We all know the mainstream media does a horrible job covering stories about missing black and brown people. Instead, we get hours of TV specials and morning news coverage about young, blonde women who’ve mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully, sites like Black & Missing have kept many stories alive, but now TVOne has decided to take the cause to the small screen.

Premiering January 18, TVOne will begin airing a one hour docu-drama called Find Our Missing that will focus on highlighting stories of those who vanished. According to the show’s website, it will “will put names and faces to people of color – young and old- who have disappeared without a trace. Each riveting episode features a dramatic and emotional tale that places the viewer within the lives of the missing person, along with reflecting the pain of their loved ones, while confronting dead ends at every turn.”

TVOne hopes their show will not only be riveting television, but will also help find those who have gone missing.

Will you be tuning in? 

  • http://www.realtalk123.com AlesiaMichelle

    Finally, I will be watching.Bio, ID on Discovery, A&E… They rarely cover missing or unsolved cases involving Blacks. Nice to see a network taking notice.

  • sli

    Yes, I will watch, good for TV One. I think Cathy Hughes is really trying to create quality television for black Americans.

  • noNO


  • beautifulmindtss

    Yup, I’m excited about this one. Definitely needed!

  • Clnmike

    Yeah I will be watching TVOne has been killing it with there programing.

  • @me

    After a while these types of shows can get depressing, I will definitely be tuning in. Hopefully this program will show our community that we are not exempt from becoming missing persons. I applaud TVOne for featuring this program, we can’t depend on others to tell our stories!

  • Ms.B Sincerely

    It’s about time. Yes I will!

  • Ginger

    Sounds good! In my area, a white girl went missing. The local news never ceases to publish stories (7 months after) then 2 black children have gone missing with little coverage. I hope I never go missing!

  • http://clutchmagazine Tawnymarie

    Yes I will tune in, I would like to see a take on how we can help find out what happened to our missing,and what we have been through. It’s about time that people see we are humans just like them and we go through similiar issues. The difference is that we get little or not help at all when it comes to these things. Once again Thank you.

  • http://clutchmagazine Tawnymarie


  • fuchsia

    I’m very happy that there will be a show focused on this issue. It’s definitely about time!

    I would like to watch but I don’t think I get TVOne in my area…

  • Mimi

    I was actually thinking about doing this myself, but had no idea how to go about it. Yes I’ll be tuning in and I hope that they do follow-up stories once some of these black people are found due to the national media spotlight that they will receive.

  • http://the2sidesofme.tumblr Roni


  • Shannon

    Absolutely! about time

  • Alexandra

    I look forward to it. Great program idea.

  • iQgraphics

    and that’s the biggest problem right there! I agree that it is a good thing for an underserved population (exploited/missing – black & brown people) and I hope it makes it to at least PBS where more folks can see it down the line.

  • dvine

    nice to know that someone cares enough about us.. spread the word..

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  • Angie

    Why just black missing? What about the other children who go missing each day? It seems if your doing a show to bring missing kids home you would include all regardless of skin color.

  • Rolling Eyes Hard

    the above comments cannot be serious. missing minorities get so little coverage in the MSM it’s depressing. it’s about time a channel aimed at blacks and people of African decent had some useful programming. good for TVone for providing this service to our community. you will struggle to understand the needs of minority communities if you are part of the majority. at least be humble enough to admit it and stop whining.

  • ruggie

    This show is needed and, yes, I will tune in.

  • Really!

    Angie get a freaking CLUE! somebody please have a voice for these other children we hear about white kids every time you turn on the news. Please without any prejudice for once!

  • Really!

    Tell main stream MEDIA! idiot you do watch the news? ok well i never hear about other children missing. It is sad whatever the color KILL THE PERSON WHO HARMS THEM! and stupid people that say stupid stuff.Go watch the news report back if you see any child that is any color other than white ok!

  • Really!

    Is that right KRIS? sound like a looser who sits and hopes a show fails because it is geared toward afirican americans or minorities?
    Oh yea loosers like you! Do you watch the news? ok well no matter what city its the same NO coverage for anybodys child of any color except white! I hope you go sit back in that lil box and dream that life is some how fair and people are so wrong to now make a show to allow the rest of the world to know there is a child lost, stolen,or worse missing and you could possibly be able to help. Lets NOT forget The POINT! To help save a child. Again we hear and see daily about children just not minorities that MEANS: any color other than white. OK

  • Really!

    I am with you Rolling eyes hard! these two clowns below you are funny. Just stop will you people you have been having all kinds of country “private” clubs, events etc….im trying to stay nice and its hard because what world do you live in? It can’t be the same one i live in, If it was you couldn’t possibly think the coverage given to missing children was fair. Right. Dont watch if your offended!

  • CD86

    “If there was a “white” channel for starters it would be considered racist and how dare the white people if they were to make a show that only looked for white children.”

    You must not watch TV much. Most of the faces I see on/in magazines are White. Most of the people who I see on TV are White. In addition to that, it is very clear that White children receive about 99% of national TV coverage when they go missing.

