I know…not this again. But while I was checking one of my favorite sites about African music and culture, AfriPop magazine, I ran across a story about South African singer Nomasonto Mnisi, or as she’s most commonly known, Mshoza.

If you aren’t familiar with Mshoza, this is probably not the best introduction. However, she’s one of the most popular Kwaito artists on the scene, and like any good artist, she likes to push the envelope.

Apparently, Mshoza has a penchant for cosmetic procedures, and after augmenting her breasts, getting a nose job, and having liposuction, Mshoza is taking her quest for perfection to another level: Skin bleaching.

Recently, Mshoza sat down with Motswako, a popular South African talk show. During the interview she talked openly about why she decided to bleach her skin and get “Christina Aguilera white.”

AfriPop reports:

This week [Mshoza] appeared on the popular South African talk show Motswako to declare her “passion to be white.” The horrified interviewer, Penny Lebyane, later said “Yes I was angry, Yes I took it personal! Yes I even wanted to shake her so I can get her to realize what she’s doing to herself!”

Apparently, many of our South African brothers and sisters are comparing Mshoza to Michael Jackson. However, unlike Mike who never mentioned wanting to be white or bleaching his skin, Mshoza is open about her desire to be white.

AfriPop continues:

Mshoza’s declaration goes one better than the king of pop ever did – she admits she wants to look more white. To her whiteness is something she intrinsically believes will make her happy. Is she really to blame? Or is it the society we live in? As one smart person put it: “our femininity and aesthetic, particularly as Black womyn is a highly politicised space…”

Skin lightening is big business. From China to Jamaica, and India to the U.S., men and women all over the globe are bleaching, and in many cases scaring, their skin in a quest to be lighter. Although some like to brush this off as yet another cosmetic procedure, it’s hard to overlook the social cues that tell people of color that white is right. And white skin is more beautiful than other colors of the rainbow.

While many of us have successfully escaped this tragic line of thinking, others are buying into it and passing on the myth that White skin is better than all others.

  • LMO85

    I really hate that people always bring MJ into this–it is easy to see why since he has been made the poster child of this phenomenon. But the man said he had Vitiligo and his autopsy confirmed this fact. He bleached to remain a consistent color, he has said repeatedly that he was a proud to be black and never wanted to be white. Lazy people can research via google, it ain’t that hard to do.

    As for this issue, it is a sad state of affairs– but then when you have advertisers and societies at large constantly telling you that you are not good enough, so you buy make up, botox, plastic surgery, spanx, butt padding, penis enlargers, liposuction, sun tan, weave it, wig it, flip it and rub it down, is it so hard to imagine some darker hued people going to this extreme? Not really.

  • Kesha

    Wow. More than anything this is sad. Live your life, do what you do, but at least own up to the fact that you have been brainwashed into thinking that “white is right.”

  • B.Payne

    I’m sorry but we can’t blame society for OUR self, I’ll retype, SELF-esteem. Anyone who’ll let the opinion of other imperfect, screwed-up, issue-having human beings dictate how they should look to be qualified as beautiful has issues larger than the issue at hand. Of course we’re bombarded with the standard beauties in media but it comes down to the individual.

    Now on this chick, obviously this is a desire that is skin-deep and when it’s that deep, all we can do is wish her well and feel blessed that we ourselves aren’t caught up in such a detrimental mentality. Stories like these make me want to call my mom and thank her for the encouragement/constant reassurance/compliments she gave me when I was growing up.

  • rhea

    I totally, unequivocally disagree with what this girl is doing, but at least she is being honest about why she does it. She wants to be white. If more people were honest with themselves and others, they would admit to the same things.

    I think the doctor in this video has a point. Women undergo a lot of pressure from various sources to maintain a certain appearance, and we cannot judge this particular girl for what she is doing if we are unwilling to examine the choices that we make regarding our own appearances. Why do we perm our hair and wear weaves? Why do white people insist in tanning? Why do we diet and starve ourselves? What are we saying about ourselves when do these things? I think that the whole “I just do it to feel happy. It makes me happy” thing is a cop-out that we think allows us not to say aloud the things that we really think about ourselves.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I am amazed at how they move between english and their mother tongue within the same sentence. I love it!

    Honestly, I think she is just seeking attention and she will get it. South Africa is also a bit of a unique situation; I give them a pass on most things given their history. As late as 1990, a black person was stripped of their citizenship and restricted to less than a tenth of country, was trained under an educational policy that asserted they could never be equal to white people, and lived under a labor code that pegged them to a life of servitude to Afrikaners. Post-apartheid babies are just turning 20.

    I cannot even be mad at her, I just cannot. Those with a healthy dose of self-esteem are nothing short of heroes.

