3 Reasons Why Vanessa Bryant Is NOT A Gold Digger

by Britni Danielle

Since news of Kobe and wife Vanessa Bryant’s divorce became public many have been attempting to paint the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Bryant as the ultimate gold digger. Apparently, she stands to receive upwards of $100 million from the divorce as well as lifetime alimony payments (or until she remarries).

Now, we even have Vanessa’s (obviously bitter) ex-stepfather jumping on the “‘Nessa’s a gold diger” band wagon. In a recent interview, Stephen Laine told reporters that Vanessa learned her tricks from his “spiteful” ex-wife who divorced him after twelve-and-half years of marriage when he cheated on her. Ironic, much?

Laine says:

Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing]. In California … it’s considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries … just like her mother is doing to me.”

I have to pay her mom $1,800 every month and clearly they don’t need it. I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something … you’d think she’d care … but no, she’s spiteful.”

When celebrities divorce, especially Black celebs, the chorus of people who come forward wondering why the wife “deserves” millions of dollars just for having kids or just for putting up with their partner’s shenanigans is almost standard. But why? To me, Kobe is an adult, he made choices, and now he has to live with them. At the end of the day he won’t be broke and destitute, so why are so many others counting his chips and throwing his wife under the bus?

Apparently, Vanessa Bryant is a woman fed up, but a gold digger? I think not. Here are my reasons:

She’s been married to Kobe for a decade: Despite some who feel that ‘Nessa stuck it out with Kobe for 10 years to be eligible for some “long term” marriage status, let’s be real. Ten years is a mighty long time. That isn’t a fly-by-night operation (ask Kim K.). Vanessa married Kobe at 18, gave up her entire twenties to be in the burning spotlight, and despite reports that she’s mean, she hasn’t been in the media acting a fool (or on Basketball Wives looking dumb). She’s played the background, raising her daughters, and supporting her dude…who, apparently, has wandering eyes (and other body parts). Gold diggers don’t stick around for a decade, and they for damn sure don’t stick around after they’ve been publicly humiliated (ask Elin Woods). Vanessa could have left Kobe long ago and would have gotten the same dough, but she didn’t.

She’s had his back: If Vanessa was REALLY in it for the paper, I think she would have broken out after the Colorado rape allegation. Not only was her husband accused of raping someone, but he later admitted–on national TV–to cheating on her. Couple that with the fact that she stood by him–on camera–while many called her a fool and her dude a rapist is some serious dedication. I’m not sure many of us could have survived that with Ray Ray down the street, let alone managed to keep it together under the hot glare of the spotlight. But Vanessa stood by Kobe and continued to do so for eight more years.

They have children: I know, some people think it’s in the Gold Digger handbook to have a baby by him and be a millionaire, but Kobe and Vanessa have a family. They did it the “traditional” way and got hitched and then had children. They even suffered through a miscarriage together before eventually having two beautiful daughters. I could be wrong, but I don’t think she had the children to “trap” Kobe, but rather because they were married and eventually, that’s what married people do–have kids. Shocking, I know. I’d even venture to say that Vanessa stuck it out this long, despite Kobe’s alleged longtime infidelity, because of her daughters.

At the end of the day Kobe and Vanessa loved each other, exchanged vows, built a life, had a family, and couldn’t keep their relationship going. Simple as that. Is she a gold digger by default because her husband is worth millions? Not in my opinion, but broke dudes who have little more than lint and some Jordans to their name seem to think so.

But what do you think? Is Vanessa Bryant a gold digger or does she ‘deserve’ the money? Sound off!

  • Natasha

    I actually think those are the three reasons that could attribute to her gold digging ways. However, a reason that she might not be a gold digger is because they’ve been together since high school. (right? lol)

  • Afrostyling

    Who cares? They can call her what they want. People will always have opinions about shit that has nothing to do with them. Nothing new. If the law says she is entitled to that much then she should get it. Next time, honor you marriage vows. Same goes for her stupid ex-step daddy who is whining when he is the fool that broke his vows.

  • http://www.adivastateofmind.com A Diva State of Mind

    Sounds like her ex-stepfather is just salty because he still has to pay her mom alimony. Obviously they thought it was going to last because they didn’t sign a prenup. Because Kobe decided he didn’t to be a faithful husband and she’s fed up doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger. If he didn’t want to worry about losing half of what he has earned, he shouldn’t have cheated.

