uncle Sam”?

    Because that would be OK?

    Sounds very much like hypocrisy to me, i.e. a religion: No reality involved.

  • Dawn

    I can understand the offensiveness. Side note: It also bothers me that there are only slutty versions of so many real female professionals…slutty army officers, nurses, doctors, policewomen, etc.

    Seriously? I mean real women hold those careers. It might be cute if it was one or two, but you can’t find regular versions of any of those costumes in the stores. A doctor costume for a man actually looks like a real doctor. A doctor costume for a woman at Spirit or any of the other Halloween stores? Puh-lease, it looks like a loin cloth and string.

  • Nailex

    I am white. A few years ago my Halloween costume was Sarge from the Halo games (Halo-ween, you see?). I chose him because he’s an awesome heroic character. He is black. I wore an army uniform modified to look like his, and I used face paint to change the colour of my face to match his. Was that really not OK? If not, please describe why it was offensive.

  • LaNeshe

    I think the black face pant is where it becomes offensive. Every other part of what you did was costume, but black face was used as a stereotype caricature of Black people, so it will probably always be touchy. I’m sure you wouldn’t intentionally offend people, but understanding the historical significance of Black face helps you to understand better why that is something Blacks are offended by.

  • LaNeshe
  • B

    This group of students is working to discourage racism. Specifically they are discouraging the promotion of stereotypes of groups that are typically marginalized and oppressed. There is a link between these negative stereotypes and racism.

    Also, these images are offensive to many and people hurt when they see it. So why is wearing such costumes the idea of fun to you?

  • 4nonymo

    No it’s perfectly fine. Don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. Wearing makeup to look like your favourite character is never wrong.

    Of course, if you go around acting in a “stereotypical” way and generally being racist then obviously that’s not cool, but the two (dressing up and being racist) are not mutually inclusive. That’s just ridiculous.

    If that were the case, what’s stopping me or anyone else for that matter getting insulted over any arbitrary thing?

    @ LaNesha: If you think wearing makeup to look like my favourite real or fictional character is the same as donning the historical “Blackface” that you linked, you’re treading in dangerous territory. It’s easy to go around associating anything you like as being racist, but all you’re doing is reinforcing the stereotype yourself and diluting people’s empathy for when real racism rears its ugly head.

    Let’s try this. You stop assuming every white person is racist and we’ll stop assuming every black person is stupid enough to think that way (I don’t, but not because of lack of evidence).

  • Jazzabelle

    “Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White.” Ah, so this asinine of belief has made its way to Clutch, huh? Only a matter of time, I suppose.

    This is the problem when it comes to issues of race in this country. People of color express how a certain thing is offensive to their culture, and then White people come in and tell them how THEY think PoC should feel about it. Shit never fails. Nobody would give a shit whether stereotypical White costumes get scrapped, because your culture, with the positives and negatives of it, is still the “standard”/what’s seen as the “norm”, and really wouldn’t affect your status in society. Meanwhile, it’s seen as okay to dehumanize and fetishize the cultures of non-White peoples. So please, spare me with this “oppressor bitching about the oppressed oppressing them” logic, your White privilege is seeping through.

    In regards to feeling offended or not, instead of ignoring those bringing concerns to your attention, how about you seek to understand what is offending them? I know we’ve got freedoms, but it seems like the more they’re exercised these days, the less willing people are in accepting the responsibilities and repercussions that come with having those freedoms. This is the type of behavior one would expect from children.

  • B

    This group of students is working to discourage racism. Specifically they are discouraging the promotion of stereotypes of groups that are typically marginalized and oppressed.

    How does burying racism result in resentment? By whom, people characterized as racists?

    I believe burying racism is a good idea. I don’t see the gain in continuing the discrimination and oppression of groups based on their racial categorization.

  • Elric

    Ohio UNIVERSITY? And these kids are THAT stupid?
    *shakes head at America

    The most Racist AND Oversensitive country on the planet? That’s just weird.

  • SAA

    ugh seriously….people are so sensitive nowadays!! Its Halloween!! I wonder what kind of backlash I’m going to get from the turtle species for dressing up as Leonardo from TMNT.

  • secret ninja

    @i got sense – your answer is not logical. period.

    there is no point in downplaying how someone else perceives something because you don’t think it’s racist. what you consider “silly shit” someone else does not. i asked the question “is your personal happiness really that much more important than upsetting someone because you decided to go as an indian or as a chinese dishwasher or as a black person (like the picture above)?”

    obviously it is. and that is where the problem lies. too many times when someone is offended by what someone else has done, instead of acknowledging it, the person who perpetrated those actions wants to get offended themselves and goes into defensive mode over their own “personal rights” and “freedom”.

    racism is racism is racism. dressing up as a race or an ethnicity or a particular culture, regardless of a “holiday” or not is wrong, no matter if some of the members of those groups feel that way or just a few. if people out there are okay with participating in “silly shit” as you call it, what makes you think they wouldn’t be okay with “deeper racial issues”? deeper or larger issues are rooted in the smaller issues, you have to get to the root of the problem in order to attack the larger one.

    and for those of you that are trying to downplay this campaign because white people or sexist images weren’t included, did you contact STARS/Ohio University about it? go to the website to see if the images were included? maybe submit some suggestions as to more images that could be included as part of the campaign? why don’t you do that instead of trying to make the other images of racism invalid because your group wasn’t included.

  • Chica

    People really need to calm down. Now I can definitely see why some of these costumes would be offensive (especially the black face one and the latino man riding a donkey). However you are entering dangerous territory when you try to regulate what kind of outfits people want to wear on ONE DAY. I’m Nigerian. If I saw a white chick dressed in traditional wear rocking some braids and beating a drum I would most definitely give her the side eye. However I have absolutely NO right to tell her what to wear. It’s impossible to get rid of all the offensive things in the world and to try to please everyone…and if that actually happened the world would be a pretty boring place. So this Halloween, if you see an offensive outfit, look away, carry on, and get your candy!

  • rgl

    “politically correct” is a meaningless term. people of other races do not want you to be racist against them- that’s basically the minimum of basic human decency that you can exhibit. if that is too much for you to do without throwing a tantrum about obama for some reason, you are not fit to participate in society.

  • rgl

    as an italian-american i am totally okay with people mocking us- we’re… white people. we were never and are not currently a marginalized group in the US, so people running around in track suits or dressed like snooki does not have the history of racial discrimination/hatred that people dressing up as/mocking non-white races has. you might not LIKE it, but you need to learn to separate your personal hurt feelings as a white person from the actual, real problem of racism.

  • gruff

    You might think Italians are not a marginalized group in the US but trust me, we Anglos are constantly mocking you wops behind your backs and guffawing at your ludicrous fecklessness.

  • n&h

    @igotsense i get what timcampi is saying
    i think ur arguing the wrong point.
    If you want to dress up as President Obama in a costume with one of those masks, that is not racist, nor is dressing up like sarah palin because they are public figures/icons.
    However, to go to a pimps and h*es party and to put black face on then speak in ebonics and slang all night IS racist. they are presenting a stereotype of what Pimps and H*es are its insensitive because they think only African Americans fall into that category. No one is telling you not to have fun they are asking that you actually think about the costume. I dont think that in a “civilized society” such as ours we should have a problem with thinking about others and have empathy towards others, do you? why is taking someones feelings into account considered “liberal” and “pc”? its called being a human being. do unto others…….

  • Dvine Lovin

    black face is racist.. let’s keep it real.. i see where you were going w/it but it was a fail.. i dress my daughter up as cinderella, i don’t paint her face white.. u can call it ppl being sensitive but it is what it is.. u do that and go in a predominantly black neighborhood and see what happens.. let me paint my face white and go in a predominantly white neighborhood and i can only imagine how they’ll treat me.. it’s not cool and it’s not cute.. some things are just more offensive than others..

