Soul singer Anthony Hamilton sat down with Rolling Out for next week’s issue and had some wise words to share about the state of black love and what he thinks black women should keep in mind while pursuing lifelong commitments with black men.

On The Biggest Misconception About Black Love:

The biggest misconception about black love is that we don’t get along or we don’t evolve as a couple. She’s making too much money, or he’s making more, we have that “I’m not good enough,” syndrome, but there are a lot of couples out there doing well together. Doctors and lawyers in one family, or nurses and construction workers in one family, and are really doing well.

It’s a misconception that black love doesn’t last. But we have couples that are 60 or 65-year-old, married couples. You have to find your strength, and your love within the Lord and you can have that too.

What is the one thing that you wish black women understood about black men?

I wish they would understood that we love the subtle, soft-spoken woman a lot more than the aggressive attitude. Because once you adopt that attitude you tend to use it and you use it not for good anymore, it becomes an unbalance. We love the soft side of a sister. We love the soft side of a woman, the submissive side. A man has to make you comfortable enough to show that side so you don’t have to be so defensive; so it’s a two way street.

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What do you think of Anthony Hamilton’s views on black love?

  • Chnyere

    actually, it just wasn’t funny …fail

  • Vee!


    To clarify: by “her children” I meant women shouldn’t have kids with any ol’ dude. I was not implying that the children a woman has are hers alone.

    My point was that submission–defined liberally or not–as well as kids, sexual relations, leases and etc.should all be considered “sacred” and not shared with just any guy. It’s backwards to say “many women are quick to commit kids and finances to many men, so they should put all their faith in them too” as opposed to “just as women should choose wisely who they allow to lead them, they should, too, be picky about whom they bed/co-parent/financially commit to”–so I hope your point was rhetorical…

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