Jim Jones & T.I. Show Us How To Love

by Britni Danielle

Who knew VH1′s reality shows would be good for something other than shits and giggles? But last night on ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and ‘T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle’ the theme of the night was love.

Mixed between the fabricated drama among the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ ladies, we saw Jim Jones get all up in his feelings as the beef between his overprotective mother and his strong-willed fiance came to a head.

After mama Jones made a diss record calling out Jimmy’s fiance, the self-confessed mama’s boy finally stepped in to set his mother straight and get her to stop disrespecting Chrissy, the love of his life. During their heart-to-heart Jim–who’s rapped about killing, robbing, dealing and knocking folks out–cried real tears as he explained why he needed his mother to get along with Chrissy.

Jim pleaded: “If you say you love me the way I do, and I’m telling you this lady the way I do, then you should understand what’s going on. We shouldn’t be going through this.”

By the end of their talk, Jim’s mother saw the error of her ways and made a vow to patch things up with Chrissy.

Later in the episode, Jim planned a romantic Moroccan-themed dinner on an Manhattan rooftop for his boo, to once again, declare his love for her. While Jim’s marriage-phobia seems to drive Chrissy crazy, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he loves her. Unlike most rappers–and if we’re keeping it real, a lot of men–Jim is very open about his love and devotion for his woman. And I respect that.

In addition to Jim professing his unyielding love for Chrissy, last night also saw the premiere of T.I.’s latest reality show, “The Family Hustle.” In “The Family Hustle” we got an inside glimpse at T.I. the family man and husband, and what we saw hit most of us directly in the heart.

We’ve heard all about Tip’s run-ins with the law, but we rarely saw his love and devotion for his family. Although I knew he was a ride-or-die dude (he reportedly took the drug charge for Tiny), watching the show made it clear that he’s not only a doting father, but he’s a loving husband. Say what you will about Tiny and T.I.’s hoodrich love, but theirs is the type of relationship many long for: Loving, affectionate, fun, respectful, and supportive. Just like Jim and Chrissy, watching T.I. and Tiny interact on screen made it clear that they are genuinely in love and they want the world to know.

In a culture where being hard and not showing emotion is en vogue, these two men stepped outside of the box to openly support and love their significant others without embarrassment. As a hip hop head, I dig the fact that these brothas bucked the “I don’t love them hoes” meme, and as a woman, it just made me feel all mushy inside.

Did you watch, “Love and Hip Hop” and “The Family Hustle”? What did you think? 

  • http://www.adivastateofmind.com A Diva State of Mind

    I watch both shows. While Jim Jones loves Chrissy, he needs to go ahead and marry her! I loved “The Family Hustle.” Tiny & T.I are so cute!!

  • TheBlackBelle

    T.I.? Yes! Jim Jones? HELL NO!!! He basically has been stringing Chrissy along forever and she is a plum fool for allowing something that she doesn’t desire for that long! 2 idiots together forever! Ewww..he just grosses me out! I really don’t think he loves her that much…she allows herself to get walked over…just like he told her to her face you work FOR me NOT WITH me! 0_0. I’m sure that’s not his first time telling her and she’s still around.

  • Maat

    I watched TI & Tiny and I liked how the show captured the geninune love and support they have for each other. It was very nice to see black love on a reality show…I guess some reality shows are not that bad after all. TI treats Tiny like a queen and it was nice to see the image of a black man displaying affection and love in such a great way. You can definately see that they’ll have a long future ahead of them. I’ll definitely be watching future episodes…great show.

  • TheBlackBelle


  • Alexandra

    I watched the premiere and I have to agree it was very nice to see TI being shown as a loving husband and father; he seems to love her a lot and she’s a certified ride or die woman. Also nice to see another huge blended family that seem to get along well. The show doesn’t seem bad at all. I’ll continue to watch.

  • CurlySue

    I agree that the T.I. and Tiny show was cute. But damn! Tiny is BUUUUSTEDDD! I couldn’t stare at her face for too long. It looked like her features were always in danger of sliding off her face.

  • http://stillhiphopmom.blogspot.com Hiphopmommie

    I love both shows. I think it’s important to show black men in a positive light. Especially since there has been so much discussion about black women not being capable of finding a good partner. I feel like they have control over what is being put out there about them in this particular situation and right now it is positive.

    Specifically rappers… they tend to always get the negative stereotype and some of it is founded,but they are human beings and music is there art and that is separate from who they are as men, fathers and husbands.
    I really appreciate the shows and hopefully some of theses young men that look up to theses rappers will watch the shows and learn something.

