Is Being Colorblind Just Another Form of Racism?

by Britni Danielle

For years now, I’ve heard many people say that they are “colorblind” in an attempt to prove they are not racist. Usually, this is followed by a statement explaining that they don’t see a person’s color because at the core we’re all human. While it sounds good on the surface, people who profess colorblindness have always made me a little uncomfortable.

While we are, in fact, human, we can’t escape the role race and ethnicity plays in our lives. Although race is socially constructed, our ethnicities, nationalities, race, and cultural experiences inform who we are as people, and discounting those experiences under the guise of a  colorblindness just doesn’t feel right to me. After all, recognizing and acknowledging each other’s differences isn’t a step back, but rather a step toward true inclusion.

Recently, Psychology Today took a look at the ideology behind being racially colorblind. In the article, “Colorblind Ideology Is A Form of Racism,” Dr. Monica Williams argues that refusing to acknowledge the racial and ethnic differences of others is a form of racism.

Williams writes:

At its face value, colorblindness seems like a good thing — really taking MLK to task on his call to judge people on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. It focuses on commonalities between people, such as their shared humanity.

However, colorblindness alone is not sufficient to heal racial wounds on a national or personal level. It is only a half-measure that in the end operates as a form of racism.

She breaks it down:

In a colorblind society, Whites, who are unlikely to experience disadvantages due to race, can effectively ignore racism in American life, justify the current social order, and feel more comfortable with their relatively privileged standing in society (Fryberg, 2010). Most minorities, however, who regularly encounter difficulties due to race, experience colorblind ideologies quite differently. Colorblindness creates a society that denies their negative racial experiences, rejects their cultural heritage, and invalidates their unique perspectives.

Let’s break it down into simple terms: Color-Blind = “People of color — we don’t see you (at least not that bad ‘colored’ part).” As a person of color, I like who I am, and I don’t want any aspect of that to be unseen or invisible. The need for colorblindness implies there is something shameful about the way God made me and the culture I was born into that we shouldn’t talk about. Thus, colorblindness has helped make race into a taboo topic that polite people cannot openly discuss. And if you can’t talk about it, you can’t understand it, much less fix the racial problems that plague our society.

If colorblindness isn’t the answer to dealing with racism, Williams argues what many of us have always known: Multiculturalism is the answer.

Learning about the culture, practices, and nuances of another’s culture does more to stem the tide of racism than simply ignoring our differences. Through multiculturalism, Williams argues, we can celebrate our differences while acknowledging the difficult racial pasts of others.

What do you think? Do you think colorblindness is a form of racism? Speak on it! 

  • jamesfrmphilly

    since the crime was committed on the basis of race the remedy must also be on the basis of race

  • rosie

    this would would actually be an appropriate discussion for our non-bw lurkers to join.

  • Suburban Soulgirl

    I believe so. It’s just another way of people denying that racism really doesn’t exist, and it’s all in one’s mind. I find that colorblind people are just too lazy to do the hard work and examine what is really wrong with this country.

  • Shannon

    Sometimes when this “colorblind” term is used i feel like is equal to saying oh I can’t be racist I have black friends. Come on now let’s be realistic, I don’t care how far we have evolved you will always see race, because it is apart of one’s being. Someone saying they don’t see color is like them saying they’re “genderblind” oh I don’t see male or female, we’re all the same lol come on now let’s keep it funky

  • Shannon

    sorry perhaps I should have said sex instead of gender, since we’re being so “politically correct” nowadays

  • Dan Tres Omi

    Actually it is a form of white privilege which helps continue the legacy of systemic racism. I often hear white folks make this claim. They can because they are not victims of systemic racism. They even explain that they don’t see anyone taking advantage of being white. They don’t know that privilege is invisible to the bearer of said privilege.

    I have several white colleagues who make this claim. When I point out their privilege they deny it and claim that I am calling them racist which I am not. The sad thing is that we are all taught that racism is just the KKK and a few people throwing around derogatory terms. Racism is power + bigotry. That is the racism we have to combat.

  • arlette

    omg english people love this phrase, they use it all the time. racism in england is not as obvious and in your face as in america but it exists. if you question any white person on it they will deny deny and will say one of these 12 things.
    1. oh i dont see colour
    2. why are people still taking about race its 2011
    3. im not a racist i hate all races equally
    4. ihave a mixed race cousin
    5. i have dated black guys before
    6. oh i love patrik from eastenders (black character from an english soap)
    7. black people can also be racist
    8. i have suffered from racsim myself
    9. anyone can be racist.
    10. its 2011 in case you did not know racism is over
    11.stop bringing it up all the time jeez
    12. the race card again?

  • Srenda

    Be very, very wary of a white person who says they are colorblind especially if they are someone you are about to get into a relationship with, because they are lying to themselves and thus to you. They have already begun the process of cutting off communication with you and even healing together with you from many of these ills of society and you want to make sure that no matter who your honey is you’ve got a road dawg for life. This “colorblind” person will be the person who later on when angry and you bring up something they said or someone said or did that might be a little racist that you are pulling the race card. This is a person who has already given up on themselves and you. At the very heart of it, pure love is how it should be, so I understand why people would say this but there’s usually a lot to work through before getting to this state. The very word, colorblind, really does suggest there is so much a person is refusing to see. It’s sweet, it’s hopeful, but it’s also arrogant.

  • arlette

    so ture, tots agree with what you are sayin. english people love this phrase, they use it all the time. racism in england is not as obvious and in your face as in america but it exists. if you question any white person on it they will deny deny and will say one of these 12 things.
    1. oh i dont see colour
    2. why are people still taking about race its 2011
    3. im not a racist i hate all races equally
    4. ihave a mixed race cousin
    5. i have dated black guys before
    6. oh i love patrik from eastenders (black character from an english soap)
    7. black people can also be racist
    8. i have suffered from racsim myself
    9. anyone can be racist
    10. its 2011 in case you did not know racism is over
    11.stop bringing it up all the time jeez
    12. the race card again?

  • Srenda

    Exactly and over here in the U.S. we get the “oh but the President is black” thing. It’s like “Colorblind” people know how insidious racism is that they are really powerless to acknowledge it and address it on a much deeper level. The best white friends(any friend, really) are those who will be your allies the ones who will say I am listening. because they respect that you prolly know what you are talking aobut since you are the one on the recieiving end. What is needed is healing. I can’t have close white friends in my life if they don’t want to grow and heal alongside with me. My motto is, “If you are colorblind, stay away from me.” Openly acknowledge the ignorances and prejudices,( unconscious or otherwise) that you may have just by being born into this world and fed racist BS from jump.

  • Srenda

    @arlette the above was in response to what you wrote.

  • Dave92440

    I’m a 70 year-old retired ‘white guy’ who writes for a living. I stumbled upon Clutch Magazine the other day, and i’m hooked.

    I don’t think that ‘colorblindness’ is a form of racism. Instead, I think that it’s a form of passive denial. If anything, I believe that it is some people’s way of leveling the playing field so that more serious, sincere dialogue can ensue.

    I believe that we are all (unfortunately) labeled within minutes of being born. We didn’t CHOOSE our religion, we were born into it. My color was predetermined during conception , so that was already cut-and-dried at birth. Once all of the labels are affixed, and we are finally determined to be “what we are,” the comparisons begin. Until then, black and white don’t mean anything, or tall/short, blue eyed/brown eyed, rich/poor, or Protestant/Catholic/Jewish. We just lie there and our parents, relatives and culture take over. We are taught to differentiate, prejudge and above-all, conform.

    I have good friends who are Chinese, from India, and Milwaukee; and, they are first of all, friends. Their race and nationality doesn’t matter to me, but I never saw this as being ‘colorblind.”

