A new picture has been floating around on the internet of a crazed phenomena occurring in Ghana, wherein men are sucking women’s breast out in open public spaces. People are aghast, probably rightfully so. Such, displays of carnal affection are designed for the bedroom, or at least those people who sign up to take part in public freak shows. I use this new lascivious trend to give an example of how most of our minds are conditioned to view the adult males relationship with breast sucking, as one dimensional, and purely sexual; when in fact there are multiple other ways in which breast, female boobies, ta-ta’s, tits, or whatever name you use to call our beautiful suckling bags, can be a source of refreshment to our men.

A few years ago I was having a conversation one of my lovers, and posed this question to him, “If we had a baby, would you drink my breast milk?” Surprisingly the answer to my question was “Yes”. (To be honest, this was partially a test question on my part.)I don’t think his answer however represents the norm for most men, but it did spark my further inquiry in researching this subject.

Before you dismiss the notion of your man suckling milk from your mammary glands, let’s be clear, that I am not advocating ‘erotic lactation’ as it is called in some communities, but if that is your cup of milk, I will not judge. However, if we examine Adult Nursing from the vantage point of a woman’s natural, primordial role, being that of nurturer, then this concept can easily extend to nurturing your partner in this context as well, right? Some may quip that a man who would suckle the milk of a woman’s bosom as some type of sordid Oedipus fixation, but I strongly beg to differ. If one follows this line of reasoning, what then accounts for adult proclivities toward consuming cow milk? Is that some form of suppressed psychosomatic longing to engage in bestiality? I think not. So let’s dispel any Freudian argument against it.

Most of us drink cow milk, and cow milk was designed for whom, you guessed it, baby cows! So why are most people so squeamish of the idea when it comes to humans drinking the milk of a healthy female of their OWN species? After all, it is steeped in nutritional value, and good enough to support the growth and development of babies, so why not good enough for fully grown adults? This perplexes me much. To be sure humans are the only animals who consume milk beyond the stages of infancy, but I can understand this, because milk is a much more viable and tasty alternative than water to pour onto your morning cornflakes.

There are manifold benefits in participating in ANR. Aside from the intimate bonding and emotional closeness that would take place between you and your partner during and as a result of ANR, it also has some very practical benefits. Breast feeding is known to speed along weight loss after pregnancy. I would imagine having a fully grown adult male consuming your breast milk along with an infant child would have you back down to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time! Additionally, breast milk is loaded with nutrients, good fats and proteins, has infection fighting properties, cancer patients are even given healthy doses of it during chemotherapy, it does not spoil, and not to mention ladies, you know you really got your man if he is suckling from your titties like a baby. I’m just saying.

So eliminating any thoughts of perversion, would you consider giving Adult Nursing a try, or is it too farfetched of a notion? Do you think your man would get with the program, or would it be a hard sale? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • karess

    i was just having this convo w my friend. i am still lactating 18 months aftr giving birth to my 2nd daughter, but ever since the birth of my first child my husband who has always been a breast man has gained a new fondness of the tatas… he loves the sweetness of it (the milk) and thinks its beautiful and sexy that he can share in what nourished our daughters for the first year of each of their lives. but no hes not drinking bottle- (or rather breast-) fulls… just tasting here and there when i leak during sex.

  • CaliDreaming86

    “So eliminating any thoughts of perversion, would you consider giving Adult Nursing a try, or is it too farfetched of a notion?” – [Eww, no way!]

  • CaliDreaming86

    “However, if we examine Adult Nursing from the vantage point of a woman’s natural, primordial role, being that of nurturer, then this concept can easily extend to nurturing your partner in this context as well, right?” – [So, how would this work for women who are not into other women? I mean, if we are going to look at it from the perspective of it being nurturing, should men only be allowed to do it?]

  • chanela

    well.. they ARE making ice cream made of human milk. and i just read an article about people putting it in their coffee 0_o

    apparently its perfectly normal for men to be curious about it and for women to give them the milk.

  • Timcampi

    I’m creeped out, but if my next partner is into erotic lactation, then who am I to judge? Not that I’m planning to get knocked up soon, but I really see no problem with it. Could totally make it work. Since the case you described is from Ghana, I have nothing to say other than ‘interesting’. If such a thing happened in the States I’d be baffled; how could we allow erotic lactation, but deny women the simple right to nurse children in public. Also the stigma of nursing a child old enough to walk is an issue.

    Humorous and light piece! Love it~

  • LemonNLime

    I really don’t see an issue with it. I’m just more happy that as opposed to being seen as two sacks of fat on a woman’s chest that are there for the sole purpose of sexual arousal, they are being seen for their true purpose to allow for women to feed and nourish. I mean I have heard stories of men and women who didn’t want to breastfeed children because it was incestuous…really?

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Usually, I have something to say about a subject, but I’m not touching this one…

  • ThisIshRightHere

    I’m just going to hope this piece is satirical and click “next.”

  • http://@clnmike Clnmike

    I am lactose intolerant and if I was not I would pass on it.

  • http://jaynedirt.com Jayne Dirt

    No, actually it’s not satirical! I’m quite serious (-_-)

  • http://jaynedirt.com Jayne Dirt

    Clnmike, Lactose intolerance only pertains to ones inability to digest the enzymes found in cow’s milk. All the more reason for you to get with the breast feeding program homie!

