I love love LOVED D’Angelo’s last album Voodoo, which was an unbelievable twelve years ago — time sure flies when there are no half-naked men singing lovesongs in videos, don’t it?

Since then, I’ve pretty much forced myself to get over it and I know most of us have stopped waiting for a new album. It seemed like one of those things you just had to let go.

But the other day I saw the link to his cover version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” make the rounds online and thought I’d share it with my fellow D’Angelo devotees who miss his special brand of soul. Although folks have been saying that this song is a leak from his new album, that isn’t quite the truth. Questlove from The Roots, who is producing D’Angelo’s upcoming album, tweeted that the breathy cover is actually a demo from eight years ago and is not part of the new music, which he claims is “97% done.” He added that D’Angelo will launch his tour, called the “Occupy Music Tour,” in Europe during the early part of this year.

Ok, D. Just don’t play with our emotions on this.

Check out D’Angelo’s version of “Black Hole Sun” here.

  • B.Payne

    Voodoo was a good album and I understand the appeal due to that unfair video “How does it feel” (raise your hand if you were trying to look down at the bottom your TV screen near the end) but Brown Sugar is THAT joint from beginning to end.

    I’m about to listen to that now….

  • Ginger

    I like the new song (although I wish they would have simplified the beat and showcased his voice more).

  • complexity

    Loved both albums. He needs to come back. He was and is such an influential part of the neosoul movement. He was there in the beginning. Yea, this is a demo. 97% done-YES! I read that the Untitled video kind of messed D’Angelo up, so I can’t watch it the same way. I really respect his artistry.

  • Mimi

    *raises had while hanging head in shame*

  • Mimi


  • QON

    Isnt Black Hole Sun a song by Sound Garden? Thats a great song. Love De’Angelo. Hope he isnt trying something new.

  • Curious

    How did it mess him up?

  • Perverted Alchemist

    Now that Guns N’ Roses’ “The Chinese Democracy” came out a couple of years ago (and went pretty quickly, might I add), D’Angelo is the one next in line to deliver an album- that is, if he really will do it. He’s been working on “James River” (if the album is still called that at this point) for the last several years. He started on it when he was still signed to Virgin Records back in 2004, and now that he’s on RCA Records it may or may not see the light of day.

    At this point, I think he just needs to just let it go. That video for “Untitled” was supposed to be an artistic vision of the song, and it ended up ending his career. From that video, all women wanted him to do was sing without a shirt on and it drove him to the brink of insanity. I respect him for jump starting the neo-soul movement of the last fifteen years, but it’s become clearly obvious at this point that he doesn’t have it anymore.

  • mw

    He did an interview with Toure (I believe) wherein they touched on ‘Untitled’ . . .and how against showing his body he was because he rightly believed that there could be some skewed thoughts and memories as to whether he was showcasing his music or his bodies.

    To be fair, I was in early single digits when that song, that album, came out. . . but the video for Untitled can have me salivating at an instant.

    It totally messed him up . . . .here he was, trying to be soulful and many women just wanted to see him as a sex symbol. For a man who doesn’t want that kind of attention, for anyone who doesn’t want that kind of attention, it can be detrimental.

  • sli

    I don’t think he wanted to that video; they had to talk him into doing it.

    “Compromise is a b*tch”~Lauryn Hill

  • Mr. Man

    Can you imagine being a true musical artist, and through your own expressive musical talents you jump start a brand new sub genre of R&B that people absolutely fall in love with. You’re talked into one video, read ONE, thats totally out of your charactor and now you’re boo’ed off stage at most shows because you simply wont take your shirt off when you come out…….Tragic.

  • http://nocturneadagio.blogspot.com LainaLain

    He has such a beautiful voice. If he can’t officially release an album through a record label maybe he should just unofficially release one by himself.

  • 2012Chocolate

    Black Hole Sun – sounds good – Happy D’Angelo is back!

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