Singer, actor and author, Tyrese Gibson, has revealed that he will be starring in another movie with his favorite leading lady, Taraji P. Henson, in a film directed by John Singleton. The first time these three came together we got the hood classic, “Baby Boy,” but Tyrese has confirmed that the movie will not be a sequel to the 2001 hit.

“Official…Me and my girl Taraji are doing another classic together soon!! John Singleton will be directing us. And no it;s not BB2,” Gibson tweeted to all of his fans. This will indeed be interesting as the chemistry between these two is electric and it shines through anytime they work together.

Despite the sparks that the two emulate when on screen, Tyrese has tweeted that the sparks between them don’t leave the movie set. They are just good friends and nothing more. He defended their platonic relationship even more after the release of his video, “Stay,” that featured Henson as his love interest. “I guess 2 sexy people with good chemistry can’t do a video…Lol! -TnT- make em go BOOM!!!!!!”

The full details about the movie haven’t been released yet, but I am excited to see these two back together on the big screen.

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  • Alexandra

    I’m interested in what the movie will be as well.

  • I’m looking forward to this. I just saw the video for Stay, I like their chemistry and I’m loving the song.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Er, Clutch, why do you have Taraji’s last name as Henderson in the third paragrapgh of the article? Just wondering…

    And to Tyrese and Taraji- get a room already! LMAO!!!

    • Thanks for letting us know! Fixed :)

  • Can’t wait to here more about it…