  • apple

    love their accents! but um goddamn it for the last time MICHAEL JACKSON HAD VITILGO AND LUPUS AND WAS DIAGNOSED WITH IT IN 1986! maybe he should have just came out the first time and told yall about his diseases instead of thinking yall would just accept him changing… the autopsy confirmed it was true he had vitiligo! you can go to the pictures in the 80s and see the patches underneath his makeup on his hands or his face or even legs! he did not bleach him self for the hell of it! if bleaching to that was so easy i think that more people would have done it (to his completely whiteness) because there is mass demand for it everywhere and people would sell their souls for the chance to be lighter…
    but anyways
    i watched the interview. i think she looks fine here and she need to stop now before its too late.. i thought she just wanted to be lighter not completely white like becoming another race.in the second part of the interview she talks about getting pointier nose and getting hair transplants… that doesn’t sound like this gona work out at all..
    i think she looks fine here and should just stop now ..she’s pretty.. but she siad the only way she would stop is if her mother told her..her mother needs to beacuse i dont think shes gona be happy with the results. i just can’t see this being done right.. if it does work out it would surprise me

  • Ocean

    Many people who have vitiligo do not go further, like a nose job, frying your hair, cheek implants etc. I know people have a sentimental attitude towards Michael, understandably, but: his children? Just…him. This is why we cannot excuse him, because he really was the poster child for black turning to white. He still could have looked black, even with vitiligo.

  • kai


  • Bisous

    She’s such a pretty girl. It sounds like a very expensive, difficult and dangerous process. I don’t know why anyone would go through it unless it’s absolutely necessary. It sounds like it could lead to severe health complications. She looks fine before in my opinion, but if this is what it takes for her to get through her life then who am I to judge?

  • S.

    I think the comparison to Michael Jackson is fair

    Michael Jackson was the biggest star in the Universe and he was a Black man who clearly hated himself (and appeared to want to become Caucasian)

    Yes he had Vitiligo but the majority of the Black community (and the world) couldn’t ‘confirm’ this until after his death.

    The majority of us sensed that he wanted to be White and, honestly, I don’t think it was only out of ignorance but common sense considering his other behavior (cosmetic surgery to acquire Eurocentric-type featuers, his hair texture got looser due to perms and wigs over the years, his music became more rock & roll, his women got Whiter, his children even appear to be White… C’mon son)

    And I am a MJ fan

    But other MJ fans have to realize (and stop ignoring) that this great Black man sent a message to the world whether intentionally or not… White is Right

    You’d be a fool not to pick up on that

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Sad, sad, sad. Marcus Garvey must be rolling in his grave.

  • S.

    ^This was in response to LMO85 comment

    I will say that MJ was not as relevant to the “skin bleaching” conversation as much as he is relevant to the “I want to physically change myself” conversation that’s being had

  • http://www.silkywraps.com Roxy

    I am originally from Jamaica and I will not blame society for this. People are making these choices EVEN with the extensive information about the health effects of this practice. People are literally melting away! Even if you think being white is all that and a bag of chips – killing yourself to be white is ridiculous. In most parts of the world it is purely a fashion statement and nothing to do with believing you will be treated better if you are white. People are doing it just because their local “hot girls and hot guys” and celebs are doing it. There are so many beautiful women of color who are adored all around the world. Fading blemish marks to even complexion is one thing, but when your own natural color becomes the “dark spots” on your body- craziness! I have been seeing this since I was a child and I am saddened that this practice has gotten progressively worse :(

  • Lish

    When will people realize that bleaching your skin will not make you more acceptable to white people. If Dorothy Dandrige was still discriminated against despite her fair skin what makes a person who bleaches their skin think their outcome would be any better?

  • B.Payne

    You’re right, I forgot about this: “Post-apartheid babies are just turning 20″

    So when living under such scrutiny for so long, I can only imagine the mentality…it’s “almost” like they can’t help it.

  • toke

    I’m interested to know who owns and funds this online blog for women of ‘color’ that seems to never fail to find the shallowest people of color to shine their spotlight on. It would seem like every single time I read clutch there is always at least one article meant to infuriate you or make you question where exactly you stand in the world as a black person. Just in case no one noticed there have been black people since the begining of time and no amout of hate, prejudice, extermination or any other for of prejudice is ever going to change that. As a dark skinned female I am very proud and self assured I do not worry myself over the chips other people have on their shoulders because at the end of the day that is their problem and not mine. I know who I am, your past doesn’t define you half as much as your present does. If youv want to feel good about being black then do that but reading articles like the one above will do absolutely nothing for you. One more miseducated black woman, do you really think giving your opinion about how she is choosing to live her life is doing anything positive to help her change her mind? Its so easy to dislike what you don’t understand. Maybe its timee we started questioning some of the reasons why some black people would even feel like that and putting some of those misconceptions to rest instead of pointing fingers at the victims as if it were their fault they had to exposed to some of these unfortunate things.

  • http://http://kissthedragon.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    We can sit on our high horses all day long, and talk about who’s bleaching, or weaving, or getting surgery, but does that make any of us better than her? What about other types of bodily modification which are used to fit in like tattoos? We allow society to treat people like less than because of certain looks. WE ARE SOCIETY! She is a reflection of us. If we didn’t know her to be dark-skinned would we have known the difference in here color. After all “black is black” isn’t it. Are we finally admitting that light skinned blacks are less black? You can’t have it both ways. I believe in curing the disease of hating blackness. Once you do that the symptoms will disappear on their own.