  • fuchsia

    People that say they are colorblind are actively ignoring a problem that is large scale by making it personal. It’s an attempt to win points with people of color. I don’t think they want to be racist, but everyone who has said this to me follows that statement with a racist one. I laugh at their attempt and shake my head at their ignorance. Nice Try but I’ve already given up on white people and their sorry attempts, no matter how nice they are. The best they can say is they don’t understand what it’s like to be a person of color and leave it at that.

  • rosie

    that’s a very comprehensive list arlette. i must add the, ” i don’t care if you’re white, black, yelllow or purple…” line. i’ve read that often in the us

  • Michelle

    From my experience, the “I am colorblind and I only think there is one race: the human race” tagline has come from a former friend of mine, who was a black person.
    Now I tried to commend her for the ‘utopic mindset and lifestyle’ that she had, but I always thought that she was disillusioned and in denial, as well as, out of touch with reality. I understood where that mindset cultivated from (her parents and the heavily Caucasian-dominated community that she lived in), but I thought she needed to get a grip on reality.

  • IAMerikaellis

    Saying colorblind isn’t the same as proclaiming color-equality. We will never be ethnically equal simply because we are different. It can be both positive and negative. Same with gender. Women are not men and vice versa therefore will never be equal regardless of opportunity granted.

    If white people want to claim they are down with the brown, let em. It wasn’t too long ago that they were singing a different tune. Racism has progressed… and I dunno maybe it is just suppressed. We live in a passive aggressive era with technology and all. We will always be offended because the hurt of our ancestors is within us. But we don’t have to carry their burden, they fought for us to take the humanity approach. Be aware, but don’t let it define what could be.

  • DBG

    It’s like saying “post-racial” or if you’re just on some extremist tip… “reverse racism”…

    It just another way to discriminate without calling you out of your name in most cases.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    thank you white man for providing the exact example of the problem.
    white privilege is invisible to white people. that is, they do not care to see it.
    the first line of defense of the racist is denial.

  • Cantarah

    Your list made me laugh. It never fails to amaze me how many people think “I hate all races equally” is fresh and original.

  • Clnmike

    I agree with 100% with the article and some of the comments but hesitate to narrow the focus to just race. You will not get a short supply of black people and people of color in general who subscribe to this ideology because they themselves benefit from the system or have found a way to navigate through it. They are the ones to hold up examples of those who “made it” as example of systematic change instead of seeing it as anomalies. I say a healthy dose of class status can be injected into this as well. Funny enough I see this ideology as more of a problem with places like Europe, and latin American countries who swear they see no race than the United States whose confrontational nature on race makes it more progressive.

  • 2012Chocolate

    It’s interesting that you think there is nothing to fight for. With the highest unemployment rate,poverty, police brutality still very high in the black community. interesting no one ever puts out the numbers of how many black men were killed every year at the hands of police officers.

    Racism doesn’t define me…by saying that there is still work to do that Dr. King spoke of doesn’t make me or anyone who knows that… racist. There were many non black people apart of the civil rights movement…remember.

    I feel like this topic is a little twisted. I don’t know any white people who go around saying they are colorblind. lol It’s usually black people that want to pretend that racisim doesn’t exsist to cover things that they are doing or not doing.

  • Nic

    “I have good friends who are Chinese, from India, and Milwaukee; and, they are first of all, friends. Their race and nationality doesn’t matter to me, but I never saw this as being ‘colorblind.”

    This is a great example of the “passive denial” you speak of. The fact that “their race and nationality” don’t matter to you is disrespectful. Your white privilege allows to ignore their cultures. You can respect that they are different and still value them for the people they are. Otherwise it come off you’re pulling the same colorblind crap that upholds racism, by making them your token friends.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    One thing I noticed about people saying they are color-blind are really just that…but up to a point. They will say it and mean it- that is until their son or daughter dates outside of their race. Then it becomes a whole different story…

  • Bunny

    LMAO! It’s so funny to know that white people from other countries have the same “I’m not racist” script as the ones in America

  • Bunny

    Dude, did you read this at all? Because you truly just proved EVERYTHING that everyone’s been saying. See, this is the worst part about trying to talk to someone about racism: you give them the facts and they still WILLFULLY choose to ignore what’s right in their faces, or (in the case of a real-time example) play it off like racism isn’t really the reason. GTFOH with that shit! Excuse my language but this got me super riled up.

    Also religion isn’t something you’re born with. It’s true that what you follow my depend on the family you’re born into, but it’s something you have the choice to change.

  • Ok there…

    @2012 Chocolate

    “I feel like this topic is a little twisted. I don’t know any white people who go around saying they are colorblind. lol It’s usually black people that want to pretend that racisim doesn’t exsist to cover things that they are doing or not doing.”

    Thank you for this! I was thinking the same thing while reading the article and the comments. This ‘colorblindness’ is usually discussed along with interracial dating. I always hate hearing that. You can be with someone of a different race if you want to, but does that mean that you can’t acknowledge and appreciate the differences? I was reading on a blog written by a black girl married to a white guy where she along with some commenters vehemently backed this ‘colorblindness’ stating that they forget that they are of different races – some even indicating that they never noticed…………… ummm yeah. Ok.

  • Phillip Marlowe

    Basically she saying White people must suck up to “people of color” so we’re not considered “racist.”

    This is typical White hate. In fact, the whole business of “racism” revolves around “hating Whitey.”

    Americans are fast getting sick of these pseudo-intellectuals and media elites and this never-ending “PC” multicult gibberish. Go ahead, call me a “racist” and the whole host of names you have for Whites who stand up for our race. That’s all you can do, attack White people. We are rapidly getting to the point where we will not take it any longer.

    You are Nation Wreckers, pure and simple.

    I sincerely doubt you will have the guts to put this up, which would be typical of your tactics.

  • Phillip Marlowe

    “People of color” have turned into spoiled little brats, who blame every problem on “evil Whitey man putting them down.”

    You can’t even look at them the wrong way, before they start screaming “racism.”

    Now, Dr. Monica Williams tells us we have to kiss up to them every minute of every damn day. No matter what.

    I guess “people of color” are just so perfect, huh?

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Colour blind -

    what a crock of verbal sophistry that is. In the mouths of whites ‘colour blind’ = I want colour to be irrelevent when being white does not offer me any adavantage.

    It’s similar to the ‘best person for the job’ argument against positive discrimination (Affirmative Action).

    ‘Best person for the job’ is pretend equality, that sets up a false level playing field in which race is immaterial and all candidates will be judged purely on their ability to do the job.

    But the mere fact that you’re trying to find “the best” means you have to DISCRIMINATE and by necessity find a reason to discount all but one of the candidates.

    It is in that process that ‘best person for the job’ is not a level playing for ethnic minorities because it ignores the racial barriers to opportunity they must find a way to overcome.

    A black man may be the best for person for the job, on all criteria, and still not get it because he’s black.

    Another one is “oppose the war but support your troops”. (wtf??)

    Ignoring the fact that the troops are the instrument of war.

    “The troops defend our “freedom”.

    Ignoring the fact that the troops have been used many times to crush domestic protest for basic rights, both in Britain and the US.

    Better stop there before they ban me forever – and silence my FREEDOM OF SPEECH . . . to dissent from conventional fictions such as those I’ve outlined above and -

    the fiction of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    Happy New Year.