  • http://jaynedirt.com Jayne Dirt

    Why not?…I think women can participate in it too if they desire to do so in the context of a lesbian relationship. I should also say that lactation can be induced from proper stimulation, from a partner that has NOT given birth. I won’t lie, I use to drink my neice’s breast milk (not directly from my sister’s tit) and it taste way better, and has a natural sweetness that cow milk does not have.

  • d_nicegirl

    I just don’t get it. Why are adults doing this? Like you said, cows provide milk for baby cows. Why would women provide milk for adults? But whatever floats your boat.

  • secret ninja

    i guess i’m uptight, this just looks like another form of sexual deviance to me. i can’t “eliminate thoughts on perversion” when this is clearly perversion. everyone is entitled to do whatever they want, but there are consequences for whatever actions we take, whether that’s believed or not. i’m sure there will be commenters who will totally disagree, think i’m being closed minded, and that is their opinion, this is mine.
    breast milk is for the nourishment of babies and to help facilitate a connection with the mother and child (amongst other things). its disturbing to me to see the trend in the use/misuse of person/objects or whatever under the guise of “sexual liberation” or being “freaky”.

  • Kely

    Yes and yes! I’d definitely let my husband taste my breast milk. I think they all should at least once. Plus the erotic side of it is worth exploring.

  • http://sugarcanemag.com Melissa

    I saw this piece and I was GROSSED OUT ! I am breastfeeding mother to a two year old and some things are better left in the bedroom. It’s great that your man likes your physiques but darn near sexing a woman at the club is inappropriate.

  • Trini


    “well.. they ARE making ice cream made of human milk. and i just read an article about people putting it in their coffee.”



  • Duke


  • Trini


    Aww come on now. Dont be like that. Why not? LOL!!!

  • Dwindyes

    I don’t see a problem with this. I don’t have any kids but when that time comes I wouldn’t be opposed. I’ve been told that its sweet.

  • Unnecessary apostrophes galore!

    What kind of SHIT is thaaat?

  • TheRInRho


    While I could see that curiosity could make a man want to try it once, making a habit of it… ehh… to each his own, I guess.

    … But I’d judge THE. SHIT. out of a dude who wanted to engage in breastfeeding as a means of being “sexy” or “erotic”. *Kanye shrug* I’m just being honest…

    There’s just nothing cute about that to me.

  • sunshyne84

    Nah man nah…

  • http://jaynedirt.com Jayne Dirt

    Kudos to you and your man Karess for being open minded!

  • Miranda

    I see nothing wrong with it as long as it is done in private, not like in Ghana.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Libra2008 April

    I have a nineteen month old son, and you would think that by now, my breasts would have ceased to produce milk, but they STILL do. I (though personal) have had sex since I gave birth back in May 2010, and surprisingly, the man enjoys sucking my “leaky” breasts. They only produce milk if I squeeze on them or he sucks them, but I thought he would have been turned off, but in some weird way, I think he likes it; so yes, I would subject to Adult Nursing. LOL

  • E.M.S.

    While reading this I admit I clutched my own chest in horror & disgust, constantly exclaiming EWW after every paragraph. That is my own personal opinion of it however, I won’t judge others who are into it.

    I only ask that I don’t have to hear about it or see it.

  • Laa

    They actually have ANR sites so you can meet with others. Im interested but I dont think Id actually do it.

  • me

    I have to admit I laughed when I read the title of this article. I find this amusing. This might be a bit TMI but…… My breast were never sensitive to touch until after I had my first child and began breastfeeding. Whenever my husband and I would have sex and I would orgasm my milk would spray (damn near) across the room. My husband found it erotic…. I on the other hand was a embarrassed, but the sensation was so good I would just let us enjoy the moment. However, we were in the privacy of our own home. I would never let him fondle me in public and couldn’t imagine him “nursing” out in the streets somewhere. lol…. strange what people do….

  • http://www.realtalk123.com AlesiaMichelle

    The comments here are blowing my mind lol…

    No! No! NO! I wouldn’t be into this at all… No! no! NO! Every time I try to think of it… No! No! No!

    Yeah… Not for me…

  • http://@clnmike Clnmike

    I have tried it and quite frankly I was not impressed.

  • Jess

    Why not? He can and has, but never ever in public. And never will be in public. It truly is a bonding experience intimate and caring. But neeeeeverrrr in public – that’s just crazy.

  • Timcampi


    lmao but it’s perfectly fine for an adult to drink the milk of a cow that was meant for a calf? We live in a twisted world if that makes the slightest bit-o’sense. XD I personally would rather not do it. And public erotic lactation creeps me out. But as you said… whatever floats that boat,

  • NOno

    Ghana huh?.
    and this is the same country thats wants to kill off gay people right?.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    yes i do believe that is the one.

  • AfricanAllDay

    Nono and James, the country you are mistaking Ghana for is Uganda. In East Africa. Ghana is in West Africa. Earlier this year there was a proposed bill in Uganda which would make homosexuality a capital offence. It was not passed.

    Now, please educate yourselves about the world. Thanks.

  • AfricanAllDay

    It’s not a craze in Ghana. Trust me.

  • David Smith

    “Ghana’s Western Region Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo MP has ordered the immediate arrest of all homosexuals in the country’s west.

    Aidooo has tasked Ghana’s Bureau of National Investigations and security forces to round up the country’s gay population and has called on landlords and tenants to inform on people they suspect of being homosexuals.

