Selah Marley Stuns In New Promo Pics

by Ezinne Ukoha

Lauryn Hill sure knows how to create masterpieces across the board and her latest winner is her eldest daughter Selah. Selah Marley not only bears an uncanny resemblance to her superstar mother, but she definitely responds to the camera in a way that demands attention.

The 12-year-old youngster is hoping to take the fashion world by storm and if these shot are an indication of what is to come, then its safe to say that she has the potential for a pretty long and successful career.

The shots were taken some months ago, no doubt in an attempt to give the budding starlet the exposure needed to launch her modeling career. She also has demonstrated considerable interest in music, which is no shocker when you take into account her family pedigree. Being the granddaughter of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley and the daughter of the female voice behind The Fugees, makes it impossible for Selah Marley to deny her destiny.

We can’t wait to watch this young beauty blow up!

Photo Credits: THE YBF/Black Celeb Kids

  • Clnmike

    Wow, almost a carbon copy of her mom. Wish her best of luck but with that type of family ties it really is all about how much talent she has.

  • niki

    Beautiful young lady.

  • QON

    Yes eye brows and all. LOL.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    um, she is 12. leave her alone.

  • Bunny

    Oh my gosh! She’s gorgeous!

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Considering her family background, why am I not surprised that she wants to pursue a music career?

  • AustralianGirl

    She is gorgeous, but… she is only 12! Too young to do modelling, in my opinion (unless we’re talking kids clothing line or something)

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Beautiful young woman! I wish all the best.

  • Danni D

    Yea true, but hopefully she continues to do photo shoots like these, which are totally age appropriate. But seeing how some designers will have an 8 year old kid in stilettos lounging in a bed, legs crossed with “come hither” eyes, who knows what kinda mess they may try to have this gorgeous 12 yr old do or better yet what Lauryn will allow to go down.

  • Alexandra

    She’s gorgeous. Looks so much like her mom in the B&W pic.
    I wish her luck; she comes from a talented family.

  • @me

    she is too cute for me!lol she’s beautiful just like her mama and i hope her much success in whatever she decides to pursue.

  • denise

    She looks like a pretty kid…not gorgeous, not stunning just pretty.

  • MaiSheikDiva

    I pray God’s protection over her.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    can you name any one who was exploited at a young age who then went on to live a successful adult life? aren’t many of these child stars dysfunctional adults?
    let the child be a child.

  • iQgraphics

    um… the only one I could think of is Michael J Fox.

  • http://BlackVoices T-Sizzle

    She’s a light skinned Lauryn Hill!!!

  • MsA850

    She is beautiful and I wish this baby all the success in life. Jah bless!

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