  • The Tip

    In order to truly understand racism, you must understand white people. They are less than 1/10th of the worlds population and declining. They are in extreme survival mode and when any person is in survival mode they will act irrationally (ie: voting against ones own economic interest). Also the term “we are all created equally” should not be confused with “we all deserve equal rights” which we all do. Blacks can do anything whites can, but whites cant do everything that people with color can do and there is envy and hatred that has resulted from it. (Just look at Pro Sports) And this is genetics, not some “slave breading theory”. At the core whites don’t hate blacks because blacks are so bad, rather they hate blacks because they are so good, not to mention blacks have the ability to reduce the white population to zero through race mixing. This is the core reason for segregation in this country. Just listen to the white extremist such as the Klan who are unabashedly honest as to their motives of racial preservation.

    Regarding the issue of being “color-blind”, like most have already said it is a passive way for whites to ignore your beauty, your God given gift of color which they lack, and more importantly away for whites to make themselves who are genetic recessive equal to someone who they desperately want to be deep in their subconscious . This might be misconstrued as racist and hatred against whites but it isn’t. Blacks don’t hate white the way whites hate blacks because blacks are not in the same precarious position of being 1/10th of the worlds population and declining while and fighting for genetic survival. So please save the “this is racist” comments. This simple common sense.

    I suggest all check out a documentary called “Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal,Moor,and African Descent” which tells you the impact of people with color on the world and why your true history was kept from you. Certain contributions like Black people invented the wheel, invented martial arts, help to construct the Russian language and so on are in the is DVD. This is something for people of all colors to watch especially blacks to get a better appreciation for who people with color are.

    Also check a book called: Taboo : Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    you ain’t never lied…….whites are recessive and we are dominant

  • Perverted Alchemist

    You know…your statements would have credibility were it not for the fact that your website has links to Stormfront and David Duke. So that renders your point fairly useless and shows the true colors behind your rant. I find it rather strange that you have an extreme dislike for Black people, but are posting on a Black website. Oh yeah, tell David Duke I said “Hi”, LMAO!!!!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    so why are you here?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    damn, you are maladjusted!

  • Phillip Marlowe

    OK, I got you. A little censorship act, huh?

    Typical. But that’s OK.

    Just remember it when the whirlwind reaches your front door.

  • Phillip Marlowe

    So that went thru? What’s wrong with this:

    OMG! My website has a link to David Duke’s website! What was I thinking?

    I guess I had a momentary lapse in MEDIA-induced brainwashing, huh? Maybe I need to watch “The View” and FOX news more so my Globalist Zionist masters will be happy that my anti-White brainwashing has succeeded in making me believe Duke is nothing but evil for exposing the real forces behind all the great things America has supported for decades now.

    You know, like the slow genocide of Palestinians and bombing the f out of Iraqis for Israel’s security. Oh, yeah, I forgot — the evil terrorist lovers had it coming.

    And I also suppose no other race could ever be “racist” but us evil Whites.

    “you ain’t never lied…….whites are recessive and we are dominant” –jamesfrmphilly

    Funny, how the White haters just can’t ever see prejudice from anyone else. Must be all the great brainwashing!

  • Socially Maladjusted


    Yes I am healthy man in an unhealthy society. Btw people who kill people on orders are who the world needs protection from. That was for you.


  • Socially Maladjusted

    I’d be more concerned about the whirlwind reaching your door, when the world tires of whites and your destructive ways.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Blacks are nation wreckers?


    How do you think the people of Iraq, Pakistan Afganistan, Palestine (too name a current few) would respond if we said whites are nation builders who bring peace and prosperity to the lands they invade?

    No one’s impressed by the white man’s anger, so get lost. You’ve racked up too many crimes against humanity to be making threats about what you will tolerate no longer.

    Do you really think the world is to going tolerate white aggression forever?

    Shut up you stupid little man.

  • arlette

    you know i dont think anyone cares much for what you have to say cause you are a racist and i personaly dont have time to listen to people like you. guess what nothing you say makes a difference to what the world will look like tomorrow, get used to it.

  • arlette

    yeah when i do hear the “oh when it comes to race im colour blind”, sentence it does come from people who are in interracial relationships.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    In order to truly understand racism, you must understand white people. They are less than 1/10th of the worlds population and declining.

    Well that 1/10th is still a far greater number of whites than there should be. Let me explain, I live in the UK where the population is over 60m, however if Britain were reduced to surviving on its own resources, it would only be able to support a population of under 20m.

    There is a surplus population of 40m whites(in Britain) who are being supported by resources stolen mostly from developing countries. They same is true for most countries in Europe and of America which, alone, uses about 25% of the world’s oil.

    Whites are not dying – they are thriving at the expense of non-whites. They are not declining, just stabilising – for now, having reached a point where they are powerful enough to control the world with the numbers they have.

    However we (specifically blacks) are declining, it is we who are in survival mode and if we want to make it to the 22nd century we’d better deal with the threat to our survival that the west poses.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    @Arlette who said to whitey

    “guess what nothing you say makes a difference to what the world will look like tomorrow, get used to it.”


    @Phillip Marlowe (the detective or defective)

    Are you even trying to deny your non-white victims the right to hate their victimisers?

    We can’t hate you as much as you hate us?

    Dream on fool.

  • Isis

    I agree that whites are in survival mode but I don’t think they are declining in population. It is true that blacks have the genetic power to wipe whites off the earth but whites don’t have to worry about this. Contrary to what blacks think biracial people are NOT black. Many of them have white mothers therefore they are culturally white and their allegiance is to their white mothers which is how it should be. Blacks don’t hold this same allegiance to their mothers that’s why black men have no qualms bringing a white woman home to his black mother. Whites understand that there is power in numbers AND that the MOTHER passes her culture down to her children. Black people can’t seem to grasp this concept which will lead to our demise. This is also why the media pushes WW/BM relationships so much over the reverse. Race mixing will ultimately be the downfall of the black race not the white race. As the black race gets lighter we will soon disappear off the face of the earth like the Moors.

    *waits for stones to be thrown* lmaooo

  • Phillip Marlowe

    Socially Maladjusted:

    “Are you even trying to deny your non-white victims the right to hate their victimisers?

    We can’t hate you as much as you hate us?”

    You’re going to hate us no matter what with all the anti-White propaganda in Jew media. Hell, you “people of color” can’t stop going on and on about slavery to this day, even though hundreds of thousands of White men died over it all. Katrina is another big line of BS you conflate into “racism.” Funny, how I never hear of blacks going to the aid of Whites like at tornadoes or floods, or even down to Haiti when that earthquake happened. Worthless crybabies who spend more energy screaming about nothing than doing something concrete and positive.

    It’s never ending the victimhood act you play. I guess you feel you have to keep up the White guilt routine for your monthly government checks.

    White people are indeed tiring of the nonsense. You remember this conversation.

  • Phillip Marlowe

    Victimizers? Right, White people really are so much the victimizers of blacks. LOL

    How many Whites get killed by criminal blacks anymore? How about all the mob attacks on White people? Everytime I turn around I see blacks going off in wild melees over nothing.

    Yeah, blacks are the ever so innocent victims of evil Whitey.

    Keep on with the bull, fool.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    why don’t the moderators get this racist off the site?

  • chanela

    i’m really not understanding the damn hypocrisy of the article and mean to tell me that if a person dislikes those from another race and discriminates then its bad… but when a person DOESN’T discriminate and judge people based on their ethnicity (aka being “colorblind”) then its just as bad as being racist because they’re ignoring that everybody is different? HUH!?!? how the fuck does that even make sense?

    i am so done with black people. never satisfied and oh so confused! SMH

  • Tweed12

    Colorblindness is the worst form of racism in my opinion. I’m more comfortable around blatant racists such as Philip Marlowe (#smiles) who have no shame in revealing their true feelings about minorities. At least I am clear as to what he feels, and can take the rightful actions to combat his ideologies. Those who deem themselves as ‘colorblind’ are the ones I watch the most. They are cordial when interacting with you, but behind closed doors say the most racist things. They are the ones who support minorities and ask for change,…….but they make sure to still have an advantage over them. I encounter this form of racism more in Mid-Western cities then anywhere else in the country.