    The question is: Are we really invested in solving the problem? Or are we just sitting around reaping the benefits of colorism, and beauty while telling others to stay relatively unattractive? When we shame her instead of the system which we uphold; Who benefits?

  • B

    I agree with S. The MJ comparison is apt (and that one Dominican baseball player whose name I forget). Also, not surprised. Black people (globally – NOT just black Americans as some black folks from the continent like to suggest) ARE LOST. Period. She’s just another more extreme indication of this fact. It’s people like this that make me thank god (or whatever deity) every day that I was raised well to value who I am. Sad. When we turn off the Idiot Box (TV) and put down the fashion magazines, that’s when we’ll get back to who we are and love ourselves.

  • d_nicegirl

    @ B – Sammy Sosa.

    I hear ya, B, but let’s not blame TV and fashion magazines because I love both and have managed to NEVER consider altering my skin. I think this is a special kind of crazy.

  • d_nicegirl

    What’s really dumb is that none of these ‘bleachers’ ever achieve their desired result. I have never seen a white person whose skin looks like that. She looks more like that guy from Serpent and the Rainbow with a Cassie cut.

  • Timcampi


    I totally agree with you!

  • Timcampi

    I can’t get mad at her. At least she’s honest about it. As long as she does it safely– unlike Vybz– her aesthetic changes do not make her less worthy of my respect. Personally, I wish I was darker, it’s the shade I find most beautiful. But my reasoning wreaks of the same notions and perceptions and insecurities… However, my self-hate is more acceptable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Libra2008 April

    What a shame, what a shame. I mean if she likes it, fine, but I agree that it’s society that makes her feel as though she’d be happier whiter. Black people, embrace your ebony complexion.

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Hi Toke,

    I own and operate Clutch, and I am very interested in understanding what is wrong with posting this story, which we found on AfriPOP and has been reported on other sites on the web.

    We maintain an objective approach to reporting the news in our Daily News Blog. We do our best to capture the full spectrum of black women’s culture, regardless if one or however many stories may or may not offend your sensibilities.

    We will continue to publish stories we feel will stimulate healthy and spirited conversation amongst our savvy readers.

    We value all the diverse opinions within our community and we hope that you will give our readers and our staff the same mutual respect we have built our magazine’s foundation upon.

    If you have any suggestions pertaining to any improvements you would like to see in regards to our content, please feel free to contact me personally at [email protected]



  • Jene

    As a Ghanaian/African American, I understand Mshoza’s mindset on thinking “white=happiness”. When I first starting making friends who were from West Africa (esp Senegalese and Guinea) and visited Africa for the first time I started to see that this mindset is VERY common among many African women. As well as for many women of African descent all around the world.

    Hell, even when I went to get a henna design a while ago the Indian woman who did the design offered me a skin cream that would “even out my complexion” I declined of course but I almost died inside and wondered if she thought I was unhappy with my brown skin tone.

    I blame it on colonialism of the mind body and spirit! And society of course. Its time to identify its source and destroy. How will we raise our children???

  • Jene

    Almost forgot to add that she is a beautiful woman as well, I wonder if she is happy now……..

  • secret ninja

    like @LMO85 said, please do your research. his plastic surgery did not have anything to do with him wanting to look or be white. his father made fun of his “big nose” so he got rid of his big nose because he was tired of Joe ridiculing him. he didn’t have cheek implants, it was his nose and permanent tattoo coloring on his lips, eyebrows, and possibly his hair line because of loss of pigmentation. he wasn’t the only black man in the 80′s who had a Jerry Curl and that curl caught on fire. what was he supposed to do, wear an afro wig or some type of hair piece that looked like a fade? that’s ridiculous.
    if anything, he sounds more like he had Body Dysmorphic Disorder, he dieted heavily when he was in his early twenties in order to stop the bad breakouts he was getting, but i think that coupled with the surgeries had more to do with BDD. having the severe form of Vitiligo that he did most likely only compounded his situation.

  • http://http://kissthedragon.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    It’s true! Her bleaching her skin is a non-issue. Surely she knew the risks, and that it was her decision to make. I hate it when people show false concern. AS IF we really care about her situation. Really?

  • http://@clnmike Clnmike

    Cant respect her, this aint a tattoo or some piercing where your adding on to who you are, this is trying to change who you are because you are unhappy. Christina Aguilera white”? What is that? Like saying eggshell white? Ivory white? Nutty white? Your self esteem is that low that you try this? Great role model she is. But if she has happy more power to her, It will make me happy if no follows her bat sh*t crazy ass.

  • http://designsdelight.com retro

    I am South African birth, and the country is still in denial about the legacy of apartheid, under those days skin tone was important.

    We need to deal with the past, and it is being swept under the proverbial carpet.

  • http://designsdelight.com retro

    I think clutch has improved the blogsphere, I am male and this is one of the current places I still believe in.