    “All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society,” he said. ”

    Contrary to the Minister, its not actually against the law in Ghana to be gay. It is against the law to engage in “unnatural carnal knowledge”

    In Nigeria, a bill was introduced into Nigeria’s House of Representatives on Wednesday after the Senate last week approved the measure that would outlaw gay marriage and ban public displays of affection between homosexual couples. Gay organisations would also be made illegal

    It has been reported that Ugandan MPs have voted to re-open debate on the country’s infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Discussion of the legislation was originally postponed because the previous parliamentary session ran out of time, but it seems things are very much back on track now.

    To remind you, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill aims to make homosexuality punishable by the death penalty. It would also criminalise various related acts, such as giving jail time to people who fail to turn over gay people to the police, and people who “promote” homosexuality.

    Malawi will review a series of controversial laws, including a ban on homosexual acts, Justice Minister Ephraim Chiume has said.

    Mr Chiume said the review was in response to “public opinion”.

  • Candy1

    My husband accidentally tasted my breast milk when I was lactating, and he liked it because it was sweet. It wasn’t like he’d sit for 5 minutes and drink it, though. He did use my pumped milk from time to time. I see nothing wrong with it, although I wouldn’t want to sit and actually nurse a grown man. It just seems like a mother-child thing to me.

  • NOno
  • jamesfrmphilly

    it’s dem freaky africans allright……..

  • toke

    That’s not a trend in Ghana… I live in Ghana and know this to be a country where public displays of affection are generally
    not really part of the culture here unless you count men holding hands as they strole together in public. Ghanaians hardly even kiss in public and trust me if a fully grown male was suckling on a
    lactating female breast in public there would be a huge outcry over here. This is a society where (sorry AfricanAllDay
    NOno is in fact correct) they can dedicate front page headlines and for weeks on end to stories about how gay people are evil
    and need to be cured of this wicked lifestyle by the church. Yeah THAT is Ghana but a crazed phenomenon of adult males suckling on lactating
    female breasts in public is definitely not something Ghanaian. Anyone who has ever been here would refute that claim too.

  • AfricanAllDay

    Davd Smith and Nono, the articles you refer to state the Ghanaian government’s intentions to criminalise homosexuality. This is different from the Ugandan government’s intentions to make homosexuality punishable by *death*. Both equally unfortunate/ despicable, but differen all the same.

    Homosexuality in Ghana is like abortion in the USA – the perfect distract and conquer (because we’re already so very divided) strategy. Sad.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    after all these years why does the “divide and conquer” gambit still work so well?

  • NTG

    As if the homophobs in this country don’t want to do away with them as well. I can’t count how many guys have died here in America due to hate crimes and such. Pointing the finger and bringing out research on another country wouldn’t change what America is facing with now. Gays may be legal here, but they are still not accepted in the hearts of many.

  • African Mami

    I find your statement derogatory and humor unhumorous!

  • African Mami

    Too far fetched! He would never get with the program, because he will not have any viewing capabilities….my mammary glands are not DSTV programmed!

  • Akosua

    THANKYOU, it’s annoying how a lot of people abroad assume something about our country based on ONE story. This is NOT a trend and if it has been done then that does not imply anything other than a couple of idiotic people behaving inappropriately. And so what Ghana criminalised public displays of Homosexuality – We’re a God fearing nation. In addition, the definition of Homophobia is the fear of homosexuals. I am in no way scared of Homosexuals so please stop overusing that word. Leave my country ALONE

    There. Rant over.

  • isola

    I would if he really wanted to but it is not something I would try to persuade him to do.

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  • Bill Woodie

    I am an experienced suckler in New York City — handsome, clean, and very discrete. I would welcome the opportunity to meet women for nursing, wet or dry, on a one-time or ongoing basis. ALL LIMITS ABSOLUTELY RESPECTED!

    Please email me at billwoodie@gmail . co

  • African Mami

    and I bet you in a nursing home as you typing this shit! YUCK!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    I could, Trini, but this is a little too out there for my tastes (pardon the pun!!!). I love boobs, but not THAT much to get milk from it, LMAO!!!!

  • Robert

    I am very much into the adult breastfeeding experience. Honestly, I have found it to be one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences I have ever had with a woman. I have nursed several women to full lactation and each experience was absolutely amazing. My partners loved the natural breast enhancement (one went from a B to DD cup!) as well as the natural fulfillment of the womanly tendency to want to nurture.

    Of course, this is not for every woman. It takes a woman who loves lots of nipple stimulation, several times a day. But there are women out there who love, and even crave to nurture a man with her breasts. I know *wink*.

    If any woman in the San Diego area would like this experience, please write me at [email protected]…Robert

  • Suckler

    I suckle from my wife every day and have done since we had a baby 7 months ago. She is 40, I am 42 and we have been married for 20 years. Its amazing to spend time with your lover attached to her breast, her arms wrapped around you in a loving embrace and you peacefully suckling and taking her milk into your body. We spend 40 minutes every day together doing this and often we will fall asleep together still embraced and I wake to her nipple still in my mouth. Our nursing is not rushed or goal orientated, or even sexual most of the time. It is simply two people deeply in love giving everything they have to each other. Our plan is to keep my wife lactating after baby has grown and for her to continue nursing me for the rest of our natural lives. We had a wonderful relationship before we discovered Adult Nursing but now our relationship has become even deeper and more intimate and loving.

