We all know that Wendy Williams is a trip and a half and she proves this every day on her self titled day time talk show. Williams’ show on Wednesday was no different as she tried to explain why Beyonce’s bundle of joy could be a huge conspiracy. She even went as far as doing an experiment with two of her pregnant employees. It was hilarious to say the least. Now if her reasons hold any merit…I’m not sure about that. Check out the video below.


Do you agree with any of Wendy’s points?

  • starr

    Theres no reason for beyonce to lie about this, and this whole thing is crazy and rediculous but even I gotta admit that I got wide eyed when I saw the video the first time lol

  • http://thisismysoapbox.wordpress.com/ FFFFFF

    Beyonce and Jay-Z are skilled business people…I wouldn’t hold it past them to do something like this.

  • mluv

    you know I thought the same thing as wendy said when i saw that baby bump pic of her in the bikini, it just looked like she was sticking her stomach out lol. I don’t think she would lie about this; I think she really is preggo. Some women when they are first time prego their baby bumps are small so I would give her the benifit of the doubt. But I guess time will tell. interesting though..

  • Barb

    She probably is pregnant but there is reasonable doubt. Lol. Also, it’s interesting how she and Jay-Z kept their relationship on the hush for years, said nothing “official” about their marriage for the first year or so, and Jay-Z even got his (and probably Beyonce’s) PR people to shut down the gossip about his alleged 10-year-old son – but now they’re telling-all and being unusually public about this pregnancy. Even with all the wigs/weaves and lies about songwriting, we would hope she wouldn’t also fake or lie about being pregnant. So, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt…even though there is reasonable doubt!

  • sandrine

    Wasn’t she “caught” for wearing butt pads? I think the pregnancy media blitz may have gone differently if her music had been received better.

  • isolde

    Wendy must really not want Beyonce to appear on her show.

  • Naffy

    LOL that is exactly what I was thinking. Wendy loves to shoot herself in the foot and then wonder how the wound got there.

  • kelly1920

    Wendy talk too much and need to make sure she dont relapse.

  • Usagi

    Wendy Willams is an idiot. Why would Beyonce NEED to fake a pregnancy for attention ? I mean, she’s an A-lister.

  • civil radd


  • Pink

    I like Wendy….but NO I don’t agree with her on this. In fact I think her comments are RUDE and a HUGE invasion of privacy!! You have to draw the line on some things, and (someone’s) pregnancy is such a private thing and should be off limits.

  • Pink

    Wendy….stop the madness on this one!!! Attacking Beyonce’s pregnancy is a classless act

  • African Mami

    LMAOOOOOOO! Wendy and her staffers are a mess. I liked the one that said, If it’s a girl I’m naming her Beyonce.

  • Mimi

    Well you are talking about Wendy Williams. Classless and tacky are her middle names.

  • lulu

    they both really creep me out…actually most of the industry does. they are all about image so only God knows….this whole controversy is kind of hilarious but at the end of the day, who cares….our world is falling apart before our eyes, this should not be given more than a one second thought. i’m sorry…

  • li’ sister

    Everything about Beyonce is fake and questionable including her age remember that one back in the day now with every music video and stage performance she makes you find out that shes “Borrowed It” from a lesser know artist But I aint hating I think this is the only way she has maintained her pop career for so long
    Love Wendy she always keeps it real and fun She makes me miss my peeps in the NY/NJ area for real for real

  • grace

    I don’t believe the rumors. But Wendy is so funny. I just watched it for the laughs.

    But seriously (1) Why would her people wear tight dresses when Beyonce clearly wore a loose dress? (2) did anyone consider that Beyonce had abs before she became pregnant? Of course her abs will expand in a way that is different from a woman that does not work out at all. She’ll look different in the 3rd trimester. Btw, look up pics of Nicole Kidman pregnant at 5 months, its normal to have that in-between look.

  • Pink

    FFFFFF: What would be the point of her going thru the trouble of faking a pregnancy?!?

