Nelson Mandela Biopic Coming to TV

by Britni Danielle

A new miniseries about South Africa’s most famous hero, Nelson Mandela, is in the works. The proposed six-part miniseries has been approved by Mandela’s family, and is even being produced by his grandson Kweku Mandela.

According to the BBC, two of Mandela’s books will be used to create the miniseries and working title of the project is “Madiba,” the tribal clan name Mr. Mandela is known by in South Africa.

Mandela’s grandson, Kweku says this biopic won’t make his grandfather appear as a saint, but instead will try to “unravel Mandela the man.”

The project is being produced by three different global companies, UK’s Left Bank Pictures, Canada’s Blue Ice Films and South Africa’s Out of Africa Entertainment, and filming will begin later this year.

Will you watching a Mandela miniseries? What other historical figures deserve biopics? 

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