Bill O’Reilly is one of those people who I almost want to like until he actually starts saying stuff. He kind of reminds me of a science teacher I had in high school who seemed like a total jerk one second, then would say something that sounded like he had an interest in our way of life the next, and then follow it all up with some outrageous statement that brought everything back to square one. Bill O’Reilly scolding his political commentator Bernie Goldberg on the difference between Ice-T and Ice Cube fits the aforementioned pattern pretty much to a T.

Can we talk about how proud of himself this guy was for having a picture of himself with a Jheri Curl-era Ice Cube and using it to make a point about where he stands politically in 2012?

  • iQgraphics

    “you can’t be doin that to me”
    I can’t stand these crokers

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Sadly, this is the only time they actually reported something factual on Fox News, LMAO!!!

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