  • Pink

    muv: Yeah most people have a small baby bump the first several months of their pregnancy

  • Pink

    Barb: I don’t get the point of your weave/wigs comments. Most entertainers wear weaves….not to mention everyday black women that wear weaves 24/7 Again what’s your point?

  • Pink

    lulu: UR correct in that the world is falling apart around us. But Wendy’s show is entertainment…..nothing more….nothing less. No one looks to Wendy to solve the world’s problems.

  • Reason

    Irony: Black birthers. Maybe Beyonce baby birthers can get together with President Obama’s birthers, especially Donald Trump and that crazy Russian lady who keeps filing all those lawsuits.

    I’ll get the ball rolling: Maybe Beyonce is carrying the real Barack Obama from the past and President Obama’s mother is carrying Beyonce and Jay Z’s baby in 1967. I think Orly Tates needs to sue to have Beyonce give live birth in public to prove President Obama’s connection. If we don’t interject fast Beyonce will be giving birth to the baby in Kenya and handing off the baby to President Obama’s mama in 1967, who will in turn give Beyonce and Jay Z the baby she’s been carrying. And then that baby will run for POTUS and we’ll all be confused.

    Narf! (birther speak for my helmet is getting loose and I’m effin’ drooling!)

  • Pink

    Li’ Sister: You said “Everything about Beyonce is fake and questionable”……well we know what’s not fake or questionable…..and that’s the millions of dollars she has in the bank. Go “B”!! Stop hatin’ and start appreciating (her success)

  • Pink

    Plus li’ sister: How can you say Wendy always keeps it real. I like Wendy…but give me a break…Wendy doesn’t keep it real with those fake BOOPS and wigs! How is that keeping it real. Believe me I don’t take anything Wendy saids serious because I realize she’s an entertainer, and a big part of that is to create controversy

  • Pink

    I’m going to say this and then leave it alone. Wendy is always saying her boops are ok because they fit in propotion to her body. NOT!! Wendy your fake boops are much much too BIG!!

  • http://twitter.com/Shiva_Amina Shiva Threatts

    She’s an A-lister who is moving up the ladder in age. Just like the great and the not so great her age will cause her to be phased out of the front row limelight. There are younger and newer artists coming out that she is now competing with. It always a cycle in Hollywood and she’s just trying to stay in the light….for that money can’t blame her either

  • whilome

    I can’t believe that a woman who has borne the brunt of rumors herself would even entertain these theories.
    Okay, I got one: Wendy was born a man and her “bedrest” was a conspiracy to hide the fact that he can’t conceive a child. Cold, right? Chile, hush!

  • marais morris

    long, long ago, even before beyonce was married, her sister was 17 and pregnant and [probably] forced into that short lived marriage before her son was born; and i remember reading that beyonce said that she was afraid to have children and that the thought of giving birth actually “scared” her. so when i heard that she was pregnant, i was so happy for her — not because she and Jay Z were having a kid, but rather, because this meant that she had gotten over her irrational fear of being pregnant.

    wendy says a lot of things that are rude, tasteless, wrong and sometimes, even mean-spirited; however, this [one] time, i could not help but wonder aloud as i watched this video because i had completely forgotten what beyonce had said about being “scared” to be pregnant. i really, really hope, for Bey’s sake, that wendy is completely wrong this time. but there is now suddenly a big doubt that wendy’s words have shed a little light upon.

  • http://su.pr/A2UpnO kell

    I don’t know if I believe that Beyonce is paying her assistant to have a baby. If there is any truth to B having a serrogant, and it is not too out of reach of an idea to me, I don’t think she would use her assistant. Too obvious. She would pay someone who is no where near the scene. Under the radar. A young girl who needs money from some far away land that does not know who she (B) is. A girl who does not speak any English. Hey! Maybe she sent her assistant away to take care of a girl like this until she is ready to give birth! I think I just cracked the case…Next?