  • Tweed12

    Colorblindess = Liberal racists

  • African Mami

    @ Phillip Marlowe,

    Your sense of entitlement is beyond DISGUSTING! Fuck outta here with that FOOLISHNESS. You are RACIST point blank period. Stop writing nonsensical dissertations!

  • Socially Maladjusted


    Can I say – your post is silly and only reveals your personal obsession with black men & white women.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    First of all no right thinking black man will ever forget slavery, we WILL talk about it forever.

    2) Half of the white men whom you say died over slavery, were fighting to keep it, the other half were mostly just doing a job.

    So f uck em.

    Some of my ancestors lived and died in slavery for 400 years, theirs the only slavery event that matters to me.

    3) The worst disaster to hit blacks has been whites, Wouldn’t be a black population in Haiti if they were not transported there by whites. Ditto Katrina.

    4) “I guess you feel you have to keep up the White guilt

    Whites are guilty of eveything, but feel guilt for nothing. The term “white guilt” is an oxymoron. Any black who tries to appeal to “white guilt” is deluded.

    5) White people are indeed tiring of the nonsense.

    6) Who gives a s hit what whites are tired of? The signs are that people around the world are getting tired of white aggression and international terrorism.

    7)“remember this conversation.”

    What, so I can give evidence against ya when the time comes?

    Fool I wouldn’t be a white man for second. The future is not white, .

  • Socially Maladjusted

    “How many Whites get killed by criminal blacks anymore?

    What do you mean “anymore”, was there was a culture of black people lynching white people.

    Yeh black people are whitey killing criminals, Muslims are whitey killing terrorists, North Koreans are nuclear weapon weilding international thugs, Iranians are Jew hating mad men – poor besieged white man.

    Everybody’s out to get ya right? .

    The criminal projecting his own criminal and murderous behaviours onto his victims.

    I pity you – so much fear and paranoia and probably not unjustifed. That’s why I wouldn’t want to be white man.

    Well correct your behaviours, repent and atone for your crimes and what YOU fear will happen to you – may not happen.

    The angry white man routine doesn’t impress anyone, the world has been coping with angry violent and criminal white men for over a 1000 years – and now the world is fed up of you.

    Piss off.

  • Paul Kruggiemanda

    Haha I was actually enjoying the article tilll I reached the solution “Multiculturalism”….haha……The scourge of the western world—multiculturalism has failed tremendously. It has only led to more division. Countries all over Europe are coming to this very obvious conclusion. Particularly- france, sweden, britain—to a lesser degree norway

  • Isis

    I know Socially the truth hurts. No obsession just astute observation. Good day

  • Socially Maladjusted


    “Truth hurts”?

    Truth never hurt me, it set me free, but I can see why YOU avoid truth if you experience pain on hearing truth.

    But don’t the lies you believe hurt you more? Seems to me you’re all hurt over a lie you made up – serves you right.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    If one thing to not be negatively influenced by colour, it’s a completely different thing to claim colour-blindness, ie = to not see colour.

    Not wanting to see colour suggests that there’s something about colour you don’t want to see.

    Well, why can’t you see colour and still be a decent human being?

    What happens when you see colour that you have to be colour blind to avoid?


  • Tweed12

    Are you suggesting that we all go back to our ‘mother’ country or continent in order to retain world peace? What about those who are multi-ethnic? Should they be forced to choose one side of their ancestry over the other? Is that fair? Is that right? The situation in Europe is different than that of America. Those of non-European ancestry should be well aware of the racism they’ll face in Europe. Which should come less of a surprise then that of America (which is seen as a peaceful multicultural country). I’m fond of Europe despite their frank racist speech. In fact that’s the reason I favor it over America. America is “colorblind”. I don’t like false reports, or phonies and America appears to have/be both.

  • IAMerikaellis

    I agree!

    Where are the people using the term colorblind? I’ve used it to describe my being an equal opportunity dater, but I never meant that I ignore our differences. That would be impossible however racial differences aren’t everything. We are so much more complex than our ethnicities.

    Black people will never stop experiencing feelings of racism until they stop concentrating on what could or should be considered racist behavior. It’s the basic law of attraction.

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  • Socially Maladjusted


    Is there a difference between multi-cultural and multi-racial? If there is then fear not, I’m sure that all you need prove to whitey is that you’re as American as he is, even if you’re not as white.



    For everyone else though I think repatriation back to their continent of origin is probably the answer to most of our problems, however the biggest obstacle to that is whitey himself. He can’t live in peace with his own kind. Europe was the most violent continent on earth. Today, only the threat of total destruction keeps the peace in Europe, not the “peaceful nature” of Europeans.

    Whitey’s intolerance for whitey is what forced him to leave his own continent in search of something better, trouble is – when he found it, he either made war with it, enslaved it or destroyed it.

    Europe’s and its offshoot (North America, Aus etc) exports its violence to those places where people cannot deliver violence on a scale equal to its own, and brings them under its dominion (slavery, imperialism, colonialism, neo colonialism, neo-liberalism).

    It then destroys the conquered nations domestic production systems, seizes control of the countries resources and then redirects its production capacity to produce goods that feed western consumption. The people are forced off lands they’ve held for centuries into sweat shops in cities, or forced to immigrate to the “multi-cultural” west.

    Nobody IN HIS OR HER RIGHT MIND wants to live among whites, people come to west because the west destroys their homelands.

    So to those whites reading my posts – DON’T FLATTER YOURSELVES, when you have been driven back to Europe and are no longer able to exploit the wealth of Black and Brown peoples around the world, you will resume your slaughter of each other, just like those “good old days” that you get so nostalgic for, when Europe was all white.

    If you think multi-racialism hurts whitey wait til ya get a loada whitey-onlyism.

    hock and spit.

  • Girl

    LOL Thanks for proving our point.

  • iQgraphics

    damn @Dave
    you were good until you made the obvious statement about your “friends”

    please see their differences, embrace and learn from them. Ignoring their differences does not make them go away.

  • iQgraphics

    Please elaborate.

  • iQgraphics

    by your definition of discrimination, every choice that is made involving people, regardless of what it is is discrimination and that big broad stroke just isn’t a fair assessment of what discrimination entails.

    the best person for the job is not discrimination. it doesn’t even level the playing field.
    its a choice based on certain criteria.

    if the criteria is based on something that is not by choice, like skin color, nationality…. etc, that’s discrimination

  • iQgraphics

    you are what your father’s father is.
    So if your father’s father is black, you are black. even if your mother is white.
    regardless of how you were raised.
    if you got your blood tested for the purpose of genealogy, whatever your father’s father was will dominate. Sorry.

    Also, its the science based on eugenics that determines race so even though the whites may be in “survival mode” as you say, 1/8th black equates to black.

    You want to know what survival mode is? See Jews.

    black folk ain’t going no where just because of the dominance of their genes. period. and i wish folks would understand that blacks are STILL the minority. in the world.

    Finally, you are correct, mothers do pass down their cultures to their children. However, you forget that american blacks have had their culture stripped from them. see slavery. but that aside, you are mistaking culture for race. Even though that little mixed raced girl was raised with a “white culture” WHATEVER THAT IS, her race is black due to the blood running thru her veins.

