Well, well, well…in the wake of the announcement of Kobe Bryant’s divorce, actress Sanaa Lathan has been receiving some unwelcome press. It seems like the notorious tabloid the New York Daily News found a source who indicated that Kobe and Sanaa were getting a little cozy at last week’s Watch The Throne concert in Los Angeles.

The NY Post reports:

Kobe Bryant’s impending divorce may come as good news to Sanaa Lathan. A source who attended Jay-Z and Kanye West ’s Watch the Throne concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday tells us that the luscious-lipped “Love & Basketball” actress was flirting seductively with the Lakers guard during the show.

“She touched his face, and she was shaking her a– in front of him to the music,” says the insider.

Bryant’s spokesman, Michael Sitrick, says Bryant and Lathan were “both at the concert,” but he adds: “There was no flirting. There’s nothing there.”

Despite news that Kobe looked “miserable” the whole time, the source claims the two were sharing a few intimate moments and Sanaa was putting the moves on KB. In light of this, however, Lathan brushed the rumors aside.


And just in case folks STILL had any doubts about her possibly seeing Mr. Bryant, Sanaa had this little tidbit: She’s not his type.



(I think she typed that one under a tree. #Shade).


Who do you think the gossip rags will try to link Kobe to next?

  • Isis

    Lmaoo well shes not lying about not being his type. Shes so pretty though

  • MsMooreinDC

    Muahaha…I love Sanaa.

  • @me

    Good one Sanaa!!

  • Simone

    OMG, this is so funny! Tell it, girl! You ain’t neva lied.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Being that she’s light skinned, I would assume that Kobe would have been all over her, LMAO!!! But she’s a little up there in age (She’s as old as I am…).

    I do remember talking to my sister last week about her going to the Jay-Z and Kanye concert in L.A. (She works in radio, so she gets into all of the concerts for free), and she did see Sanaa Lathan by herself and according to her, Kobe Bryant was nowhere near her.

  • Andryce76

    Sanaa is very beautiful
    But Kobe ain’t checking for the sista’s

  • Simone

    Light for a sista, but I think she knows she’s not light enough for Kobe Bryant, and I don’t think she’s losing sleep over that.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    From her tweet on Twitter, I would assume so, LMAO!!!!

  • KingJason

    I don’t think Kobe is light enough for her either.

  • KingJason

    …but he does have money…

  • QON


    Ive heard some crazy rumors about this girl. She broke up a marriage with Steve Rifkind. He had two children with his wife. Young kids too.

  • http://@clnmike Clnmike

    That article made her look real thirsty, on another note I see her more brown skin than light. Still not his type though.

  • lulu

    money or not kobe aint no prize- she wont have not problem catching a man -next!

  • QON


    “…she wont have not problem catching a man …”

    …or someone else’s if the rumors are true.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    @QON …And then there’s that long persisting rumor of Sanaa having an affair with Denzel Washington on the set of their film “Out Of Time”…remember that one???

  • QON


    Right, I remember that one. I never believed it. The one about Rifkind sounds more plausible.

  • Kamala Jones

    This is coming from a Black man. How in the hell does Sanaa look “thirsty?” Sanaa simply told the truth about Kobe. Kobe obviously isn’t romantically interested in Black women judging from the woman he’s married to and those he’s had and allegedly had extramarital affairs with.

    I’m so tired of jive, tired Black men always trying to put a Sistah down. Go Sanaa! You’re beautiful and if I was around you, I’d definitely be campaigning for your affections.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Clnmike wasn’t talking about her, he was saying the news article made her look like she was thirsty. Being that the story came from the New York Post (AKA the MediaTakeOut for White people), the story is more than likely false. Keep in mind that news paper is also a division of the News Corporation- the same company behind Fox News Channel- so take the story with a grain of salt.

  • Kamala Jones

    Ok, Perverted Alchemist. My apologies Clnmike.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Can you say WAY out his league?

  • http://nocturneadagio.blogspot.com LainaLain

    Lol Sanaa is cool people.

  • Ms Yola

    Ok whoever claimed all that was going on at the concert is clearly suspect…How the hell was this spy watching the concert….So ridiculous….She is not his type because Ms Sanaa is not caucasion…But extremely beautiful…..Real Talk…I think Kobe had enough drama with our kind to be honest leaving his high school girlfriend who was black for Vanessa….He would Kim Kadashian before dating a black woman…Its awful but true :/

  • Jess

    She’s light skinned? Really? Just sayin’

  • Isis

    lol a lot of black guys would date Kim K before a black woman, not just Kobe. lol

  • JaeBee

    Yeah…she look brown to me .

