We all know the mainstream media does a horrible job covering stories about missing black and brown people. Instead, we get hours of TV specials and morning news coverage about young, blonde women who’ve mysteriously disappeared. Thankfully, sites like Black & Missing have kept many stories alive, but now TVOne has decided to take the cause to the small screen.

Premiering January 18, TVOne will begin airing a one hour docu-drama called Find Our Missing that will focus on highlighting stories of those who vanished. According to the show’s website, it will “will put names and faces to people of color – young and old- who have disappeared without a trace. Each riveting episode features a dramatic and emotional tale that places the viewer within the lives of the missing person, along with reflecting the pain of their loved ones, while confronting dead ends at every turn.”

TVOne hopes their show will not only be riveting television, but will also help find those who have gone missing.

Will you be tuning in? 


  1. Bob Krain

    Well, it’s all white people’s fault anyway. If they hadn’t oppressed blacks and had them as slaves 300 years ago, then they wouldn’t be overexploited and underexposed today, among other things. It’s socially acceptable to blame white people for the shortcoming and character defects that are inherently otherwise unaccounted for.

    And THAT is the truth – you can sign it, put it in the bank, and check the blance in the morning, it’s that good.

  2. Courtney

    I’m sick of white people playing the race card the media doesn’t gives a damn about missing blacks I’m sick and tired of hearing what’s racist I’m glad this is happening it’s about time . Do you care about these missing people and the families who worry day in and day out about their missing love ones. I have sympathy for missing white and their families I watch Nancy grace all the time blacks on her show rarely get reported , how dare you people get on this blog and say this is racist the way media doesn’t give coverage on missing blacks screw you guys .

  3. Jennifer

    This is CRAZY. Would it have been better if the show was on BET? That channel features shows about African Americans. Why are people tripping about this. And yes, I’m sorry, but many people of color, and Hispanics don’t get the same airtime as Caucasians unless it’s negative publicity. As a reporter it saddens me to know this but I hope one day it will change.

    • Grace

      I spent today just relaxing-reading and watching tv. I saw two 48 hours mystery episodes, part of a lifetime movie, and now two episodes of ‘Vanished, with Beth Halloway. None of these shows featured a minority. For someone to suggest that a show like ‘Find Our Missing ‘ is racist, you obviously don’t live in the real world. I have NEVER seen a minority on 48 hours. I haven’t seen them all, so I’m not saying they haven’t featured one however, I’ve seen many episodes.
      I have watched ‘Find Our Missing ‘, and hope there are more seasons (unfortunately).

  4. Just because you don’t have a network or show that says whites only doesn’t mean it’s not geared for whites only. This show just announces the fact that they are featuring people of color. Would you watch it if it was a different title and still only showed people of color, nope probably not.. Would it be racist than? That’s what happens on numerous channels and shows everyday. Think about that.

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