  • JaeBee

    How was Wendy “invading” Beyonce’s privacy? Beyonce publicly announced that she was pregnant. It wasn’t like Wendy got the information by searching through Beyonce’s trash or something. When Beyonce’s pregnancy became public domain–through the actions of Beyonce herself–it opened the door for public opinion, which is what Wendy Williams gave.
    Beyonce choosing to be public with the announcement is quite curious given how private she’s been about her life up until now. I always figured Beyonce would pull a Jennifer Hudson, but now she’s working her pregnancy into practically everything she does.

  • apple

    wendy williams maybe rude or invade other people’s privacy but shes consistent .. i mean at least she stabs you in the front and shes hilarous

  • glitz&glamor

    Wendy’s just mad cause she look like a dam man with her harmone injection havin ass

  • kappie

    Beyonce is super-successful and has “everything.” What if she couldn’t have a baby? Many women struggle with fertility especially as they get older . . . especially when they have a low body fat percentage? especially when they have high stress? Using a surrogate is totally acceptable . . . but it’s not common, especially in communities of color. How many rappers do you know use a surrogate mother? How many Black celebrities use a surrogate to have a child? I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable to believe that there may be shame/uncomfortability around being uncomfortable with sharing about infertility/using a surrogate. Or what if she wanted to use a surrogate because she didn’t want to be pregnant or she didn’t want her body to change? Her body is how she makes her money (pregnancy changes your body, your voice, etc). She may not want people to think of her as vain (but aren’t we all). Bottom line . . . I’m not saying she’s faking but I could see if she was. I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable.

  • Simone

    Her conspiracy theories are interesting. I can tell you one thing, if this is a fake….Beyonce’s fan base will turn on her.

  • Joan

    This is so silly. To me, that looks like the material folding onto itself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amma-Kyeiwaa/1075403450 Amma Kyeiwaa

    I think Wendy is reaching. Beyonce looked like she was wearing dress that is very loose around the belly. It’s likely that she is wearing padding, but by no means do I think she’s faking a pregnancy. I’m not gonna fall for this crazy media soap opera scandal. Stop it!

  • D-Chubb

    I’m no fan of Bey, but I don’t understand, why do people think she’s faking her pregnancy? If she’s lying, what is she going to say when they baby’s due and there’s no baby? And if she’s using a surrogate, why not say so? What’s the big deal? She could turn it to an advantage by giving inspiration to infertile women everywhere.

    What a headache!

  • http://www.facebook.com/naturalisme char

    i don’t care who thinks i’m silly, that vid of beyonce sitting down is highly suspicious. but that’s just me.

  • AngieB

    I think all the people who are looking at the fabric of her dress to spot if she is “faking it” need to get a LIFE of their own (including Wendy!) Clearly that is the fabric of the dress crumpling as she bent over. That dress is well done but it obviously has been made with her tummy in mind to allow more room in the belly area. Beyonce is only about 4-5 pregnant. You don’t need to back into chairs at 4-5 months!! WTH?? You can sit normally when you’re that far along. You might not be able to cross your legs anymore but you’re not WADDLING down the street like a walrus either!! C’mon Wendy…REALLY?

    Personally, I didn’t even really have that much of a belly bump when I was carrying my daughter around that time. I was even able to wear my regular jeans up until my 9th month but I’m 6’0 tall and my baby had a lot more room to STRETCH out than I would imagine she does. Beyonce is much smaller than I am so I would imagine hers would show a little more. But all these conspiracies are absolutely RIDICULOUS!

  • Vee

    Easy; She’s wearing a maternity dress (or an improperly made custom dress) that is too big in the stomach. She isn’t far enough along for her belly to look that big and she knows that.. if she were purposefully faking the bump would be more realistic. What we saw crumpling was the material of the dress. It must have been a last minute wardrobe choice.

  • sweetpisces

    Sources say she is pregnant but uses the prosthetic baby bump to look more dramatic because she’s not showing that much yet…

  • Barb

    Pink, I only meant that she has a pattern of being down with things that don’t necessarily represent her or are “fake” or an “untruth.” Yes, that includes wigs/weaves but also lies about songwriting credits, butt pads (as Sandrine pointed out), and who knows what else. Yes, a lot of entertainers and “everyday” women wear wigs, weaves, extensions as well, but that doesn’t make it A-OK. In Beyonce’s case, there’s a boatload of fakeness and lies that point out her ability and willingness to deceive. And those are the facts!

