This year is not ending on a happy note for some couples that are desperately trying to maintain balance despite domestic chaos. The latest headlines are not encouraging thanks to the predictable pathetic setup.

Allen Iverson, former NBA heavyweight, has allegedly put his soon to be ex-wife Tawanna and five kids in a desperate bind. She claims that not only did he leave them penniless, but he also left them $23,000 in debt. The story goes that after Tawanna filed for divorce back in June of this year, her estranged husband abruptly stopped providing financially for his children, even though his net worth is an impressive $20 million. And to make matters worse, he continued to withdraw large sums of money from their joint account, including a withdrawal for $20,000, which she claims he spent on diamonds! Yikes! Looks like Iverson needs someone to put him in check. Hopefully Tawanna is up to the task.

Terrell Owens is also having a trying time living up to his fatherly duties. He is being ganged up on by two of his baby mommas who have jointly filed a court motion pleading with the LA County judicial system to bring Owens to task for being $30,000 behind in child support payments. Samelia Miller, mother of his five year old son, and Kimberly Floyd who has a seven year old daughter with the athlete turned reality star, are both accusing Owens of missing several months of payment.

His PR crew is doing damage control by insisting that T.O. is aware of the situation, and that because of his unstable employment status, it has been challenging for him to meet his expectations and that explains why he is trying to adjust his child support payments accordingly.

Either way, it is sad to see two grown men being publicly embarrassed for flaking out on something that is clearly their responsibility and duty. When will the train finally arrive at the station for good?


  1. Unbelievable

    What kid needs 63,000 a month to be supported. Its an absolute joke these females get this much money. Thats over a quarter million a year just to support a kid, and they get their rent paid too! What an absolute joke. These money hungry bitches deserve no more than 2000 a month, and maybe the worthless ass can get a part time job and a babysitter.

    • Donna M.

      Whoever you are, I absolutely agree. The more of these stories I read, the more it comes down to women giving birth to babies to get money out of men = Breeding for $s.

  2. I think even thought all of these people should have to provide for their kids but if the man is not making that kind of money anymore I think they should lower his child support and they should teach these brothers about protecting themselves and their kids. I am a coo of a fortune 500 company and when my marriage ended I had to pay all this money in alimony and I was raising my 2 children. I dont believe child support of that amount should be given to these women because they laid on their back and had a baby. I think the child should be provided for but in a diffrent manner. Baby momma driving 100,000 dollar cars child support footing the bill come on. Im footing the bill for him and his girlfriend to drive nice and live rich for 5 years never again.

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