Is your doctor’s health affecting you?

According to researchers at Johns Hopkins, obese doctors are less likely to talk to overweight patients about diet and weight loss.

The study surveyed 500 doctors and asked about their confidence in their ability to treat obesity. Researchers found “that normal weight physicians were more likely to talk about weight loss with their obese patients (30 percent vs. 18 percent of overweight docs), had more faith that patients would trust their advice (80 percent vs. 69 percent of overweight docs), and had more confidence in their ability to provide diet and exercise advice (53 percent vs. 37 percent of overweight docs).”

Another major difference occurred in the ways in which doctors actually assessed their patients. Researchers found that 93% of “normal” weight doctors were more likely to label a patient obese, compared with just 7% of overweight doctors. This means that overweight doctors were far less likely to counsel their patients on weight loss.

With over a third of Americans struggling with obesity, it’s troubling that many doctors are not only losing the battle of the bulge, but are also not providing the type of care and consultation their parents need.

What do you think? Would you take weight loss advice from an overweight doctor?

  • Sherry

    No, its your eating habits and lack of exercise. Rihanna and Kim K have curves. Too many Americans do not. Like Toni Braxton told Tracy, having a belly is not cute.

  • bougiehippie

    why do you have an out of shape doctor anyways… you wouldn’t go to a nappy headed hair dresser would you?

  • African Mami

    I have never in my entire life heard of an obese doctor. They exist?! I mean, what in the hell?!

  • tricia

    Exactly what does nappy head mean? Watch the words you use please!!!

  • Steph…In Motion

    Once when a family member’s doctor described her as obese it shocked her and others in our family into action. Doctor’s have a responsibility to discuss weight loss with overweight patients regardless of their own weight issues. It’s a matter of life and death.

  • Steph…In Motion


  • CD86

    Well, I am not overweight, so it’s very unlikely a doctor would be giving me advice on weight loss, and if that doctor were overweight, I wouldn’t be able to take them seriously.

  • Sherry

    There are plenty of overweight doctors. But I have yet to see one who is obese.

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