After being convicted of involuntary manslaughter stemming from the drug-induced death of pop star Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in prison, which will be served in the Los Angeles country jail.

There was a lot of speculation going into the sentencing hearing about whether or not the judge would sentence Michael Jackson’s former personal doctor to jail time. Because of prison overcrowding in California, many felt that Dr. Murray wouldn’t be sentenced to state prison time, but rather be under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles county jail system, which is also woefully overcrowded.

Several legal experts predicted Dr. Murray would end up serving his pending sentence either at home on house arrest or be sentenced to probation. Others took the judge’s decision to remand Dr. Murray to jail to await sentencing as an indication that he would hand down a prison sentence.

The judge, Michael Pastor, dismissed the idea of sentencing Dr. Murray to probation, and instead opted to sentence him to the maximum penalty under the law, four years. During his remarks, the jude repeatedly chastised Murray for his behavior, lack of remorse, and punctuated his remarks by calling the former doctor “a danger to society.”

It is unclear just how long Dr. Murray will serve in jail (some estimate 1 to 2 years) because of rampant overcrowding, but one thing is clear: Dr. Murray’s life as he knows it has changed drastically.

Do you agree with Dr. Murray’s sentence? 

  • Rosey

    The facts demonstrated the elements of the crime. I feel like MJ had the biggest part in his own death, I just get annoyed when his family places all the blame on Dr. Murray

  • Nikesha

    I agree with it but it’s not like it matters since conrad murray likely won’t serve all of his time. He’s not even going to state prison.

  • lostluv224

    I agree. MJ was responsible for his death just as much as Dr. Conrad. I think too many people turn a blind-eye to all things MJ related– he wasn’t this mythical saint.

  • d_nicegirl

    Yes, I agree.

  • Mimi

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Conrad was making $150,000 a month from MJ, so obviously, he wouldn’t want him dead. If you accidentally kill someone, or cause harm to someone, what should your sentence be? I don’t know that 4 years is enough or too much time, but I guess you just have to go by what the law says.

  • Trini

    “Conrad was making $150,000 a month from MJ, so obviously, he wouldn’t want him dead.”

    Exactly! People seem to forget that lil fact.

  • LKJ

    I agree. Apparently MJ had a drug problem since the Pepsi incident and his family even held an intervention. I don’t understand why no one talks about MJ’s personal responsibility in all of this. Im not saying the doctor did nothing wrong, but he has beenno turned into a scapegoat in this situation.situation

  • Ginger

    The family is a bit extra! I know they are sad, but still.

  • whilome

    Robin Williams made a good analogy. He said, “Giving someone Propofol for insomnia is like giving chemotherapy for a haircut.”

    Regardless of Michael Jackson’s issues, that doctor is 100% culpable for his death. A regular citizen can’t get that medication. Conrad traded his professional duty and Jackson’s life for $150,000 a month.

    And anyone bringing up Jackson’s existing addictions is only proving this point: the entire world knew that the man was vulnerable. Murray just wanted that money. He was arrogant enough to think he could cheat death long enough to collect, but he was wrong. Hope he becomes a cautionary tale for all the other “Dr. Feelgoods.”

  • pink

    I strongly feel that MJ was responsible for his own death. MJ didn’t live in reality. He was destined to die young

  • pink

    Ditto Lost: Some people act like MJ was God.

  • pink

    I think MJ’s siblings (excluding Janet) are looking for a big payday by suing someone….anyone to make money. Think about it what have the other Jacksons done to make money in the last umpteen years? Supposedly Jermaine was thousands of dollars behind in child suport…I think Tito has been playing bass in 2 bit clubs…..and I don’t know what the others have been doing for finances since MJ cut them off years ago.

  • sli

    This is true. I was one who thought that the Jacksons and the public were looking to blame someone for MJ’s death. Yes, MJ was addicted to prescription drugs, but without his supplier, Dr. Murray (and others I’m sure), he wouldn’t have had access to them. So really, Dr. Murray is no better than the drug dealer on the street. Actually, he’s worse because he took an oath to practice medicine ethically. I agree with the sentence.

  • Kely

    This is some BULL! If you want to blame someone then blame Michael Jackson for his own death. This is just so wrong.