  • African Mami

    I’m just jealous that T.I did not wife me! I mean I am, still ready to birth his seven kid!

  • Frenchy83

    Agreed!! It’s so distracting! That face! She was awful cute when she was in XScape, this is what happens when you couple a bad idea with idle money… frightening, terrifying plastic surgery.

  • CurlySue

    Lol, well if you do, please change the name game up. These poor kids have some of the saddest names: Domani Uriah, Messiah Ya’Majesty, Deyjah Imani, Zonnique Pullins, Major Philant Harris. Good thing they won’t ever have to worry about submitting resumes.

  • African Mami

    Girl, watchutalkinbout?!

    I was about to namez mine…T.I.lycious Harrizzle-forshizzy hizzy!

  • Isis

    I wish Jim would marry Chrissy

  • ThisIshRightHere

    I enjoyed the The Adventures of T.I.’nem as well. (I’ve never appreciated Love&HH). However, I was disturbed by the number of women on my timeline tweeting that they wish they had what the two of them have. Uruh…T.I. may be a loving husband, but he’s still a colossal f*&kup. Think of the superfluous drama that comes along with “holding a man down” when he’s in jail twice in 3 years. (she’s reduced to handjob-ing through a pocket hole during a prison visit? really??) I wouldn’t wish marriage to him on my worst enemy. A family head should be a good decision-maker.

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  • Mocha

    I watched both shows…and I’ll take one for the team when I say: I DO NOT want love like Chrissy and Jim and I DO NOT want love like TI & Tiny. I am SO happy for them, if they are happy, but I would want something different. A relationship that both folks enter with mutual respect and the ultimate goal being marriage. I don’t want to have to chase a man or force a man down the isle. Nor do I want to have to put up with multiple women/flings for my man to realize that I was “the one” in the first place. I know everyone has their BS with them, but I’ll pick the type of BS I choose to deal with but that right there, is not for me. I don’t look at them for guidance in my relationship, I look at them for what they are…Entertainment.

  • Mocha


  • rhea

    HA! Stop it I say! Too funny…

  • LJF

    I agree – i just cannot look at Tiny for more than 15/20 seconds at a time. She is just not easy on the eyes – she was not bad looking at all when she was in XScape – I was wondering how it all went so wrong – plastic surgery, Lawdy!! SMH

  • Arlette

    why she is an insecure leach.

  • Yulez

    To reiterate a conversation held whilst watching the show: “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, but you can turn a drug dealer into a husband?” Well, I guess you should ask Beyonce and Tiny. Apparently thugs can grow into men. Probably an exception and not a rule though. While it’s cute, sweet, and seems genuine, don’t get wrapped up in the love and hip-hop thinking it could be you.

  • Ginger

    LoL, I’ve said this before. Her voice is annoying too

  • Z

    “Jim Jones & T.I. Show Us How To Love” — Are you serious with this?

  • Isis

    Cuz he said he loves her and she loves him

  • d_nicegirl

    I enjoyed both shows. Just one pet peeve though. When TI and Jim described the ‘positive’ characteristics of their partners, they would always mention that “She’s been through a lot” and other comments along that line. It seems as they need a woman to be long-suffering and hoop-jumping to ‘deserve’ the ‘prize’ of marrying them.

  • http://kinksandart.tumblr.com Paris

    Thank you! These shows are good for what it is which is for entertainment purposes. I did enjoy watching Black men openly profess their love for these women but these are not my ideal relationships. If they are happy, I’m happy for them but sitting around waiting for a man to marry me for 5+ years and having a husband with so many different kids by different women (2 of the kids are the same age by different women. Smh) is just not my cup of tea.

  • http://theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/ miss posh brown (jenna)

    i did enjoy the love aspect of both shows. it was refreshing to see two rappers showing emotions in that kind of way. although married myself, i don’t think a couple must be married in order for their relationship to be validated. and if your man is treating you well and making you feel like a queen, i think that’s great. in fact, thats what its all about. helping one another through hard times and mistakes is just a part of the process. i do agree with the above comment about it not ALWAYS being about “going through a lot, all the ups and downs” part. but besides that, i liked the shows lovey dovey (if you can call it that) scenes.

  • DollB

    T.I and Jim Jones… you have to be kidding!

