Zoe Saldana Reportedly Single After 11 years

by Gayle LaCour

Guess who’s not coming to dinner! Action film star Zoe Saldana split with her fiancé, Keith Britton.

According to her rep, the pair “have amicably separated after 11 years.”

Saldana, 33, and Britton, 35, announced their engagement a little over a year and half ago in June of 2010.

Questions have arose surrounding their multiple business ventures, one of which includes the very popular website My Fashion Data Base, but, according to the same statement released by Saldana’s rep, they will remain business partners:

“Saldana and Britton remain committed business partners as co-founders of fashion resource MyFDB.com.”

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    It’s sad they split but better to know before they got married.

  • Bisous

    Awww that sucks to hear. I know alot of guys wish they had been him for the past 11 years. I do hope they find someone who’s for them…

  • mykelcarli

    someone on another site made a comment that if they had not got married after being together for 11 years, it was never happening which I think is true. The last picture I saw of them they did not look happy AT ALL so i’m sort of not surprised. I usually don’t give a crap about celeb gossip but I think she is a sweet girl and kind of like her as a person.

  • SisterAyiti

    YAWN! I was so annoyed with her flashing that white boy around like he was a Trophy. Of course he wasn’t gonna marry her. She was just a fetish. He don’t look like the type who would risk his kids coming out tan.

    Jus sayin

  • QON

    Fetishes dont last for 11 years.

    I must say though that after all that time, if you werent married already you probably wouldnt get married. Personally I think her increasing popularity and career success probably bothered either him or her. It happens to a lot of couples where the woman outshines the man. Either the woman cant handle her stagnant man or the man cant stand his woman on the ascendancy.

    Good luck to both of them.

  • londongirl

    11 years sure is a long time to be together without a ring.
    i can’t believe they only got engaged last june.

  • African Mami

    I’d be friggin devastated! 11 years and relationship goes bust….wish her all the best..

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    WOW. A little hostility there… But I don’t see it lasting 11years if it was just a fetish…. Something else happened that we don’t know. Clearly.

  • anonymousone

    Long engagements never work. I knew it was taking them way too long to get married and after being together as long as they were, they certainly didnt need a long engagement. Well Zoe, Chris Pine is single.

  • anonymousone

    Ignorant statement. If he had any problems with possibly having tan kids, he wouldnt have been with her 11 years. People that are freaked out about spending the rest of their life with another race dont stay in a relationship with one for that long. SisterAyiti, I dont know how old you are but the way you worded that was kinda funny. I dont know any black folks that still talk like that except ones that are isolated in the hood and never around other races and very old ones like my grandmother.

  • Simone

    Fetish? Come on sister…this was no fetish. Or are you of the mindset that people of different ethnic backgrounds just couldn’t possibly be in serious relationships? Or do you hold that standard to just sistahs and white guys??

    Relationships end, plain and simple…..and honestly it’s none of our business why the relationship ended, right? Kerry Washington was long term with her man, and then they broke up. Yet, she is with a different guy now, and he’s a white guy. Love has no guarantees…..just enjoy it while you’re in it and when it’s over, be amicable.

  • SisterAyiti

    It’s a blog ladies not the CNN forums. How I “worded” that? Have you read Clutch’s articles lately?

    *chuckles but has given up on being the Grammar police*

    And I bet you his next shack up will be with a blonde!

    Jus sayin

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    It seems they started dating very young so that would explain the 11 years.

  • sweetpisces

    Wow! wonder what happened? Well, they’ve been dating for 11 years so its like they were married in a sense.

  • entro

    @anonymousone What ? You must not know a lot of black people or people in general
    Your statement of how she worded her comment was ridiculous. What are you talking about ?” I dont know any black folks that still talk like that only ones who are isolated in the hood and never around any othe races”
    What ?

  • pink

    11 year courtship?!? Sounds as though he was never REALLY interested in marrying her from jumpstreet

  • pink

    Same thing with Jennifer Hudson…..sounds as though her fiance really doesn’t want to get married either. Especially if he won’t sign a pre-nupt. A person knows in 2 years,or less if they want to get married.. Either you do or you don’t

  • grace

    better than a 72-day marriage.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Some of these comments are so sad. They really highlight how wrong Allure got it; too many black women have self-esteems in the toilet. Deep sigh.