  • LemonNLime

    OU has THE Halloween party of the season. I would venture to say most college students in the state of Ohio know at least something about it, know friends that have gone, or are making that trek themselves this year. That is why you are seeing posters regarding this as an issues as they are prepping for the massive event. It is like it just fell out of the blue, they deal with this problem every year.

  • Robert Webb

    This is stupid. it’s like if someone of Hispanic decent decided they wanted to be a roman soldier for Halloween. I wouldn’t get offended saying that white people aren’t Christian murderers, or perhaps if they wore lederhosen. It doesn’t matter! “this is NOT me” ok great, but it is someone. it’s just a costume. heck the first picture with the black girl, was OF a black girl, she should also be accompanied by a pale white guy “I am not a vampire, my family did not come from Transylvania”. then under that a caption saying “all costumes are obviously meant to represent all people that could possibly be related to the image being conveyed.”

  • MAnBAg

    You say it is wrong to tell people what they should and shouldn’t be offended by. Yet this entire effort does this that. it trains the susceptible to believe that these costumes are racially insensitive and insulting. Thus, it creates the very sensitivity that we as a post racial society are striving to leave behind.

  • Jen

    “we were never and are not currently a marginalized group in the US…”

    RGL, that is not true…I am Italian and when my mother was young, there was a HUGE stigma against Italians. Where do you think the term dago comes from? In the 30s and 40s (and maybe even through the 50s and 60s) Italian immigrants were equal to how Mexican/Latino people are stereotypically viewed today, taking on manual labor jobs, being dirty, etc. My grandparents refused to speak Italian in the home in order to help assimilate their children, and all sorts of other precautions were taken to not be viewed as a ‘dirty, foreign family’. On top of that, there is the whole mafia and mob aspect, in addition to the stereotypes of the asshats on Jersey Shore.

    That said, I honestly do NOT have an issue with people dressing up in cultural or native costumes. In most instances, and for me personally, it seems it’s done as having an interest or respect in that culture. But the fact of the matter is that ALL races (regardless if you are white, black, brown, green or yellow) have stereotypes to overcome, but the reason for stereotypes is that those people have and in many cases still do exist. There is a fine line between being funny and being an asshole, I get that…but at the same time, you can’t dismiss it like it’s a complete lie. I think people need to chill on the halloween costumes and take this idea in a different direction…

  • Lee

    I definitely agree with what the students are trying to do…but the Asian doll thing should be fine. Its not a bash to asians if theyre dressing up as a rather popular object. Idk this is my opinion. Cuz the others seem way more effective than the asian one.

  • Jason

    rgl, Italian-Americans were certainly a marginalized group in the U.S. in the late 19th, early 20th century. Look up David Hennessy and the trial and lynching following his assassination for just one example. Stereotypes of Italian-Americans persist today.

    To be honest I don’t really care that people dress up as Snooki for Halloween either. Just as I don’t really care if people dress up in kimonos. It’s Halloween…relax. I was just pointing out the potential hypocrisy of the campaign.

    Oh and don’t dress up as a witch. You might offend Wiccans!

  • lulu

    white guys comment about:::

    So while we’re at it this is a list of all the costumes non-white people can’t wear…

    16th Century Pirates*
    Witches (salem witch trials)
    Ghosts (they’re white)
    Any US President (Obama’s Mum was white)
    A corporate business man (most are white, But not all white people are rich!)

    the part about not dressing like ghosts (they’re white) you gotta see the humor in that

    any one how about not dressing up at all
    that’ll put the nail in the coffin of this madness

  • LemonNLime

    That was NOT a black girl. That was a picture of a white girl painted to look like she was black. My God, the poster wouldn’t make sense if it actually was a black person…seriously. And yeah I guess it is stupid if you are a part of the group that is being called out for its stereotypical or racist costumes.

  • Blah

    Minority doesnt only mean in terms of numbers. It refers to advantages that they are afforded.

  • LemonNLime

    WOW seriously?

    Cowboys – There were and still are black and white cowboys
    16th Century Pirates* – There were African pirates that attacked slave ships in the Atlantic
    Witches (salem witch trials) – NOT REAL unless you are dressing up like a colonist if they decide to paint themselves in white paint then we have a problem.
    Dracula – Living dead and NOT REAL and there was a black dracula…name Blackula
    Ghosts (they’re white) – Dead and NOT REAL
    Frankenstein – Living dead parts and NOT REAL
    Any US President (Obama’s Mum was white) – If they decide to paint themselves in white paint then we have a problem.
    A corporate business man (most are white, But not all white people are rich!) – most may be white but not ALL
    Guidos, Rednecks, Jordys – subcultures that can transcend race and ethnicity…if they decide to paint themselves in white paint then we have a problem.

    But hey if you think there is nothing wrong with painting your self black and acting like a idiot, I encourage you to visit ANY place filled with majority black people. I bet they will share and show you how they really feel about your costume.

    White people just don’t get it. When you are a part of the group that has a history of screwing, abusing, stealing, and benefiting off the exploitation of minorities and our culture, you don’t get a say in what is inoffensive vs. just funny to said minorities because you don’t have to deal with the negative effects of that abused history. Boo woo, you can paint yourself black for Halloween…seriously there are parts of this country wear it is still not recommended that I stop while driving though because I have brown skin.

  • Bitencourt

    Ok… off topic… But have to ask this, don’t get me wrong, am i the only one surprised that so many white people read Clutch?

    ps. this is not to offend anyone, is that I’m really surprised..

  • browneyed_leo

    THANK YOU!!!

    You took the words right out of my mouth!

  • amura02

    I agree, in order to dress like a REAL professional women i had to go to these people and ask to borrow their attire. Can u believe that the lil girl costumes are getting sluttier as well. Doesnt matter sooner or later Halloween will be canceled since i dont know anyone who actually goes trick or treating anymore.

  • Jessica

    I think it’s more about intent, if someone is dressing up as something with racist intentions behind it and to spread hate then fine thats messed up. Majority of people dressing up like that are just trying to have fun or be funny not actually to spread hateful ideas.This campaign isn’t going to change the world. Without malice, this can be funny and I think most people would agree with that. Dave Chapelle’s impression of a white guy was hilarious, even though he had a “white face” on I certainly wasnt offended.

  • Christina

    Blackface is racist, and frankly, the time period from which it dawns was a sad and shameful moment for humanity. But there is a distinction in what makes “blackface” what it is, everything from the mixture of ingredients to the specific shade of red lipstick, to the very reason why it was even around at all.

    For a non-black person to dawn make-up to look like a superhero or whatever the guy was, is a willing act and shows his admiration for the character….the same as it would be if he chose to paint himself green and call himself yoda.

    Blackface is not the same as painting your skin a color to get into a halloween costume. Blackface was a disgusting racist way to not only make fun of the black man’s appearance, but to simultaneously ensure they couldn’t themselves naturally feature in any productions of any kind. The stereo-type had to be upheld, the oppression had to run deep, and all of it was and still is designed to make “whitey” look better, feel better and “be” better.

    By taking a halloween costume, meant to uphold this guys favorite character and making it about race at all, is what ensures that the feeling of blackface never goes away. Someone made a statement about not dressing up like a witch, because it will offend the wiccans, now, tie that into the fact the for a huge period in our country’s history witches were literally burned alive. How is that for oppression.

    Every black man or woman has every right in being offended by blackface, but what this guy is talking about, is not blackface. Do not construe two things that are not equal.