  • http://@clnmike Clnmike

    Perverted Alchemist thank you for reading, Kamala no problem.

  • warririorspirit

    Kobe Bryant wouldn’t waste his time with Sanaa Lathan. Kobe saved himself from all the drama and headaches associated with dating women like that. Keep up the good work Black Mamba,and stay away from those bitter,racist,drama queen black women.

  • HuesofHoney

    LOL…Yes, somebody was reaching with that one…..Kobe has a preference…remember
    and I hope Sanaa has standards.

  • HuesofHoney

    Do you even know the definition of racist…LMAO Shut Up! U sure sound racist telling a man to stay from a certain woman. Why do people come to sites where black women are …if they don’t like black women? LMAO Insane!

  • warririorspirit

    @Huesofhoney First of all how do you know that I sound racist if you never heard me talk?Secondly why would you tell me to shut up when I am not saying anything? I don’t know if you knew this or not,but writing and talking are two different things. Kobe Bryant is a very dominant guy,and he dosn’t have time for loud mouth,drama queen,unsubmissive,waste of time women.

  • esmagnifique

    @Warririorspirit and how the hell have you come to the conclusion that Sanaa Lathan is all of the things? Have you you met her personally or are you just jumping to conclusions solely based on the fact that she’s a black woman? Sound racist to me!

  • esmagnifique

    “Preferences”…..I knew someone would bring up that word. Lol yeah right. “preferences.” Kepp believing that black women.

  • warririorspirit

    How do you know that I sound racist if you never heard me talk? Typing and talking are two different things. Black men don’t owe bitter black women anything,if they want to date outside of their race then thats up to them. They are grown men they can do whatever they want to do. Everyone have their own preference.

  • sweetpisces

    LMAO! They always link Sanaa with married men. First Denzel and now Kobe, oh Lordy.

  • Black Mamba

    I don’t think Sanaa will waste her time, with a falling man going to his ruin with one of the most expensive divorce in the world.
    Black women no longer needs to cope with rejects, in addition to our beautiful values and looks, we now have the education and the money. So we won’t waste our time with wretch. Why do you think we take our time to marry?

  • Black Mamba

    Kobe this emotional gigolo can be taken by any Kim K or Vanessa of this world!

  • African Mami

    Kobe is getting OLD!!! He berra gets it together. He ain’t the youngin that used to make women’s heart flatter before whatever his wife’s name came around.

  • Andrea

    Oh yeah I heard about Denzel Washington and Steve Rifkind and also the Alien when she did Alien vs Predator. She one crazy hoe.

  • S.

    SHE broke up HIS marriage?

    It’s almost 2012, are we still doing this?

  • S.

    Black American women have the worst dating pool in the history of humanity lol

    … or that’s at least what articles like these make it seem like

  • warririorspirit

    Kobe Bryant has accomplished more than most people will ever accomplish in their lifetime.The man is worth 400 million even if Vannesa gets half he still has more money than he can spend in a lifetime. What people fail to understand is that black women are not better than any other race of women. God made all women equal.If a black man dates outside is race,then he is entitled to do that. People make it seem like black men stoop in quality when they date outside their race. Black women are not God’s gift to men,women in general are God’s gift to men.

  • alldawg


    Tell that to steve’s rifkind wife about how beautiful some women can be…

    Kobe never made any comments towards her so why the backlash toward a man…
    What she said was pure speculation, and here come some people sweating out their insecurities…

    SHM talk about a good example of a red herring….

  • alldawg

    I agree
    No one is going to burn in hell for not dating a non AAW…

  • alldawg

    OMG I gotta call this a “red herring” referring to the title and looking at the comments about something kobe never implied or said….

    I dont know where to even begin with black mamba’s comment

    Kobe never said anything about her….SHE SAID “IM NOT HIS TYPE” which is more speculation than fact…

    Some of these women are so quick to go to war over anything…

    stop telling these LIES about SUPER DUPER SUCCESSFUL BLACK WOMEN as though

    1) it has anything to do with the piece

    2) as if 90% of black women are ballin out of control and in super successful careers – WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THESE BLACK FEMALE NARCISSISM? Then when black women come across brothas who are on that same level or surpassing them – their claim is HE’S ARROGANT.