  • HooterSmoocher

    First, I was wondering how a thread about “Adult Nursing Relationships: Would You Let Your Man Suckle Your Lactating Bosom?” got turned into an argument about homosexuality in third world countries? These two subjects are so far apart, that it’s ridiculous. And heterosexual adult breastfeeding is a perfectly natural human behavior that has been around as long as we have. It’s only since the puritanical thing of the west during the last few centuries that it has become less mainstream. Look at artwork from ancient cultures ranging from the roman empire through the Renaissance. Try Google-ing “Roman Charity” images.

    There is an entire sub-culture of people where this lifestyle is making a comeback. Try doing an internet search for ANR or ABF and you will find that there are literally thousands of people who belong to various Yahoo and MSN groups who are interested in this as well as several dating sites dedicated to connecting people who seek it as well.

    As a matter of fact, the man who the Bible calls the wisest man who ever lived, (King Soloman) recommended it as the best was for a newlywed couple to strengthen their marriage and avoid infidelity. If you look up the original Hebrew meanings of the terms used in several Bible verses, you will find that this was considered a very positive behavior in the old testament where matters of personal behavior were discussed.

    A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me;
    he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts. – Song of Solomon 1:13

    Thy lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb:
    honey and milk are under thy tongue;
    and the smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon – Song of Solomon 4:11

    For you will nurse and be satisfied
    at her comforting breasts;
    you will drink deeply
    and delight in her overflowing abundance. – Isaiah 66:11

    Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
    Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
    Let her breasts satisfy you always.
    May you always be captivated by her love. – Proverbs 5:18-19

  • sdmilkman1

    Very well said, Hootersmoocher….

    My wife is a believer, but unfortunately she will not even let me touch her breasts, let alone suck them (some deep seated issues from childhood that I have learned to deal with). These verses help me understand that my seemingly insatiable desire to “be satisfied” at my wife’s breasts are not misguided. :)

  • Bliss-Full

    I encourage ANY woman that wants a closer and more connected bond between her partner to let them suckle if they so want to. My husband and I are mature, professional adults with grown, out-of-the-house children. After a stressful day at work we look forward to the relaxation and bonding that suckling my breasts offer. We’ve induced my lactation after many years of the “wells being dry” so to speak. The let-down sensation of my milk and its’ effects on both of us is much better than trying to relax with an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day. Much healthier too!! As suckler stated above “it’s not always about sex.”

  • Not Lactating

    A man can find it highly erotic when he ejaculates into a female’s mouth. He places something inside her, and it can be an aggressive action of dominance. Yet if a woman wants to place food inside her man, gently and lovingly, she’s a pervert???!!!

    Now some science: a woman receives big doses of both Prolactin and Oxytocin when she is suckled. The child is irrelevant, meaning Nature has not designed the action to be a solely mother/child experience. The hormones are released on the action alone. So if a man suckles then he is the recipient of the hormone rush. But this is not sexual, instead it is highly caring on the part of the female to the man. If it becomes sexual, then that is the next step choice (possibly because of an already existing sexual relationship) and not triggered by the hormones of the suckling act per se.

    Modern research has shown that many relationships break down between a man and woman shortly after a baby is born (up to year one). There are several reasons sited for this including a lack of attention/love from the female to the male, a sense of being rejected/ignored in favour of the baby and a lack of interest in rekindling a sexual relationship with the male. Adult suckling bypasses all these problems. Firstly, the woman doesn’t have to have sex with the man to bond with him. He recieves her attention without any additional strain on her post-partum body. He shares an experience with the baby (feeding) and is given a reassurance that he is included in her emotional framework. He doesn’t need to do it often to feel included and loved. She in return will experience huge hormonal rushes of tenderness to him, meaning that she can restart her emotional framework to include him more easily. Bear in mind a woman can breast feed a baby 10 to 20 times a day, each time getting this huge Prolactin rush. The idea he’s being excluded from her framework is actually biologically accurate. A woman can find making emotional space for him in this melee quite hard.

    Now bear in mind that we in the West are part of a new generation of people who are bottle fed. So many of us do not have any instinct with breast feeding instead seeing it as alien and a bit unnecessary or dirty. But traditionally every human being alive was breastfed. Everyone, Julius Caesar, Michael Angelo, Joan of Arc, Jesus Christ and King Soloman. Everyone. So returning to this possibly remembered but certainly instinctively comforting action would be without negativity. It’s only in modern society we see this as negative. Nature is careful about the young it produces and keeping a man bonded to a new mother would be high on her design list I’m sure.

    Finally, it’s becoming clear through global research (not Western mind you as the sample tests are done with women who’ve lactated too short a time) that lactating for 2 plus years (preferably 3) can reduce breast, ovarian and uterine cancer significantly, some argue by up to 60%. If you lactate for less time then you don’t get the health benefits. It’s illogical that a man would be happy to ignore his wife’s breasts for years on end. They are often a favorite bit. A woman is clearly designed to lactate for long periods so by default her male partner would have to get used to them being functional and milking. Would we see more positive responses here, if we encouraged adults to see milk sharing as a bonding action and if we encouraged women to see lactating as a health tool? I suspect yes.

  • Annie

    Is it weird that I want the lady who just adopted me to breastfeed me? I’m an 18 year old female. I was sexually and physically abused all my life. I want to know what it feels like to be held and loved like that. I don’t want it to be sexual at all!

  • Dalili

    I think I’ve about heard it all!! I guess am not as open as I thought I was because the answer to this would be an absolute no! No judgement for those who indulge but um, yeah no!