  • LaNeshe

    I didn’t say it was inherently racist. He asked why it could be found offensive, and that’s why.

  • Ptorq

    When I first saw this I thought it was a parody… I didn’t even notice that the girl holding the picture was black or that the “black” person in the picture was wearing makeup. I thought the girl holding the picture was claiming to actually be a vampire and was offended by the person in the vampire costume.

    This may just be an artifact of the fact that they’re reproduced so small that I can’t, for example, tell what the first one on the bottom is even supposed to be.

  • Yep!

    Why ask why your not going to get it!

  • Yep!

    So anything goes on Halloween? That sounds like an excuse to get away with behavior you know is offensive.

  • GW

    This is so ridiculous…so, let me understand:

    White person dressed as an Asian = OK
    White person dressed as an Asian (wearing traditional make up) = not OK?
    Young black girl dressed as Cinderella = OK
    Young black girl dressed as Cinderella (but wearing make-up) = not OK?
    Latino dressed as John Wayne = OK
    Latino dressed as John Wayne (speaking with a Texas accent) = not OK?

    You’re all kidding, right? EVERYTHING each of us does offends someone. You may not think so, but it does. Soooooo….now what? Geez……


    BTW, I’m a greasy Italian who loves pizza and red wine, and says, “fugetta bout it!” all the time. But, if you tease me, you’re a racist.

  • Luci

    If a Chinese kid decided to paint his face white as well with the Abraham Lincoln costume, I guess then you’ll feel weird about it. For me I don’t think its the costumes that are offensive but what they represent. A white person painting their face black may remind other people of a particular time in history when black people were oppressed and mocked.

    In my opinion the worst costume out of all the pictures is the one with the guy holding the bomb. That sort of bigotry and prejudice is still around in the world today and even if I’m not Islamic or from the middle east I’m really affronted by it.

  • BeautyIAM

    No, I’m surprised as well. I’m sitting here reading some of these comments and finding them funny because the non black people FINALLY decided to come out of the closet about their like for Clutch. LOL. Kinda weird. I’m not at all surprised by some of the comments either.

  • mary mary

    white guy is racist – there are many black corporate execs. I co-sign lemonnlime’s comment and thank her for taking the time to debunk this foolishness.

    white guy please educate yourself about the matter you wish to comment on ( before subjecting others to your nonsense.

  • African Mami

    @ Bitencourt,

    You are not alone.

  • Chris

    Grow up, babies. Everyone is so damn sensitive today. There is nothing RACIST about these costumes. They are COSTUMES, for crying out loud. Don’t be so thin skinned.

  • reecole

    I don’t understand how people of minority cultures can NOT be offended by seeing a white girl dressed up with rollers in hair. dark skin, and hiphop clothing, and a white guy w/ gold in mouth, hat,braids, sagging, and darkskin and SAY their COSTUME is a black person.. How can u not get offended.??

    And to throw salt on injury I went to a midwestern school and my roomate went to frat party in honor of Martin Luther King (MLK DAY)that required people to dress like that, she even asked me to borrow a du-rag? SMH i said no and had a lil talk with her..

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  • Sussudio

    How about you grow up and realize that people will be offended. That’s the existence in which we live in.

    Some people will be offended and some people won’t be. That’s the way it is.


  • UmOk

    Don’t apologize for your opinion. But don’t act all surprised and sanctimonious if someone does get offended by the costume you wear.

  • Sussudio

    You raise a good point, MAnBAg,

    However, staying mum about this isn’t the answer neither. Think what you want, but it was great that this has been brought to attention.

    So, now folks wanna be mad because they can’t be openly offensive. Right.

  • LemonNLime

    Seriously the fact that have to explain to white people that this is wrong shows exactly the type of privileged they enjoy. It is easy to say something isn’t a big deal or isn’t offensive when you it isn’t directed to you and are benefiting from the very system breaks people down into nothing but stereotypes in addition to several other unsavory things. These are probably the same losers that “don’t see color”…save it.

  • gyrlwitglasses

    I’m surprised so many white people read Clutch.

  • Matt

    I would not be offended if someone would dye their skin blue and say they were a first century Briton for Halloween. In fact, I would I might think it was attractive.

  • Candice Frisby

    No, You’re NOT a geisha, but they EXIST. No, You’re not a grill wearing party hardy african american, but they’re around. Native americans still dress in their traditional garb, you just bought in mister. Last I checked many south american indiginous people DO wear sombreros and ponchos and ride burros. Also, terrorists are scary, and therefore an appropriate halloween costume.

  • happyasme

    How is a costume racist?? Nobody is saying you’re anything by wearing a costume themselves, and if you are capable of twisting things in your mind to see it that way you are in need of some serious help. So, let me get this straight, if my child dresses as a Ninja for Halloween because he thinks Ninjas are cool you’re going to call him a racist? He doesn’t dress like a Ninja because he thinks anyone who is Asian is a Ninja, he dresses like it because he thinks it’s cool! And I see lots of kids of every ethnicity dressing up as Ninjas because, guess what? They think they’re cool! What if the next year he decides he wants to be a Mobster for Halloween? He’s white and Mobsters were typically white, so is that ok? If it is that is a total double standard. Is this all the posters? Because people dress up as things that are known as being from “white” people but I don’t see a poster for that. What about animals? If my child dresses up as a Giraffe is he being racist towards animals? Watch out for those cute babies dressed up as a pea in a pod….you know how racist they are toward those horrible vegetables! And oh my gosh! All those little Winnie the Pooh’s running around out there! How dare they be so racist against the bear population! Don’t you see how ridiculous these accusations are? Why can’t you spend your time being more productive instead of making up problems where they don’t exist? I’m not offended if someone dresses up as a hillbilly, just because hillbilly’s are typically white and I’m white doesn’t mean someone dressing up as one is saying that I must be a hillbilly. As an overweight woman I’m not offended if someone dresses up in a fat suit for Halloween, even if they make fun of overweight women in their fat suit, big deal….what someone else chooses to dress up as does not define who I am! I define who I am, just like these students define who they are…..and this sort of craziness of accusing every day people of being racist simply because they dress up as something(and since it’s mostly kids who dress up, you are accusing perfectly innocent children just out to have a fun day) is the wrong way of defining who you are. You have to accept who you are, regardless of size, shape, color, sex….if you allow yourself to feel offended off things that were never meant to be offending(or even for the extreme rare case that they were) then you’re allowing that to define you. I’m an almost middle age overweight woman who is a housewife…..what would I most be stereotyped as? I would be stereotyped as a fat disgusting slob who sits at home on the couch eating all day and watching soap operas. If I let that bother me or offend me then it would only fuel the fire! I’m a clean person(completely anal about personal hygiene), I get dressed up in nice clean clothes and do my hair and make-up every day whether I leave the house or not, I eat only once or twice a day(and no, not huge meals, not even enough to fill a plate), I haven’t watched a soap opera since I was a teenager(and don’t even watch TV during the day), and my days are spent revolving around my family……if someone doesn’t know that about me and would care to group me into something I’m not, then that’s their problem, I’m not going to cry about it. And where did I learn this wonderful frame of mind? From a fantastic person of a completely different color and ethnicity than me. You can’t control what other people think of you, and most of the time you’re wrong about what they think anyway, be who and what you are and nobody can take that away, think someone’s trying to make you something else and that may very well end up who you are going to be….isn’t it better to choose yourself?

  • gruff

    Props to Christina for pioneering a new form of English: simultaneously articulate and incoherent. Scientists are still trying to figure out how you did it.

  • White Guy

    In my first post I was attempting a satirist joke (obviously). I mean seriously… Ghosts, how can you not see that as funny?