  • alldawg


  • Isis

    Lmaoo u know?? Like its normal to find ur own race unattractive. No honey thats a mentally ill colonized mind that says ur own race is ugly

  • esmagnifique

    @warririorspirit Sound vs. type. Hmmmmmm. Attempting to sound smart by doing what exactly? You will stay losing if you keep beating around that bush!!! And all you are doing is stating negative stereotypes associated with being a black women as a justification as to why black men should interracial date/marry. You’re a clown.There is a reason people like you (by “like you” I mean ignoramuses) think the way you do. Read a book. “we real cool” or “talk back: thinking feminist, thinking black” both are by bell hooks. I’m serious too, because there is a certain level of intellect that you gotta have to engage in dialogue with me hun. P.S., if you choose to give a retort to this response sir/ma’am, don’t reiterate your tired ass racist points. Black women we’ve heard it all before and I would respect you a little more if you could be a little more original? K thanks.

  • esmagnifique

    All you gotta do if open up some books and you’ll know that these aren’t just “preferences”! It isn’t my preference to date or have kids that arent in my image (*cough* Lil Wayne) but if a Ryan Gosling stops faking then that just might happen! “Preferences” like these aint nothing more than internalized hate of self of blackness, of everything that we have been conditioned to see as ugly and inferior. Y’all are delusional.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    So warririorspirit what do women get in this deal? If we are God’s gift to men, what is the upside to women as fellow human beings?

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    If they continue to restrict themselves, then yes they do. Black women are 8% of the US population and out of that 8%, maybe 4% are single and able to be in relationships. There are more than 8% of men (Asian, black (non-American), and white) that they could date at any point in time.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    All of you are pathetic. Unfreakingbelievable!!!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Solely based on your writing, I doubt you are dating anyone at all.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Alldawg, this is not a good look. You seem just as clawing and delusional as you say Black Mamba is. Sometimes I feel so sorry for you guys; it cannot be easy to try to be a man in a patriarchal society that insists on treating you like a boy based on solely on your skin tone. All the extreme displays of cockiness associated with black men is just overcompensation that is not fooling anyone.

  • CaSweetface

    @esmagnifique gosh i dont know how long ive got to argue & explain to my “preference” tooting male friends that think there is nothing wrong with preferring light skinned women ONLY or anything other than black as being a brainwashing not a preference. You should prefer a quality person who enhances your life not a white woman because she enhances your social status and soothes your self-hatred mental deficiencies. You pretty much took the words out of my mouth with all that you said!

  • Patricia

    Sanaa doesn’t need or want Kobe Bryant; Kobe Bryant doesn’t need or want Sanaa Lathan. They both have other prospective partners in mind, that’s for sure. This is just some tabloid stirring the pot. Sanaa’s response on Twitter was priceless (and accurate). Extra points to her.

  • Akosua

    this is going to sound ig’nant but I had no idea she was black. thought she was latina or something.

  • QON

    @Black Mamba

    Stop embarassing black women.

  • QON


    “lol a lot of black guys would date Kim K before a black woman, not just Kobe. lol”

    If those black women are less attractive than Kim K. than yes they would. If they are more attractive than Kim K. than no they wouldnt.

  • gmarie

    Sanna Lathan is 95% of the male population’s type. the other 5% is asexual or gay. Enough with the deflections lol

  • QON


    What we know of Sanaa has basically been rumor and heresay. What we know of Kobe is that he cheated on his wife, has repeatedly cheated on his wife, not caring that he has TWO small children and a family to maintain. He took vows and he has broken them but your response is that he needs to stay away from, “loud mouth,drama queen,unsubmissive,waste of time women.”

    Your advice to Kobe is that he should be a man, a married man and keep his word to his wife and his small children. Staying away from black women is the least of this jerks problems. He broke up his family. How can he even look at his children?

  • QON


    You sound like a prized idiot. Just go. I am not one to shy away from a debate but even responding to you would be an embarrassment. This guy Kobe is married with two children. Cheated on his wife repeatedly. Had her on national TV like a fool yet you can only fix your mouth to say something about black women and a black women aint got a dam thing to do with his betrayal of his wife and children?

  • QON


    I cant cosign on what you are saying because those black men who do have a preference for light skinned black women arent unique to men. In fact to like dark skinned women is unique. If you ever watch television programs from all over the world, most of the world’s population promote the fairest of their women. I would say black men do better than any other man on the planet when it comes to appreciating dark women.