  • d_nicegirl

    The outcry of black men re: this divorce is amazing to me. What exactly has Kobe done for them that garners all this support? GTFOH. Next time keep it in your pants.

  • angel

    I have to agree with the author. I am not and have never been a Kobe fan although i have been disappointed by his dating preference (sanaa’s comments), i feel for this woman. No onedeservesthis.

  • Mimi

    What these men who got Kobe’s back for whatever reason fail to realize is that Vanessa deserves whatever she can get and more! Kobe and Tiger were out sleeping with other women (allegedly) then coming back home to their wives and sleeping with them. Regardless if Tiger and Kobe were using condoms, they still put their wives lives at risk with diseases. Condoms can’t stop everything and there are oral diseases as well. Every time Elin and Vanessa kissed their husbands, their health could have been jeopardized. And for that, I say get all the money you can. There is no price to high to pay for one’s health.

    @d-nice, I’m always amazed at how guys were backing Tiger and Kobe as if Tiger and Kobe did something for them. At the end of the day, Tiger and Kobe were thinking with the wrong head, were incredibly stupid in their behavior, and now they have to pay. Plain and simple.

  • JaeBee

    Wow, have standards truly lowered that much? Since when is 10 years of marriage considered a long marriage?

  • @me

    Kobe met her while she was still in high school, he had already been in the NBA for about 5 years.

  • sli

    “Is she a gold digger by default because her husband is worth millions? Not in my opinion, but [BROKE DUDES] who have little more than lint and some Jordans to their name seem to think so.”

    Ugh! This reminds me of the Michael and Juanita Jordan divorce when “broke dudes” were all up in Michael’s finances asking, “Why does she deserve all that money, she ain’t played no basketball?” And they were married for 17 YEARS! Lol, those dudes were really angry too, like they were living vicariously through Michael and that was THEIR money, smh.

  • slim

    What a joke of an article, your reasoning on why she’s not a gold digger are the EXACT reasons that prove she definitely is one & reasons why she’s earning more.

  • jazzyphile

    So if Vanessa never re-marries, Kobe have to pay her alimony for the rest of his/her life…? How does that sound right!

  • Angie

    Really, will our opinions either way stop her from getting her 100+ million? Next article!

  • Esme

    He wanted her for the beauty and she wanted him for the money, so what is the problem.

  • http://www.ericabunker.com Erica B.

    Like really… just how long do you need to be married to a wealthy man in order not to be considered a “gold digger”?! She’s his wife and the mother of his children. That’s a job in and of itself. She’s earned every dime of whatever settlement she receives.

  • QON

    It is interesting how the importance of fatherhood ebbs and flows depending on how much money they guy has. Do I think she is entitled to all that money? No. Is she entitled to child support? Yes. However she is an adult and she be able to take care of herself. Does it matter that she didnt work during the marriage? Of course not. What if Kobe died and this wasnt a divorce. She would have to woman up and get a job when the provider has left the picture.

    Still Kobe is a POS and I say that with his daughters first and foremost in my mind.

  • QON


    Hopefully we will not make the mistake and live vicariously through these women who are about to get broke off.

  • QON


    I agree with you. There are also two little girls who have to watch their parents split up. I hate what Kobe did especially because of what it has done and will do to his daughters. No one seems to be talking about them.

  • bertamae

    Well she is not white, she is Mexican and Mexicans have African ancestry as well – I have seen black women with light skin who look like her. I am just saying

  • sunshyne84


  • Alexandra

    It was only a matter of time before people would start calling her names. People are forgetting that they are/were married, and considering the laws(?) in this country, she will be entitled to a lot of money.

  • fuchsia

    People always wanna throw the term gold digger around, but in my opinion if a woman’s husband cheats and is unfaithful then the term gold digger has no place in the relationship no matter how much money the woman stands to claim from the warranted divorce.

  • jaslene

    I think she is a gold digger. Also Kobe is an asshole. He wasn’t right for what he did. I just would’ve thought you would leave when your husband is an alleged rapist. Her staying after that is very fishy to me.

  • Z

    Ummm, NO! Vanessa has earned Every.Single.Penny. Just because she didn’t run up and down a court for 48 minutes doesn’t mean she didn’t put in W.O.R.K.