    I’ll put my hand up and say that the “black face” girl is very offensive, not because that girl is dressed as a stereotypical gangster, but because black face paint represents over a century of segregation in the entertainment industry. You’d never see Othello played buy a white guy today, but as little as 30 years ago it was the norm.

    Promoting cultural awareness is a good thing and something to be welcomed. However the best way to do that is through constructive means. What exactly that is will depend on where you are and who the local people are, but it will always involve a celebration of culture on a level where people are able empathise with one another. This campaign does not do this.

    I, like many of my peers who look at this, dislike it for these reasons:

    -All of the people in the “Not okay” costumes are white.
    -It assumes that because someone dresses in a costume FOR ONE DAY A YEAR they are unaware of the difference between a stereotype and the general culture and people of that cultural group.
    -It seeks to ridicule an action that is not malicious.

    Every group has their own stereotype; Africans have the stereotype of Gangsters, Asians have the stereotype of Math Nerds, Latinos get the generalisation of being lazy, and White people are generalised as ignorant racists. On the one hand, those stereotypes didn’t come from thin air.

    But on the other, my generation grew up with cultural studies in the classroom, and seseme street at home. We laughed with Wayne Brady and Bill Cosby, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. There was no prejudice in our schools and we played sports with whoever joined the team. We laugh at stereotypes not because they’re real, but because they’re ridiculus.

    I have a sombrero and poncho, the sombrero is over-sized and the poncho is brightly coloured. I got them at a market in Mexico, I’ll be wearing it on Halloween.

  • LgTwo

    I’m surprised by how many of you are having such strong negative comments here. What you’re seeing in these posters are minorities saying that these costumes offend them. So what if you’re white and these costumes don’t seem offensive to you. People are telling you that they feel like their culture is being negatively represented. So can you just take a minute and listen?
    YOU are not personally being attacked by these posters they’re an expression of frustration and a desire for tolerance and understanding.

  • Sussudio

    Thank You, LG Two!

  • UmOk

    Your comment sounds like you’re clueless about why some people are offended by certain costumes.

  • ohlawdy

    I’m offended they don’t have a white person holding up a picture of someone dressed up as a hick. But then again, I guess we’re not allowed to be offended by anything as no one is racist against us. *snicker*

    Honestly these are not offensive. They are not saying “HEY LOOK AT ME I’M AN ASIAN HUR HURHUR” They are saying they are dressing up as a Geisha, and so on and so forth.

    Also, anyone notice how they used yellow font for the asian girl? Poster against racism is racist!

  • Humm

    LMAO at the wrag head holding up picture of suicide bomber. It it wasn’t true it might be racist, screw them though have a little humor in things that are only true if it was not a costume then yes it may be grounds for questioning. We wonder why amireca is going to crap it’s bc of retarted fucks like this group.

  • Sarah

    I really like the posters and don’t see why it’s so difficult for people to get the point of them. The fact that people don’t get the point makes that point even stronger. The kind of racism that they call out isn’t even subtle. White people being offended by them is simply strange. Anyway, my only criticism is that all of the models in the posters are staring at the camera, looking strong. Except the Asian, that is. Asian women are stereotyped to be weak, submissive, shrinking violets. This poster (presumably inadvertently) supports this stereotype by making the Asian woman the only one who can’t make eye contact.

  • Velaine

    I think part of the difference with the “redneck/hillbilly”white trash” costume is that I mostly see white people wearing it. Maybe it’s just my own experience, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen other ethnicities trying to pull that off. If I saw it I could understand being offended. But here’s how I see it – while these images of hillbillies and white trash are stereotypes of certain kinds of caucasians, they are not characteristic of how people perceive white people in general. When we witness real people in media who perpetuate the stereotype of “white trash”, the audience doesn’t assume that this is how a majority of white people behave. Individuals get to be judged independently (though I will admit that assumptions are sometimes made with southern accents)

    When actual black people are seen by the masses in full ghetto form, people assume that most of us are this way. Middle eastern people are constantly portrayed as terrorists and there are people that exist who don’t know how to see them any other way. I grew up in a moderately diverse neighborhood, but I had so many people tell me that I was “different from other black girls” because of the way I talk/dress/behave. I have friends of other ethnicities who claim to have had similar experiences of being different that an expectation. Each minority group has their thing, but I have not gotten the impression that it is something that white people experience.

  • Megan

    That awkward moment when I’m Jewish and have been taunted for being Jewish throughout school… But I think that it’s totally cool if someone wants to dress up as a Rabbi or a Moyle for Halloween.
    Sorry, I have a sense of humor.
    I don’t see any Jews up there holding up a picture of a person dressed up as a Rabbi with the whole she-bang of curly sideburns, big-nose additions, and all of that. Where is that represented?
    Or the Christians that have the Priest costumes with a boner underneath?
    Or the times that men dress up as women with balloon boobs and scantily clad outfits?
    Or the times that women dress as men but somehow end up making it the “ghetto” form of men? (And, before anyone says I’m racist for saying ghetto, shut up. You don’t know me well enough to say any of that.)

    There’s a difference between a Geisha and an Asian woman. There’s a difference between an Islamic Extremist and a Muslim. There’s a difference between all of these things and their stereotypes.

    I feel like society gets too sensitive. If I had a penny for every Jew joke I’ve ever heard, I’d be about as rich as Anti-Semites assume I am. If I had a penny for every time I heard a joke degrading women, I’d be a millionaire. If I had a penny for every time someone ACTUALLY intended on offending me by these jokes, I’d maybe have a few bucks at most.

    So feel free to dress up in white-face and beat some women or something. I mean, yeah, that’s what media shows us (white people) as. These bad, racist losers that cheat on their wives and husbands and abuse cocaine and heroin after they get tired of drinking cough syrup. I don’t care. I don’t identify myself as one of them, because I am not one of them. The only similarity between me and a “dungaree/wife beater wearing, gun toting racist redneck hick” is that I own a few beaters. Andd that’s about it. So there’s nothing for me to be offended by.

  • Jenn

    You’re kidding right? You sound like a $#%@#$ idiot.

  • Jenn

    I can’t believe so many people think these costumes are okay.
    Really? You’re defending black face?

  • Jenn

    Where did *any* of your comments spawn from? Nothing you said was correct, let alone made sense.

  • Jenn

    The fact that you don’t see anything wrong with black-face highlights the problem beautifully

  • LemonNLime

    Honestly, that is what I was thinking! I mean I get people can read what they want but I am a bit taken back by it seems like the number of white people on a magazine geared toward black women who then have the nerve to tell US that there is something wrong with US for feeling the way we do. It reaks of white privileged and the racism so often brought up on articles on this site. But I bet you they just skip right over all of those.

  • Heather Irene Harding Hodgins

    I can understand where a lot of people are coming from. That they take these things into offense, but it’s Halloween. I’m sure not all people mean to come across as racists when dressing up but again it’s Halloween it’s meant for dressing up and acting foolish and scary. I feel the first two are a bit racist but who are we to judge. I don’t care what anyone say’s but everyone is just a little bit racist whether they realize it or not and people need to realize that they are never going to escape racism because it’s everywhere you go whether you see it or not and people posting their opinion is no reason to be prejudice towards them just because they have a point of view and a voice.

