Michelle Obama can now add Guinness World Record holder to her list of accomplishments after leading 300,000 people around the world in doing the “Worlds Most Jumping Jacks” in one day. As part of her “Let’s Move!” campaign, the First Lady invited 400 elementary school children to the White House Lawn on October 11 to participate in the challenge alongside her. Watch her new video announcing the win its symbolic significance in her “even bigger goal” of promoting childhood fitness:

It’s inspiring that her impact as a First Lady will last beyond her time in the White House and that she is continuing her efforts to get people moving. Congratulations to Mrs. Obama!

  • Tweed12

    The First Lady looks beautiful as always!………..
    Now here comes the controversial statement, but I just have to day it. The First Lady has gotten lighter. Before you know it she’ll be the same complexion as our beloved President. What she is doing is completely selfish. Does she not realize how many young black women are looking up to her? SMDH

  • renee

    no sh*t sherlock, of course she’s lighter.

    it’s the winter time in DC, i’m up here and i’m lighter too because there is less sun and i’m not going outside in the cold unless i have to go to my car.

    don’t find some sort of excuse to complain, that was so nonsensical

  • Diem

    Loves her!!!

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