  • alldawg


    but i will nibble on the nipple…

  • Red

    Reading these replies just demonstrates once again the wonderful range of human emotions, desires, mores and sexual proclivities alive and well in this group.

    I am a huge fan of breast feeding on a couple of levels. Yes there is the bonding between the partners that occurs and has been described many time in related forums and there is also a highly sexual element – to disagree with some respondents.
    His suckling during foreplay causes elevated levels of the natural hormone oxytocin in her blood stream, which in turn not only causes the milk let-down reflex, but also causes an intensely arousing sensation known as uterine flutter.
    This uterine flutter is also reported by women I know during ‘dry’ sucking and nipple play and is very arousing for both parties.

    Myoepithelial cells, (a specialized skin cell in the walls of the milk ducts), contract when stimulated by oxytocin, forcing the milk forward toward the nipple during the let-down reflex. At the same time, the uterus, which is made up almost entirely of myoepithelial cells, is stimulated into a pulsation of rapid contractions by high levels of oxytocin in the blood stream. The blissful emotional feelings which are brought on by being suckled, combined with the erotic sensation of uterine flutter, create a most unique and pleasure filled state of sexual arousal. Most men who have become proficient in love making have learned: the higher the arousal in the woman, the higher the arousal in the man. Even small amounts of breast milk can heighten sexual sensitivity.

  • big fan

    My husband and I have had an anr relationship for about 3 years now. We have never been closer or happier. We are truly enjoy spending time together. After 25 years of marriage our friends wonder what our secret is. We usualy do it before bed, he often falls asleep with my nipple in his mouth. We love spending time with him sucking on my breasts and it has given us a deep connection.

  • Lorenzo

    My girlfriend and I discussed this. I’ll tell you exactly what I told her. Yes, I would totally give adult nursing a try.

    I thought about all the resources her body would use to create breast milk in the first place. The fact that she would want to give me the gift of her milk…to do that for me, is such a loving, tender, giving, comforting, and healing act.. I would be deeply honored, beyond words, to suckle her breasts. The closeness and intimacy must be beyond any experience I have ever had.

    There’s another neat aspect to adult nursing. When I think about it, her milk would be full of all kinds of nutrients including: vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Her breast milk would become part of my bones, my muscles, my skin, my lips, my eyes…she would become part of me in a very real way. There is something incredibly beautiful about that. I cannot wait to share this experience with her.

  • Robert

    YES! This is is so true…

    Intimacy is about being close to the one you love. And sharing of bodies through adult breastfeeding is the physical expression of that intimacy and love. I have this saying that I find to be the PINNACLE of intimacy….”Her milk in me, my seed in her”. I find that concept, that goal, so desireable. It is the closest way, in my mind, for a man and a woman to be physically close to each other.

    To be nurtured by my partner is, as you say, a beautiful concept. Knowing that she is literally becoming part of me. wow…that knowledge must be very fulfilling to the woman as well.

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  • Geoff

    It happened last night by accident, and I’m strangely intrigued now.
    My wife asked me if I wanted to continue and I said if it was ok with her it was ok with me. We have a three month old who seems to prefer formula now. I really would like to try this again.

  • Lisa

    I have yearned to have my husband help me relactate and have a ANR Seriously considering finding a casual affair to enable me to full fill .

  • Annie

    Is it weird that I want the lady who just adopted me to breastfeed me? I’m an 18 year old female. I was sexually and physically abused all my life. I want to know what it feels like to be held and loved like that. I don’t want it to be sexual at all!


  • Suckler

    I don’t think this is weird. It is an amazing safe and wonderful feeling to be embraced by a loving milkmaid while you gently suckle and feed from her. I don’t think that just because you are female makes it weird at all, regardless of gender I can fully understand why you might seek this type of love and company. My wife and I don’t mix lovemaking with our suckling at all so the act of nursing doesn’t have to be sexual. Good luck and I hope it is everything you hope for.

  • Ian

    I hope you will be able to get your husband to feel the potential intimacy and joy of an ANR without going outside the relationship.

  • Ian

    So very envious!

  • nanny

    Suckler, I don’t have milk, but I have large breasts.. I could cradle you, while you suckle.

  • Suckler

    Thanks for the offer, I do like large breasts very much. However my wife and I are in a ANR and we are incredibly happy.

  • samantha

    I have really been wanting to try having an ANR with my husband of 20 years. But I’m not sure if he would go for it. He is a little more reserved than I am. But I think if I started to lactate while he was suckling like he always does, then perhaps he would like it. (as we have been trying some new erotic things lately, and he really has surprised me in what he wanted to try…nothing too off the wall though) I’m going to start pumping and taking a few herbal supplements to help get me started. I understand that starting this process takes a long time to get any results. Any suggestions on how I could introduce this to him? Thank you for any and all replys.

  • Breast Milk Lover

    I love to suckle breast milk
    i have a very strong desire to do that
    and am very eager to put your nipple into my mouth
    . you can chat with me on yahoo


  • Annie

    Would you let “me” nurse from you?

  • Matt

    It’s not weird to me at least, if you’ve never experienced that, theirs nothing wrong with you wanting to do that. Most people will think it’s weird but if you want to experience it you have every right to feel that way.

  • Sofia
  • Hetek

    Hi Sofia,

    I’m not a woman, but would love to watch the finished product. Which organization are you affiliated with? Where would one watch the documentary once it is complete?

