Have you ever considered how much fun it could be for you or someone you know to appear on a reality show about going natural? MTV’s True Life is looking for such a person, so lower your reality TV guard just a bit and think about it!

Is your hair your obsession? How are you struggling with your hair? Do you feel natural hair would let you embrace your true self, and you want to go for the “big chop?” Why now? What has held you back up to this moment? We would like to follow someone who is ready to do the “big chop” and follow them on their journey as they transition into their natural hair.

If you appear to be between the ages of 15 -28 and would like us to document your transition to natural hair, email us at [email protected] and tell us about your story. Please include your name, location, phone number and recent photos of yourself.

I have to applaud MTV for paying attention to an often misunderstood moment in the natural hair journey and can’t wait to watch whoever they chose to profile for this episode. Yet there’s a part of me that’s stressed out at the thought of black womens’ hair being depicted as a bundle of pain and drama that warrants words and expressions like “obsession,” “struggling,” and “embrace your true self.”

What do you think? Can MTV get this right? Do you have a “True Life” story about going natural that’s reality tv-worthy?

  • http://www.83toinfinity.com Bee

    Is there a link to this casting? The description of the show looks different from what is posted on MTV True Life’s casting page. Maybe this is an updated casting…but I can’t find that show description on their site. It’s actually a bit more encompassing about various hair issues, including but not exclusive to going natural.

  • Jess

    I agree with Val – ridiculous! Clutch, of late, has seemed to be going the route of the MSM…Sad. I’d hope we could gt something different, and stop being bothered with mainstream overzealous focus on us, and now Clutch is just mimicking them – Oh well!

  • OSHH

    Do we need MTV of all networks, all up in our roots. I feel like we are exploited enough.
    SMH and I also agree with Side eye Mimi

  • dvlovin

    ok.. why are ppl mad about it?? i don’t get it.. i’m growing my hair natural and i could use all the tips i could get.. i still wear weave but it would be nice to wear out my own hair from time to time..

    ppl are so judgmental about natural hair.. i don’t understand why.. especially our own ppl.. i think that’s why ppl are afraid to let the world see what their hair really looks like..

  • whilome


    It was either this or “True Life: I’m Getting Booty Injections.” Think about it.

    If they want to follow me from The Big Chop to the TWA to my little twistouts and 9 months of wearing “protective” weaves and braids and conclude a YEAR later with my piddly little 6 inches of 4c hair, they can come on and start filming.

    To be honest, sistas on Youtube already has this on lock. No need for me to even call and get my cable hooked back up.

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