  • QON

    @The Best Anon

    It isnt AllDawg who is being cocky and to be fair Kobe, despite his personal life can be cocky. He is probably the best NBA player ever. That is a huge accomplishment and his wanton penis cant take away from that. How did this conversation turn into a referendum on black men and black women? We are talking about Sanna Lathan’s response to rumors. As far as anyone knows Kobe has said nothing.

    “All the extreme displays of cockiness associated with black men is just overcompensation that is not fooling anyone.”

    Black men dont strike me as cocky but if they are so what? You act as if black men dont have anything to be proud of, that they havent craved out their own niche in this society, that they havent contributed enormously to American society and culture. So much of what we know and understand as American culture especially American pop culture is the creation of black men.

  • Amanda L.

    Her response was priceless.

    *yawn* are we on this interracial dating thing again?

  • Isis


    Im convinced ur a black man, white person or one of those mammy black women. In either case its best that u dont address me cuz u talk nonsense that annoys me. Thanks :)

  • QON


    Those numbers intrique me.

  • Timcampi


    Exactly. Really now, must we always play the victim?

  • LMO85

    Um what @light skinned???? WTH. Never mind, back to topic.

  • http://thehotness.com theHotness Grrrl

    This is truly a case of what goes around comes around! Remember when Kobe threw Shaq under the bus when he got caught sleeping with the hotel’s front desk girl? So I ain’t mad at Sanaa for throwing a lil’ shade Kobe’s way. The real beeyotch in this equation? KARMA! Do not eff with her!

  • joeclyde

    Wait. What happened to the White guy she was dating? Didn’t he dump his Black wife and kids to shack up with Sanaa?

    But I guess we know her type. Men with relationship status of complicated.

  • warririorspirit

    I am assuming that you are a women,and being that you are a woman making such a broad,general,horrendous statement only show your ignorance about men.If you really believe that Sanaa Lathan is 95% of every man’s type,then you clearly missed the boat when it comes to understanding what we like in women.

  • warririorspirit

    That is so true Sanaa Lathan is out of his league if this was baseball she would be in middle school and Kobe in the Hall of fame.If you compare their accomplishments in their respective fields,you will see that The Black Mamba has overachieved in his field. Sanaa is not even a A list actress. Name five movies that she had the lead roll in,and please understand that co staring is not the lead roll.

  • warririorspirit

    How is a man dating a women an awful truth? Alot of bitter black women are delusional and pathetic.Bitter black women accept two black men dating before they would a black man and a woman thats not black.

  • warririorspirit

    @TheBestAnonEver, Part 2 Based on your typing I highly doubt that you passed any type of computer classes.

  • warririorspirit

    The ignorance and flaws that you have in your way of thinking is clearing rearing it’s ugly head by manifesting itself through your responses. Whatever books that you are reading that helped you form your faulty thinking you really need to burn. There is no such thing is races amongst human beings.We are all of one blood and race. Sure there are different cultural ethnicities within the human family,but that is just the adaptability that God gave us to protect us from the harsh environment that we came from.

  • Pingback: Yes It’s True…Black Guys Can Like White Girls AND Black Girls Too | Very Smart Brothas

  • esmagnifique

    We are all human beings now? So what makes black women distinctively different and “bitter drama queens” [your words not mine] Must be that blood huh. I told you not to respond without reading a book first because you just contradicted yourself!

  • esmagnifique

    And it’s ignorant people like you that show that these arent just “preferences”

    Preference (n.): a practical advantage given to one over others

    And according to you this “preference” is based on the fact that black women are and I quote **clears throat ** “”BITTER, DELUSIONAL, RACIST, DRAMA QUEEN (you should really learn how to put things in adjectival form), LOUD MOUTH, WASTE OF TIME, UNSUBMISSIVE”…..did I miss something?

    But I am kinda impressed with your usage of the word “manifest” so……yeah. If you are gonna be an ignoramus, like I said before, I respect originality and I also respect consistency.