  • Tweed12

    Multi-racial: Race is a socially constructed ideology so I frown at the use of that word. Multi-cultural (Nationalities): Nigerian/Lebanese/Hungarian, etc.
    Muti-ethnic: Comprised of more than one ethnic group

  • Tweed12

    Apologies for my typo. Furthering my explanation of “multicultural” (i.e. African-American /Angolan-American) Subsets within the whole American culture.

  • TheDodoCracker

    Everyone going back to their homeland sounds great, however I’m not sure there would be enough mud huts in Africa to hold all of your repatriated brothers/sisters much less the knowledge to build the huts.

  • lemn Sissay

    Most people only say they are colour blind when they see someone of colour. The subject of colour blindness is a classic definition of the maladjusted approach to race which encapsulates the fundaments of racism: denial and fear.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    Tell ya what let’s not complicate this –

    best person for the job does not create a level playing in which everyone has an equal chance to get the job.

    Why not?

    because someone has to choose who gets the job, and mostly likely the person doing the choosing will be a white person who may be prejudiced against non-white candidates.

    In fact there isn’t much in the job application process that is level between non-whites and whites. (in places where non-whites are a minority)

    Instutitional power is in the hands of whites – whites make all the decisions about hiring and firing and that means non-whites will always be at a disadvantage as job seekers. You’re dependent on the good will of white recruiters to give you EQUAL treatment.

    Well that’s not good enough for me.

    That’s why I say, best person for the job is bogus, it doesn’t take those factors and a range of others, into account.

    Postive disrimination and quota systems are imperfect solutions to the racism in job recruitment problem, but we should stick with them until . . . .

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Maybe not, but we’ll just build more with all the wealth and land we’d have in our hands once we’ve repatriated the white thieves and bandits out of our lands and out of our business.

  • tnvixen

    Color blindess is a cushion for thoes who systematically dont want to deal with the rasicm that still exisit in this country….african american president or not…..and even with that i think President Obama has been one of the most disrespected presidents in recent times….questioning his birthright…cant remember that one ever being presented to any other white president…….hmmm. Color Blindness is just PC for yes im indenial about racism and i really dont care

  • Joy

    @Phillip Marlowe, can you just stop? You’re making those of us Caucasians who AREN’T bigoted ignoramuses, angry. Not all of us feel this way…but the loudest, most asinine spouters of hatred are the ones pushing their way to the front. Unfortunate for the rest of the world.

    To answer the original question, I don’t think colorblindness is racist. It’s well-meaning and comes from a place of love, but it’s trite and useless and lacks respect. As the white mom of a brown child, I can’t ignore color. To do so would be to ignore a big part of my daughter. It would be like being woman-blind, adoption-blind or child-blind. All of those are parts of her identity and should be embraced, cherished and explored, and definitely not ignored.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I think multi-culturalism has worked well in Canada and can work well in the US. I think how these countries were “created” and how they differ from Europe plays a role.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    As an aside, I cannot believe so many people are engaging with this fellow. I read the first few sentences of the first comment and skipped through all his other comments. Do people not know they do not feed the troll? On a more serious note, I think some black folks need to come to the realization that everyone’s opinions are not important; it is important not to lower yourself to engage with everyone; and this quote: Never argue with a fool. People might not know the difference.

  • Isis

    I dont agree IQ. Under ur ideology someone like Tracee Ellis Ross is white b/c her dad but u say biracials are black. So which is it?? You cant have it both ways. Only 2 black people have enough genectic power to create another black person. Im sorry that u feel blacks are so inferior that u feel a white person can create us too. Im sorry u feel that way

  • peace

    mud huts really? stfu u dumb american last time i checked not all africans are living in poverty ok and im sure they would not be searching for american people who dont even know anything about africa to rescue them

  • peace

    yeah its weird cause most women who say that are either raising a child of color or in an interracial relationship .

  • peace

    as white peopl you and that ravist dont have a right to say what you think is or isnt racist. if a person of colour says yeah its racist, believe it.

  • Girl


    so true

    Very obnoxious when white people think they have the right to say what is or isnt racist.

  • Joy

    By definition, saying you’re colorblind is not racist. Racist is defined as: 1 : belief that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others 2 : discrimination or hatred based on race.

    Saying you’re colorblind doesn’t fall under either definition. It may be clueless, silly and disrespectful, but it’s not racist.

    And you may not like it, but everyone can comment on racism. In fact, saying that white people *can’t* comment on racism is pretty closed minded. Shutting down lines of communication between the black and white communities is short sighted and incredibly counter productive.

  • Girl

    Closedminded to you and I couldnt care less what you think. I find it “closedminded” for them to dismiss what minorities consider to be racist. Now What?

  • Timcampi


    It’s funny how you think only minorities can know the definition of the word racism (clearly you don’t) when minorities are frequently racist against and towards other minorities.

    Ignorance is baffling. By definition, Joy is correct. You can’t simply ignore what a word means simply because you feel you are more correct. And I say this as a minority. What now? You say I’m white too? Lmao. And the divide begins..


    “And you may not like it, but everyone can comment on racism. In fact, saying that white people *can’t* comment on racism is pretty closed minded. Shutting down lines of communication between the black and white communities is short sighted and incredibly counter productive.”

    Exactly what this article is about. But y’know. Being white alone is a crime nowadays. You should be ashamed to exist. How dare you lol!

  • Girl

    Lol @ this Uncle Ruckus fool. My comment isnt about the colorblind comment, it’s about racist situations in general and I REPEAT I find it obnoxious when whites feel the need to dismiss situations that are obviously racist and say we’re imagining things.
    Simple as that. If STILL you have a problem with MY opinion, you could always jump off a bridge, just take Joy with you. :)

  • Timcampi

    It’s hilarious how the definition of racism has changed from “the power to negatively affect another’s life based on ethnicity and race” to, Sh*t that Black People Disagree With. Oh and the borderline racist comments in order to combat a racist white man’s assumption is the most hilarious subversion of a decent debate/argument I’ve ever seen.

    Back to the article, Color-blindedness is NOT racist. It is ignorant, misguided and damaging, but not racist. It is horribly demeaning and worse than racism in my opinion in the same way that doing nothing is worse than doing something in many situations.

  • Timcampi


    I don’t have a problem with your comment. But you were so quick to call me an Uncle Ruckus that I have a feeling you do? I mean why else state that someone who calmly disagrees with you that they are unworthy of simply being black? Since you were cosigning with peace, who was most clearly aiming at Joy’s comment about colorblindness being NOT racist, I could only correctly assume that I was approaching you in the right manner.

    Honestly, can you decently disagree with someone or is it easier to demean the person than simply coexist. Where in my above statements did I show any problem with your opinion? I await your response.

  • Timcampi

    Oh and this:
    ” I find it obnoxious when whites feel the need to dismiss situations that are obviously racist and say we’re imagining things.”

    Hilarious because you obnoxiously dismissed my opinion because I disagreed with you– bridge and all. Sigh, pots and kettles.

  • Joy

    So because I disagree with you calmly and rationally, I should jump off a bridge? Huh. I guess that’s one way to make sure black people and white people get along. Tell them they should jump off a bridge. You’re clearly a paragon of rational, calm behavior. So you tell me what I should do now.

    Should I just stop giving a shit about my daughter’s race and culture? Stop attempting to have intelligent, rational dialogue with my black friends? Stop caring about healing the rift that exists between some black people and some white people? Stop speaking out about racism? I should probably leave that up to you and stop giving a shit, since I can’t talk about racism…you know, being white and all.