  • secret ninja

    in your first sentence when said “but” you erased everything you said before that. just because it’s “Halloween” doesn’t make it right. and the sorry fact that you view the feelings of minorities who dislike the use of these racist costumes as prejudice goes to show how willfully oblivious and ignorant you are, like the rest of the people commenting on this. there is no reason whatsoever for any confusion as to why this would upset any of the minorities listed here.
    just because it’s “Halloween” doesn’t make it right.
    just because racism is everywhere doesn’t mean you need to participate in it.
    you and no one else on here is going to force upon me what i should view as racist. if i’m a minority and i’m saying i view this as racist, instead of minimizing how i feel about
    it by telling me it’s just a costume, take my word for it and don’t do it.
    this is not an issue about “personal freedom” or whatever bs you’d like to throw in there. you don’t know, you don’t understand, and people like you who are making these comments will never understand because you don’t WANT to understand.

    i asked the question before, is your own personal happiness that much more important than someone elses feelings?

    from your comment and the other ones on here obviously it is.

  • secret ninja

    i honestly don’t believe that many white people read Clutch, i think this campaign has popped up on search a engine or another website and this Clutch article is listed there and they are just clicking on the article and making comments to either piss people off or make themselves feel better by trying to validate reasons why they believe these costumes aren’t racist and in their mind, since they believe they’re not racist, we should too and if we don’t we’re being oversensitive. afterall, we’re living in a post-racist world (laughing my ass off on that one), the President is black (and we all see how he is treated and viewed) and it’s no longer lawful to discriminate against someone because of their race (but it’s still happening anyone) so we should be happy with what we got. gmafb!

  • secret ninja

    i don’t think that many white people actually read Clutch. i think the STARS campaign is being talked about on the web, it’s come up in search engines, and articles discussing it are listed with it, Clutch being one of them. they are commenting either to piss people off or to justify why they feel these costumes are not racist and since they believe these costumes are not racist we should too and if we don’t we’re being overly sensitive or race baiting. afterall, we live in a post-racist world (insert sarcasm here), the President of the U.S. is black (and here), and segregation has been done away with (and here as well).

  • Heather Irene Harding Hodgins

    I had not erased anything and that is what i had put down and I am not talking about personal freedom. I am stating I can open my heart to these individuals and minority’s and realize that they are hurt by these costumes that they feel and think is a degrateing representation of their culture. Just because I may be white does not mean I have not experienced racism first hand and it’s wrong to think so. I have never said that I had or have participated in a racist act and I am not saying my personal happiness is worth more then the feelings of others. In fact I’m dressing as a zombie for Halloween. Far from being racist and I have never dressed in anything crude as such. I am only posting my point of view and yes i feel racism is a problem that people can easily ignore but shouldn’t.

  • Jason Benjamin McKinnon

    “White” people? Come on. That’s racist in itself. Are all people with light colored skin to be lumped together?

  • colea

    Completely agree. Black people are noe a culture, they originate from several different cultures, same with yellow, white, brown. Mexicans are also multiracial.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I saw for some time. So I guess I can dress as a pirate, banker, doctor, zombie, etc, ’cause those are all “cultures”

  • colea

    Well, then I’m offended when you dress in business attire.

  • colea

    The story got popular on Google Reader and other media sharing sites. Rest assured, not that many people read this shit.

  • Jason Benjamin McKinnon
  • UmOk

    Wow, try learning how to spell before you come into a thread trying to ‘read’ people with this illegible shtt you typed.

    P.S. It’s spelled ‘retarded’.


  • UmOk

    So, you admit that there is still racism in this day and age and you’re STILL condoning it.

    What’s your point? You wanna wear racist garb and not get chewed out for it?

    Get a clue.

  • John

    lol people just need to stop being so sensitive, simple as that.

  • Bunny

    Believe it man. I had a rude awakening with that recently. A LOT of white (and some black people too) don’t see anything wrong with blackface, and consider themselves the least racist people ever even while doing it. *facepalm*

  • Bunny

    So, I didn’t think I’d have to remind you of this, but Leonardo from TMNT is A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Native Americans, Black people, etc actually exist. Here. Today. Like not in a fantasty novel. They are *people*

  • Bunny

    @ I got sense: Um, I dunno if you know, but the “real” racist shit that people go through everyday *is* stuff like this. Microaggressions, it’s well documented. Racism today is rarely the blatant, archetypal cross-burning kind. Modern racism is subtle. It’s in comments like “Wow, you’re pretty for a black girl!”, backhanded compliments like “I’m surprised, you’re very articulate”, and yes, in Halloween costumes like these. It really is the sum of its parts!

  • A concerned parent

    two points:
    1) Yes, because it is Halloween it is OK! The point of holidays is to release the pressure of perpetual banality. A very strong example of that is Mardi Gras, and Carnival (in Brazil, Germany and elsewhere). Halloween is way up there too. It is a single evening a year when you can poke fun at the biggest taboos in life, most notably death. By actively ignoring the undercurrents in our thoughts, those thoughts (presumably racist in this case) swim freely and unseen, poking their head at inopportune times. What I mean by this, is that by pretending that we have no prejudices, those prejudices seep out in our decision making processes when we are, for example, interviewing others.

    Wear a racist costume just to acknowledge that it’s something on your mind, just like you can wear a costume of death for the same purpose. You wear the costume to say, “I am not going to cower behind a wall of shame and ignorance. We are all going to die and we all have racist tendencies. I will not live in shame of these universal truths.” And we, the viewing public, can all laugh, because it’s true for us too.

    2) I am a white Canadian middle-aged middle-class (mostly) heterosexual man. Should I be offended by cowboy costumes? Are they any more or less stereotypical than, say, a Geisha costume, or a sombrero and poncho-wearing Mexican. They are both equally inaccurate portrayals of a real sliver of a culture that existed in the past. What is racist about that?

    I am saddened by the fact that society is devolving into a place where freedom of expression has to be vetted through a process whereby if a single person is offended, the expression is offensive.

    Allow hate speech so that it can be seen, and seen for what it is, just hateful.

  • A concerned parent

    To summarize, political correctness is akin to pretending we’re going to live forever.

  • LemonNLime

    This is NOT Brazil or Germany. It is the USA we are talking about. Brazil has their own race issues and I am 100% if someone dressed up as a holocaust victims or a Jewish stereotype this would be an issue in Germany. And STOP using cowboys as an example. It just goes to show how ignorant you and others like you are of history. There were and continue to be Black and Hispanic cowboys in the USA and throughout the Americas.

    No one is saying make these costumes illegal and no one is trying to take away your rights to dress up as a racist hate filled stereotype. So drop it with the freedom of expression crap, we get it. What we are saying is that when anyone NOT just white people (although it always seem to be y’all doing this foolishness) does this it offends a certain group of people. You are making fun of their culture or psychical attributes and we don’t like it. Just like you have a right to dress up like a douchbag, I have a right to be offended by some white middle class yuppie sorority girl covered in brown shoe polish with a head scarf and braids throwing up gang signs.

    I said it once and I will say it again. The fact that you can’t see any thing wrong with this, the fact that you are calling us minorities out for feeling offended, the fact that you think it is ok to wear something that makes fun of culture or a group when there are literally thousands of other witty or “taboo” costumes you could choose is a prime example of the white privileged you have in this culture, yes even in Canada.

    But hey maybe I should paint myself white, get a wig with greasey blond hair, a pet dog I kiss on the mouth and let lick my face all night, a jar of mayo, and talk all night with an air of unearned entitlement while I steal stuff from people like a white American stereotype OR if I add maple syrup and an effeminate lisp I can be like a white Canadian stereotype. After all political correctness is akin to pretending we’re going to live forever!

  • LemonNLime

    Seriously save it.

    I know that in past times white people were distinguish by nationality. Considering white people are like everyone one else and thus mutts mixed with all kinds of stuff that is the term that is used just like black or hispanics. No one has the time or effort to ask each of you to give us your ethnic lineage so I can call you a polish, dutch, german, scots American. If you have a problem with that, might I suggest you take that up with the US census people.