    Imagine if crunk and disorderly gets a story like this? It is happening though, tell us which stories have infuriated you

  • Alexandra

    “If we didn’t know her to be dark-skinned would we have known the difference in here color. After all “black is black” isn’t it. Are we finally admitting that light skinned blacks are less black? You can’t have it both ways”

    Good to see I’m not alone in this. Every single time a convo like this comes up, people always leave this ^ out. People always say they want to look White, but never that they want to look a ‘lighter Black’? I thought Black comes in many colors? Amen!

    And notice how more fuss is made over her bleaching, than her hair, nose, breast changes….

  • http://globetracer.wordpress.com She Traces

    If she was to interview with Oprah, I wonder what kind of questions she would ask.

  • apple

    i agree with the body dysmorphia..doctors offend mention Michael Jackson has the poster child for body dysmorphia


    His children don’t appear to be white. They ARE white.

  • grandgryph

    i agree. i respect mshoza’s honesty – and articulateness. there are plenty of closeted black euro-philes, everyone would be better off if they were able to live out that mentality.

    i am concerned however that she really might be negatively impacting her health for what might be a fleeting feeling – and that she’s really not challenged the `received’ ideas that pre-figure her `happiness’ and `passion’, but of course it is her choice.

    many of the women who talk about the pressure of beauty standards, often subscribe to a `i determine my destiny’ idea. if that were true, what of the pressures? or why do you let them take root? is it not in her power to ignore them?

    i think that the reason why so many women are receptive to those pressures – which are typically controlled and enforced by men – isn’t the need to feel beautiful per se – but the need to feel and display an idea of privilege.

    it is somewhat disappointing that relatively few women – and very little female thought and life choices – are devoted to undermining the links between beauty and social status, or do things to make women economically autonomous from industries that men benefit from disproportionately. rather, it seems that mainstream feminine discourse is careful to accept those standards, make them as real and make space for an even deeper investment in the `beauty-status’ relation. how much money do women spend on beauty? and who enjoys the returns?

    the narrow and the shifting beauty standards – and the expense – is a way for men to control and generally fug with a woman’s attempt to self-image which is almost always linked to social status – not to mention the definition of ‘up’.

  • http://www.silkywraps.com Roxy

    Those who say this is a “non-issue” have not lived in a society that this is prevalent. It goes way beyond wanting to be “lighter-skinned”– people are going for full white. They bleach themselves, their kids and the dog and cat if they could. Toxic chemicals are exported to these countries and sold at high prices. Peopel have bleached to the point that they can’t even come out of their homes in the day time – only at night when the sun is gone. People are left maimed by this! Do a web search and see the realities of this. So when a famous person decides to do this it brings a whole army or copy-cats. especially poor people who can’t afford the “good” stuff like she can and will use whatever they can includign household bleach- yes they do! It’s not about beign outraged at her but that people will be outraged to not indulge or promote it. Take action such as getting the government to ban toxic strength skin bleachers from the shelf of beauty supply stores. It is a similar outrage that caused many to protest practices such as clitoral circumcision that some would say makes women feel more “acceptable” and is a “non-issue.” Many people in America are totally unaware of this extreme bleaching and if they don’t it will slowly creep its way in slowly but surely. Non-issue to who?

  • HuesofHoney

    @retro Sounds like America

  • HuesofHoney

    @ toke…I’m just wondering exactly the type of stories you would post…I see Clutch has responded to you and asked for suggestions. Can you please post a few?

    “As a dark skinned female I am very proud and self assured I do not worry myself over the chips other people have on their shoulders because at the end of the day that is their problem and not mine.”

    Toke you sound like an Island..I am I

  • LMO85

    But to your second post, that is the whole point! Why wouldn’t MJ be influenced by cultural standards the way everyone else is? His father made fun of him, he most likely did suffer from Body Dismorphic Disorder AND when you skin tone significantly changes AND you lose color in your lips, hair in your eyebrows/lashes and on your head due to lupus,AND your scalp is burned to a severe degree to the point where you suffer hair loss and scalp damage, AND on top of that you like everyone else live in a “white is right” society that promotes Euro features as the be all end all ——then come back and tell me how you would cope with all of the changes and what your self esteem and self image might be like.

    Shit there was a time when black men permed their hair, some old time rock stars still do the press and curl. GTFOH.

  • http://elizabethhorlemann.com Elizabeth

    How sad and what a pity because maybe she has no idea just how much she is damaging her internal organs, particularly the liver where all these chemicals are being worked on, the kidney where the chemicals are being filtered in. Like the doctor has no clincial tests have been done.

    How sad that such a beautiful black woman wants to look white – I live in a country where the whites want to look like blacks – go to the sun tan studios and destroy their colors and blacks bleaching their skins to look like white… How sad and that she is prepared to take the consequences of having wrinkles even at a young age. I guess she has no really self value, lack of self confidence and a great touch of ignorance!

  • grace

    She looks like a combination of Tiny (T.I.’s girl) and Cassie.