  • Nubian Goddess

    @ warriorspirit….Are you Kobe??? Are you internet trolling under an assumed name to defend your character??? Because you are very defensive and angry over a man you don’t know personally…your worst than Beyonce stans. If you have so many negative things to say about black women why are you on this website? Did some black woman break your heart and now you want to blame an entire race of women for the actions of one? Did black girls tease you when you were younger because maybe your not very attractive? You say Black women are bitter but you sound like the pot calling the kettle black! hustle on over to snowbunnie .com or maybe a neo nazi website where you sentiments about black women will be better appreciated. I hope you can overcome your disdain of black women and have nice life because being bitter is not attractive.

  • sad

    Black women constantly talking about how non-black men (white) love them. STOP IT! A man will have SEX with any attractive woman. But only 1 in 300 married white men have a black wife while 87% of brothers are married to a sister. Black women fantasizng about Ryan Gosling and Paul Walker. Men who would NEVER marry a sister. Sad.

  • Alexandra

    I thought it was hilarious. She was just being slick & gave a sarcastic reason as to why she would never be linked to him.
    I do think she was throwing all the wrong shade, everyone jumps to conclusions as to what Kobe likes, excluding that he did date someone darker than Sanaa herself years ago. Still funny though.

    Should I also be surprised at the type of posters this article also attracted?

  • warririorspirit

    First of all I don’t have anything against black women in general. Secondly I date black women,but not bitter,racist stick to your on kind type black women.I was never teased by black women growing up they actually thought I was handsome. I have nothing to hide behind if you wanted to know what I look like all you had to do was ask. My Facebook name is Steve A. Griffin Im not hard to find.

  • warririorspirit

    @esmagnifique (So we are all humans now?) This question alone is ignorant and baffling to see that some people still don’t understand words and phrases. That question that you responded with is actually a statement insinuating that I painted a picture with my responses that black women are not human. What animal known to mankind is bitter and racist? I date Black women,but I just don’t date narcissistic,bitter,racist,black women. It is very easy to debate women,because you guys get so emotional to the point that you can’t think straight or rational.

  • KingJason

    So Kobe had a Black girlfriend in High School and dated Brandy afterwards and married a Latina–yeah he does have a type WoC, and for white man-chasing Sanaa to even go there is stunning but that’s the nuttiness of some Black women.

  • warririorspirit

    Sanaa tried to get at Kobe and he showed her zero love… Which is why she threw a completely unnecessary jab at Kobe on twitter by saying she is not his type cause she’s black…. When she made herself available to him and he didn’t want her she told herself he didn’t want her cause she is black in order to keep her confidence… But is obvious that it bothered her that he didn’t want her cause she has no reason to try and clown Kobe he did nothing to her…. Girls are so emotional!

  • Yep!

    So 87% out of all the black men in this country are married? 87% out of 100% of black men in the US of A are married? Clutch posted a recent article stating that 70% of all black men are unmarried. These numbers don’t add up.

  • http://www.realityunscripted.com RealityUnscripted.com

    This was a really classy way of saying, you know he don’t like black girls.


  • oldowan

    You are aware that you can be Black and Latina at the same time, right? Being Latina is not a “race” – it’s more a of an ethnic identity (language, geographic location, and culture). Just like you can be white and be Latina.

  • BigRJ


    “Kobe Bryant has accomplished more than most people will ever accomplish in their lifetime”

    I’m a basketball fan and believe Kobe is an awesome player and deserves to be compensated for his talents, but being exceptional in one skill doesn’t equate to accomplishing more than others. If we follow your logic, then Kobe is a better person than you (you really believe that?). My yearly salary falls slightly bellow six figures while Kobe’s yearly salary falls in the 8 figure range but him and I are as equally good at our jobs. I would say I’m more accomplished than him since I was born with 0 talents and had to work twice as hard.

    I’m not attacking you, I’m making a point I’ve made on other forums. Americans are idolized for how much money they make and not who they are as people. This is the unspoken beast capitalism creates.

    I agree that black men should date whoever they wish but a statistic that you’ll rarely see because it’s conveniently never discussed is that over 80% of wealthy black men have black wives.

  • BigRJ


    “Clutch posted a recent article stating that 70% of all black men are unmarried”

    I could put on my “black erkel” nerd hat on and blow Clutch’s statistics out of the water because their sampling is biased beyond belief. In geek talk, Clutch does not take into account independent and dependent variables in most of their studies.

    In plain English, this means If I take all black men between the ages of 18 and 25 from certain socioeconomic demographics then I could say that 70% of black men have never been married. But wouldn’t that be a limited sample?

    @sad good point. Your number is accurate. Most black men are with and prefer black women.

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