  • Breastmilklover

    I experienced breastfeeding my girlfriend and loved it!!!! Being from Atlanta I am not finding many willing ladies. I think an ANR is Beautiful and comforting after a hard days work. It really does bring on love and closeness that a physical relationship does not enjoy. I would love to see responses!!

  • Breastmilklover


    I hope you and you get what you want from him!! Have you had any luck with relactating??

  • Edward

    I’ve always wanted to find a breastfeeding relationship even if sex is not involved. I’m a guy & I’ve tried it once with my ex & found the experience to be very neat. if there are any nannies, lactating mommies or woman that would like to lactate I’m very much open to the experience since we could both benefit from this. large breast or if you over produce milk that’s a plus email me [email protected]

  • Annie

    Is there anyone who would be willing to let me have an ANR with them? I am an 18 year old Female. I am looking for more of a motherly type relationship than sex. I was abused growing up, and am looking for some love and comfort. If you would be willing to help me out, that would be great! Email me at [email protected] Please!

  • Garth

    I have had two successful ANR relationships, and am here to tell you that it is one of the most immensely rewarding of life’s experiences.
    Yes, if the lady is not currently, it will take her many months to induce, but the joy of getting there is also the joy. You both must commit to the longterm and regular practice, in order to succeed.

    My last ANR was with a lady who was eager to get there, and in time just my work on her alone would bring her to multiple orgasms. By all means, pursue it and enjoy the multiple joys in the journey.
    -Garth, Columbus

  • SoHappy

    Participating in an ANR is one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. The level of commitment and continuity is amazing. I have not achieved a large amount milk to share yet, but relactating takes time. for those interested in trying, my research and experience has shown me 4 tricks to relactating: visit a GNC store and buy Fenugreek capsules. Take 2 twice or 3 times a day (not at the same time as any other supplements or prescriptions — space them out at least an hour. Also at the GNC store is an herbal tea called Mother’s Milk. Additionally, if you are so inclined, there is a drug no longer marketed in the US because it does not have a wide enough audience, but commonly used around the world called domperidone 10mg tablets. It is normally prescribed for stomach comfort and is widely used for inducing lactation amongst adoptive mothers. It can be bought without a prescription from a few distributors overseas via internet. Finally, to aid in increasing milk supply, an inexpensive dual breast pump ($30 on Craigslist if you shop well) can assist you to reach your goals when you can’t be together at scheduled nursing times.

  • Annie
  • morning

    …looking for ANR……in the 16823 area..

  • Pete


    April 26, 2012 at 10:15PM

    I have always wanted to find a breastfeeding relationship even if sex is not involved. I’ve tried it once with my ex & found the experience to be very neat. If there are any willing nannies, lactating mommies or women that would like to lactate I’m very much open to the experience since we could both benefit from this. large breast or if you over produce milk that’s a plus email me [email protected]

    When I think about it, breast milk would be full of all kinds of nutrients including: vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The breast milk would become part of my bones, my muscles, my skin, my lips, my eyes…and the woman who suckles me would become part of me in a very real way. There is something incredibly beautiful about that. I cannot wait to share this experience with her.….”Her milk in me, my seed in her”…. of course if she would like it that way

  • morning

    ..very interested…814~441~1372……text it…

  • Jen

    My husband and I have been in a dry ANR for almost a year. I finally got the courage to admit that breastfeeding him would be fulfilling one of my biggest fantasies. We got close to milk coming out but it was a lot of work and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I still long to fed him. But until then we enjoy our suckling time. It’s so relaxing.

  • Michelle

    So, my husband has done the research on ANR because he’s wanted me to nurse him for quite some times. He emailed me several different links on the subject. I am currently nursing our 14 month old son. I want to make my husband happy and feel intimate with him…but my brain just shouts no. I’ve been nursing a baby for 14 months. I’m ready for “the girls” to be “mine again”. Am I being selfish?

  • Timothy
  • Blue

    This is sooooooo hot!!!

  • Jen

    I see nothing wrong with man enjoying a womans body…that is essentially what it comes down to. The intimacy alone is worth the investment. I, as I am sure there are many more would love the shared contact that promotes a deeper involvement in a relationship.

  • Pat

    I have received it and loved it. truly a special love experience during sex. I would love to do it on a regular basis. If anyone is interested and from the cleveland and akron areas contact me please Pat

  • Ann

    Yeah I don’t see anything wrong with this. The milk is more natural than a cow’s. Cow’s milk has a stream of blood in it and other impurities. This milk goes thru a process, but it’s impurities aren’t completely dissolved. Women must eat properly as well to produce healthy milk.

    Mmm..the actual act though!!! It is already sensual for a man to suck your breast. Just to keep pulling, this has to be sizzling hot. Besides that, seems as if a deeper bond would be created. Maybe it’s just me, but the more I think about it’s actually a turn on. Then to do it public. Yeah. .that’s on point!

  • Loquacious

    This is ridiculous. Breast milk is like liquid gold. Hell to the no am I going to allow my husband to have any of it. It’s for our son. Especially when that’s the only source of food our son is getting. Further, if a man wants to suck milk from a nursing mother, then there are some serious psychological issues that need to be worked through. Yeah, I said it.

  • Ann

    Just to add, I have heard elderly people state, “He must be drinking your breasted milk.” So it’s not new. Maybe to some…

  • Ann

    Correction: breast milk

  • http://clutchmagonline rob

    Hi Pat ..

