Beyonce Excitedly Awaits Baby, Wants More Kids

by Britni Danielle

Perhaps the most talked about pregnant woman on the planet hasn’t even given birth to her little one yet but she’s already planning to have more babies.

Beyonce recently let it slip that while she really, really can’t wait to meet her little one, she’s already thinking about increasing the size of her family.

The 30-year-old mommy-to-be said: “I have always said that I want to have all my children by the time I am 40, so there’s still a lot of time left. There is an attraction for sure about having a large family, but we will just have to see what we are blessed with.”

Beyonce comes from a relatively small family and has just one sibling, her sister Solange, but she’s created an extended family for herself that includes her former Destiny’s Child bandmates, Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams. And Kelly is just as excited as her superstar bestie about the baby. According to Bey, Kelly will be a great helper when the baby arrives.

Bey continued: “We are a really close family so I will have lots of support from my parents and my sister. Also, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get rid of Kelly now ‘The X Factor’ has finished. I know how much she wanted to be here during my pregnancy, but she was doing a great job on the show. I know she will be a great help. She’s a great help now, even just knowing I can call her any time.

“My sister will be amazing. She is one of the most important people in the world to me. If you ever upset my sister, you better run away from me as fast as you can!”

For those of you who want to have kids, do you have a number in mind? 

  • lostluv224

    LOL i love what she says about her sister, Me and mines fight constantly, but growing up I was always talking out my neck because i knew noone wanted it with my sister lol. she’d fight a damn grissly bear and still get straight A’s lol.

    sisters- gotta love em

  • Candy1

    I like the idea of a small family. I never wanted a gang of kids. I love my kids, and I would never undo anything, but having two children–a boy and girl at that–brings a type of balance to our home that would be thrown off if we had a third child. Of course, if another child was conceived, then I’d adapt my thinking accordingly.

  • LegalGrindWifey

    I would love to have 3 but everyone tells me how expensive daycare is so we will see when I get to at least #1.

  • fuchsia

    I’m expecting my first in February. I always wanted either 1 or 3. I want an odd number of kids. I come from an even numbered family so it always appealed to me to have an odd number of kids but I think 5 would be too many. lol

  • Candy1

    It’s funny that you said that because I come from an odd numbered family (3 kids), and I said I never wanted more than 2, but especially never wanted 3 or even 5. In our family, there was me and my sister, who are super close…and then there is my brother. Even though we all get along well, he said he always felt lonely. That stuck with me.

  • LN

    I want 5 kids!!! I know it sounds crazy, but I had 3 siblings growing up, and we always felt one was missing, lol! We were always hoping my mom would pop out a 5th.

    I’m in no rush to have children though. When the money is right and my husband and I are more stable, the baby making will begin!

  • Shan

    I want 1 the husband-to-be wants a tribe lol so we settled on 3(that’s a great number) as I am the oldest of 3.

  • CD86

    Just 2, preferably twins.

  • African Mami

    ONE! JUST ONE! SHOULD I HAVE TWINS…I WILL sell one on ebay!!!!!!!! Who wants to pre-order?!

  • hehe

    He!! to the yeah daycare is expensive! I’m not a mother but you can easily spend 20,000+ on daycare. That’s why I will never go into motherhood without being financially stable.

  • LaShee

    and to add to that, if you’re thinking about having kids, you better get your future seed on the year long waiting lists, STAT.

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