Looks like Yeezy was getting all up in his feelings the other night while performing ‘Runaway’ on the latest Watch the Throne tour stop.

During a performance of his hit ‘Runaway,’ Ye told the crowd, “To the city of Philly, I wanna thank y’all for making the incredible person that this song was made for.”

Ye went onto sing, “The one place I f*cked up, I thought…I thought…you’d always be mine.”

Since their break up, Kanye has taken some not-so-subtle shots at Amber Rose, even making the line “Yeezy taught you,” one that many hurl at Rose as a diss. Although Rose hasn’t said anything negative about Kanye in public, he’s continuously mentioned Rose and new her beau Wiz Khalifa (who ironically, thanked Philly for Amber just days before Kanye went all emo).

But could this mean Yeezy is finally ready to let go of his snarky comments about Rose and come clean about their love affair? Who knows, but it’s nice not to see him NOT being an asshole for once.

What do you think? Is Kanye finally ready to let Amber go?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    you’re welcome……..

  • http://sweetilocks.blogspot.com aliciafiasco

    Hahahaha at the above comment. To the matter at hand, Kanye needs to get over it. Like Amber has clearly moved on, and isn’t acting like a bitter, immature child, he needs to take notes. He’ll never find a good woman acting like that. Real talk.

  • trace21

    From the outside allot of people in the media made snarky comments about both of them and their relationship, its funny though that no one truly knows what a relationship is like between two people behind closed doors. It kinda is weird to see him get emotional and not be so rude though lol

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “Runaway” was for Amber Rose? That’s news to me…
    I thought for sure it was “Devil In A New Dress”, LMAO!!!

  • The Comment

    I know I’ll take a tongue lashing for this comment but….ni$$gas always on the mic proclaiming their love for a white woman. Make millions for dissing a black woman….won’t waste their time to throw the brown chicks a dime. It is really sick. Black men need therapy. ASAP!

  • The Comment

    The ONLY brotha that went all out for a sistah on a GLOBAL level was Gaddafi. Now African Mami…I know you have your issues with ole’ boy and I respect that but…..homeboy went to the U.N. and told the European nations……you wonder why immigration from Africa and Saudi Arabia is happing…they are there to take their money back that you stole. You owe us 7.77 billion dollars.

    So…..to me….brothas are operating on a 1950s successful black man manuscript that demands he date an “other” to fit in. So sad he has not progressed very far from that script that is so old and outdated.

  • The Comment

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!! @James u r funny as hell.


    Kanye I’m disappointed. I was going to the concert but I’ll wait until you mature. Still will buy the next album but you bummed me out with this crap. Still luv ya Ye but ….no words….no concert…no money….

  • PGS

    “The ONLY brotha that went all out for a sistah on a GLOBAL level was Gaddafi.”

    umm….so in the history of ALL Black men, the only one to shout out sisters was Gaddafi?

    GTFOH & go have a \_ \_ \_

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one that fukked up and she was just like, “You know what, I’m done with this bullshit, I gotta go.”

  • African Mami

    @ The Comment

    Gaddafi is/was/and will forever be the devil!

  • African Mami

    My goodness people go to these concerts to be bombarded by autotuned madness and emo-filled tracks…aiyaiyai I just cant!

  • uhhh

    Shes mixed.

    And how about when Jay Z shouts out Beyonce on stage? Or when Robin Thicke talks about his wife and says his songs are about her, or the dozens of Black male artists that dedicate have their songs to the women in their lives…? And then there are the songs that are generically geared towards praising Black women as a whole implicitly and explicitly (i.e. Bilal – Soul Sista) and the many songs by the likes of Common, Talib Kwelli, and even Wale etc. which they usually perform to a largely White audience. What kind of delusionade are you sipping?

  • B

    you’re totally missing Gaddafi’s constant companion. A busty, blond haired blue eyed Ukrainian nurse. So much for love of black women *bursts out laughing*

    Everyone needs to rest. Kanye was most likely an asshole, but for all the shit Amber Rose has received for being this or that, you don’t see her spouting off her mouth about Kanye. Gives you something think about!

  • mikala young

    He said the same things at the concert here in north carolina!!!

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  • http://www.since84.wordpress.com Talia Taylor

    I’m interested in hearing more from Kanye about his relationship to Amber, what went wrong and things they both could have done to develop a healthy relationship. Most people learn from their mistakes, and I am interested in hearing what Kanye supposes he’s learned.

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