  • peace

    @Joy i probably should not have said that you can’t talk about race, i just get soooo fed up with white people dismissing whatever they think is not racist. i hate it when straight people tell me what is and isn’t lesbophobic, i hate it when men tell me what is and isn’t sexist and i really, really hate when white people tell me what is and isn’t racist. You have your opinion and i have mine, if you read through the comments you can understand that I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    @Timcampi, “Being white alone is a crime nowadays,” what world do you live on exactly? Im just wondering are you white? What borderline racist comment did anyone use towards that lovely little racist man; if anything I thought people were being so polite. Yeah we have to bite our tongues in case we hurt the feelings of racists.
    And did you say colour-blindness is worse than racism? How exactly? I would rather some dumb fool think he is being friendly by telling me he doesn’t see colour, than some person who thinks I am subhuman because of the melanin in my skin.

  • Timcampi


    Uh, so I was being facetious. Really now. Is it hard to discern when someone is joking and holding a serious view? I added an lol and everything. I guess it’s easier to assume I’m a white dude.

    Also saying “I’d be more concerned about the whirlwind reaching your door, when the world tires of whites and your destructive ways.” is hardly polite and more likely prejudiced. Lumping all whites as bigoted bastards does not help anything. Like at all. I’m not saying what you said isn’t true. I’m saying what you and Girl said to Joy was out of place and didn’t make sense given the definition of the word and her VERY COMMENT. Context is important and I was responding to that.

    Did I mention I was paraphrasing Edmund Burke?

    “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.”

    Failing to accept we still live in a pretty damn prejudiced world DOES not help those who fight against institutionalized racism. In fact, it only aids those who strive to prove we’re bellyaching over nothing. I’d rather someone be an open bigot than unaware of their racist attitude. Saying stuff like “Racism doesn’t exist” undermines the people, like moi, who still have to deal with it. Saying “we’re all the same” undermines my history, my story, and how MY privilege will never be half of a white man or woman’s.

    Hell, I had a friend of mine claim that racism COULD not exist because it’s 2011, which apparently was a game changer. Despite my efforts to point him in the right direction, his white male privileged ensures he’ll never have the “You only got in here because you’re a minority” talk.

    Oh, and I’m Nigerian-American chick if it matters that much to you. But whatever.

  • hanna

    “Should I just stop giving a shit about my daughter’s race and culture? Stop attempting to have intelligent, rational dialogue with my black friends? Stop caring about healing the rift that exists between some black people and some white people? Stop speaking out about racism? I should probably leave that up to you and stop giving a shit, since I can’t talk about racism…you know, being white and all.”
    she did not say you shouldnt care jeez no one said anything about jumping of a bridge or even stop talking about race.
    so you can get on with your life feeling good about not being a racist and making lists of the things you do to make the world a better place ok.

  • Timcampi

    Also, you and I were looking at two different comments made by white guys. So yeah. I was not talking about the guy you were….haha

  • Timcampi


    Um… she most clearly told us both to jump off a bridge if we had a problem with her comment. Or did you stop reading when you realized Joy was white and needed to defend her racial sentiments? Jeez… I can’t anymore. Have a good day yall :D

  • Joy

    @Peace, believe me, I am not dismissive of racism. I’m aware of it in a way few white people can be, and in a way I never was four years ago. Even though my closest cousin/best friend was biracial and I saw how she was treated in the 70s and 80s in our small Kansas town, it was much different when it was my own child. I can tell you that I had NO idea how pervasive it still was until we adopted our daughter. Since she came home, I’ve been the subject of outright racism and subtle racism, and I’ve lost friends I’d known over half my life because their racist views became well-known. I speak out on racism all of the time because it’s important to me that people know just how pervasive it is. Just like as a woman I speak out about sexism and as a straight ally I speak out about discrimination towards the LGBTQ community.

    I’ve talked seriously and frankly with my black friends about how to raise my daughter. I’m open to advice and I’m open to discussion. And I think it hurts the cause to slam doors on people. I GET being fed up – I’m fed up with people asking stupid fucking questions about adoption all. the. time. – but I know my role in life is to keep patiently educating people as much as I can. And to keep myself learning and growing.

  • peace ok

    well joy obv thinks the opposite of you cause she thinks that colour-blindness is bad but not as bad as racism. anywho im soooo tired i get so bored talking about race. whenever i read clutch i always end up having horrible disagreements with people and its draining end i end up writing something stupid. anywho im going to bed coz its 2 in the morning in England. i cant sleep

  • peace ok

    omfg i cant sleep its fuckin 2 in the morning (in england) and i have school tomorrow.

  • Girl

    peace, Timcampi isnt white, he’s one of those oyibo worshipping “Nigger-ians”. You’d expect his behavior from those who has only seen oyibos on Tv but he’s actually one of those “Nigerian-Americans” who cabnt even speak their tongue so you’d think he’d know better but nah, wishful thinking.
    I cant be bothered, I know he will reply with some crap and hopefully Joy will fall in love with him and be a wonderful oyibo wife LOL.
    So as not be bothered anymore, Im unsubscribing from this topic. On to the next!

  • Girl

    lol @ hanna.

    “I guess that’s one way to make sure black people and white people get along. Tell them they should jump off a bridge. You’re clearly a paragon of rational, calm behavior. So you tell me what I should do now.”

    Why would I wanna get along with yall. I dont TRUST you and your wretched race. who asked aboiut your daughter? Oyibos sure love being sentimental. E pele o, oyibo babymama. Teehehehehe

  • Joy

    You greet me gently? Do you even know what you’re saying? I’m seriously LMAO at you “greeting me gently” when you’re trying to be offensive! And FYI, if you were as smart as you think you are, you’d have read that Timcampi is a woman. Reading comprehension is clearly not your strong suit.

  • African Mami

    @ TheBestAnonEver, Part2

    Word to all that you said, esp…arguing with a fool, people might not know the difference. Shoo, I done already engaged the idiot in madness! Lawwwwd have mercy!

  • peace

    @girl, “Why would I wanna get along with yall. I dont TRUST you and your wretched race.”
    oh wow um do you realise that is racist and just so mean, there’s me thinking we were on the same page. “oyibo worshipping”. really though really. i may really dissagree with joy but that does not mean im going to sink to her or that racist commenter’s level, jeez racism is not something i tolerate from white people or any other race.

  • peace

    good for you keep on doing what you are doing and dont think that everyone feels the same way as that girl.

  • peace

    oh thiis cmmen was for joy.. if it wasnt obvious

  • Timcampi


    I’m female.

    And it’s definitely spelled oyinbo.

  • Timcampi


    And now you know exactly what I was trying to say.

  • Timcampi

    @peace ok

    The issue was not whether we agreed on how destructive colorblindness is. The issue was “white people have no right to comment on what is and is not racist”. We can disagree politely. I will politely disagree with you right now. But at least to the commenter named Girl, peaceful discourse is apparently not an option.

  • Timcampi


    Also there are over 250 different cultures in Nigeria, with 4 mainly spoken languages. The fact that you just assumed everyone speaks Yoruba is HILARIOUS. The irony is laden in your comments.

    I speak Portuguese, Japanese and Yoruba. And since you have a weak mastery in English and the latter, I don’t feel the need to continue. Be well and happy new year :D

  • peace

    well yeah of course i do. last time i checked oyinbo meant white. anywho im not nigerian so i could be wrong.

  • Timcampi


    Oyinbo does mean white. Haha that was random. I don’t think there was a dispute over what it meant. xD Just the validity of treating white people like confused children who just always stumble into racism. That gets rid of accountability in my opinion… but whatever. Good luck with school :D College is d*ckriding me right now lmao.

  • peace

    ih my bad anywho thanx, yeah im also in uni ;) and stressed the f out.

