Zahara Jolie-Pitt was recently photographed in Las Vegas rocking braid extensions instead of her usual free-form wash-n-go. The six year old adopted daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt became the poster child for childhood black hair norms in 2009, when Angelina was accused of misunderstanding black hair and not keeping Zahara’s mane “tame” enough. These claims sparked a debate over the extent to which we accept the natural curls of our little girls and the responsibility of parents to instill confidence in their children, be it through assimilation or self-acceptance.

Some people are already pleased that Zahara’s hair has been put in less wild style than in the past, while others are concerned that six years old is way too young for a child to have synthetic hair extensions. Whatever the hair police say about Angelina’s ability to properly care for Zahara’s hair, the young lady herself seems to be thriving.

View more pictures of Zahara’s look over the years here.

What do you think?


  • amarie

    I don’t really see what the big deal is. It’s not like she has a flowing weave.Lots of little girls get braids. I prefer her free hair, but the braids are age appropriate.

  • Mimi

    I don’t think that six year olds need that type of stress on their hair. Braids pull on your real hair too much. I always cringe whenever I see little girls with synthetic braids in their hair. Personally, I like the pic on the right.

  • lostluv224

    that lil girl is gorgeous!

    My response is unless your providing fundage for the upbringing of Angelina and Brad’s kids…… just sit. And thats anyone;s children, for that matter. If they’re obv well taken cared of then all the superficial nonsense is null and void.

  • Cantarah

    What a pretty child. Very fine-boned, lovely face.

    Jolie has been very open about letting their kids experiment with their hair saying something to the effect of “the more you fight it, the more exciting it becomes” and lets Shiloh get her hair cut any which way she wants, the boys dye their hair and get it cut into weird mohawks and the like, so coming up with special stricter rules for what Zahara should and should not be able to do lest the Black Hair Police get nosy is probably not in the cards.

  • @me

    She looks too cute with her little pony tail. I’ve never like extensions on children because I don’t think it’s cute or healthy for their hair. Perhaps if only her real hair were used I would like it better. Either way it’s Angelina’ s child so it’s her preference but I do think she could’ve had someone do a better job. I’ve seen other pics on another website and it look like the child did her own hair!

  • Isis

    Shes adorable

  • JaeBee

    I think she looks adorably cute either way she chooses to wear her hair. They can easily take the extensions out if she decides she no longer wants to rock that style—no harm, no foul.

  • Natalie

    I don’t particularly like synthetic braids, but the style is age appropriate. I would be in an uproar if she had a mess of balls, barrettes, and nonsense in her head, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic…

  • CD86(CaliDreaming86)

    I don’t think anything about it really. It looks like the hair extensions were added just so there could be a fuller look.

  • B.Payne

    Typical “community issues”….

    So regardless of the fact that Bradgelina basically saved this little girls life…her hair is a bigger concern…WOW!

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that most non-blks really have no concerns about what blk ppl have hangups over? I’ve been told by non-blacks that I look better with my natural than I do straight.

    SN: I must say, I’m a bit green over the fact that Zahara gets to bounce on Brad Pitt’s knee for fun, lol!!

  • Mimij

    Oh dear, they are just regular, common single braids that almost ALLLL little black girls get at some point of their life. It is not a big deal. Stop making something out of nothing.

  • Timcampi


    I’m confounded as well. How is the state a six year old wears her hair more important in “our community” than the larger fact that she was adopted into a loving family that at least TRIES to work with a relatively foreign hair texture?

    Way too young for hair extensions? How about too young for a perm? Last I checked wearing one’s hair in a kinkier state is still a major issue in the black community. Besides, they don’t look that tight.

  • Candy1

    She’s not my daughter so I don’t really care that much. As far as looks, it looks fine and it isn’t like she has a lace front wig or a quick weave. Synthetic braids can stress the hair line/follicles, but again, not my child…

  • Esme

    I bet she asked for them.

  • gmarie

    omg..really? stfu. I don’t know any black girls at that age who had not had braided extensions at some point or another when I was growing up. people seriously need to get a grip and worry about what’s going on on top of and inside their OWN heads.

  • edub

    Lol! That was hilarious, B. Payne!!

  • binks

    GTFOH, this is making a mountain out of an ant hill. They are box braids for goodness sake the way people where complaining I think she had a beyonce blond lacefront. I know plenty of girls *even me* who had or wore box braids around that age. I’ am not understanding the big deal, as long as she is treating her scalp by keeping it moisturize and healthy and the braids aren’t to tight what is the big deal, she is damn if she do damn if she don’t

  • LJF

    Yup! I betcha she asked for them. This little girl is thriving in a loving family leave her and her hair alone! Angelina and Brad know what they are doing just as those of you who have kids know what you are doing with yours! Stay out they bizness!

