Herman Cain is at the center of yet another scandal. After accusations about sexual harassment swirled around Cain, another woman came forward to make her own startling claim: She had an affair with Cain for 13 years.

According to Ginger White, an Atlanta woman, she had a long-term affair with the former Godfather  Pizza CEO. Although she says she isn’t proud of her 13-year affair, she says she came forward because she felt it was only a matter of time before Cain’s rivals exposed their relationship.

In an interview with an Atlanta Fox affiliate, White recounted how she and Cain hooked up.

Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain: MyFoxATLANTA.com

Fox 5 news reports:

Ginger White says she met Herman Cain in the late 90s in Louisville, Kentucky, when as president of the National Restaurant Association, he made a presentation. She was impressed. She says they shared drinks afterwards and he invited her back to his hotel room.

“’I’d like to see you again,’” White said Cain told her. “’You are beautiful to me, and I would love for us to continue this friendship.’”

She says in his hotel room, he pulled out a calendar and invited her to meet him in Palm Springs. She accepted, and she says the affair began.

“He made it very intriguing,” White told FOX 5. “It was fun. It was something that took me away from my humdrum life at the time. And it was exciting.” 

She says he gave her his newly-published book, Leadership is Common Sense, and he wrote: “Miss G, you have already made a ‘big difference!’ Stay focused as you pursue your next destination.”

She says during the next 13 years, he would fly her to cities where he was speaking and he lavished her with gifts. She says they often stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead and dined at The Four Seasons restaurant. She says he never harassed her, never treated her poorly, and was the same man you see on the campaign trail.

Although Cain is denying the affair, he recently released a statement saying that he will be “reassessing” his campaign. Cain’s lawyer added more fuel to the fire by issuing a statement that dodged whether or not Cain committed adultery, saying:  “This appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public.”

To be clear, Herman Cain isn’t the first politician that has been caught up in a sex scandal. Typically an affair results in the ouster of the politician (Eliot Spitzer, Kwame Kilpatrick, Mark Sanford, Anthony Weiner), but in some cases (i.e. President Bill Clinton), it has no effect on whether or not they remain in office.

So…should Herman Cain’s possible affair matter to voters?  

  • Ginger

    I hope his wife divorces him!

  • SAA

    him and Shaunie O’Neal have the same nose…weird.

  • Sandy

    These GOP folks are always running around preaching religion and deciding who has access to birth control so yes it matters whether they’re faithful to their spouses.

  • Trini

    Doubt it. Political wives rarely do. Look at Hillary.

  • Mimi

    Look, anybody who runs for president should know that the media is gonna get all up in your business. Your secrets will be revealed. My beef with this whole Cain situation is dude is an ordained minister!!!!!!!!!!! Now how can you be preaching about faithfulness and comittment and you can’t even keep it in your pants!!! All of this makes me think if he’s lying about this, what else is he lying about? I think he should drop out of the race because I think its only going to get uglier and uglier from here on out.

  • edub


  • http://changecomesslow.com/2011/11/29/introducing-ginger-white-herman-cains-jilted-boo/ Nikesha

    It should matter to voters because Cain ran on the typical conservative platform of having excellent family values. That turns out to be unfounded. If he can’t be truthful in his own personal platform how can we expect him to be truthful as POTUS.

    Furthermore, this latest accusation Cain denied, but then his lawyer released a statement saying the allegations should be left between the two consenting adults and not in the media.

    This affair is just one more scandal for Cain when he already couldn’t afford another one.

    It matters and that’s why he’s now “reassessing” his Presidential bid.

    Nice run while it lasted

  • http://mydoubleconsciousness.wordpress.com/ Alexander Allen

    It shouldn’t matter as long as he’s truthful. If it comes out that he’s lying, that can damage his constituents. Conservatives won’t approve of infidelities and trying to cover them up. I don’t think he should drop out but it’s becoming more clear that Romney is going to win the nomination. Infidelities should be the least of voters worries. He doesn’t know anything about Libya, trouble explaining his 999 plan, and his view on abortion is rather ambiguous. Oh and Black voters especially should be wary if he gets the nomination but that’s a different conversation.

  • pink

    Yes it matters becaues if the allegations are true he’s a liar and can’t be trusted…..not to mention the fact that the man doesn’t know jack “S” politically

  • steph

    I don’t think it necessarily matters. Clinton was a great president, but it all went downhill and led to the end of his term because everyone spotlighted his affair.

  • pink

    As of today Cain is still denying the allegations!! I feel for his wife. True or not his wife ill has to go thru the humiliation

  • kim

    i think she’s lying

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