  • Candace

    I am so saddened by this. I am a woman who does not see color. I see PEOPLE. All the same and all equal. If a white woman were to make a show saying that she was only going to help white children and cover white issues she would be labeled a bigot and run out of town. OUR PEOPLE? Really??!?!?! Black people want equality. Black people preach and preach against segregation, separation and racism, and equality when it’s Black people separating and segregating ourselves. Until we stop doing that to ourselves we can’t just blame the media. I was raised to see all people as just people, I’ve heard people preach to me my whole life about diversity, love and acceptance making the world go round. And it makes me angry to see the separation is still there and it is of our own making. WE KEEP IT GOING. WE make ourselves “not equal.” No I wont be watching this show. I will stick to watching people who don’t see us as “our people” and see all people as equal.

  • Nakia


    While I do understand your frustration, I disagree entirely. I was raised as a military brat, living in many different countries and states. I was not raised to see color. However, to not acknowledge that mainstream media takes a blind eye to the missing Black and Brown populace is just as wrong as segregation. When Lauren Spierer went missing in Bloomington, Indiana, they found a 20-year-old decomposed body of a black woman who they originally thought may be here. When they discovered it wasn’t, there was a proverbial sigh of relief and life went on looking for Lauren. Not once since this have I heard anyone on the media ask the question of “who is missing a daughter?” as it pertains to this young black woman. I did not create this racial divide, you didn’t, and our parents did it. Regardless of whether you accept it or not, we are not at the point as a community that we can put our trust in mainstream society to still advocate for us. There is a long way to go until we get there. As a social worker, I work to change better my community and the people in it by promoting diversity, justice, and empowerment. It is empowering as a community for us to step forward and say that it is not okay for the media to ignore when our fellow brothers, sisters, and children go missing. To turn a blind eye to what is in front of you is just as wrong as the people that are choosing to determine what’s important for us to know and what isn’t.

  • Bob Krain

    ^and might that curcumstance have something to do with there being more white people than blacks??

  • Candace

    Nakia, I see your point and it’s a good one. I guess I get emotional about it because I am so saddened by the divide that is still between us all. Thank you for the gracious and loving reply.~Candace

  • MEG

    I think its ridiculous that a show like this is even being aired. I see stories every week on the news about black and brown people missing. I am honestly sick and tired of people thinking that black and brown people don’t get a fair shake or they are always put on the back burner just because their black- I see missing white, blacks and other races on tv all the time or read about it also and now there’s a show about JUST finding black people, NOT RIGHT!!! What about the missing white people? Again, total BS!

  • shaneika

    I understand wanting to have a show that could bring missing children (of any color) home or bring closure to any family that was suffering but why the need to play the race card. Just run the show – if in fact it is the finding of the children that is your goal here then there is no need to cause more division between the races with all the We this and We that. Don’t you see you just create another generation of blacks with victim mentalities by telling us how mistreated and disadvantaged we are. This mentality has been passed down from generation to generation and it needs to stop. If you see a problem just be a solution and leave a positive mark on society. We need to be solutions to problems and be empowering eachother instead of making eachother feel powerless. As a man thinketh in his heart- so is he. When you tell a man he is a victim-he becomes one.

  • BSB2012

    Yeah, what is the POINT??? The Point is that ANY human being missing, exploited or abused regardless of race is a horrendous crime period!! There are dozens of television shows about crime, punishment, the missing and unsolved mysteries. None of which outline specific race. The news media included. Do you mean to imply crimes that involve a minority as the victim purposly go un-reported or get less “air time”? You really expect people to believe Amber alerts are reserved for white kids? That’s a real shame! I am just offended by the advertisement for this show, “our people”?? I’m sorry but it is this kind of “poor us” attitude that keeps society divided. Every time you turn around there is someone crying foul because of race. Then, we have a new show or a special channel or a special organization or special competition. All of which segregates yourselves.

  • shaneika

    I am a mother of 2 strong black boys who are on their way to becoming strong black men. And i am tired of my own people always telling them they are disadvantaged in some way! Its always something new everytime they turn around- do you realize how discouraging this is to them.

  • James

    It would be seen racist by many, for a white man to stand in front of a black crowd and say he is proud to be white. But many would say its heroic for a black man to stand if front of a white crowd and say he is proud to be black. It is no different then the title of this show Find OUR People. If you are really concerned about your people and YOUR people is of a specific race than you are a racist. If you strongly think that the media focas is only for white people and you think that it is racist and wrong, then why support another show that is doing the same thing, with just a different race. If this show was not racist it would show coverage of all races equally giving all these poor childern that need help a greater chance to be found! Being in an interacial marriage I am ashamed that anyone would think this is ok. Do you think my children see black and white? No they see mom and dad, grandmas and grandpas on both sides it just love…

  • shaneika

    I love how the moderater is putting all the agreeable comments to the top and demoting all the others to the bottom of the pile. Wow. That says alot- i guess racist hype is one way to get viewers.