  • apple

    i agree

  • Miriam Christina

    I agree

  • starr

    This girl is thriving (from what we can see), I never understood the hoopla about the hair. I rocks a perm but whats wrong with a pony, a wash n go, just rocking a wild fro….

    But I do love that her style is age appropriate, I can’t stand to see little girls with grown folks styles.

  • Simone

    When you have black women on television, in media print and in everyday life with weaves and braided fake hair…what do you expect? This was no surprise to me at all.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I don’t understand where people get off trying to tell her parents what to do with her hair.

  • Dee

    Y’all are Wylin!

    I can see if it was weave… its braids!

    I had braid extensions when I was 6..them big ole poetic justice lookin box braids.

  • Bisous

    She’s a cutie pie. Gtfo.

  • Lyoness

    Zahara is a gorgeous little girl!! Her little hair style is fine. When the title said ‘extensions’, I was thinking flowing weave. What little girl hasn’t had braids? Non issue. Nothing to see here folks. Since we’re on the subject of their kids, I’m so tired of people talking about Shiloh. They put her in polo shirt and khakis and people have a heart attack saying she’s dressed like a boy. Leave these people alone.

  • Truth

    it dont look like extensions to me… despite what most may think about zaharas hair i think its nice to rock curls and the braids dont bother me either… besides most Ethiopians rock braids and their curly fro… so maybe Angelina isnt as ignorant as many may think

  • blackbutterfly

    I’m disappointed by the extensions…its the lazy way of “dealing” with her hair. All Angelina or her staff had to do was comb and brush it everyday – its not that dang hard to do… millions of us black women do it everyday and for daughters too.

    ..ughh did i say i’m disappointed in this?

  • blackbutterfly

    i hope her hair doesn’t fall all the way out or make her hairline start in the middle of her head.

  • blackbutterfly


    the dust up was because the little girl looked unkept before and you know if she were any other little black girl you saw walking down the street with her black mother you’d be thinking “why is her mama trifling and why doesn’t she care enough to make her daughter look nice when leaving the house”.

    Please do not lie and say that you’ve never had a thought like that when you’ve seen a little black girl with her hair all matted, messed up all over her head and just uncombed.

    This has nothing to do with who her parents are – in general a little black girl (or really any child for that matter) should never leave the house looking a mess when their parents are well put together.

  • African Mami

    @ TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Girllllll our Ethiopian princess looks RIDIC with hair flying all over the place. Sometimes it is in America, all over sudden it does a transit in Ethiopia via Amsterdam…..uh uh! We can’t have dat!!! No ma’m.

  • PeoplePleaseGetOverItAlready

    People really need to shut the______Up! I honestly feel people always want a reason to be OUTRAGED! At least the little girls hair was styled and she was healthy & clean. There is nothing wrong with hair extensions. I am sure 99% of those who comment here have or are wearing hair extensions in their hair. No body really knows what Angelina is doing with her children let alone what she is doing with their hair. I personally feel like the natural hair community is seriously runny out of things to say, to teach, to demonstrate and so forth because everyone and their momma is blogging, creating video’s and so forth. WHO CARES IF YOU ARE DISAPPOINTED! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? #Danm Natural Hair Amateurs….Ooopps I mean Experts. ~shrug shoulders

  • Michelle

    Are we positive these are extensions? My daughter is from Ethiopia, and has similar texture to Zahara. When her hair is worn free in an afro it is only 1-1/2 – 2″ long, but when I do braids, it reaches down to her shoulders. Maybe they are just well-oiled braids?

    I think both styles look nice on Zahara, she is a beautiful child. As for Angelina, I personally keep my daughter’s hair more ‘styled’ than she, and if I had the money it would be professionally styled. But if you look at her other children, they all seem to have an unkept, ‘wild’ look. Seems to be a more ‘free-spirited’ mindset in their unconventional family. I feel bad for her, she’s darned if she does, and darned if she don’t.

  • Ayden Renwick

    Fantastic blog article.Much thanks again. Will read on…

  • peterjems

    I believe good hair is hair that can be style in any way, shape, or form. It doesn’t need a curling iron, flat iron,or a perm (of any kind). Let me put it to you this way, He’s looking for a bald woman. After all, bald is so quite.

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