Have you ever considered how much fun it could be for you or someone you know to appear on a reality show about going natural? MTV’s True Life is looking for such a person, so lower your reality TV guard just a bit and think about it!

Is your hair your obsession? How are you struggling with your hair? Do you feel natural hair would let you embrace your true self, and you want to go for the “big chop?” Why now? What has held you back up to this moment? We would like to follow someone who is ready to do the “big chop” and follow them on their journey as they transition into their natural hair.

If you appear to be between the ages of 15 -28 and would like us to document your transition to natural hair, email us at [email protected] and tell us about your story. Please include your name, location, phone number and recent photos of yourself.

I have to applaud MTV for paying attention to an often misunderstood moment in the natural hair journey and can’t wait to watch whoever they chose to profile for this episode. Yet there’s a part of me that’s stressed out at the thought of black womens’ hair being depicted as a bundle of pain and drama that warrants words and expressions like “obsession,” “struggling,” and “embrace your true self.”

What do you think? Can MTV get this right? Do you have a “True Life” story about going natural that’s reality tv-worthy?


  1. Walking a life with my HAIR will give you challege, anxiety, and victory. I struggling in LIfe trying to gather money to help my cofidents. I tend to forget that my hair is becoming bald but inside i’m crush on wanting to find out is it cause of family Genes or might have Atheletes foot. My challeges comes within my heart if I want to keep what I have left and rook this Earth with what my momma gave me, or to ask for assistances and call Bosly. I carry a lot of anxiety cause when it come to be professional my hair stops that image and process me to be a “PASTOR” like person. Because my father is a Pastor. Not that being a Pastor is bad but its not my carrer fit! I love going and being Inspired then having anixety about hair and praising to them about being cofident. Sorry thats where my anxiety comes cause my hair hasnt been friendly with me my whole life and I dont know how to be Fake or fake something. Well sorry this website came in the way of me releasing stress that i’m carring and I feel a whole lot better. Until next time. Peace Outty!!!

  2. I would love to watch this show; however I would rather see it on BET than MTV. My concern is also the editing.

    • Oh nooo as much as I would hope that with the way BET is going/is it wouldnt be a good look sadly. Smh

  3. Missy Dee

    I Hate When White People Use Us To Help Them Look Better Than Us…. Not Worth Sacrificing Our Beautiful Crowning Glory.

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