Beyonce Working On 5th Album Already?

by Britni Danielle

Looks like Queen Bey is back at it again. Despite gearing up to give birth to her first child in a few months, Beyonce isn’t slowing down just yet. According to frequent collaborator, The Dream, Bey is ready to get into the studio and bang out a few tracks for her fifth solo album.

Dream told music blog The BoomBox: “She’s ready to work. She’s crazy! She never stops doing anything. I don’t know if [pregnancy] is going to slow her down. She’s just incredible with doing things, I don’t know how she’s going to do it, she’s just a maniac… in a good way.”

Although many wondered if baby Knowles-Carter was going to stop Mama Bey from working, it looks like the answer is a resounding no. Perhaps she’s trying to get as much done as possible before her reported February due date, or maybe she’s just going to keep on working while caring for her newborn.

At any rate, those who wanted Kind B to find the nearest seat and sit down will be sadly disappointed because it looks like she’s determined to keep the music flowing.

  • Priceless34

    Oh her again…hopefully her next album will have some good music.
    I think she has such a beautiful voice but wastes it on bubblegum music.
    I think her last album was all over the place and she looked as someone trying to maintain a youth that apparently isn’t there….

  • LN

    She probably wants some sort of a ‘do-over’ for the failure of her latest album, ’4′.

    Although I *personally* loved the album, it failed the Beyonce standard in every way — sales, radio play, YouTube views, buzz… So maybe she’s trying to hop in the studio to make things right again.

  • Whatever

    “trying to maintain a youth that apparently isn’t there….”

    I got that feeling too. 30 is definitely her stage age.

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  • SxyDread

    pregnant women work every day… why is Beyonce any different? She’s pregnant, not crippled.

  • grace

    That is EXACTLY what I thought! why do people treat pregnancy like it is a physical handicap? I am not quite sure why she is over-applauded for doing the norm.

  • African Mami

    Jesus! She gon be pushing out a baby and recording at the same time. She is crazy! Pregnancy is not crippling, BUT this woman works CRAZY! Just enjoy you and the baby,…so she is pregnant for realz?!

  • bronx_rican

    Anyone who knows real music would of LOVED “4″ like I did! It was different in everyway possible and did not sound like any of the junk that was being played on the radio at all. And actually the album was quite a success in just about every country, not the greatest success in the US but internationally “a success”! And try being a celebrity and having a baby and having to travel everyday, go from hotel to hotel and bus to bus and see if you would consider that a normal working pregnant woman. smh

  • Echaka

    um 4 did not fail… album sales were really good and it was #1 on the charts sooo…. yeah.

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