    If that is all that you have to jump on the racism bandwagon, I suggest you do a bit more research.

  • A concerned parent

    Forgive my example of cowboy, it’s not something I know very much about. Change the example to the greasy blond-haired mullet you mentioned if you prefer. The point, however, remains the same. I wasn’t talking about legal issues either, but what is socially acceptable. A French writer in the 1700s said that America (of the time) was fascinating because it was a country where you were legally allowed to do anything but socially allowed to do nothing. It hasn’t changed.

    I suppose I wanted to say that because a few people are offended, doesn’t make it offensive. In fact, nothing is objectively offensive, things only cause this or that person, in this or that circumstance to be offended. My friend’s wife is Japanese (raised in Japan but living here now), and she loves the aesthetic of Geisha.

    But hey, if the whole world “gets it” and I don’t, well maybe I am the one missing something. I don’t disagree with the ad campaign. I love they fact that it is provoking discussion. I just disagree with its message.

    By the way, I saw a hick handlebar-mustache and mullet costume last night while running. It was ugly as sin and we all loved it :)

  • Keeshia

    I completely agree with Jenn.The historical context behind black face is ridiculously offensive. Have you ever heard of “minstrel shows?” If not LOOK IT UP! BUT you cannot expect uneducated ignorant people to realize the errors of their ways until someone else informs them. Thats exactly what these groups of students are doing.

  • Chica

    For those of you who think that this campaign is uneccessary: it’s ok if you don’t agree with the campaign’s message, but try to empathize with the issues these kids are dealing with without letting your pre-conditioned privilege blind you.
    For those of you supporting the campaign: realize that people have the right to wear what they want to wear; yes it may be offensive, but we have no authority to determine what they can and cannot wear.
    That is all

  • storm

    these are mostly other races offended by the cultural appropriation that is used in halloween or daily (in the hipsters vs native americans) and they dont like it because in their culture which we don’t follow so we don’t know why they dont like it or why its offensive (but i’m sure if we were japanese or native american or pakistani we probably would know why to be offended) .. most black people (judging from the comments) don’t care if you do black face or objectify them for halloween so why bother to argue? most of you think its okay so let it be

  • Timcampi


    Your comment just appeared (I’ve been dying to ask if your moniker has anything to do with the opera =D). Thanks, I’m not even going to bother anymore. Some people insist on not making sense.

  • S.

    You know what’s funny about this discussion,

    When White people watch movies like ‘The Help’ they often consciously identify themselves with the “good” white person, the ally to the oppressed Black individual, the “Skeeter” of the story.

    The irony is despite the fact that *most* Whites were NOT “good” in that era (as most modern day Whites wouldn’t have been either), they all would like to believe that they would have been apart of one of the few but the reality is most can’t even show compassion and/or understanding for the struggles of people of color TODAY on these very basic issues like dressing up as a “minority” for Halloween. And yet they all want to believe they would have been at the forefront of important issues like the ones illustrated in ‘The Help’.

    That’s why I’m so critical on stupid movies like ‘The Help’ and ‘The Blindside’ because they transmit this propaganda to the White masses that they are inherently ‘good’ white people despite the *history* AND the *present* saying otherwise

    Just read these comments… they will do anything to defend their inherently racist culture despite the pleas from PoC who have to put up with this bullsh*t almost every damn day

    If there’s any 1 movie character that the White masses should be able to relate to it’s Violet Beauregarde. For taking away their good ol’ right to have (racist) fun would be like taking candy away from Violet. Let’s just hope they too become bloated from taking in that forbidden candy.


    I applaud ALL of the Whites who see the issue with this issue. Thank you, you are very much appreciated (and needed) in these conversations

  • Simone

    @LemonNLime, please don’t make me laugh so hard like that again, regarding the dog kissing. I had to put my cup of hot tea down just to laugh. I was reading somewhere else where a white person said they wouldn’t be offended if someone dressed up as a white, wearing a sweater and slacks. In my mind I’m like “dummy you don’t get it.” I said this somewhere else too…its cool to have a sense of humor. i have a huge sense of humor. But when someone dresses up representing and making light of a stereotype that others have to live with everyday, it’s not cool. Hey, maybe you can take off your Arab costume with the fake bombs and be white again. But that Arab kid over there never wore such a costume and he’ll be labelled a terrorist all his life. Maybe you can put some shoe polish on your face and dress black and call yourself “Laqueefa”( who the hell is dumb enough to put shoe polish on skin…? I digress) but on a daily basis, black folk and many other people who aren’t white have to behave a certain way so ya’ll can feel safe. I probably can’t raise my voice in public as a black woman, because I’ll probably be considered “ghetto” unless I’m yelling “fire”. Oh…please stop with references to your friends of other races. I might not go as far as saying things are full blown racist because many people call racism on silly things nowadays but things like this…is more racially insensitive. I’m a parent, too. I have three black kids. I don’t teach my kids that black is something you have to defend but damnit to hell, they will not be disrespected. White people scoff at White privilege but part of White Privilege is being oblivious to the feelings of other races. I care for you guys like I do every human being…but open your eyes. Your naivete is not cute, you’re not 5 anymore.

  • Simone

    Pete, but I do recall some people flooding a nation that was predominantly Native Americans and claiming it as their own. I wonder who those people were….hmmm.Care to buy a vowel,my friend? And I can’t remember their color. Cot damn, I must be getting old.

  • BeautyIAM

    I definitely agree with you. I’m reading some of these comments wondering to myself “are some of these people the same white liberals that pretend that we are living in a post racial society?”

    I know other people of color don’t find these images racist. However, I find it more interesting that the white people that are coming on here are completely ignoring WHY someone would find these images offensive. You just look like a prick to come here and say “stop being so sensitive.”

    That is exactly why I get tired of these white savior stories. They do nothing but really overshadow how some people really were.

  • NativeAmericanForHalloween

    I am 1/2 Russian and the other half is a mutt of various European nationalities. I’m an American who has lived all over the world for the majority of my life. I’m in my 20s.

    I understand that we should be sensitive when it comes to dressing as other cultures. I would just like to say that last year, I dressed up as an Arab Princess (using the clothes I attained in the Middle East), and my boyfriend dressed up as my Knight in Shining Armor. This year, I am dressing up as a Native American and my boyfriend is dressing up as a Cowboy (He’s a Texan). This year’s costume choices are not cowboys against Indians sort of scene, either. I don’t dress up as other cultures to mock or offend them. I dress up as them because I love their culture. You will not see me performing vulgar actions as seen through photos that other people post of their choices. All my photos are of me smiling with my friends in a standing pose.

    I apologize if it offends my Middle Eastern family and friends, as well as my Native American friends, but I assure you it is not my intention. I simply have no other holiday as an excuse to dress up as the cultures I admire.

  • Bell

    There is nothing racist about strapping a fake bomb to your chest and making a half-assed attempt at looking Arab? Are you kidding me? Some of you just don’t get it. In order to get people to understand your costume you have to play up horrible stereotypes that hurt people on a daily basis.

    You can’t look at the poster where a white woman has dressed up as a black person and see no problem. Well tell me, what ‘makes’ a black person? Why isn’t she in a suit with a briefcase? She just has to be wearing chains around her neck with a few teeth knocked out.

  • African Mami

    @ GW,

    That has to be the most WTF comment I’ve read about in a while. What are you on about?!

  • African Mami

    @ Robert Webb,

    Hi. You are in dire need of racial relations 101 forrrrealzzzzzzzz….

  • Kema

    If they had a white person holding up a pic of someone dressed up like a hick it would probably be a white person in the picture.