    It would be so erotic and special to share a beautiful woman’s body in such a intimate way. It is so erotic to share such a unite and intimate part of a woman’s body. To me sex is mutual intimacy, there can not be anything more intimate that the taste of your partner. I live in Newcastle UK. I am slim attractive in and in my late 40′s ..

  • Deedee

    Hello Everyone,
    I am interested in finding a partner that is equally commited to pursue and maintain an ANR relationship.

    Its been a dream of mine for a long time but just haven’t found the right person that wants to do it for the right reasons.

    Contact me if you want to discuss or if you live in Las Vegas, NV.

    Have a great week!

  • Lane

    Bliss-full. I would love your direction on how long it took you to re-introduce lacation and specifically after the wells had been dry many years. I am in your same age and stage of life, my husband and I both needing this bond as our children move out and on with their lives. I successfully breast fed both my children, so I know how all the suckling works. I don’t know from overview website articles, how long it actually took a committed couple to bring her milk forth and/or what special means you might have employed. A huge debt of thanks for your help! [email protected]

  • Pat

    i did it back in 1979 twice loved it. I would consider paying for it even if there was no intercourse. it crates a permanent bond

  • glen

    I’m sorry, but men sucking on womens breast for milk goes all the way back to the biblical time. I think is but natural and also can be erotic for the the male and female.

  • Ed

    Hi DeeDee, when I was younger, I experienced an ANR. I felt so bonded to my partner, unfortunately, I didn’t realize how special it was til I matured. It’s not for everyone, so I’ve gone yearning that closeness ever since.


  • Michelle

    I have been lactating ever since the birth of my daughter 18 years ago between tandem nursing all my kids, nursing my niece and cross nursing I have never stopped.
    My husband loves my milk. It is a bond like no other. with him I don’t have to pretend that BFing isn’t erotic. I will nurse him until my breasts can not make milk any more.

  • Michelle

    You must be a real twit. As a breastfeeding mom you should know that the more milk removed from your breasts the more you will make. So hubby would not “steal” your child’s milk. your breasts would just make extra. It would actually increase your supply.

  • http://chocolatemilkqueenb.com Renee’

    I actually started a group for ANRs to build more awareness of it. It can be found at: https://fetlife.com/groups/56263. It’s more prevalent than most people think, but hasn’t gone mainstream yet. We’re hoping that with the popularity of the 50 Shades of Grey, that people will start realizing that this is a kink also! I also do cam shows expressing breastmilk for those who love the art as well. You’d be amazed at my following!

  • LEB

    I’m looking forward to trying this when my husband and I have a child, and possibly continuing after weaning. I enjoy it when my husband sucks on and plays with my nipples and breasts now (as do most women), and the idea of him being able to enjoy the true purpose of my breasts just enhances that feeling. Fact is, breasts serve duel purposes, both as a source of nutrition for babies AND as an integral feature of female sexuality. It wouldn’t feel so nice to have them caressed and kissed if we weren’t supposed to get enjoyment out of it! Besides, nursing your baby and erotic contact with your lover are two VERY different things, and I don’t see why we can’t appreciate breasts for every lovely thing that they represent.

  • LEB

    This is one reason I’m looking forward to being able to experience it with my husband, because even now we both very much enjoy when he sucks on my breasts. It turns both of us on quickly, and is also incredibly relaxing. How I would feel about my husband drinking my breastmilk vs how I imagine I will feel when nursing our baby is so completely different, like night and day. One is a nurturing, nutritive act between mother and child, and the other is sharing my body with my lover in a uniquely intimate way.. a way to be close that is as intimate as lovemaking itself. And hey, since him caressing and mouthing and suckling my breasts is a usual part of our foreplay, it might actually lead to making the baby!

  • stein adryana

    I have some questions to you about breastfeeding if you do not mind

    How long are you breastfeeding

    What position did you use to nursing

  • http://Clutch Leeann

    I’m a woman in her mid 40′s who breastfed my babies – almost 20 years ago. How do you get the milk to flow again? Please let me know!

  • Gentle Man

    I have successfully reintroduced lactation to my wife by suckling her in 2 – 4 daily sessions of between 10 and 30 minutes.

    The bliss, the peace, the bonding and the love are sensational for both of us.

    The only issue I have had to address within myself has been that lying in her lap ( as a baby would) provoked some concerns that my motivation was infantile, which it is certainly not.

    As a consequence we prefer her lying down either on her back or her side with me stretched along her side. For erotic enhancement we sometimes have her on all fours with me below her.

    It is still rather new for both of us. In fact I thought I invented the idea until I started researching :-)

    It has taken a couple of months to see sizable quantities of milk.

  • Medgirl

    Adult breast feeding is one of the most erotic sensations a woman can have. I’m bisexual and I self induced lactation. Men and women both enjoy breast feeding from me and it always results in mutual mindblowing orgasms….

  • M

    This sounds amazing. I wish I had someone to share this with.

  • M

    I am Bi as well, and would love to induce lactation! How did were you successful in doing so? :)

  • Breast Milk Lover Man

    This is the best thing which a man can get in his whole life. A breast milk. If you can drink cow’s milk, Goat’s Milk then y not a wife’s breast milk. If anyone would offer me to suck some breast milk I would never say no..

