I’m sure we won’t see Vanessa Bryant holding up a sign heckling Kobe at the next Lakers’ game, but I’m sure she got a chuckle out of this woman’s story.

During the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears game on Christmas day, Annie Wagner held up a sign taking a shot at her cheating boyfriend. The sign which read, “My cheating ex boyfriend is watching game from couch instead,” was picked up by TV cameras and broadcast around the nation.

Now…who wants to be THAT guy, watching the game and seeing his ex pop up not only on the game, but also on news stories and blogs across the country? I’m not an advocate for revenge, but she certainly got the better of her ex.

Have you ever gotten revenge on a ex in a creative way? 


  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Now that guy has the satisfaction of her bitterness. Fail.


  • nappyandhappy

    lol she didnt look bitter to me she looked like she was having the time of her life.

  • rhirhi-hater

    you can be mad and not bitter. if its 5 years after the break-up, ok, that’s bitter, if its within a couple of months, then it’d make perfect sense to be pissed and want to take shots at the guy….he cheated! i say go ahead scorned gf, i’m lol’d with you:)

  • CD86(CaliDreaming86)

    There was nothing original about this comment. There seems to be an ongoing theme where women are always being labeled as bitter or jealous for one reason or another. For one thing, who wouldn’t feel resentful about being cheated on? Not only that, I find it interesting that out of this whole ordeal, what you came up with is that the guy is satisfied that he made someone feel hurt by his actions.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    I’d deal with it it by leaving that at home and not at a game where I’m having fun for ME. Say what you want, but taking the time to create a poster about someone who hurt me and raising it during a televised game (instead of raising my hands-free to cheer and boo the other team) counters any “smiling” and feigned signs of enjoyment I may be showing.


  • Perverted Alchemist

    Sadly, this will be all that she would be known for in her life. Hope that works out for her *snickers*.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    Revenge? Revenge is best left for those that waste time on people who don’t deserve anymore. Her ex-got the satisfication that she wasted MORE time on him. And so has her audience.

  • Leonie UK

    As a female sport fan (Packers/Chelsea) revenge was so given. he was at home while she got a live game on Xmas day. Go Fan, she clapped him so well, and the Packers won 35-12. Plus Bear against Packers is a big deal, so she probably brought those tickets, had her dinner, then went to the game and got a new friend for the new year. Go Fan once again lol.

  • CD86(CaliDreaming86)

    Who are you to determine how her ex may be feeling? How can you speak for him?

  • http://nocturneadagio.blogspot.com/ LainaLain

    It’d be funny if she had no boyfriend that had cheated on her at all and just made the sign to make it lol.

    If she did, then I give her two snaps up. Woman get labelled things like ‘bitter’ and ‘jealous’ for doing things like that but male rappers rap about women who cheated on them or left them and they never get called bitter or anything. =/

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    I’m part of the audience that saw the video and has an opinion, just like you. Next!

  • jaslene

    What irks me is how she wrote “watching game” not watching the game. Also really girl you bringing that mess up.

  • Isis

    Im a woman and sometimes I feel so sorry for women. We’re supposed to be all these things to ppl but God forbid we feel anger, hurt or resentment. We have to be happy all the time while wearing 6 inch heels or we’re nothing. Ughh

  • Big Booty White Girl

    This is actually laughable. The girl should move on with your life instead. If anything, this whole thing makes her ex even more popular. I can guarantee that!

  • natasha j

    This girl makes it so easy for a boyfriend to wanna go out and cheat on her.

  • African Mami

    I’m with Ms.Shakespeare! Move on with your life mama! He ain’t worried about you! But if it made you breathe better, kudos to you!

  • SxyDread

    funny how Marlowe actually sounds bitter at the fact that someone’s disagreeing with him/her… LOL

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