  • apple

    well shes rich pretty and successful she can find someone better in no time.. so glad she didnt get pregnant though!

  • starr

    Funny how you assume he was the one never interested. At last check…in relationships there are typically two people smh

  • mluv

    gosh 11 years is SOO long. I don’t understand why people take so long to get married. If it was me after the 5th or th year mark, and we are not making ANY progress, something HAS to be done. I’m not trying to be sexist but i don’t know why some men take FOREVER to pop the question.

    Now I don’t know what really went down between them but 11 years is a LONG time..

  • sisterAyiti

    They were in their early 20s when they first started dating not teens. Who wastes the entire 20s on a boyfriend never turned husband. Husband sure– but not boyfriend.

  • SAA

    THANK YOU!!! Its one thing to speak your opinion but another to completely trash and make ignorant statements based off what little you know (the stupidest troll of all doesn’t even need recognition). What person with high self confidence would feel the need to hop on a blog and make racist inflammatory comments about a complete stranger? Again overcompensating for what little self-esteem and self-confidence they have. With the kind of black women I deal with on a daily basis and personal experience, there’s no way anyone could tell me that black women have the highest self-esteem/ self-confidence of all ethnic/racial groups- it’s all over-compensating and putting on appearance. PERIOD!

  • SAA

    11 years is a pretty long to be with someone sans marriage. 5 year mark is a bit of a stretch too but understandable if you or your sig. other is finishing up school or are in a LDR. One of my male coworkers thinks that after a year if he doesn’t propose marriage you should leave but generally speaking I feel like after 2 years of dating you should have an idea of where you see your relationship going or if marriage is in the future for you two. 1 year is a bit extreme but I think two years is pretty standard. I hope they both get through it though cuz losing someone after dating that long must be so difficult.

  • iQgraphics

    that was a terrible comment about the fetish thing but, I do agree about the fluff I’ve been reading…

  • iQgraphics

    eh, I don’t know how I feel about the state of “holy matrimony” and I do think that’s a matter of preference. Just because they weren’t legally married does not mean they were not committed to one another. I don’t think he loved her any less because he didn’t marry her.

    What if she didn’t want to solidify it? What if she was the one that decided to amicably separate?

  • Karen

    That aint nothing. Look at how long it took Gene Simmons (KISS, the Rock group) to put a ring on his girlfriends finger. I think it was over 20 something years for that marriage to finally happen.

  • Karen

    And one more thing. For some reason I knew this would happen to Zoe Saldana and her long time boyfriend. The same can be said about Kerry Washington and her long time boyfriend. Notice how as soon as these women career took off, both couples split. What I’m saying is, no white man (or ANY man) likes/want to be with women who’s careers have taken off and theirs haven’t. After Avatar, more movies started rollin in for her. The same said about Kerry Washington. I’m just saying.

  • D-Chubb


    Sorry sis, not everybody spends 20′s spreadin’ it around.

  • Poet

    Wow I find 2 years way too soon for any guy to be popping the question. I have many friends in long term relationships since like middle of high school. Their plan was to get a degree, get a job, and finally marry and have kids. Sadly the economy as affected everyone and its hard to find a steady job, so they will have to wait even later. I feel the same way with my relationship its been three years, I want to feel secure in my career before tying the knot.

  • bosslady

    Yes, I suspect it has a lot to do with her career suddenly taking off.

  • Alexandra

    Agreed with you both.
    At some point, you can even expect it.

  • Alexandra

    Shocking breakup. I wonder how they’ll get over it? Over a decade together; that is very long. It took me 2 years to get over a 5 year relationship. I wish them both luck in the future.

  • pink

    Apple: tell your rich and successful theory to the many beautiful black female actors that can’t find a date….much less someone to marry them. Unfortunately (generally speaking) marriage is not envogue.There are lots of black actresses dying to have a significant other.

  • lashon

    for one..zoe is part latino……hello and maybe it wasnt meant for them to marry and honestly being committed is not the same as marriage regardless of how long your together..why..because as you see they broke up…um married people have to go through the courts….marriage is a totally diffrent ball game that the courts have to dissolve…so no courts..they split..go head zoe…you still on top and columbiana proved that..that movie is the truth

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