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    i’m lactose intolerant……

  • RobynNguyen

    I’m 24, with a 5yo. I hadn’t breast fed since 2008. My husband would randomly try it while having intercourse. I actually enjoyed it because his suck is stronger the milk would flow more, which feels great when you have engorged breasts. But the best part is when my husband gives me oral sex & I achieve that orgasm my milk lets down & hits him in the face! I decided to start lacating again, using my pump 3x’s a day, 15mins (each breast). And my husband would suckle at night for 10-15mins. I also took the tea Mothers Milk to help,drink plenty of water 8-10 bottles a day. It took 2 weeks for my milk to come in again. My boobs went from a 36C to a 40DD!!! The bond is amazing before doing this I was considering leaving him for other reasons. ohh Mangos & Pineapples make your milk sweeter! :)

    Multi-racial couple from Orlando,Fl

  • http://anrseattle.wordpress.com luvsmilk

    An ABF/ANR relationship is a beautiful thing. I have had a few over the years, and its not about sex, it can be, but that is between you and your partner. Sharing a bonding experience like suckling and holding each other is wonderful. And yes Pineapples makes the milk, better. It is taboo because a lot of people are not open to it or they are quiet about it which is understandable, but open up and know that there are others like you and me that enjoy this wonderful experience. More people should do it and experience it. It is something that has been done since the beginning of time, why stop now?

  • http://AsAbove Wally Dunkley, Melbourne Australia.

    Love what I,ve read, and would love to try, Have partner with “big ones” but she dislikes the idea, “feeding”, but I,ll keep trying, all the best to you all


  • MikeinVA

    My girlfriend and I have just started an ANR and are both enjoying it very much! We’re not likely to actually induce her, since we only nurse twice a day, but even ‘dry’ nursing has proven to be wonderful for our relationship. There’s noting quite like the closeness, relaxation and comfort we find together as we fall asleep, or wake up, to a nursing session.

  • Lis

    I would LOVE to have a nursing relationship. Lactation or not. I think the bonding would be beneficial to both. I hope one day I get to.

  • Erica

    ANR is a wonderful comforting thing for both people involved. I was in an ANR for 8 years with 2 women(4 yrs with one and 4 with the other) and those were the best relationships I ever had. Being nursed brings comfort,relieves stress,and definately helped with my insomnia. I loved it when my girlfriend put me to sleep nursing me and being awakened by her rubbing her nipple over my lips to nurse me in the morning was amazing. If I was grouchy or moody,she would grab me and shove her boob in my mouth and after about 30-45 mins of nursing,I’d have a whole new attitude. Both of these women have never been with someone thats into ANR but after a couple weeks of doing it, they were more into it than I couldve hoped for. Now I’m single and its been hard to find other lesbians to date that will share the boobs!! The withdrawals suck(no pun) so Im hoping to find a suitable dry nursing partner soon!

  • Gray

    I have had two ANR’s over the years and they were the most amazing close relationships I have had with any women. The closeness involved and the bonding is incredible and both women felt it was very erotic and a huge turn on.

  • Meghan

    Where are you located? I am trying to induce, and can’t stop thinking about this!

  • Big Gulp

    I would totally nurse you. I am trying to induce and am looking for that closeness to share with someone. Where are you located?

  • Frank

    I had the experience couple of times. When we had our first child, the wife was having problem in lactating and I helped just to get the milk flowing. That worked and I loved it at the time. After I have tried to do it again but she would not let me…I guess she does not approve. Now I am single and hoping to find a welling partner. Frank, email [email protected]

  • Michelle

    meghan, I can assist you with this. Email me clyvny1 at yahoo

  • Sammy

    I’m so fascinated by the Idea can’t stop thinking about it . I’m in las vegas

  • Lee

    I am actually a lactating mom, and my husband does nurse from me. It is actually extremely comforting and usually puts me to sleep. It started when my baby got sick and could not breastfeed for about a week (had feeding tube in hospitAl). My breast got engorged and it hurts to pumps. So he provided me with relief in a more gentler way. Since then it’s been a loving comfort like holding hands or cuddling in bed.

  • ann

    I definately would do it. I was in an ANR relationship briefly and loved it. I have been looking for some one like minded to suckle from me again.

  • Jay Banks

    I love the idea,,,did it briefly,,now divorced, how would we contact each other on here??? Even if just to talk…………thank you!

  • ann

    There are plenty of ways to contact someone about starting and ANR. You could start with email if they are from here.

  • ann

    I would try email

  • Lisa

    Dear Annie,

    I’m twenty-two and adopted (not on paper) but I wanted my mom to do it to me too! I was sexually abused as well. Its the closeness that I desire from being treated in a safe way I didn’t experience as a child. I’m in love with this man who treats me like gold and understands and knows about my abuse and is very gentle with me and respects me a great deal for going through what I’ve experienced, we kind of tried it once and it was very comforting and healing! If you meet a wonderful person who treats you with honor and respect you, I would say you could try to ‘pretend nurse’ on him, or if you feel comfortable maybe he could in return do the same to you in that same loving manner.

    You rock. thanks for the post annie


  • http://google heather
  • Ann
  • George

    I have experienced 2 adult nursing relationships, The first one last 2.5 years and the second 6 years. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve had an ANR and I really want to experience it again. I’m in SoCal. If you’re interested or want to know more about me send me your email address/

  • arpit

    hi i also want it contact me?

  • CRS
  • CRS

    I have always fantasized about having an ANR.
    I would need help inducing lactation.
    Such a beautiful thing!

  • papu

    hi can i contact u and help u?

  • CRS
  • papu

    hey i m online on yahoo come there?

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