    Kobe Bryant risked Vanessa’s life sleeping around. He could have potentially exposed her or their children to life threatening or life altering diseases. Having and raising children is work- especially considering that most sports wives operate as single mothers because their husbands travel most of the year. Also maintaining a household is a job that is not to be taken lightly. Moreover, dealing with a disloyal spouse is extremely stressful and taxing. ALL OF THAT IS WORK!

    Just because you marry a high profile man doesn’t mean you should have to expect to be cheated on. Really have our standards as a society sunken that low? If Kobe had just kept it in his pants this all would’ve been a whole lot cheaper for him and it would’ve all been a non-factor.

    Furthermore, if Kobe had died (God forbid) Vanessa would’ve inherited his entire estate not just half. In other words, she still wouldn’t have had to work.

  • Z

    “When celebrities divorce, especially Black celebs, the chorus of people who come forward wondering why the wife “deserves” millions of dollars just for having kids or just for putting up with their partner’s shenanigans is almost standard. But why?”

    Why, because the black community doesn’t value marriage and family as evidenced by our 70% OOW birthrate. Maybe that’s politically incorrect to say, but it’s a politically incorrect truth.

  • apple

    all he had to do was be faithful…karma is a bitch like payback with interest

  • Pilot

    This “goldigger” fixation seems to only exist in the black community. Unless you’re a former stripper like Anna Nicole Smith that marries an almost-dead, 80-something rich guy, the term just doesn’t get tossed around very much outside of black people.

    It certainly would never be used in regards to a woman married to a guy for 10 years, who she had two kids with, and who warned her husband many, many times to stop cheating on her.

    Sometimes I find it fascinating that black men and black women in America are expected (by each other) to do things so differently from the rest of the world.

  • Tameko P

    It’s sickening how men make excuses for other men who do heinous ish to women. Once you wife a woman up, the term “gold digger” becomes irrelevant. Vanessa was his WIFE, not some trick he picked up out of the street. She deserves everything she can get and more.

    Those men who have no respect for their wives shouldn’t have gotten married at all. It’s far easier (and cheaper) to be a single Ho. SMH.

  • Rastaman

    Ironic but applicable, the idiom “A fool and his money are soon parted”; Written by a 16th century English poet, Thomas Tusser in his instructional poem: Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry.
    Any person of wealth, man or woman who goes into marriage in this day and age sans pre-nup is a fool. I guess Kobe is going to be more like Mike than just high tops and the tongue wag. I don’t know Kobe Bryant but he projects as an arrogant AH and while I do think is soon to be ex-wife did nothing to earn that much money in their pending, neither did he in my book do much that be that wealthy, I do believe it is a fair comeuppance for his sheer apparent assholery. Maybe the next time he will note his father’s counsel on matters of life. But I am not going to hold my breath.

  • Lady P

    I think it was a little bit of both. Vanessa started out being in love with Kobe. However; when he initially cheated, by her NOT leaving tells me she is a golddigger (which is a term I actually don’t like using). Why stay after they cheat like that other than for the lifestyle and money? Y’all know after a man cheats, you can’t even look at him the same. Pride kicks in and you say forget this sh*t. You may stay and try to work through it, but it just won’t be the same. I believe she wanted to leave then, but she was adviced not to until the 10 years had expired. It is for sure not guaranteed that she will remarry and the kids will eventually turn 18. The woman is the first to always know. Her girlfriends didn’t have to tell her anything. Once you learn your man and his patterns, you know what’s going on. Vanessa knew something before now. Finally, I have to say this about Elin. I believe Elin loved Tiger. After he became so sloppy, she had to go. If Elin was really spiteful, she could have said anything about Tiger to discredit him. Really Tiger all the way around messed himself up.

  • oknow

    that’s nice that u gave ur reasons but correct me if i’m wrong, don’t gold diggers stand by their man because of the $$$$$, have their children because of the $$$$, and stay as long as possible so that they can have more $$$$$$?!

  • damidwif

    this right here

  • damidwif

    and this right here

  • QON


    Kobe didnt hire Vanessa to be the mother of his children. Not only was she raising his children but she was raising her own too. Did you forget? Alimony isnt payment for putting up with a cheating man. Also Vanessa has a four million dollar ring.

  • binks

    Agreed! The reasons listed isn’t necessarily an exemption of her not being a gold digger personally I don’t care one way or the other but I always find it odd that she is automatically a gold digger now even though all indications points to Kobe messing up…blank stares…more like just dues than gold digging

  • Z

    According to that logic then every woman is a gold-digger?

