The tragic 2008 murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew is finally going to trial, but could it be coming to a TV screen near you?

Jennifer Hudson and her motherAfter the Illinois Supreme Court decided that cameras and microphones can be allowed in court rooms, many are wondering if this will open the door to televising the Hudson family murder trial.

Proponents argue that allowing cameras in the court room ensures transparency.

“The provisions of this new policy keep discretion in the chief circuit judge and the trial judge to assure that a fair and impartial trial is not compromised, yet affords a closer look at the workings of our court system to the public through the eyes of the electronic news media and news photographers,” Illinois Chief Justice Kilbride said in a statement.

However, others argue that it is insensitive to families.

If the Hudson murder trial is televised it will be sure to garner huge headlines and media coverage. Jennifer Hudson may be called to testify against her former brother-in-law William Balfour, who has been charged with murder.

What do you think? Should the trial be televised? 

  • gmarie

    I don’t think it should be, but I guess I also don’t think it should receive treatment any different from other high profile cases ie amanda knox or casey anthony

  • O’Phylia

    Next obvious question, please.

  • AJ

    Yes,it should be. A lot of families in the U.S. are going through this type of violence. The world needs to see the kind of horrible people do this type of damage. It’s just gotten out of hand in the U.S. We need to stop trying to hide it.

  • Marie Young

    Should be left to the discretion of the victims….

  • Alexandra

    I think not. This should be private.

  • CD86

    Hmmmmm. It’s not that it should be, but if Jennifer Hudson and/or the courts agree to have it televised, then why not?

  • sunshyne84

    I’m so glad I’m a regular person. I couldn’t imagine the stress. Why don’t they show executions?

  • Kandis

    I don’t want to see this myself, but it is Jenn and the sister’s decision.

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