Halle Berry is likely breathing a sigh of relief right about now as a judge decided to uphold the original custody agreement with her ex, Gabriel Aubry, on Monday. Former model Aubry took Berry to court recently to contest the original visitation agreement ruling, but to no avail. Aubry, who’s been accused of neglect and verbal abuse of daughter Nahla, must still be supervised when spending time with the 3 year old.

At present, “they say” Aubry is in Spain caring for Nahla while Halle is shooting Cloud Atlas in Majorca. The 3 hours alone he’s permitted to spend with the 3 year old is limited to outings to the park or shopping, but outside of those activities, a nanny must be present at all other times, including sleepovers.

Allegedly, Aubry is more than annoyed about this arrangement that basically puts his every move with his daughter under the microscope, but according to the Oscar-winning actress, this scrutiny is well warranted. Court papers revelaed that Canadian born giga-ho is prone to violence and verbal abuse. An unnamed witness reported  an unfortunate event that went down in February, 2010 upon Berry’s return from a trip. Allegedly, the troubled beauty called the police on Aubry after an argument resulted in him exclaiming Halle was a “ghetto n-word” and threw a chair against a wall. The witness claimed this left Berry “shaken, and sobbing,” yet that hadn’t been the first time such an outburst had occurred. Aubry’s racism came to light a few years ago, when rumors surfaced that the former model refused to embrace Nahla’s mixed heritage. According to The Star. “He never wanted her hair to be braided, and he always said that Nahla was white.” If there’s even a grain of truth to that level of insanity, Mz Berry should consider eliminating visitiation rights altogether.

More News from Halle-land…

And is if Halle doesn’t have enough on her plate, the man charged with stalking the 45 year old Hollywood star will finally stand trail. An LA judge ordered the trial of Richard A. Franco on burglary and stalking charges. He was arrested on July 11th after trespassing on Berry’s property 3 days in a row – then actually breaking in to her home on July 10th. Completely distraught, Berry’s officially court statement read:

“This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have. … I am extremely frightened. He has terrorized me and my family.”

The LA Times reports that Franco remains in custody at the Twin Towers jail. His bail is set at $150,000.


  • damidwif

    halle [and her daughter] are lucky. abuse/neglect by fathers is routinely ignored in favor of promoting [a false] equality in parenting that is supposedly for the benefit of the child[ren].

    but let someone else get on here and tell it differently. *waiting*

  • EssDot323

    Poor baby (Nahla).

  • starr

    My thoughts exactly

  • I got sense!

    Halle should have done a better job at who SHE picked to reproduce with. The only difference btw her and the any other average black women who focused on her career and then found her biological clock ticking and no wedding ring is that she is famous(rich). That doesn’t excuse poor decisions. I mean it’s like people don’t realize or just don’t want to admit that she contributed to that 70% statistic on out of wedlock children. Nonetheless, I’m happy she and the little one are safe.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I know in situations like this events are often exaggerated, to put it mildly, so it will be nice to know what actually happened. He very well may have said those words as people say things they know are going to hurt when they are fighting, but I am confused as to why he would want to deny his child’s mixed heritage. I am sure he is well aware Halle is half black so why would he be with a black woman if he hates black people so much? I have dated interracially quite a bit and often encounter the opposite problem: he starts to lose his identity and wants to be all up in mine.

    I wish all three of them the best.

  • QON

    What was the courts basis for restricting the parental RIGHTS Aubrey has for his own daugther? The only thing this article mentions are rumors and hear-say. Now another little girl is without her father. When she starts acting up sexually a la Amber Cole people like you will be wondering where the father was in all this. Now where is this fabled male privilege when you need it?

    Also let the record show that it isnt biological fathers who are the source of abuse of children from broken homes. Its usually the single mother, her transient boyfriends or a combination of both.

    I wish Nahla all the luck in the world. She will need it. Her mother’s money notwithstanding.

  • QON

    Ditto. God forbid this little girl goes off the rails, everyone will be asking where her father was and why he didnt step up.

  • QON

    The Obama girls are the flipside of Nahla. They are a qaurter white and she is a qaurter black. Let that little girl be the white girl that she is like we are so proud of the blackness of the Obama girls.

  • I got sense!

    Just an FYI, if you are not married to the mother of your child(ren) as a man in this country you have very little rights. It’s sad to say but that coupled with the slightest bad behavior and Aubry is lucky he can see his daughter at all. This is just another reason people SHOULD NOT have kids out of wedlock. It’s bad for all parties involved but especially the innocent child(ren).