    What I don’t understand is this constant need to look to celelbrities as role models. I mean I really don’t understand it. I would like to hope these old a$$ men would want to settle down. T.I with all those d@mn kids! Jim jones and Dipset with the way the talk about women…

    This has to be joke! T.I and Jim Jones… ugghh…

  • Ann G

    SAY THAT!!!

  • Sindy


    I was waiting for a post that made some damn sense.

    Let’s see, an aging (over 30) rapper spitting about “killing, robbing…knocking people out” who looks like he’s on more than a little grass, telling me how to love? Glad my grandparents are still around because without them, I would buy into the BS.

    T.I.’s a non-factor in my book. Not that great an MC, not the best actor, not even that great-looking himself. Makes me miss Big Daddy Kane and others who had more to say, look a helluva lot better and kept their business to themselves.

  • AfroStyling

    2 thugs showing y’all how to love. This is pathetic!

  • Summer Bunni

    @the black belle…I don’t know…I think Chrissy and Jim have the kind of relationship where they can say what they need to say…she was talking junk right back to him..when he said she works for him….and actually she would be working for him…he is the artist..get it? I don’t believe in saying what a man should do…they don’t have kids…yet. Maybe he’s scared, maybe he wants the relationship between her and his mother to get better first…he has a right to do things in his own time. See, that’s how people end up divorced.

  • Summer Bunni

    @ Mocha But, it’s nice to see young black couples on tv balancing family and career. And as an audience be able to have intelligent conversations about relationships, communication and making decisions on how to handle family issues. Instead of…lol Girl, she slept with her man while she was pregnant or some groupie nonsense.

  • Summer Bunni

    Black people really need to cut the negative beat down about every little thing of each other. I realize that some of this has a little to do with class divide….but, I don’t care who you are and who you think you are….we all wake up everyday living and learning….yo behind is not perfect…therefore you are not in a position judge these people. PERIOD

    Funny, I bet you have no problem watching reality shows centered around groupies, sex tape makers and playboy models and their love life. But, rappers… tryin to do better…oh, it’s a problem….interesting

  • Guess

    @ Mocha, DollB, and AfroStyling
    Couldnt agree more. No attraction to these guys. I like MEN. By reading a few other comments, I see why there are so many unmarried women stressing for a husband then complaining that black men wont marry them. These relationships are not inspirational. And dont give me hope for my fellow sistas. Too bad a woman wrote this article.

  • andrea

    It was nice seeing TI in that way, but why does he have a flip phone?

  • andrea


  • Mocha

    @Summer Bunni-I think that part is cool! The expression of love between a black woman and man is awesome! It was awesome when it was “Claire and Cliff” and it was awesome when it was DeWayne and Whitley. I wasn’t downing the show, I liked the show..it’s just that I don’t use them as a guide to having a healthy/happy relationship. The show was cool, I enjoyed it. Now Love & Hip Hop…girl I just watch that show for the train wrecks! lol!

  • shalonda

    DEFINITELY AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheBlackBelle

    @Summer Bunni You don’t believe in saying what a man should do? So your cool with waiting however long HE wants to wait when you are the one DYING to get married? ummm…whatever floats ur boat.Yes he has a right to wait if he wants, but it needs to be mutual, and CLEARLY it is not. Chrissy was desperate enough to propose and STILL no marriage. That was over a year ago. Don’t take that long to plan a wedding when you have already been playing house fifty leven years! And I get that he is the artist, but the dynamic of their relationship based off what we see on the show does not seem to be centered around her working for him. That is Yandy’s job. Chrissy says that to people like Somaya to make herself seem relevant and needed, when actually she just has no job title at all.

  • ThisIshRightHere

    Excellent point. I hadn’t noticed that.

  • Bosslady

    I have to agree, now I think T.I. is as FINE as wine!!!! And indeed he does love his kids and wife, but how much does he really value his children and wife if he feels it is acceptable to be going in and out of prison…And unlike many of our men in the penal system he has money and an abundance of opportunities, what example is he setting for his kids? But people do change and I am sure he has learnt his lesson, but I don’t think this is the type of relationship or “black love” we should strive for.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare


    Entertainment on its job.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Yeah that tripped me out too.

  • Simone

    I was very pleasantly surprised by both of these shows. Seeing black men loving is sooo nice. I don’t follow Jim Jones’s music, yet I watch the show from time to time. T.I.’s show really surprised me, because the love I saw was so genuine! And Tiny…she wasn’t what I thought at all. She is perfect for him. It’s nice to see men in the music business serious when it comes to family and love.

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