Rumor Has It: Lisa Raye Dating Prominent Pastor?

by Britni Danielle

We usually don’t cover rumors around these parts, but this one was too juicy (and funny!) to pass up.

Word on the street is that actress Lisa Raye McCoy has been dating prominent LA pastor, Bishop Noel Jones for some time now and the two are getting serious. According to the blogs (hey…I already know), they have been spending some quality time and LisaRaye’s been seen in Jones’ church, City of Refuge.

Now, Hollywood stars have made their way to some of the city’s mega-churches for a while now, so spotting Lisa Raye in the pews is nothing to write home about. But the two are reportedly dating and could be headed down the asile very soon (should we make it rain…for Jesus?).

Both Jones and McCoy have been married before. Back in 2006 Lisa Raye wed Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick, and Bishop Jones–who is Grace Jones’ brother–is a divorced father of three.

Could dating Bishop Jones be it for Lisa Raye?

What will the other church women think of Lisa Raye’s career? Can you imagine the amount of SHADE being thrown at the couple? Whew Lawd!


  • jane

    shame on you Clutch…tsk tsk…hahaaa

  • teej

    “do not be unequally yoked with unbelivers…”

  • teej

    “do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers…” (spell check. my bad)

  • Miranda

    hmm, I’m not sure. A pastor’s wife should be one willing to support her husband and work along side with him. Is LisaRaye willing to give up some of her now activities to be a full time pastor’s wife? I doubt it, but who knows, there is nothing impossible for the Lord and He sure has the power to change LisaRaye into a true woman of God.
    I do love LisaRaye, but I don’t see pastor’s wife potential in her.

  • African Mami

    Last I checked she ain’t a gold digger, she is a PLATINUM digger. You mean to tell me that pastor is making it do warrr it do? uh oh….get him Lisa. but i urge the pastor to get a pre-nup to protect his assets, including the pews in his church coz ms lisa don’t play. she gon take errrythang!

  • sunshyne84


  • Tafari

    All men have wanted or want a piece of Diamond. After that last marriage though…. She’s fine but a snitch. Im just saying.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    She sure loves powerful men, doesn’t she? Well, she’s gotta do something being that she’s kinda up there in age and her star faded years ago…

  • Please Excuse Me

    Being a wife in general is hard. Being a pastor’s wife is even harder; there is an image and tons of responsibility that comes with that. don’t see her as a pastors wife.

  • http://[email protected] ross

    you should be equally yoked with your grammar

  • shadow

    I don’t either. I see her getting mad with somebody and cussing them out when they say something she doesn’t like!

  • sheena

    Wow. Jealousy. If God changed Paul on the way to Damascus, than surely Lisa can marry Noel. Um….He isnt some young boi. He is a messenger from God. I know that he counsels couples so ofcourse he knows whats u p. NOBODY IS WORTHY of even speaking God’s word. But it is by grace that God dont wipe us all smooth out. I Support their happienss!U should too. Because Lisa is a WOMAN OF GOD NOW!

  • isola

    So is she still messing with Caribbean men? I am assuming since he is Grace Jones’ brother he hails from Jamaica. She must love a challenge.

  • elaine cooper

    I am happy for her and everyone deserves a second chance and if he don’t have a problem with her or her past or her acting why should any one else she is very classy and i am quite sure she can handle herself weather it b a first lady or a bishops wife Lisa i am happy for u keep on doin u blessings.

  • African Mami

    @ sheena

    I’m in support of their happiness but cynically so.

  • http://@clnmike Clnmike

    Poor bastard is putting the noose around his own neck and doesn’t know it.

  • grace

    I think she is just getting hitched for just another excuse to wear white (j/k– although she is almost never wearing any other color).

    Seriously, though, they both sound like the type of people who are consistently attracted to the wrong people. Mistakes are bound to be repeated.

  • twee

    What in the world does God changing Paul have to do with Noel Jones marrying Lisa Rae LOL. Saying a lot of seemingly spiritual stuff doesn’t make it spiritual. The only reason Pastor Noel Jones should marry Lisa Rae is if Lisa is a believer, that’s without question, and that God has matured her in faith to be at a place to marry a Pastor.

    Marriage period is no joke, it is the physically manifestation of Christ’s love for His church. A Pastor’s responsibility in who he chooses as a mate is even greater, because of His role in the church, a Pastor is also under a more strict judgment because he has the lives of God’s people in his hands.

    Her past means nothing, if it turned out that her character Diamond was true to life, that would mean nothing. It’s where she stands today, is she a believer? Does she know Her Lord prior to even thinking about marrying period let alone a pastor, and was she called to be the wife of a Pastor because as mentioned above, it’s a huge responsibility it takes a degree of spiritual maturity not just have you repented of your sins and believe the gospel.

  • Mr. Man

    Interesting very interesting…… and moving onward.

  • Patricia

    Part 1 . I am an avid Bishop Noel Jones supporter. I have been following him for years. If he is in our area, we will go see him in the rain, sleet, or snow. Also, I like Lisa Raye. I actually like this combination! I don’t have time to elaborate right now, but I will do so later. I received quite a few text messages pertaining to this information. Just to let you know Clutch, you were the first site I visited for verification (smile)!

  • Patricia

    I am an avid Bishop Noel Jones supporter. If he is in our area, we will support him in the rain, sleet or snow. If he has made this choice, I’m sure it is a good one FOR HIM! I also like LisaRaye. In the end, I actually support this combination. YES…Go GO GOO Lisa!!! I am actually ecstatic! People don’t know what you go through and they are going to be so quick to judge this union. A lot of people judge Pastors, but if you take the time to listen to Bishop Noel Jones’ sermons and READ THE BIBLE, I believe this union will make more sense to the people that are judging negatively. If this isn’t a rumor and if it does evolve into marraige, my thoughts towards them are many blessings and longevity. God Bless!

  • cee

    I think Lisaraye would make a Great Pastor’s wife. I am so sick of people claiming to know who is or is not Pastors wife material. Pastors are human beings and they have desires just like anyone else. Lisaraye is smart, beautiful, articulate and smart anything else she needs to learn as a Pastor Wife she will.

  • Woman in the East

    Wtf does that comment even have to do with anything?By the way, struggling through the vile ,badly constructed replies,I’m pondering why you people think you can judge anyone?Last time I checked,morally challenged pastors,bishops and the like,rob you of your critical thinking like there’s no tomorrow,but you manage to swallow such behaviour…when it’s convenient.Let it be about LisaRaye,and the claws come out!The big deal obviously isn’t about worth,hearsay or past mistakes… ”We usually don’t cover rumors around these parts”:Sure!

  • Faye

    To God Be The Glory For The Things He Has Done!
    If this is the Lord’s doing then it’s marvelous in our eyes.
    Haters stop judging because with the same measure you shall be judged!
    It doesn’t matter about her past ,I’m sure we all have one and if God has forgiven her of her sins and saved her like he has some of us Who are You to Judge?
    Just Pray for them both that God’s Will maybe done and keep your mouths off of God’s annointed! The haters are usually all the women that thought they would get the Bishop themselves and all the men that thought that they would get Ms. Lisa Raye ! Come on it’s time to be mature! Good Luck To Them Both!

  • Chaun

    In a marriage it is both partners privilege to support each other. The only image a pastor’s wife should have is her identify in Christ.
    I don’t know enough about Lisa to say the partnership would be unequally yoked. Truth is it takes more than being saved and single for a marriage to work, it possible to be unequally yoked to a save person.

  • Angela

    You fools If you believe that you will believe anything lol

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