  • African Mami

    Honestly, I disregarded this campaign as just another one of those. But after reading the comments on here, I see the importance and significance of having such a campaign in place. Some of the comments from those identifiying themselves as being white have me at WTF. They are filled with a lot of assumptions and ignorance. But I do have say that I am liking the interesting dialogue going on! Knowledge is power.

  • Wello

    the entitlement, denial and superiority complex from the white people on here is killing me.

    someone says something is hurtful, degrading and they don’t like it but you REFUSE to stop doing it? you don’t lose sh*t by not dressing up as these things so why continue to do something people are screaming they find hurtful?
    Are some of you that insensitive and backwards as a human being you can not stop hurting someone because YOU don’t see the problem?
    some of you are degenerates. absolutely pathetic

    who the hell do some of the white people commenting think they are to tell people how they should feel about something that doesn’t effect THEM or is directed at THEM? are you that far up your own azz? it doesn’t degrade you so STFU and stop telling people how to feel.some of you have the audacity to cry “WHAT ABOUT US?” just to avoid actually addressing YOUR actions and thinking because you want to keep things the why they are.


    people are mad they can’t do openly offensive sh*t and making up all kinds of bull sh*t to trivialise the issue and not address their own crap. they start calling others “over sensitive” to not address their insensitivity, ignorance and racism.
    if you don’t understand why then LISTEN and read a dawn book. there are plenty of resources out there to educate your self but i’m sure many won’t bother and will throw a tantrum (like now) to avoid addressing your thinking. there are many explanations to WHY this is offensive but some of you REFUSE to see it; you don’t want to see it.

    4nonymo: Let’s try this. You stop assuming every white person is racist and we’ll stop assuming every black person is stupid enough to think that way (I don’t, but not because of lack of evidence).
    i hope some spits in your face. i hope someone spits in the face of many of you, because some of you are that pathetic.

  • Wello

    *damn book

  • Simone

    I was reading and participating in this discussion over on The Stir and some white woman had the nerve to tell me the stereotypes white people face, one being that they’re all rich. A resounding bitch please came to my head.Almost all the posters didn’t see an issue, although they only posted the Geisha picture. A white guy on said ” how dare you get offended when I punch you, you’re too sensitive.” I asked “so lemme dress up like.a breast cancer patient, bald and.with one breast. Too bad if you get offended.Free speech. No one.wants to take themselves out of.their comfort zone to understand the.feelings of others. Marriages die over that but when people are different from you,its ok.

  • Simone

    Great campaign….

  • LemonNLime

    This is all I have to say on this and then I am done and someone else said it wrote it on here:

    “But when someone dresses up representing and making light of a stereotype that others have to live with everyday, it’s not cool. Hey, maybe you can take off your Arab costume with the fake bombs and be white again. But that Arab kid over there never wore such a costume and he’ll be labelled a terrorist all his life.” <—– THAT is what I am talking about.

    And you call yourself "a concerned parent"? Imagine how children of color feel when people make fun and stereotype people who look like them with these costumes? But hey you can't have much respect for people you see no problem making fun of, while still being annoyed that they are offended by these action. If this is ANY example of how you are raising your children to think, that racist and hateful actions just freedom of expression and people are overly sensitive about it , you give me NO hope for future generations.

  • African Mami

    @ Wello,

    Well, damn.

    @ SImone

    DEAD @
    * some white woman had the nerve to tell me the stereotypes white people face, one being that they’re all rich. *

  • LemonNLime

    Seriously these people are crazy! Slacks and sweaters?! So white people have the choke hold on slack and sweaters? The fact she thought that was a stereotype of white people is lets me know she probably hasn’t talked to many or PoC or ever watch Comedy Central stand up by anyone other than a white person!

    And I swear if one more white person justifies their ignorance with 1. the fact the are ____ with black people or 2. freedom of expression I might actually go crazy.

    But this great, it goes to show you racism and white privileged is alive and well and it isn’t going anywhere…no matter how black the President is, no matter how post racial they say it is, no matter how open, liberal, tolerant, accepting or whatever adjectives white people use to make themselves feel better. People feel like they can honestly speak their truth when they are hidden behind a computer screen. Clearly they have learned to hide their racist attitude when needed. I bet some of these are the same people who always vote Dems or only buy vegan cookies or go and eat at ethnic restaurants or take African dance classes and have a rainbow collage of friends.

  • Mr.whitebrownyellowgreen

    I got an idea, let’s just end halloween. Since everyone has lost their sense of humor, and JesusWeen is going so strong…. let’s just drop the whole damn holiday.

    I think Christmas should be next, cause I’m Atheist and the idea of honoring Jesus’ birthday offends me.

    And Easter will be after, fucking rabbits just piss me off. So I’m offended by rabbits.

    I’m also offended by the idea of celebrating independence, because my culture is against fireworks. Fireworks offend me. Let’s end the 4th of July, too.

    OR, we could all quit bitching about the most insignificant thing affecting this country right now.

    I think we should just all resort back to bitching about Occupy Wall Street.

    We are the %99!

  • Mr.whitebrownyellowgreen

    This is a much bigger issue than anything else going on in America.

    I wonder if any other Countries have this problem? Wait, nope. I forgot, America’s the only Country where people ‘think’ everyone gives a shit about your opinions and feelings.

    Just put your noses back to the floor, and get back in the rat race.


  • Sandy

    @colea Are you taking the piss with that “business attire” comment?

  • SAA

    they may just be turtles however they have feelings too, I mean after all, what do you think those PETA groups are for? You know what- Fat Albert and John Redcorn are fictional characters too and do not “exist” however I’m sure if a non-Black or non-Native American person tried to dress up as either of these characters, people like yourself and many others on this website would consider it “racist” or “racially insenstive”. So stop all that noise and let people enjoy the holiday.

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  •!/SugarKovalczyk @SugarKovalczyk

    Now the pc police are trying to ruin Halloween. I totally dgaf whose sensitivities are ruffled on Halloween — not even mine.

    Not only that, I thought Prince Harry was hot as hell in his Nazi costume.

  • Roger Williams

    You are spot-on.

    Remember white people are always going to act within their own self-interest and the promotion of their hubris and privilege. They throw on the guise that they are “helping”, but they are really doing things that will make them either feel good or exalted/superior. It’s really not about making a difference. Remember that. This was true back in the time-period of the film/book, “The Help” and it is true now.

  • Xoxoxo
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  • Spunisher

    I won’t be dictated to by Negroes or their enablers what or what I cannot dress as on Halloween.

  • UmOk

    Go ahead and dress up as a Negro for Halloween, and then go over to the where it’s mostly black people and explain your opinion.

    We all know you won’t because you won’t have the comfort of your monitor to protect you.

    White people like you are pussies in public, but race commandos on the ‘net.


  • WTF

    or people need to stop being so INSENSITIVE.

  • geek chik

    i sooooooooo agree with UmOk

  • hollaacthaboy

    look, i can understand why this offends people, but the fact of the matter is, people dress up as CHARACTERS for halloween. whether you like it or not, the type of people represented by these costumes actually exist or existed in the past. most people realize that not every member of a certain race or ethnic group fits the stereotype. there are definitely some ignorant pricks out there who think otherwise, but for the most part, people need to chill out a little bit. what’s the difference between dressing up as a geisha and dressing up as a southern redneck, a ditzy blonde cheerleader, or an italian mobster? i’ve seen each of these costumes many times, and they are all examples of cultural stereotypes that are accepted by everyone, because they are FUNNY. okay, using blackface might be going to far, but dressing up as a geisha or a mexican dude in a sombrero is not meant to be offensive, so chill out. to be quite honest, making a big deal out of dumb shit like this makes people resent other groups even more. no one likes to be told what to do, and having ideologies force-fed to you is really annoying.