  • MommieDearest


    Vanessa deserves every dollar she gets from Kobe. She was faithful. She raised their children. She provided the home atmosphere for him and stuck by him. Whether she stuck it out because she loved him or just to hit the 10 year mark is irrelevant. HE is the one who effed up and broke his marriage vows. Literally. Kobe brought all of this on himself. He chose to play, now he has to pay.

    As far as the “gold digger” label, I have an issue with it. Generally speaking, rich men who choose to ONLY get with young, beautiful women WANT their gold to be dug. Particularly if said rich men are old, or ugly, or old AND ugly. These men know good and darn well that if it weren’t for their dollars, those young hotties wouldn’t look twice at them. If these men were really concerned about being wanted because of who they are and not for what they have, then they would get with women who are their own age and who have their own money and resources. The same thing for these newly rich athletes and celebs. They all go for the same “type” of woman. Most of their women are interchangeable. But these are the women they want. The men who want trophies are willing to pay for them. So in the end, the man gets the prize and the woman gets the sugar daddy. Everybody’s happy.

  • pink

    Rastaman: Kobe didn’t listen to his Dad 10 years ago; so what makes you think he will listen to him now. Word is his Dad advised him not to get married bc he was too young, and also advised him to get a pre-nupt (since he insisted on getting married)

  • pink

    LadyP: I’m in no way condoing what Kobe did….but Elin and Nessa’s situations appear to be different. Tiger reportedly was linked to a stream of 15 or 20 women. I would get the hell out quick to if I found that out.

  • pink

    Oknow: I agree with “Z” in that most women want a man that has money (or is a good provider)…..it’s just that most women aren’t as lucky as Nessa was to marry a Kobe, or a Michael Jordan, etc. etc.. etc. In reality who wants a broke ass?!?

  • Nikeeta

    “The men who want trophies are willing to pay for them. So in the end, the man gets the prize and the woman gets the sugar daddy. Everybody’s happy.” Omg THANK YOU!! I really could not have said this better myself.

  • J

    Aside from Colorado, who is the other person he cheated with?

    You telling me a good lookin international star basketball player is NOT going to cheat?

    All y’all girls here would still trip after an apology and 4million dollars? You girls are really gonna act like infidelity and marriage is that sacred huh?

    The dumbest think Kobe did was get married without a prenup. Otherwise those 3 reasons are never enough to prove she’s not a gold digger. 100million to be married and have 2 kids by a nigga? I know plenty of chics that would do that for less.

  • pink

    J: And ur ghetto with the interjection of the “N” word. Look up interjection bc you probably don’t know what it means

  • Emme

    I totally agree with Z. Black people are becoming more an more out of touch with what a traditional marriage looks like in this country. Some say that’s not a bad thing. I’m inclined to disagree.

    I’m also surprised both that people have been asking why VB “deserves” the money, and that people think Kobe is stupid for foregoing a prenup. People who understand traditional marriage IN CALIFORNIA understand that whatever a spouse earns during that marriage is community property. Spouses are a team. Who cares what each individual makes, the cash belongs to the team (whether the wife or the husband earns more). Kobe happens to be a superstar. Its not common, but it happens. A prenup wouldn’t “guarantee” anything specific. Anyone can make their prenup say whatever they and their future spouse agrees to. Without a prenup in Cali, community property law applies and splits assets down the middle (regardless of the reasons for the divorce). Kobe will be fine. It seems to me that the whole financial arrangement related to the split are already fine with him too. It was settled easily and quietly…. and he’ll make another hundred million easily. Why are people complaining?

    Also, under CALI law, no divorcee is entitled to a lifetime of spousal support just for being married 10 years. Alimony is determined on a sliding scale depending on about twelve factors. She may be awarded 5 years of alimony payments or 10 or until her kids are 18 or a lifetime. She doesn’t get paid for life just because she hit the 10 year mark.

  • Z

    She has a $4M ring, wow.

    What’s $4M compared to your sanity, your health, your children’s emotional well being, and his hundreds of millions?

    Heck, I’m not even a fan of Vanessa but, I will defend her in this case. This is a serious problem I see in black community- we don’t understand or value marriage as a partnership or an institution. This is evidenced in so many ways. People often don’t recognize the value and stability a wife brings to the table largely because it is intangible- something that cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Just because Vanessa didn’t run up and down a court or work outside of the home doesn’t mean that she didn’t put in work or support Kobe and help build his career.

