• Smartlady

    I am extremely impressed by the quality of filming-making in this short. I am sad that so many people choose to focus on race and not the powerful acting by the cast…the father was particularly compelling despite the few lines he actually delivered. The ending did somewhat spoil it, but I think this was the director’s way toe alleviate some of the darkness in the film. This is very different take on the Oedipus complex but instead of posing the question do all little boys sexuality their mothers and later find women who are similar to them, and instead says what if…a little boy so idolized his father thAt he developed sexual urges toward them. What’s more, so many people are upset Bout the graphic nature of the film, which is ironic being there is no nudity in the film and only two scenes of profanity. How is this any more disturbing than your typical lifetime movie? I think the acting is obviously way more superb.