Jennifer Hudson is gearing up to release her memoir, I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down and in it she talks about more than just her astounding weight loss. One of the tidbits JHud talks about being offered the lead role in Lee Daniels’ critically acclaimed film, Precious.

Apparently, Daniels wanted to cast Hudson, but after losing weight when Dreamgirls wrapped, she just couldn’t stomach the idea of packing on the pounds again to play the downtrodden and abused teen.

Hudson writes: “I had done that with Effie and as much as I was moved by this film, I wanted to try a role that had nothing whatsoever to do with my weight.”

Instead, the role went to newcomer Gabourey Sidibe who was nominated for an Oscar and has parlayed her success into several other roles, including the Showtime series The Big C.

But could have Hudson have pulled off the role as well as Sidibe?

While we may never know, one thing is clear: Gabourey inhabited that role and it’s hard picturing anyone else–including JHud–doing it justice.

What do you think? Did Jennifer Hudson make the right move in passing on ‘Precious’?

  • Pilot

    Well, it (the role of Precious) would have been a different character in some ways, that’s for sure. And no matter how much weight she put on, I don’t think she could have attained the very heavy physical dimensions of Sidibe, and that physical presence was important to the role.

    I think Jennifer Hudson is certainly a much better actress than Ms. Sidibe, but that doesn’t mean she would have done a better job in that role.

    I wonder what Jennifer Hudson herself thinks. I haven’t read her memoir, but she does she offer any opinion on whether turning down the role was a good move?

  • Whatever

    Glad she didn’t. people would still be referring to her as “Precious” as so many do with Gabby. Also, I just hated that over hyped movie.

  • apple

    nope i think gabourey sidibe fit that horrid movie.. i dont think hudson could have gave that unfortunate presence like sidibe did.. not dogging gabourey because gabby is nothing like Precious, so she played that role well!

  • Sath

    I agree that the movie hype was over the top. I personally felt like “great another blanket term for people to use who don’t understand the black experience.”

    But I liked the job that Gabby did. I think that Jennifer Hudson may have actually been a distraction rather than an addition.

  • starr

    I don’t think JHUD is an good a actress as her accolades suggest, but thats just my opinion, I don’t think she could of brought what Gabby brought to Precious

  • B

    Well, I guess there is a God. The movie would have totally and irredeemably sucked had JHud been the lead. Why Hollywood keeps offering this woman (and Beyonce) roles is beyond my understanding. They are the LEAST compelling actresses.

  • Appletree

    I hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but I think J Hud is way too pretty to pull off that role. Gabby just fit the look for it better.

  • B

    I understand exactly what you mean. JHud epitomizes GLAMOUR (that would be my choice word instead of pretty, if that makes sense), always has, and would never be able to pull off the realness, rawness, and grittiness of a character like Precious. Period. Gabby owned the role.

  • LainaLain

    I don’t blame her. It’s unhealthy to lose and gain weight drastically like that. I don’t know why they just don’t give people body suits for roles like that.

  • Mimi

    TOTAL COSIGN!!!!! I remember having a conversation with some people and they brought up the fact that Jennifer won an oscar in her first film role. I had to tell them, what ticks me off about her winning the oscar for her role as Effie is that SHE WASN’T ACTING!!!! The role of Effie was to be someone who is sassy and running her mouth. Okay, there are 20,000 girls on the south side of Chicago who could have played that role. I don’t like it when actors receive accolades for a role that doesn’t require them to stretch as an actor. I mean really, how difficult was it for Jennifer to play the role of someone sassy?

    As for Beyonce, I’m not even gonna go there! There’s a reason why many people rent Obsessed when they need a good pick me up. Her acting in that movie is HILARIOUS!!!!

  • purplekeychain

    @LainaLain, I really appreciate your making the distinction in it being “unhealthy to gain and lost weight that drastically”, instead of just ZOMG! being fat IN GENERAL is so unhealthy, OBESITY EPIDEMIC IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, fat celebrities make THE CHILDREN want to be FAT!!!!!

    Jennifer Hudson makes me feel ill. Her music is horrid and just because she hated herself being fat doesn’t mean all black women (or women in general) who are fat hate themselves, nor should they, and I’m so sick of her preaching that bullsh*t. I never would have gone to see the film if she’d been in the lead, because I don’t want to contribute a dime to her success.

    Damn, that sounds petty. But it’s true. :)

  • Ginger

    I’m glad she didn’t take the role. Her acting is horrible and Gabby made that movie. I’m sorry y’all I cry every time I see Precious.

  • African Mami

    In the same manner, she should have turned down the Winnie Mandela role. She CANNOT act to save her life! I am VERY BITTER that she even got cast for that Winnie role! Urrrrrrgh!

  • Isis

    I wish black ppl got a pass for mediocrity like white ppl do. Im just glad to see black ppl making a living doing what they wanna do. Thats enough for me.

  • Ginger

    @ B

    I agree completely

  • Clnmike


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