  • Barb

    Pink, I’m no Wendy fan either. But the difference with her and a lot of other people in the biz is that she ADMITS she wears wigs, she ADMITS she’s had plastic surgery, she ADMITS she was a cocaine addict. You see where I’m going…

  • Pink

    Yeah Char that is just you. There is absolutely no reason for Beyonce to fake her pregnancy. In fact it’s an insult for people to say so.

  • Pink

    Sweetpisces: Sources????….what sources??? The Enquirer maybe?? The whole premise that she is faking pregnancy is soooooo ridiculous

  • li’ sister

    Not just Wendy now on Beyonce there is a posting on Gawker website a Blind item
    this friday which is not so blind on Beyonce “Being so Vain” and the need for her to
    to appear selfless in motherhood and also hawk a new maternity line with tina knowles
    as well. She Be what She Be

  • whatreally2011

    First of all, Beyonce does not look Radiant and Swollen in her Face, Ankles, and other bodily extremities, in places “Real Pregnant Women” get swollen at this stage of showing. Is she trying to get an award for looking like Beauty Queen as a “Pregnant” woman — it is so obvious that this is so unrealistic and she looks ridiculous!

    Second, Beyonce’s people know that pregnancy is a Booming Industry and she is now trying to cash $$$ in on this Fake Pregnancy….

    Third, If she was really preggos and had real concern for an unborn child, why is she running around in really high heels- trying to look unbe-weavable, wouldn’t these very High Heels and Tight Low Cut Dresses put a strain on the back, and make her more at risk for tripping and falling on that belly!

    See Link–> http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/51752/beyonce-photo-d-out-wearing-a-tight-dress-and-her-bump-it-looks-very-odd-have-y-all-ever-seen-a-bump-that-starts-so-low.html

    Fourth, I definitely see a “Busted Bey” with a fake cushion in the Australian Interview Video!

    Just because, Beyonce is rich, doesn’t mean she is honest, look at how she is stealing peoples dance moves and calling it her own! But when she gets busted, she calls it borrowing.

    I totally agree with Wendy on that comment about the swim suit…,in that I have a normally flat stomach until my Cycle comes on and all I have to eat is a half of
    cantaloupe and drink 2 glasses of water and yes I can make my stomach swell as well. Like Wendy said ” that photo doesn’t prove anything”…other than Bey trying to manipulate this lie.

    She is a bad lair and actor, so I don’t understand how so many people can believe in the facade…! You can have a surrogate, but she is faking along with it. She probably has a “Designer Baby” on the way via this Surrogate. Why does JayZ accept her not appreciating his features as in “Looks”, she sure appreciated Jayz’s Industry Power and the Influence of Audiences it bought her at one time– by coupling with him.

    Beyonce deceptions will certainly catch up with her in the worst way, then she will have all the attention she will not know what to do with. Similar to that infamous video with the Australian Interviewer, already many people who trusted and admired her are talking negative and getting disgusted with her crap! This is because Lies and deceptions make the naive and vulnerable ones, upset and more naive,stupid and confused!

  • Pink

    Whatreally2011: Why do u REALLY have this long comment on Beyonce? I could see if you commented in a few lines….but 9 paragraphs. Clearly u have issues with “B”; when REALLY the bottomline is it’s REALLY none of our business about “B’s” pregnany

  • Pink

    li’ Sister: If it’s true about a Beyonce Maternity line….good for her. It’s called entreprenuership…..and it would behove a lot more of us to get into creating our own businesses. In fact if I were her I’d create a baby clothes line as well

  • Barb

    Pink, your comments total 9 or more paragraphs as well. Lol… [Just having fun with ya!]

  • KayPee

    This Can’t Be Serious. One thing You Really cannot lie about it pregnancy, the truth always surfaces. Besides Why Do Any of Us care?