  • African

    @B – Hey B, shouldn’t we also apply HAPPINESS and CONSENT on this discussion too B? I don’t support it either but given the previous discussions we’ve had on other vices (Yes imposed on us through the Mass Media and Academia) I think this betrays your entire philosophy on HAPPINESS, CONSENT, EQUALITY and INDIVIDUALITY.
    This is not a confrontation, just an observation.

  • NOno

    another lost black soul
    oh well
    south africa has the highest skin cancer rates in the world so good luck with that mshoza.

  • LJ

    Dang, white folks have really done a number on the WHOLE DAMN PLANET!!! SMDH

  • lala

    She using the same stuff as Beyonce !!!! (Ring the alarm, Why dont you love me etc ) Why is nobody talking about B and Rihanna looking so light all of a sudden when you compare photo’s from way back.

  • lala

    Also anyone else thinks she was sponsored to do this ? Like mabye she has a contract with the makers of these products??? It wouldnt surprise me.

  • lala

    And last but not least I know weave and straighting your hair are not as bad as skin-lighting but if where really honest with each other its the same, the blue contacts , the indian hair. We are all trying to reacht that “supposedly ideal” Its not just about style its about something way deeper.

  • B

    @African: The history is simple: 500 plus years of European degradation of Africanness and blackness; too many centuries of European colonialism and cultural imperialism whereby they not only enslaved us physically but perpetuated the idea of their intellectual and physical (beauty) superiority to such an extent as to practically (and in some cases successfully) enslave us mentally to their ideas.

    Of course, if one knows one’s history, then this is apparent. At any rate, given that history, in no way can I believe that this black girl who wants to be/look white loves herself. She has given in to that illusion of white superiority, and honey, a black person who believes that does NOT love him/herself. Individualism does not erase the historical implications underlying a person’s choices. We don’t live in a vacuum. What about her black children (if she has any)? Does she not like their complexions either? How can such an individual ever be happy as long as she wants to become some impossible ideal of beauty.

    **And, no, this isn’t the same as changing one’s sex: science has again and again shown that hormones, chromosomal differences, and actual biology play a MAJOR role in transgender identities; there is such a thing as being intersexed. (Look it up)

    So I don’t think it betrays my philosophy at all. Besides, if she consented to this and she’s not hurting anyone but herself, then I or no one else has a right to stop her or treat her less than equally. It’s her choice. But I am under no delusion that this woman is HAPPY.

  • toke

    @Dede thank you very much for your response, I will in fact take you up on your offer of suggestions. Thanks

    @huesofhoney lol that’s interesting that you would think my pride and self assurance could be likened to an island
    but I think you are missing the point I was trying to make completely.

    I read a lot of the comments
    being made by readers and like I originally stated I don’t think this article is actually doing
    what Clutch intended at all unless of course the intention of posting the article was to
    give readers a chance to make someone that they claim isn’t happy feel even worse about
    herself, which I don’t think it was. I mean put yourself in that womans shoes just for a moment and imagine that she
    came across this article and read some of the things that people had to say about the way
    she has chosen to live HER life would it really do anything to uplift her spirit? Its easy to point fingers
    when the shoe is on the other foot but the truth of the matter is it isn’t entirely her fault that
    she thinks the way she does. Its great that the majority of Clutch readers are proud of their skin
    no metter its tone but are we really that much better than her if all we do with our so called
    enlightenment is talk down to the people who obviously are in need of our help and support?
    As black people (and I include myself in all of this because I’m just a part of the problem as the
    next person) its time we learned to show each other care and consideration instead of constantly
    breaking each other down.

    My first suggestion would be that instead of writing a story about how one black African woman in a
    position to influence other black Africans is bleachng her skin and thus making her the target of
    a lot of negativity perhaps someone ought to write a story that might make us understand a bit better
    why it is that some black women feel like the color or tone of their skin doesn’t make them worth and
    hopefully by doing so break some of the myths surrounding color.

    And I’m sorry if you found my post offendsive or disrespectful towards the views you or your readers in any way, that wasn’t really my intention
    I was just pointing out the fact that perhaps we ought to be trying to fix the situation instead of making it

  • adrift

    Mshoza is not one of the hottest kwaito artists on the scene. Not by a loooooooong shot. That chick has only ever had one hit- Kortez… and she was like 10 years old at the time. angling for a come back. its late for her, hey. she must sit.

  • http://LesBoom.Tumblr.com LesBoom

    Hhhmmm this is very interesting. Am I the only one wondering why she chose Christina Aguilera as the pilar of whiteness? There’s more to this story. I do think she is bat sh*t cray though, and it’s actually quite sad. It would be different if she said she wanted to be green or blue (I would still side-eye her) but because says she is wanting to be white like Aguilera it’s pretty evident that she is suffering from far more serious issues than just wanting to be “different”.