  • apple

    wooo this article has blew up and guess the entourage from stormfront has invaded.. i guess the moderators are sleep or on vacation?

  • Socially Maladjusted


    It’s hilarious how the definition of racism has changed from “the power to negatively affect another’s life based on ethnicity and race” to, Sh*t that Black People Disagree With.

    Well if this ^ is true, I see it as progress. Blacks are as much at liberty to define the world in their own terms as whites, and that includes defining things we disagree with as RACIST.

    Oh and the borderline racist comments in order to combat a racist white man’s assumption is the most hilarious subversion of a decent debate/argument I’ve ever seen.

    boo hoo – white man starting trouble and then crying victim when the objects of his hate, retaliate – as usual.

    It’s ok for the white man to threaten blacks with total annihilation but not ok for a black man to say -

    nah – you first


    The white man can be indiscriminate in his hatred for blacks, but I’m supposed to be selective about which whites deserve to be wiped out.

    I’m supposed to “teach” whites that racism is wrong by confronting a racist with love rather than with my fists and a reminder to whites that the world will not put up with WHITE AGGRESSION forever.

    I don’t think so mate – don’t challenge my retaliation, challenge the racism of the fool who provoked it.

    Now I’m sure the women here will here entertain your pathetic attempt to SUBVERT the truth of what transpired in this discussion, coz that’s how it is with women, they’re good at finding ways and reasons to amuse children.

    But there’s a lot of Socially Maladjusted black men out there who don’t play with children.

    hock and spit

  • Timcampi

    @Socially Maladjusted

    What part of Nigerian-American female are yall just glazing over in order to prove a ridiculous point. Your response is childish; you can’t respond to anything I actually said so you make up sh*t to be angry at– which is fine. But I won’t entertain children.I’m not even sure I hinted at anything you just babbled on right now. Do you know what subvert means? Because your comment kind of does it all over again…

    Meh whatever. Thinking and reading are overrated as long as you’ve got feelings.

  • Girl

    I dont remember saying anyone had to speak Yoruba you twit. If I remember correctly, you mentioned your place of origin in another article..or should I say place of your parents origin, being a “bootleg Nigerian” and all. Are those not your words?

    @peace, I dont remember saying you should agree with me. Your rant on me being “racist” means nothing to me. either way as a minority I dont have the power to be racist, now prejudice is the word for me.

    SociallyMaladjusted, I completely agree,

  • Timcampi

    “You’d expect his behavior from those who has only seen oyibos on Tv but he’s actually one of those “Nigerian-Americans” who cabnt even speak their tongue so you’d think he’d know better but nah, wishful thinking.”

    So, you’re just implying I can’t speak my own tongue because I’m Nigerian-American? Which is funny because it isn’t my own tongue… it’s my background but my nationality is American. So not only can I speak my own tongue, I can speak an additional one. or two. For someone who’s calling me a twit… you’re not trying to make half a dime o’ sense right now. You still haven’t address the fact that you’ve gotten my gender and backstory wrong. Oh the confusing world of ad hominems.

    You are completely prejudiced. I’m glad you finally admit it. At least you are aware of your bigotry.

  • Girl

    who gives a damn about your gender? Why dodnt you tell me where you bgo the idea that you should speak Yoruba, did i sayt anything about Yoruba, OYIBO worshipper.

    Comment about you and Joy still stands. You could be a lesbian afterall or even transgendered sef and Im glad you are denying your roots because you were born in the states. abeg, go and sit down. when a person says “tongue” it stands for mother’s tongue, you bloody illiterate.

    Yea Im prejudiced against white people, what of it? E pele o. Madam Kumbaya, OYIBO lover teehee.

    abeg JOY tell your people to get the phuck outta Nigeria. We have enough problems with our leaders, we dont need your paper colored freaks adding to our problems especially in PH. Rubbish.

  • Timcampi

    How am I denying my roots when I said my background is Nigerian. Holy shiz you’re getting so angry over nothing. I mean, at this point it’s like you’re deliberately not reading anything I said.

    When a person says tongue it stands for language. When a person says Native tongue is stands for language in country of nativity. My origin is Nigeria but I am an American native. Okay… I think I’m done… cause you sorely want the last word and to be right. Enjoy life! Be happier :D

  • Socially Maladjusted

    What part of Nigerian-American female are yall just glazing over

    er – all of it. because you’re vibing racist white male. But if you really are a Nigerian female then everything I said still stands.

    you can’t respond to anything I actually said

    I gave a near perfect response to what you said in the the post I responded to, but it seems to me you have no answer to it.

    There’s a lot for you to chew over there so get to work. if not – I needn’t waste anymore time with you.


  • Girl

    One min she’s claiming America. Next min it’s Nigeria. abeg comot.

    Happy New Year!

  • Tammy

    I love how it is so easy to change the definition of racist…..great excuse for that kind of behavior.

  • peace

    i think she should start being happier. that is just depressing having so much anger for a certain race, that is why i dont get angry at racists, i feel sorry for them spending their lives having so much anger and resentment towards a race. why does she think you worship white people i dont think i got that from your comments but hey what an you do. just let her live her miserable life.

  • Girl

    @peace I find it extremely sad that you have to insult me because you dont agree with my views. All these bloody coons saying whatever BS so as to “show” Joy and her crew of flunkies that “hey we dont all think like her!”. Who the hell said you needed to agree with me? Did I ever insult YOU? A simple “she’s on her own with that, I dont agree” would have suffice instead of running your mouth on some nonsense.

  • peace

    i also find it extremely sad that you had to insult Timcampi because she did not agree with your views and questioned her blackness. Read the hurtful things you wrote. Yeah we don’t have to agree but why do you have to get racist and question someone’s blackness because they disagreed with you. I don’t mean to be mean, I honestly feel sorry for you, not in a patronising or rude way btw. Race is something that I can get very passionate about and will always be important to me but I don’t believe that black people cant be racist towards another race, you may disagree but changing the definition of racism to make what you say ok is not right.

  • peace

    you know what i dont care about joy or whatever but i do care when people but i do care when someone is being racist or being prejudice towards someone else.

  • gryph

    “If colorblindness isn’t the answer to dealing with racism, Williams argues what many of us have always known: Multiculturalism is the answer.”

    LOL. no it isn’t. know this: in canada, where mutli-culturalism is a national policy, anyone writing seriously about race admits that multiculturalism still permits for racism – and is itself racist. policy-wise it is another ‘stop gap’ measure that allows for minority investment in the nation-state, not meaningfully addressing systemic discrimination and in many greasing an inequitable assimilation. lol, some answer.

    “Scrubbed of the most offensive commentary, comments can sometimes read like an ad for multiculturalism in Canada. Waxing poetic about integration, diversity and harmony, commentators often sketch a race landscape wrought with good intentions and high ideals. This, however, is an imagined and, indeed, manufactured landscape.

    The one in which we live is not scrubbed of the most offensive comments and violent intentions. A central element of the controversy relies on hardcore racist rejection of anything black, African, non-European. While we by no means wish to grant voice to these minority sentiments, it is necessary to remember that Canada’s race landscape includes these opinions, voices and predilections, despite the good intentions of many Canadians of all backgrounds, and despite whatever progress has been made so far. ”–the-evolution-of-multiculturalism

  • gryph
  • Timcampi


    I didn’t say Native American I said American native. The word native means BORN IN A PLACE OR COUNTRY REFERRED TO. Christ. Reading is a huge issue here…

  • gryph

    lol. yes. speak to me of reading. this is a thread about multi-culturalism and understanding other cultures. though right? lol.

    your self-description as “an american native” displaces what some native/indigenous people call themselves and their political claim on “the nation”? why not – out of respect for that – just say “i was born in the united states”?

