Have you ever considered how much fun it could be for you or someone you know to appear on a reality show about going natural? MTV’s True Life is looking for such a person, so lower your reality TV guard just a bit and think about it!

Is your hair your obsession? How are you struggling with your hair? Do you feel natural hair would let you embrace your true self, and you want to go for the “big chop?” Why now? What has held you back up to this moment? We would like to follow someone who is ready to do the “big chop” and follow them on their journey as they transition into their natural hair.

If you appear to be between the ages of 15 -28 and would like us to document your transition to natural hair, email us at [email protected] and tell us about your story. Please include your name, location, phone number and recent photos of yourself.

I have to applaud MTV for paying attention to an often misunderstood moment in the natural hair journey and can’t wait to watch whoever they chose to profile for this episode. Yet there’s a part of me that’s stressed out at the thought of black womens’ hair being depicted as a bundle of pain and drama that warrants words and expressions like “obsession,” “struggling,” and “embrace your true self.”

What do you think? Can MTV get this right? Do you have a “True Life” story about going natural that’s reality tv-worthy?

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  • dvlovin

    ok.. why are ppl mad about it?? i don’t get it.. i’m growing my hair natural and i could use all the tips i could get.. i still wear weave but it would be nice to wear out my own hair from time to time..

    ppl are so judgmental about natural hair.. i don’t understand why.. especially our own ppl.. i think that’s why ppl are afraid to let the world see what their hair really looks like..

    • Anon

      You really need the general public to be able to comment on your hair situation?

      If someone wants to go natural, there’s always google.

  • Damn, we’re hard to please! When I read the article, my immediate reaction was to smile, not roll my eyes. Like someone mentioned earlier, we get offended when we’re underrepresented in the media. But when mainstream picks up on some of the issues in the black community, we feel like we’re being exploited. Yes, the wording of the ad was a bit questionable (…I guess), but a lot of times hair IS a struggle and obsession for black women. I guess we just don’t like it when ‘outsiders’ call it that.

    We all know how it’s probably gonna go: Girl shares story about weave/relaxer addiction. Girl decides she wants to transition. MTV follows her through transition until she decides she’s ready to Big Chop. Girl is a little shocked at first, but comes to embrace her natural beauty.

    Is this really the worst thing in the world that can be depicted about black women?

    • You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth, Sydney.

      Seriously guys? C’mon. All I hope is that they get it right. Showing both sides of what IS a struggle (I’ve been natural for 3 years now and it’s still a love/hate relationship sometimes) as well as the stereotypes that go along with being natural, the beauty of it, etc….

      Yes, more people are doing it. Yes, there needs to be a greater rep of Af-Ams in the media. So yes, a pop-culture fueled medium such as MTV will pick up on this trend (and if it goes through) show a side of our culture to many people who may need help with it or would not understand it otherwise. I’m glad they’re doing this. I just hope they do it right.

      People, please, let’s not apply our prejudices and angst on EVERYTHING.

    • Seriouslyme244

      I feel you… if MTV does this RIGHT then our youth will be able to see the truth about natural hair and maybe understand that its not all bad.

  • fuchsia

    I’ll be watching, and I hope they get some good cast members. Sometimes the cast they pick for True Life are disappointing. I went from growing out my relaxer to being natural, because the BC was too daunting. So, I wouldn’t mind seeing a documentary on this. I do agree with another comment that Youtube has this on lock. I get a lot of tips from there as well.

  • Sandy

    I’m 43 and did the big chop back in September and I don’t miss the burn of chemicals.

  • IWunder

    Hmm…Months ago on curlynikki.com, she posted about True Life contacting her seeking women with natural hair who HATED their hair. The responses were basically not interested and she told them she didn’t now folks like that.

    Clearly, True Life has tweaked their pitch and moved on.

    • Timcampi


      That’s not even slightly true. Look it up before you make up some hysteria.


      “Earlier this week, a casting agent (who had been all over the site and had clearly done her research) reached out to me in hopes that I could lead her to someone having psychological and practical difficulties with their hair… someone in the throws of a rocky transition or early in their journey. Or a curly dealing with disapproving family members, hair loss, or things of that nature. You get the gist. Although the casting call is wide open, it’d be nice to have #teamnatural represented!”

    • IWunder

      Boo. It’s a post about hair. Hysteria is reaching. If the day ever comes when a comment can create “hysteria” about hair, we should all shave it off. Calm down, Pookie. And quote the rest of the pitch while your at it.

      “Is your hair your obsession? *Do you have unwanted hair, or not the “right” hair?* Are you someone with a hormone imbalance that leads to hair loss, or facial hair growth? *Culturally are you told your hair should be one way, but you want it another?* Or perhaps you suffer from a condition known as “smelly hair syndrome?” How does it affect your social life? Does your hair make you feel unattractive and affect how you interact with members of the opposite sex? Are you undergoing a procedure to alter your hair or do you go to great lengths to manage it? Are you digging yourself into a financial hole just to manage your hair?”

    • Timcampi


      There’s nothing that needs to be calmed… I uttered exactly one sentence. I didn’t quote the whole ad because it was a summary of the link, which you are perfectly able to click. It wasn’t about people who hated natural women who hate their hair, it was about people who who have difficulties with their hair. Going natural or being natural not specified as the main topic– which is what your initial comment suggested. You posting the rest of the ad didn’t change anything other than making you more wrong o__o. Having difficulties going natural does not equal hating it. Regardless, anyone who’s ever watched a True Life episode knows that at the end the person either finds solace in their change, accepts the current, or returns to the past. It’s nothing as deep as this article is trying to make it.

      Anyway, sorry you feel that I’m angry. Have a wonderful day~o