  • Sue

    I think it’s a combination of colonialism and the the general elevation of a “white” or european aesthetic. I think some of the problems in Africa such as poverty, disease and war contribute to this mindset. Many downtrodden people my only mingle with people from other races when they come in the form of an aid organisation or when they see them as tourists. Most times they seem to come from better circumstances especially economically. I am not saying that this is enough to make someone want to lighten their skin but in that person’s mind they may start to envy the white person’s life. They might imagine that if they could immigrate to the U.S. or Europe they would be happier. Let’s not forget some women and women will date or marry a white person just because of their race with no regard to anything else.

    For this particular case of Mshoza wanting to become “white”, I think it’s another effect of apartheid. If you are ever in Johannesburg visit the Apartheid Museum. You will understand how much the system dehumanized black people and stripped them of their dignity. Your skin color determined everything!! Secondly she is a woman in the public eye from an early age, the pressure to look “perfect” probably got to her more than even she realises. It’s sad that she wants to pursue this because she was already beautiful even before.

    As an aside, watch the movie “SKIN” featuring Sophie Okonedo. It’s about a girl born to white parents, the only problem was she looked “Colored”. The story might give you an insight into the complexity of race in South Africa.

  • apple

    i thought this two about them… but i wasn’t sure it was possible or if they would really do that (because of safety and medical laws)

  • S.


    So… what exactly are u mad at again?

    You just confirmed everything I said in my original post so what the problem is….???

  • Bren82

    As unfortunate as it is, she is a product of society’s messages about the beauty of dark skin. Just as societies value white skin all over the world, societies devalue dark skin all over the world. It’s a deadly epidemic that men and women will put harmful chemicals on their bodies, which eventually go into their blood stream, to obtain a certain aesthetic. At least she is willing to admit what many black people keep a secret/deny when they deliberately lighten their skin under the guise of wanting a more “even complexion”. Hopefully she will not die as a result of the poison she’s injecting through her skin to realize that she is beautiful just the way she is. Since she mentioned wanting her skin to be “Christina Aguilera white”, maybe she should listen to Christina’s song “You Are Beautiful”. Put it on repeat.

  • http://www.nobabylonallowed.blog.com EnsomCityEmpress

    you got that right! they messed with everybody’s self esteem. Im glad they didn’t get to you and me LOL

  • http://LushCoils.com Lush Coils

    It’s actually interesting and sad to hear this story now in 2011. I wonder what happened to her to think that being white is better and even at the risk of damaging her health. Her intent seems to be relentless. I would like to know know where the issue started and why the attachment to Christina Aguilera who is clearly an advocate for loving yourself as you are.

  • Rukyoftheyear

    But even Christina Aguilera is not that white…ever heard of photoshop?

  • http://guulo.wordpress.com/ Guulo

    Could messages like go after what you want, pursue your passions and happiness lead to this? It seems whenever people make decisions such as this, they site happiness and going after what they feel is inside of them and what makes them happy. If I remember correctly there was a post about a kids changing their genders because they felt different, were born in the wrong gender and they were seeking their happiness. This seems to me like similar reasoning.

  • MommieDearest

    “Since she mentioned wanting her skin to be “Christina Aguilera white”, maybe she should listen to Christina’s song “You Are Beautiful”. Put it on repeat.”


    Looking at her “before” picture in the article makes me so sad. She was such a beautiful young lady and now she’s messed herself up. I get the same melancholy (sp?) feeling when I see childhood pictures of Michael Jackson. If only he could have received the help he needed and learned to love himself. He would still be here and would be a beautiful man. *sigh*

  • Xhosa_Girl

    @ TheBestAnonEver, I’m South African, and we speak like that everyday. Mixing our moter tongues with English, and in the video Mshoza and the interview are mixing 2 South African languages (Zulu and Sotho) with English and the doctor is mixng Xhosa and English, totally beautiful! We speak ENglish fully when we speak to white people, they don’t know any of the 9 indigenous South African languages!

    Anyway back to the point, Mshoza is a clean example of what happens when you have money and have nothing to do with it. My mom always says an idle mind is the devil’s playground. Her husband is rich, she got with him while he was married to his first wife, they got married, had a lot of drama that they both went to the media to report and now this. This gilr just loves attention. She was a lesbian some years ago. She has deeper issues I guess, she did have her first child at 14. She can do what she wants with her body, but my worry is her health and what example she is setting for her children.

  • African Mami

    “Passion to be white”….that screams SELF-HATE!

    Why on God’s green beautiful earth that is now succumbing to global warming, would you want to be white when you are black, especially in Africa given the horrid history we have with the Western world?! If anything, she should defiantly be screaming from the tops of the beautiful Table Mountains of South Africa that black is beautiful and precious. Folks what you are seeing here, are the remnants of post-colonial/post-apartheid country. The physical shackles of colonization can no longer be seen but truly reside in the hearts and mental attitudes of my people.

    I have NEVER heard of her, but it is truly saddening that I have now been introduced to her music through MADNESS!