  • Timcampi


    Uh no. You’re just trying to justify the fact that you misread my statement. Native American is not the same thing as saying an American native. One is capitalized for a reason. Are you sure you’re not the one displacing our indigenous brethren? Because one can clearly see the difference in the two. The word “native” is not owned by Native-Americans. Anyone who is born and stays in their country of origin is a native to that country. An ethnicity who migrated thousands of years ago and became associated/integrated with that are aboriginal or native indigenous people. <– scroll down the the parts where they describe Native in the context of different ethnicities

    And lastly: <– implied difference names for indigenous people. Meaning that Native-American isn't even the CORRECT TERM for them. <– "Rejection of names used by outsiders and not the individual Tribe or Indian people at large (example: "Nez Perce" is a French phrase; "Native American" was coined by the US government);" Oh, word? So some to many indigenous people actually have a problem with being called Native-American?

    :/ This is not a multicultural issue. But you're trying your hardest to make it one.

  • gryph

    let’s try this again. i questioned why you’d claim “american native” when

    1) there are other terms available to you that signify where you were born

    2) “first-nations” (get it?) people have repeatedly have countered “american native” claims by stating that they are the only people “native to america”. that is, they’ve used that as a site to challenge our claims to this land.

    you can get into to all the cute little semantics and pedanticisms to try and save face, but needlessly claiming “american native” – PARTICULARLY in a forum that holds multiculturalism as hope for future racial harmony – is sort of like that white person who describes black people as “niggardly”, snickering, then going into the different etymologies of the words after the “niggers” catch feelings.

    it’s an “understanding other cultures’” fail. wikipedia links doesn’t change that at all. but hey, whatever helps you feel like you belong here, naijah gyal. lol.

  • Timcampi

    If you’re going to resort to insulting me because you disagree DON’T bother responding. Your “naijah gyal” comment was pathetic, rude and above all hypocritical. In an effort to “uplift” multiculturalism you BASH my hereditary within the American culture? How does that make sense? If I actually cared what you think I would have the heart to be upset and offended. I don’t but you need some serious education.

    1. I used the term native because I am native to America. I am a native citizen. If you have a problem with that, that’s not my business. The word is clearly defined. There is no racial or ethical connotation to the word in my context. Google is our frand. I only used wikipedia because it’s readily available. That doesn’t change it’s validity.

    The politically correct term for Indigenous Americans is ‘Native’ Americans. It’s OFFENSIVE. This has been said BY people of that particular ethnicity. <– Actually states that it's better to refer to the tribe/culture/ethnic group of that person SUCH AS WE DO WITH OTHER ETHNICITIES. <– "Native Americans are only native relative to the ruling non-natives and their non-native culture. Long story short: it might make you feel good, liberal, non-racist and self-righteous to use this particular euphemism but it hasn't done a thing to make life better for any "Native American" or to change the fact that "Native Americans" continue to be outsiders in (non-native) American life. Most "Native Americans" have rejected this term, in favor of the first incorrect term, "Indian", in a move to say "you gave it to us once, now you want to change it again. This time we say No"."

    2. Which is funny because they're ancestors were NOT native to America. They are indigenous peoples. And if you read any of the links Native isn't even the correct term for them. THIS IS SAID BY ACTUAL "Native" Americans. Did you actually read anything on indigenous people of America? Because I did. That's why I know I can use the word NATIVE. ^Above^

    I'm not saving face. Nothing I said has changed. I await your response because so far you've used nothing but your "opinion" while I've actually taken the time to look this up.

  • Timcampi

    Also it’s nothing like a white person calling a black person “niggardly”. Actually what you’re doing would be the closest thing to that… Or even better you’re forcing indigenous Americans to reclaim a term that was created for them by white people. In order to describe them to OTHER white people.

    Your brand of liberalism is pretty awesome though. Instead of actually knowing anything about the struggle of a minority, you pick up some choice statements from a sixth grade textbook. It’s like that white girl who tried to tell me Kurt from Glee did wonderful things for Gay people. Get off it. Actually educate yourself. Go to Arizona and actually try to use the word Native American. Besides your skin color some of them will now dislike you for being an idiot.

  • Timcampi

    I just realized you think First Nations and Native are synonymous. They’re not at all… wow. You know nothing. They were the FIRST nations here (get it?). Oh and more links~ This is fun. <– read the comments. "Tell your misinformed friend that the term "Native American" is actually less correct…considering the indigenous cultures pre-dated the Americas!"

    "*Smithsonian "Museum of the American Indian" opened, a petition quickly pulled up to change it to "Native American". It was quashed by request of none other than the Muscogee High Chief. Most of the complaints for Indians aren’t made by Indians. Furthermore, the museum is not about “Native Americans” but is about all of the people indigenous to the New World.” <– the fact that most of the complaints against Indians aren't even by American Indians is hilarious.

    *A college campus newspaper once interviewed flautist R. Carlos Nakai, who objected to the term 'Native American'. He preferred instead to be referred to as a member of his specific tribe, or even generically as an 'Indian' (the reasoning being that the term 'Indian' was the result of an honest mistake that just happened to stick, whereas 'Native American' imposes a nationality not of his choosing). Nonetheless, the article went on to refer to Nakai as a Native American at least five times after he voiced his objection!"

    So there you have it. You're unmistakably wrong even in the context of many of the people you're trying to defend… Who didn't need defending in the first place. You're awesome. Be well though. Despite your petty attempt to debase and offend me, I hope you have a nice day. Maybe next time we'll be on the same side. :D

    Boa sorte meu irmao.

  • gryph

    rude? how so. i have nigerian friends i hail up with “naijah gyal!” all the time. that you’d be offended by being reminded of your roots is telling. how is that BASHING your heredity? it isn’t. fix that.

    now, what i’m questioning is your odd determination to step on toes when there are other options available to you. why not just say you were “born in america” instead of being an “american native”?

    also, i’ve already gone beyond multiculturalism – as it doesn’t work really. people find more clever ways to be racist. so, i’m not here trying to promote it. it’s questionable however that you’d not conduct yourself more wisely given that mutliculturalism is the topic. you are kind of showing why it might not work.

    i’m well aware of the colonial problems of the term “native” – and that america’s indigenous people (some of them any way) have rejected it. and, i’m not telling them to reclaim anything.

    however, do recognise naijah gyal, that “native” is still a very loaded term, despite what you say. so calling yourself an “american native” – is very charged – despite it being in some narrow sense true.

    but you know what, i know how we can settle this arguement. hang around a bunch of indigenous/first nations/aboriginal/apache/choctaw/cherokee/sioux or whatever people. repeatedly refer to yourself as an “american native”. they’ll eventually scalp your black ass.

  • Timcampi

    You just said scalp… and native American… and I’m the one who needs to be “aware” of my loaded terminology. o___o THE F*CK. … And then you had the nerve to say I need to be more multicultural? This can’t be reality. I’m done for real now. You truly are an idiot. I was being flippant before but now it’s definitely true. Please respond. I know you desperately want to get in the last word. Another comment about me being ashamed to be Naija (correct spelling) should do.

  • gryph

    yup. i said “scalp”. tactically. see you never fail to pick on the most superficial parts of an argument – and run headlong into nonsense land with them.

    so, i always leave those little treat for you. they divert you and prolong my satisfaction in watching you run around in maze constructed by your superficiality. not only white folks should have this kind of fun, lol.

  • kris

    I like your comment and want to add racism is an act of one race believing their more superior than the group they look down on. Its the human race, we where made like this, humans use fear for the power of feeling better plus there economical and money which = power.

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