  • apple

    well doesn’t matter if Michael Jackson urged him to drug him.. he is a doctor and when you become a doctor or any profession well others are in your care, you take an oath of ETHICS. .unless Michael put a gun to his head and said give me the damn Profopol you are NEGLIGENT because you SHOULD know better..

    but then again when Michael was out cold. What did Murray do? Played on the phone calling hoes, hiding the medicine bottles, NOT CALLING THE POLICE WHO WERE 4 MINUTES FROM THE HOUSE ,doing CPR on a BED before asking those around them HOW TO DO CPR! Just imagine had he called the police the first time he noticed Michael was down? We might not even be discussing this right now. BUT NOPE! And even then in court he was UNREMORSEFUL and arrogant not even a bit of sorry.You’ll be surprised how far just being sorry can get you…but nope being SO MATTER OF A FACT about this shit.I don’t care if it was Michael Jackson or your baby,cousin,sister,brother,mother HE IS A CERTIFIED DOCTOR AND SHOULD KNOW BETTER and if this were friend or family member you all would be bitching and moaning on how they killed them
    but all you that bitch and moan that OH HE GOT 4 YEARS ? BIG F**KING WHOOP! better 4 years than dead.

    I’m done.

  • Concerned

    While the California system may be crowded, I’m sure there are accommodations else-where within the Continental US where Murray can be transferred to complete his FULL mandated lockup. What the heck is with being sentenced to 4 Years & suddenly being confident to be ‘out’ in under 2 years … because of ‘over-crowding’?

  • Mildred

    Finally, a thoughtful response. We all know how manipulative substance abusers can be. Dr. Murray’s regard for, almost fear of MJ has been clear in several interviews.

  • damidwif

    i dont think they wanted a payday, specifically, but they were looking for something that would assuage their personal guilt

  • damidwif

    wait a minute…he wasnt god?

  • Gigi Richardson

    This whole case saddens me. Conrad Murray didn’t intentionally Kill MJ. Now MJ family is suppose to be devout Jehovah Witnesses. Why the revenge and vindictiveness? What happen to your religeon? Wow. smh

  • Libby

    Thank you whilome and apple. People are allowing there personal feelings about MJ to cloud their judgement. I am glad there is some common sense around here.

  • katiej

    This is a sad case. But I had to stop and wonder about this for a second. In my neck of the woods, when a person overdoses, generally the police don’t go after their “supplier”. People generally shrug it off as if the person was sick and had some sort of “death wish” because of the repetitious nature of drug abuse. Things don’t typically play out like this, on the local level, but then again, MJ was an international superstar. While everyone is saying Murray was 100% liable because he fed into his addiction, then what about those plastic surgeons that continued to operate on him although he clearly had body dysmorphic disorder. They were suppliers too. Or do they get a pass, because he didn’t die, they only disfigured his face with their “supply”. MJ had a hand in his death. I’m going to say something and I hope no one takes me to task too harshly over what I’m about to say….

    I draw a parallel between MJ’s personal responsibility in this case and, let’s say, the personal responsibility of a woman that continues to have multiple children by different partners. They are both addicts of sorts, just with different manifestations. Mj was a drug abuser with a chemical dependency on drugs, probably as a coping tool. I believe that women that move from man to man and have all of these children are addicts to the dopamine of new “love”. Yet, we come on here and belittle these everyday women and tell them they need to take personal responsibility and stop having all those kids, and place the blame squarely on them, even though those children they are having is a direct result of their co-dependency issues. It’s not fair. It takes two to tango.In both instances, both are engaging in harmful behavior and need to take personal responsibility of some sort.

    Regardless of MJ’s addictions, he was still a functioning adult that was making business decisions, caring for children, performing, and dealing with the ins and outs of life. To say that he wasn’t partly to blame for his death is not OK. He sought out Mr. Murray and paid him tons of money to keep him as his supplier. This doesn’t excuse Dr. Murray, because he did take an oath of ethics and morals as a physician, BUT to place blame on him 100% is not reasonable.

  • Honey Doo

    From the beginning of this debacle, I believed Michael Jackson was a high end crackhead. And sadly, his high end supplier, who probably also served as his PR guy, was deemed responsible for his habit. This is a shame. The fact of the matter is if Dr. Murray didn’t do it Michael Jackson would have found someone else who would.

    Again, damn shame.

  • Honey Doo

    And, honestly, what person. . .doctor, gardener, stylist, sociopath. . .would want to be known as the person who killed Michael Jackson???

  • Honey

    Society killed Michael Jackson and found another successful black man to pay for this murder.

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