  • chanela

    how are we supposed to embrace that when our own male counterparts don’t even like dark skin and other black features? every single culture on earth dislikes dark skin and nappy hair. how am i supposed to embrace and be happy about being seem as hideous no matter what country i go to? how am i supposed to embrace the fact that its rare for men of other races to find me beautiful (since men of my own race don’t like me)?

    i don’t blame her or others for just saying “fck it! if you cant beat em, join em!”light skin has always and will always be seen as the most beautiful. thats why no matter how ratty in the face a person is, as long as they are light skinned and possibly with a looser curl pattern then they are automatically beautiful. its something we just cant fight unfortunately. its just how this earth operates.

  • Jen

    I don’t like the implication that all lighter black folks are “secretly” bleaching their skin. I’m a black person. Sometimes (namely wintertime) I look really pale in the cheeks. I wear makeup to work daily all winter long to counteract this sickly look. Just because a black person can look lighter or darker from one day or week to the next does NOT mean they are applying toxic chemicals to themselves. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of lighting in a picture!

  • LemonNLime

    Where is this implication (all lighter black folks are “secretly” bleaching their skin) mentioned? This article isn’t about black people who sometimes look darker or lighter. It is about a black woman who is inject dangerous chemicals into her body because of her “passion to be white”. THAT is a problem my friend.

  • http://kissthedragon.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    The very people who say this: “We can’t blame society for OUR self, I’ll retype, SELF-esteem. Anyone who’ll let the opinion of other imperfect, screwed-up, issue-having human beings dictate how they should look to be qualified as beautiful has issues larger than the issue at hand.”

    Are either 1.) Heartless souless robots. 2.) Inexperienced. 3.) Lack Empathy. 4.) The very same people who are trampling over Mzhosa’s self esteem. 5.) Irresponsible and selfish.

    WE ARE HUMAN! I REPEAT. WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS, and we seek the approval of others. We do not live in a vacuum. Other people’s judgements of us Do affect out well being very tangibly. News flash dark skinned women are penalized in society for being dark skinned! So putting the onus on the individual is simply passing the buck, and blaming the victim.

  • http://kissthedragon.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    Blacks are also VERY responsible for this.

  • http://kissthedragon.tumblr.com KissOfDanger

    Tattoos and piercings are no better. It’s modifying your body. (not to mention the tattoos and piercings have gotten out of hand.)

  • Tracie


  • jen

    Whenever there is an article like this someone insists that Beyonce and Rihanna both bleach their skin. Read the comments.

  • LMO85

    Thank you for mentioning this, folks can be SO ignorant. Most black kids are darker when they are younger for simply being out in the sun–at least in the old days, we played in the streets until the street lights came on, not the case as a grown woman. Not to mention, lighting and makeup and photo shop can alter images and hues. In Rhianna’s case, she came from an island, duh, it stands to reason she was darker then, than since she has been living in continental US for the past number of years. All black folks, including darker ones can get paler in the winter months, I don’t see why that is so hard to comprehend but then, folks amaze me with their sheer stupidity most days.

  • fmj

    Take her “Black Card” away….immediately!!!!

  • alwaysthere

    she has just recently tried to committ suicide

  • Charolette

    I say do YOU! You like it, I love it!

    People don’t yell “SELF ESTEEM” when millions of woman can’t pay there bills but invest and drive a multi million dollar hair industry, invest in the future of asians by getting synthetic nails, fake eye lashes and more!

    If you want to do something that makes YOU happy then do it! Besides, most of the people who comment negatively probably cannot not afford to do it!

    My good friend had an augmentation and tummy tuck and she did it so that she felt better about her own body! What woman doesn’t want to feel great in a swimsuit or a nice dress! There’s nothing wrong with change if YOU are comfortable with it!

    So if your ASS has a perm I guess you have LOW SELF esteem about your NAPPY ASS HAIR! OR if you have a WEAVE YOU WANT TO BE WHITE because you didn’t grow it! WE ALL DO IT IN SOME WAY SHAPE OR FORM SO STOP FREAKING HATING!

  • Charolette

    Do you have a perm, ever had a weave, wear fake nails, wear make up….if so you are not different from her! It’s the same thing. You are recreating who you are so when you point the finger and add your comments you thumbs are pointing back at you!

  • http://facebook crystal allen-curry

    this bitch is crazy!! LOW-SELF ESTEEM..u should just kill yourself!! ur the sadess person that walk this planet!! u think it will fix ur problems..lol wat a joke u will always be A NEGRO!!

  • http://facebook crystal allen-curry


  • lala

    And I love it when people make excuses for celebs like: Rihanna, Beyonce (its the sun) and Michael Jackson he really had a skin problem)

    Of course there are lighter skin people naturally. But there are also a lot of fakers out there. Stop pretending that shit isnt true and you can tell the difference between people who where born that way and people who are faking.

    Also this question of self-hate. Did you guys in the USA consider what you are sending out abroad in your Music video’s ? The images that are proteteyd. I think it is soley Beyonce who got damm the half of the global black female population into weave.

    I know people dont want to talk about it but that shit is the truth. A lot of mayor Black celebes are far more lighter then the average black person especially the females. That shit cause things like this.