  • J

    @Pink Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know stating my opinion in a comments section required me to display my eloquence or prove myself in front people who don’t know anything about me. If I had known that I would have diligently censored myself and made sure to not use any derogatory language when stating what I consider a possible truth.

    What I do know is that when someone refutes an argument with ease, the first thing a person tries to do is mock their intelligence in effort to discredit them.

  • J

    Please don’t spell YOU’RE “ur” & BECAUSE “bc”, and proceed to call me ghetto or try to test my vocabulary knowledge.

  • JaeBee

    “Once you wife a woman up, the term “gold digger” becomes irrelevant. ”

    So, women like Anna Nicole Smith are not gold diggers then? Mmmkay….

  • pink

    Bottomline is ur still ghetto!!

  • QON


    Apparently it was worth it. The first time he publically admitted to cheating was when he was accused of rape in 2003. Its 2011/12. Thats eight years. Why did she stay eight years if her health and sanity were so important? A lot can happen in eight years.

  • Asha

    These are all reasons why she IS a Gold Digger…

  • Bee

    I do not think Vanessa stuck out her marriage to get paid millions. First and Foremost, she is a woman – she can only take but so much until she eventually gives up and wants out. People also have to consider she was 18, her life was Kobe and her family. She does not know anything else. Unlike other old cripple women trying to get a divorce, she can actually go out into the world and find real happiness and love, in which i think every woman/man deserves. In agreement with Britni, She has children. How many of the world’s ghetto baby mama’s stick with their drug dealing, cheating, no good man just because of their kids? Those will women sometimes never leave.. They are arguing with “RAY RAY” til they are in their 60′s still giving him some ass. So I congratulate Vanessa for leaving, seeking peace and find herself in this world and not letting any man define her anymore.

  • African Mami

    She KNEW what she was doing. Kudos to her!

  • Danielle

    Although I don’t believe she’s a gold digger, becuz she deserves every dime she gets since her husband wants to cheat, I know for a fact that she wanted to divorce him 3 years ago but was told to wait until they reach the 10 year mark. Even with no pre-nup, if under 10 yrs she would have gotten what’s worth the length of the marriage versus completely getting half and life time (or until she remarries) spousal support.

  • Tweed12

    Psychological analysis: The female is an ISFP…….oh and she is not a golddigger.

  • Tweed12

    Now don’t get me wrong. ISFPs can be golddiggers….I’m just stating in this particular case Vanessa wasn’t. Honestly, I always considered Kobe an asshole- which has me rooting for her even more.

  • Side Eye MIMI

    I have to agree, Pink is following up on everybody’s comments basically trying to argue her point but she doesn’t bother to use spell-check, or check her grammar before pressing enter, and then has a nerve to call people names online as if we are grade school. Ghetto folks, don’t come on these sort of blogs and make comments. That’s just my observation, i don’t agree with the N word, but dammit, to each it’s own.

  • Danielle

    I totally agree with your comment. But her step-father didn’t cheat. They just was not happy with each other

  • YeahRight2011

    Her stepfather is pissed. Not mad at the dude either. Good luck Kobe.

  • Mr. Right

    The only thing Vanessa should get is a job application to Burger King. She has no discernible talent in anything.

  • Danielle

    Vanessa is set for life, periold, point blank!

  • TheBlackFamilyinUS

    She is a SUPER-GOLD-DIGGER . This ish has a gold-digger mentility that is out of this world ! So all of a sudden after ten years she is tired , please , you know when you marry a profesional baller what is to be expected !

  • Bruce

    Poor, poor, poor argument.

  • http://DIBA DIVA B

    what a stupid article you know shes a gold digger and there more benefits to being married to him then leaving. notiriety and glam red carpet events shes more important in societys eyes as ms bryant. howver he is stupid not to get a prenup so he deserves what he gets for marrying his down sister girl catch my drift.

  • Tee Bee

    She deserves every penny, for a beautiful woman to give up all of her twenties to dedicate to a man deserves half of what he has. You can’t say Vanessa’s support didn’t contribute to Kobe’s success, because behind every successful man, there is often a wonderful woman. Kobe has more money than he’ll ever need in his life time, who the hell needs $150mil to survive? Cut Vanessa half, she got lucky because just so happened Kobe fell in love with her and put a ring on it, people calling her a gold-digger is simply jealous.

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