All I can say is wow….

This film, The Strange Thing About The Johnsons, is one of the strangest, yet riveting short films I’ve ever seen. Filmmaker Ari Aster is one hell of a director and this film completely turns what we’ve heard about incest and sexual abuse on it’s head.

Be warned: It may be disturbing to some viewers.

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons… speechless from Michael Roy on Vimeo.



  1. Anonymous

    This entire movie was a complete mess. The father enjoyed being abused. No reason for a grown ass man to let his own teenage (when it started) son, have sex with him and him do nothing about it. Especially since he was not physically disabled.

  2. Judith

    In watching the “Strange Thing About the Johnsons”, I reflected on the historical experiences of Blacks in America. How did we come to acquire these aberate behaviors. So much abuse of our women and men during slavery; breaking up of our families; and, daily humiliation, denegration and sexual exploitation by slave masters and their households. Have we learned to seek love from “within” our family units because we could not have it “outside” during those times? Are we imitating our oppressors ancestral behaviors? It was not a norm for people of Africa. The family unit was protected and created the foundation for a community.
    Does this happen in America today? Is the “arrived’ mentality of Blacks to behave as their oppressors behave?
    There is a decline in morality and standards. Some even say an attack on the traditional family unit. Is this progress, or are we on the road to destroying our society from within?
    This short film may be an “artistic” view of life in one Black family. Yet, the media seems to thrive off of aberate, negative images of Blacks in the box office or on TV/Cable. unfortunately, our young people see these images and like the son intimated to the father… his (the father’s) participation in the incest and led the son to believe that there was something “normal” about their behaviors. It was a “normal’ expression of love.

  3. I am reading these comments and I can not believe that people do not believe this can happen.
    Children can become sexually aggressive. We have this 18 century Big bad wolf /little Red Riding Hood mentality. All children are innocent and men are predators .
    We also do this with our perception of women. Men are strong bad beast.( The rapist ) Women are victims with big dresses and handkerchiefs with bows in the back of their heads
    Women can be predators. Men can be victims
    Children have their own minds.
    The movie also shows Aggressive and Abusive Spirits come in many packages ( young and old)
    Some children have very aggressive spirits. Some parents are sheep like and can not emotional manage their children
    This movie was well done. There are more children abusing there parents then you could ever imagine. !!!!!!!
    I heard of a father ( Black Nigerian ) whose grown son became sexually aggressive toward him
    He busted in his room while he was masturbating and wanted to perform an act on his father.
    Sexual aggression at the hands of a child is nothing new.
    Many boys secretly admire and are infatuated by their fathers ,older brothers strengths ,looks and want that love from them or want to be like them
    The love can be misplaced. It is up to the father to put it in perspective if such situation arises.
    It does happen…a lot.
    Black people get so narrow minded when it comes to this stuff. The movie is deeper than sex . The movie has to do with love misplaced on both ends .
    I WANT YOU TO MYSELF .!!!!! ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
    Little girls do this with their fathers all the time !!!!!!!!!! Watch how little girls behave with their fathers. They are quite aggressive but because they do not have a penis we see them as harmless
    The father loved his son ( without sex)It also has to do with the sons selfishness and misplaced love WITH HIS FATHER. It also has to do with the fathers ego of having a son that loves him so much he wants him in all ways. Every father has a selfish ego of wanting to be a star in his childs world but when left unchecked monstrous things can happen
    The son loved his Dad but the sons love and admiring was unchecked and extremely misplaced
    Blacks need to open their eyes > Incest Reversal is centuries old
    KUDOS to the film maker!!!!

    • In being a black female and into psychology, I do agree that it has nothing to do with race but the inability to check one’s child. I also question if the father was ever sexual with his son when he was younger. Children if not guided through life appropriately can become abusive and aggressive with their parents. Abuse can be hard no matter who is doing what.

  4. Smartlady

    I am extremely impressed by the quality of filming-making in this short. I am sad that so many people choose to focus on race and not the powerful acting by the cast…the father was particularly compelling despite the few lines he actually delivered. The ending did somewhat spoil it, but I think this was the director’s way toe alleviate some of the darkness in the film. This is very different take on the Oedipus complex but instead of posing the question do all little boys sexuality their mothers and later find women who are similar to them, and instead says what if…a little boy so idolized his father thAt he developed sexual urges toward them. What’s more, so many people are upset Bout the graphic nature of the film, which is ironic being there is no nudity in the film and only two scenes of profanity. How is this any more disturbing than your typical lifetime movie? I think the acting is obviously way more superb.

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