  • African

    @B – Intersex is a socially and politically construed term in Lit Crit for hermaphroditism which is the right biological term. So let’s not go into those socially construed terms when talking biology. Biology does accompany sociology and politics in the modification of human anatomy for capitalistic gains. The removal of melanin is a biological procedure so is Boob and Nose jobs. So transgender, boob and Nose jobs and skin-bleaching are equal. You either dismissing all of them or advocating for all. They are all products of libertarian philosophy which champions for individualism.

  • Ty

    Sometimes I think self acceptance can be the most difficult…with anyone of any race. To look one way and have everything and everyone that you see on a daily basis tell you, directly or not, that the way you look is not beautiful. If this is what she wants to do with herself, fine. So be it. But making herself whiter is not going to give her the happiness that she’s looking for. It’s obviously a little deeper than that. Oh what a wonderful world it would be if everyone could see that everyone is beautiful just the way they are. Unfortunately we do not live in such a world and we may never get there. I know that I can only start with myself and do nothing but encourage others to do the same.

  • jen

    Woooowwwwwww, really? Guess being lighter didn’t make her so happy after all.

  • AustralianGirl

    Yes, she did try to commit suicide, but seems it was more to do with marriage difficulties….
    heres the link:


  • Leonardo Benzant

    Charolette you are a robot, its so sad but many many of our people are robots, we don’t think our own thoughts, we think only what has been implanted in us and the saddest thing about it is that we really are not aware of it…read please read miseducation of the negro, read Yurugu by Marimba Ani…wake up!!!!! we need to wake up!!!!!! the Europeans are performing cultural genocide on us, so that we are blackskinned robots acting like crackers in blackface…

  • Vintage

    She looks hella ugly with the white skin and retarded weave. sorry, being white doesn’t make you happier than being black. Guess she found out the hard way.

  • http://facebook ophelia

    beautifully stated.

  • whatever

    AMEN!!! What a legacy at the end of the day. “Yeah, we totally jacked up everybody’s mentality — awesome!!”

  • Frank Corlone

    MAN I LOVE THIS WEBSITE THESE ARTICLES ARE INTERESTING. This is my comment on the whole thing. No matter who white these niggers try to bleach their skin, and I call them niggers because no self respecting black woman or man would ever do this, they fail to understand white people will never accept them. If anything they might hate you more. I want all the niggers who do this to go to the most neo-nazi area in the world, and they’re gonna find out quick what they are.

  • http://yahoo Nikki N

    She wants to be ”white, white” like Christina Aguliera…lmao. ”Post- apartheid baby” for real. What a Shame!! A beautiful black woman who is in a position to influence young black girls in South Africa, but SADLY she’s doing the opposite. She wants to be white=skinned so bad that she’s going against Doctor’s orders!! She doesn’t love herself, If she did she wouldn’t be bleaching and risking her health/ life. Let her go ahead, guess she wants to get skin cancer, become allergic to the sun and look old with wrinkles. Different strokes for different folks. Thank God I have NEVER had her line of thinking. I am PROUD to be a dark-skinned black woman, Proud of my melanin. Melanin IS the base for ALL biological processes, every good Doctor, Scientist and Chemist knows that…Too bad ignorant blacks like her don’t realize.

  • http://blackonpurpose.blogspot.com/ gryph
  • Gust

    I agree with Toke. There is a plethora of positive stories upon which we can shine a spotlight, yet we choose to focus on complexion. The sad part is that we are not even talking about society’s views, we are taking one poor lost soul and showcasing them.

    Let us use our forums to uplift our race (the human race), not bicker over the shallow views of one person.

  • arthur miller

    say what eva you want but DAMN SHE IS FINE, LIGHTSKIN!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/mckemo Ke’Mo

    In your diatribe against the king of pop you overlooked the actual fact he had a skin disease that caused severe pigment damage. Which doesn’t sound like trying to be white on purpose to me.

  • Elle

    I guess that also explains the thinner nose and the other changes he made to his face features

  • V

    This lady may benifit from theraphy. She appears to have internalized some negative core beliefs about her self I am unlovable I am defective.
    Socially she as misled the negative views that bring white or whiter is a way to fulfill her happiness. It is unfortunate that the negative messages white Europeans has communicated to decrease our black sisterssnd brothers self-esteem has being internalized yo the point where we accepted these thoughts as true.

    Does anyone question Whites why are you so white ? Does anyone say to a white person you should get some color. It’s not ” natural ” to be that white? What this woman’s behaviour is is a reflection the social construction of beauty.

    The culture , people in her community and immediate family and friends indirectly reinforce her actions . For example she expressed that her and husband mother told her” my child you are beautiful ” was she not before?
    The image of self hate that on many levels underlies low self love and appreciation for one self and beauty is a message she may likely communicate to her daughter.

    She appears to have a selfish attitude about her future. She states “i don’t care about what happened to me 20 years from now . I care about what I do now.” While it is important to live in the here and now anyone would agree that making plans and having a future orientation gives us a sense of hope.
    Does she think about the long term effects that are unscientifi as mentioned by the dermatologist?

    As a role model I wonder what message she sends to girls who admire her .

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