Well, well, well…in the wake of the announcement of Kobe Bryant’s divorce, actress Sanaa Lathan has been receiving some unwelcome press. It seems like the notorious tabloid the New York Daily News found a source who indicated that Kobe and Sanaa were getting a little cozy at last week’s Watch The Throne concert in Los Angeles.

The NY Post reports:

Kobe Bryant’s impending divorce may come as good news to Sanaa Lathan. A source who attended Jay-Z and Kanye West ’s Watch the Throne concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday tells us that the luscious-lipped “Love & Basketball” actress was flirting seductively with the Lakers guard during the show.

“She touched his face, and she was shaking her a– in front of him to the music,” says the insider.

Bryant’s spokesman, Michael Sitrick, says Bryant and Lathan were “both at the concert,” but he adds: “There was no flirting. There’s nothing there.”

Despite news that Kobe looked “miserable” the whole time, the source claims the two were sharing a few intimate moments and Sanaa was putting the moves on KB. In light of this, however, Lathan brushed the rumors aside.


And just in case folks STILL had any doubts about her possibly seeing Mr. Bryant, Sanaa had this little tidbit: She’s not his type.



(I think she typed that one under a tree. #Shade).


Who do you think the gossip rags will try to link Kobe to next?


  1. This was a really classy way of saying, you know he don’t like black girls.


  2. oldowan

    You are aware that you can be Black and Latina at the same time, right? Being Latina is not a “race” – it’s more a of an ethnic identity (language, geographic location, and culture). Just like you can be white and be Latina.

  3. BigRJ


    “Kobe Bryant has accomplished more than most people will ever accomplish in their lifetime”

    I’m a basketball fan and believe Kobe is an awesome player and deserves to be compensated for his talents, but being exceptional in one skill doesn’t equate to accomplishing more than others. If we follow your logic, then Kobe is a better person than you (you really believe that?). My yearly salary falls slightly bellow six figures while Kobe’s yearly salary falls in the 8 figure range but him and I are as equally good at our jobs. I would say I’m more accomplished than him since I was born with 0 talents and had to work twice as hard.

    I’m not attacking you, I’m making a point I’ve made on other forums. Americans are idolized for how much money they make and not who they are as people. This is the unspoken beast capitalism creates.

    I agree that black men should date whoever they wish but a statistic that you’ll rarely see because it’s conveniently never discussed is that over 80% of wealthy black men have black wives.

  4. BigRJ


    “Clutch posted a recent article stating that 70% of all black men are unmarried”

    I could put on my “black erkel” nerd hat on and blow Clutch’s statistics out of the water because their sampling is biased beyond belief. In geek talk, Clutch does not take into account independent and dependent variables in most of their studies.

    In plain English, this means If I take all black men between the ages of 18 and 25 from certain socioeconomic demographics then I could say that 70% of black men have never been married. But wouldn’t that be a limited sample?

    @sad good point. Your number is accurate. Most black men are with and prefer black women.

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