  • B.Payne

    I agree.

    The name-calling isn’t an issue (black ppl call each other n-word and done far worse) but the whole heritage denial is a bit suspect. I don’t know Aubrey but I’m sure he knew that Halle was black/half-black before he procreated so that sounds “exaggerated” just to win the case. He seems to love the kid and it’s OBVIOUS that she’s mixed.

    It seems like Halle has issues PERIOD…with her choice of men, with herself, etc.

  • S.

    I sympathize/empathize with Nahla

    So sad that she has 2 stupidly immature parents that are f****** it up for her
    Imma pray for her :’(

  • love

    there is something wrong with halle, i mean look at her past relationships. i feel sorry for the kid because now she is another confused mixed race child.

  • Priceless34

    Another chick added to the baby-mom list.
    Dont understand why so many people are anit-marriage.

    Another selfish chick!

  • African Mami

    Something is FISHY in this ruling! We are only hearing Halle’s side! What about Gabrielle?!

    He is accused of being abusive and racist…..*side eye*. All along you want to tell me that he did not know Halle was black?! Her race only became apparent when the relationship started to fizzle?! Bulllshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    I wanna hear his side of the story! There’s always three sides to a story HIS, HERS and the DAMN TRUTH!!!!!!!


  • Arlette

    i would agree with ou if halle did actually say something, she hasn’t said anthing so shout up before you judge her. its just like women to always second guess whatever another woman has experienced. “oh he hit her well she must have done something.”

  • Arlette

    i mean shut up not shout out. stupid spell check

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    QON: What a dumb comment as usual. Whatever quarter she is, she is of mixed heritage.

  • African Mami

    @ Arlette,

    What the fuck are you on about?! Did I denounce what Halle went through?! NO. What I did ask is to hear Gabrielle’s side of the story and then after all is said and done the TRUTH!

    You and I were never in their relationship, and as such who is to say Halle is speaking the truth?! The fuck….So you asking me to shut up will NOT happen, you might want to use that on another commentor, not me!

  • damidwif

    exactly as i thought

  • Arlette

    uh just did. ok if you did not denounce what Halle went through then what are you on about? why would you want to hear from a racist possibly abusive persons side of the story and plus we did not hear her side of the story.

  • African Mami

    Because there is three sides to a story, as I pointed to out earlier hers-which I’ve heard, his-never, the truth-what’s it gonna be!

  • http://twitter.com/ladybrown101 Yuhtoo Damnfass :)

    I normally never have qualms with Clutch’s articles & publications but umm…WTF is this? Are we really giving credibility to a piece that references THE STAR? Really? That Daily Mail article reeks of tabloid sensationalism. Not even picking a side in this issue. Very disappointed that this got approval.

  • Reason

    Damn, black women (and I’m basing this on the comments I’m reading) are a depressing lot. Really? More than one BLACK CHICK on here has suggested that Gabriel Aubry can’t be racist or say racially insensitive things because “he knew Halle Berry was half black before he met her?” Really?! So, why didn’t this dynamic of effing black/sympathizing black work during slavery? Why did Strom Thurmond who knew he had a black love child continue to run on the racist Dixiecrat platform for president proclaiming that as long as he lived no n-word would take over America? And in all that time Thurmond was sending his black daughter money. It is possible to be a racist and still get off on what you hate. It is possible to be in an interracial relationship and be racist. As one of Rick Perry’s defenders said about the difference between Southerners and Northerners: We love OUR blacks individually but don’t trust them as a group.

    Even President Obama talked about how his own grandmother who loved him more than the world would still clutch her purse whenever a black man neared her on the street. It is so possible for Gabriel Aubry to be a racist or, at the very least, racially insensitive. Of course, it’s also possible that Halle probably has said some racially insensitive things herself. In some interviews I’ve read Halle has proven to be very militant. So, I’m sure Halle has probably said things like, “And she will be raised black because that’s who she is” to goad him. But that isn’t a good excuse for him.

    I had a light-skinned girlfriend who stopped dating dark-skinned black men because despite how much some black men like to wax poetic about “yellow bones” there are some nut jobs out there who will verbally/emotionally abuse there girlfriends for said complexion that attracted them to her. Dark-skinned girls too. I remember a woman whose bf used to joke that he dated dark-skinned girls b/c when you beat them up the bruises don’t show. And big women too. There are men who will date big women to break them down. There are some sadistic men out there. The “flaws” they claimed were what they found attractive in you one day quickly becomes a problem when things go south.

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