  • Chitsungoc

    B’s pregnancy is really none of our bizness especially for some of us to be so judgemental, posting 9 paragraphed comments hating, Seriously, Jus becoz u got swollen when u were pregnant so Should Bey? REALLY???? So what sister is stil rocking them heels??? Don’t hate, Mariah wore heels n she gave birth didn’t she? Seriously, some of ya’ll need to get a life, so what if she is lying???!

  • http://styleosophy.com Glenyse

    “Third, If she was really preggos and had real concern for an unborn child, why is she running around in really high heels- trying to look unbe-weavable, wouldn’t these very High Heels and Tight Low Cut Dresses put a strain on the back, and make her more at risk for tripping and falling on that belly!”

    Check out Rachel Zoe right before she had her baby:

    I’m just saying, you can work those high heels right up until the day you roll into the hospital (and you can trip and fall just as easily in flats). If Bey is truly pregnant, she won’t be the first nor the last, to wear heels throughout those nine months.

  • Gina

    I have to agree with one of the theories – this pregnancy is a way for Beyonce to regain attention. Think about it, all the focus was shifted to younger singers who are very popular at the moment…Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, among others. Beyonce was out of the limelight, and not selling as much as she did before. Then all of the sudden, she’s pregnant, oh, and has new album, that let’s face it…it’s pretty bad. It’s sad, and pathetic for them to come up with this plan. Also, her images show no sign swelling and she sits as if she’s carrying, well, nothing. I’ve given birth twice – I can tell. She is not pregnant.

  • pink

    Gina: Your comments are so ridiculous!! Everyone carries a baby different because all of our body types are different. And your comment that she got pregnant for attention is soooo over the top. Beyonce is married and she can have a baby anytime her and Jay-z chose to. Bottomline it’s none of our business.

  • pink

    Chit: Ditto…..I agree totally. Why so much hate for a successful entertainer/businesswoman like B I don’t get. People definitely need to get a life. Be glad for her.

  • pink

    Gina: And one other thing….do yo plan and conduct your life based on what other people think and say about you? Some of the comments on this whole blog are soooooo insane

  • grace

    wow pink…you be doing the most! Breathe…just breathe, it’s ok.

  • http://facebook maeva

    finally i think she is and people leave her alone, it’ her life!!!!!!!

  • fuchsia

    LOL @ Wendy and this article! It really wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Bey was faking. I don’t think she is, but I’ve always thought her entire presentation seemed a bit too plastic, and a fake pregnancy would go right along with it.

  • Valerie Thompkins

    I agree with you Wendy when I first saw that video and the belly was flat I knew that somthing was wrong. I have two children and the first time I gained 50 pounds and the second time I gained 80 pounds and I could not dance like ms thing, and I have a hard time sittting down in chairs and getting up. We had to put comforters under the cushions of the couch to make it eaiser for me to sit down and get up and not one time did my stomach ever go down like ms. b did. I think she has a surrogate because she doesn’t want to lose her shape.

  • trish

    honestly ppl you really have no life if you think shes faking it. what will you say when she has the baby in feb and she has it in a hospital. i mean really if you watch this vid you can see the woman in purple have her belly look like a Frisbee to. im due in feb to and i have to say when i wear some types of fabric then it folds over. get a life.

  • Chilly

    Lol wtf to this reply. It doesn’t even make sense.

  • Amber

    None of ur business either but u here commenting

  • Amber

    She a fake she a liar I believe after her first miscarriage she was too scared to go through that again and in her documentary she dancing at three and four months pregnant like its nothing it’s bs days before MTV music awards flat stomach after her performance boom a bump so what in three days she developed the bump its all bs and when it finally comes out all ya believers are gonna look stupid as hell and if all i people say it’s none of our business the bitxh beyonce should of kept it all a secret so if its out its anyone’s business bitches

  • manna

    I never showed and i had the baby without my close family known. whats the deal? grow up people, everyone shows different.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ThebeKgositile Kytana Broadnax

    sayy i like you lol

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