  • Bob Krain

    Everyone was concerned with Lauren because she was a loved member of society.

  • Jennifer

    When I have seen this commercial 2 times in the past few days, I was greatly offended! Find “OUR PEOPLE”, please! Anyone that is missing of any race or creed, color is searched for. For this woman (whoever she is on the commercial) to purport that blacks aren’t searched for is frankly nuts.
    All this commercial seems to do is keep fueling that separation between the races once again. Shame on her, this is 2012, not 1812. No wonder we will all never get along, keep us separate. This makes me sick.
    Like several others on here said that if white people had only a show specifically to look for white people, or whatever, it would be considered “racist”. Well this show is definitely racist. I won’t be watching. I think this is the same stupid network that shows “Black Men Revealed”, and I found that show highly offensive. They were all a bunch of pigs!

  • Bob Krain

    nice to see people telling the truth, instead of the simplistic, faux-idealistic ‘white-washed’ PCed libtard-endorsed racial double standard running rampant in America.

  • Our People

    Amazing. If a white even used the phrase “our people” as a promotional tag line (as is used to promote this program in commercials) people of color would cry race card loudly. Arent you tired of supporting division of race by making sure biased and racial distinctions? It so well worn and old. There is no conspiracy against people of color to not report their missing children. Thats just silly and prejudiced. Cant we just drop all this racial crap?

  • Our People

    Bless you Shaneika. Self reliance is the only way to be a man. No one can stop you achieving everything you want in life!

  • Yep!

    No lets just ignore the fact that race DOES influence which missing persons get reported on national news so that naive simpletons like you can feel better!

  • Yep!

    You may see them on the local news but not the national news which is what makes the difference. Everyone was looking for Natalie Holloway, not just the people in Nowhere USA. If you dont understand the need for EVERYONE to be looking when someone goes missing and the fact that the national media is not making this possible by not covering these stories then your just a lost cause.

  • Yep!

    Well hopefully your strong black boys will never go missing and you will never have to experience the hell that some of these black families with missing children that were not covered by the media are experiencing. You have the luxury of being self righteous because your children are safe and sound! You’d be singing a different tune were you in their shoes!

  • Yep!

    James would these be your words of wisdom to the black families who’s missing family members have not been covered by the media? You’d be telling desperate people who are trying to find their loved ones how they are racists and whats really wrong with this country for simply using any available means? Really? You’d tell them well even though your family member has not been featured on the national news you should not go to a show that will feature them and help you find them because that would just be morally wrong? Your naivety and lack of compassion is truly frightening and whats really wrong here!

  • Yep!

    And no one cared to even try to find out who the dead and missing for 20 years girl was because what?

  • Yep!

    Whats silly is how naive some people can be.

  • Bob Krain

    what’s even more amazing is the length of ridiculous faux-rhetoric that aupposedly ‘enlighted’ and ‘free-thinking people’ will try to use to justify their overt and blatant racism.

  • Bob Krain

    Well, it’s all white people’s fault anyway. If they hadn’t oppressed blacks and had them as slaves 300 years ago, then they wouldn’t be overexploited and underexposed today, among other things. It’s socially acceptable to blame white people for the shortcoming and character defects that are inherently otherwise unaccounted for.

    And THAT is the truth – you can sign it, put it in the bank, and check the blance in the morning, it’s that good.

  • Tonton Michel

    You must be from France

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  • Courtney

    I’m sick of white people playing the race card the media doesn’t gives a damn about missing blacks I’m sick and tired of hearing what’s racist I’m glad this is happening it’s about time . Do you care about these missing people and the families who worry day in and day out about their missing love ones. I have sympathy for missing white and their families I watch Nancy grace all the time blacks on her show rarely get reported , how dare you people get on this blog and say this is racist the way media doesn’t give coverage on missing blacks screw you guys .

  • Jennifer

    This is CRAZY. Would it have been better if the show was on BET? That channel features shows about African Americans. Why are people tripping about this. And yes, I’m sorry, but many people of color, and Hispanics don’t get the same airtime as Caucasians unless it’s negative publicity. As a reporter it saddens me to know this but I hope one day it will change.

  • Grace

    I spent today just relaxing-reading and watching tv. I saw two 48 hours mystery episodes, part of a lifetime movie, and now two episodes of ‘Vanished, with Beth Halloway. None of these shows featured a minority. For someone to suggest that a show like ‘Find Our Missing ‘ is racist, you obviously don’t live in the real world. I have NEVER seen a minority on 48 hours. I haven’t seen them all, so I’m not saying they haven’t featured one however, I’ve seen many episodes.
    I have watched ‘Find Our Missing ‘, and hope there are more seasons (unfortunately).

  • Can

    Just because you don’t have a network or show that says whites only doesn’t mean it’s not geared for whites only. This show just announces the fact that they are featuring people of color. Would you watch it if it was a different title and still only showed people of color, nope probably not.. Would it be racist than? That’s what happens on numerous channels and shows everyday. Think about that.

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