  • c0c0puffz

    I remember my friend in 2nd grade who happens to be white put her hair in colorful barrettes and ponytail holders. She told everybody she wanted to look like me. She didn’t put on brown makeup or go that far but she did look goofy. I felt more embarrassed for her than mad.

  • mytwocents

    Can I just ask one favor……I’ve been reading many different post regarding this issue. And the one thing I just can’t wrap my head around are the people on here that are in favor of the ad, but in the same sense they themselves are posting racial comments. How is your point ever going to get across if you are doing the exact same thing you are trying to end!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read comments like “pre-conditioned privilege” in reference to white people.

    Roger Williams says “Remember white people are always going to act within their own self-interest and the promotion of their hubris and privilege.” (So all white people are selfish, don’t care about any other race. And all white people have had life served to them on a silver spoon?)

    S. says “When White people watch movies like ‘The Help’ they often consciously identify themselves with the “good” white person, the ally to the oppressed Black individual, the “Skeeter” of the story………”they transmit this propaganda to the White masses that they are inherently ‘good’ white people despite the *history* AND the *present* saying otherwise ” (So every white person in the world is evil. I would love to see your research you used to figure out “when White people watch movies like ‘The Help’ they often consciously identify themselves with the “good” white person, the ally to the oppressed Black individual, the “Skeeter” of the story.) How many surveys did you send out to white people before you determined all of them identify with “good” white person)

    Another post actually called the ad racist because the the Asian women was the only one photographed with her down. (Actually if you were to have that argument it would be sexist, not racist.)

    And those are just the examples I found rather quickly. Roger and “S.” really….are you not actually hurting the cause by being racist yourself? The fact is, everyone is different. I’ve met many people and traveled to many places in my life. I’ve met some very wonderful people and a lot of horrible people, both having multiple races in each group. I’ve met white people who are still racist, I’ve heard African Americans use racial slurs against Caucasian people. The fact is yes, there are still ignorant people out there that judge people by the color of their skin. What got to me about these post are the people who are voicing their opinions against racism by using racial remarks. You are showing your ignorance by doing the same thing you say you are against!!!! How is racism ever going to end if you keep adding to it as well?

    But I also believe this. I think the costumes are not racist. Racism is “the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others”. I’m not sure that is the word to use in this scenario. Instead I believe the costumes are exploiting stereotypes more than anything. Not that I am agreeing with it, but that is what I believe it is. I’m not sure how dressing up as a Geisha is racist. Is it possibly being stereotypical. Sure, maybe I could see that. Of course I could also see why some one would like to dress as a Geisha due to the simple fact that their ensemble is beautiful. I personally don’t like the terrorist costume. Maybe it’s because I don’t find it funny to impersonate a person that would take some one’s life. Although I understand what statement the ad is making I also find it hard to tell where you draw the line. Where does it go from being just a costume to crossing the line. If the statement of the ad is to respect people by not exploiting stereotypes does that mean we aren’t suppose to take EVERYONE into consideration? No more naughty nurses, sexy librarians and teachers, “dirty-minded” doctors, plastic surgeons that depict the discipline for silicone implants and not the other important work they do? How about the pregnant nuns or the one I saw this past Halloween of a priest carrying around a stuffed “boy” with a rather crude saying on his chest. Or how about the couple that dressed as siblings that just got married since of course they were from West Virginia. The fact is anytime you point out a stereo type, you can very easily offend some one. A lot of comedians on Comedy Central make a living at this.

    racist, politically incorrect….Half the time I’m confused. If you are African-American it’s okay to call some one a “nigger”. If you are white and do it, your racist. If you are a homosexual it’s okay to call someone a “faggot”, if your aren’t then you are politically incorrect. If you are girl it’s okay to refer to your friend as a bitch, but you better not be a guy and call a girl one. If you are white and some one calls you a cracker, you aren’t allowed to speak up because you are white and you have already been given a privilege (according to quite a few people on this site).

    So I guess I will go on with my life the way I have always lived it. Everyone is good until they give me reason not to believe so. Only after that do I form opinions about people. And the one lesson I’ve heard my mom tell me a thousand times over “treat people the way I want to be treated”. It may be simplistic in nature, but just imagine if everyone did it? I guess I’m just thankful that I have a little bit of a sense of humor too. Knowing the difference when some one is joking around and when a remark is truely meant to be malicious…..if not I would be miserable and PO’d everyday. But now I’m off to have a beer at the Pub….Of course, because I’m Irish!

  • mytwocents

    Just a quick question. What exactly is White Privelage? I’ve been reading a lot of post and I hear this mentioned so many times. I’m really trying to understand everyone’s point. I feel like the real message and point is getting lost in the discussions. When you post things like “White people scoff at White privilege but part of White Privilege is being oblivious to the feelings of other races.” Am I wrong or are you making a stereotype/racist remark about White people? Seems counterproductive? I am white. I’m trying to figure out what privelage I’ve had over other people? I’ve had a job since I was 16 and have worked hard for everything I have in my life now. As I’m sure you have as well. I care about people in general, no matter what race or background you grew up in. I believe that unfortunatley there are too many people out there that are racist and judgemental. By your comment, I just feel as if you are lumping all “white” people together because of the couple idiots on here that feel the need to post hateful comments. Actually yours wasn’t even the worst one, I’ve read other post that are just as hateful againts “white” people as some of the hateful comments on here posted by white people. In that aspect, isn’t it the same hatefulness/ignorance coming out?
    I think it’s ridiculous that you have to feel as if you can’t talk a little louder or that you can’t be yourself around “white” people. The fact that you feel you have to act a certain way as to not scare “white” people. That really does sadden my heart knowing in this day and age people still feel that way. Realistically I know there are a lot of ignorant people out there that are still racist. I’ve had a lot of people feel it was okay to say something racist to me about someone just because I am white. And I let them know how wrong it is. As simple as it sounds, I just wish everyone would stop being so hateful to each other. And I do take offense to being group into saying “I am oblivious to the feelings of other races” just because I’m white. Just feel like it’s a never ending circle of hatred.

  • Pingback: Student Campaign Targets Halloween Racism « The Most Read of the Web

  • Yoni

    Really? Get to studying, you lazy !#$!%. Don’t complain, out compete. I cringed when I saw the sister in the advert. Why is she there and not in the library cranking it out? If she was my daughter, I give her the scolding of a lifetime.

    The math is simple. People in power do what they want to do because you lack the power to stop them. Address the power differential and you address the problem.

  • gruff

    Yoni – I have to say, you put it on the money. Work for what you want, people, life ain’t fair. Who dares, wins.

  • Maks

    Thanks God, I don’t live in this idiots country. USA soon become country were you will not able to speak and all you will be able to wear would be kind of jail form.

    Stupid, so stupid. Why I can say that prostitue is prostitue, neger is neger, mexican is mexican?

  • Sally pants

    The problem is, that if we must take into consideration everything that everyone considers offensive, there will be no room left for any creativity or self expression. By the way, I am of scandinavian descent, and people often think its “funny” to dress up as “vikings” thus portraying my ancestors as a bunch of criminal rapists and plunderers.. but I can take a joke, so feel free to wear your helmets with horns :)

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  • tom

    yeah seems ya’ll, didnt have a beef with that movie ‘white girls’……full length film of white faced people….where was the campaign against that?

  • Lara

    if its not who they are then why is it not ok?

  • anha0220

    Sweet, my midwest trailer trash costume is still inoffensive and ok! :-)

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