We complain about it all the time. The lack of work, leading roles, diversity in roles and accurate portrayals for and of African Americans in film. Truth be told the list of things we’re lacking in the film industry could go on much longer. Our actors and actresses go largely unrecognized by mainstream media and when it comes to accurate portrayals of our story and our history, well, just look at all the controversy surrounding The Help. There are no prominent African American directors and the successful one we do have, we bash every chance we get. We’re a complaining group of folk, often with reason, but where has that really gotten us. We want change, but often find it hard to support even the smallest of changes when they come. But soon we’ll have the opportunity to start changing all that.

Next weekend on January 20th iconic filmmaker George Lucas will be releasing a movie based on our history, ‘Red Tails.’ This movie tells the story of the first group of African-American fighter pilots in the U.S. armed forces and stars an ensemble cast that includes Method Man, Ne-Yo, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrance Howard. This film wasn’t easy to get made and Lucas has gone on record about his fights with major movie houses over funding for the film because of its all African American cast. With ‘Red Tails’ we have a chance to create the change we want by supporting the first film in a long time that recognizes the talent and history of our people. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you need to put your money where your mouth is and support ‘Red Tails’ in theaters.

Features An All-Star African-American Cast
This is something we have been complaining about forever! When it comes to films we’re never really given our shine. Even in films about us, we play second fiddle to the leading white star. In ‘Red Tails’ we are center stage and in the spotlight! No token blacks or the magical Negros, just us, showcasing our talent and proving to the rest of Hollywood that an all black cast in a film can be just as compelling.

It’s Our Story
We’re the first ones to complain that our story and history never gets told and that the only movies for or about us are usually pure buffoonery. Well ‘Red Tails’ is trying to change that trend by showcasing a serious and proud moment in our history. No shucking, no jiving, just the facts.

We Need To Put Up Or Shut Up
We complain our actors don’t work. We complain our story is never told. We complain that Tyler Perry is our only option and that we would support black films if we had more or better options. ‘Red Tails’ is that better option. It’s supporting our actors, telling our story and damn sure isn’t directed by Tyler Perry, but the question is will you put your money where your mouth is and support it?

Red Tails hit theaters on January 20th. For more information please visit www.redtails2012.com

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i am taking my entire block……..

  • pretty Cute

    loved the hbo version where there wasn’t a [rumored] white leading lady in the film. I’m going to pass. That [white gf/wife for tuskegee airmen] is NOT an accurate portrayal.

  • gmarie

    yes yes YES! To this article. I don’t want to hear anymore complaints about the state of black cinema if this movie doesn’t open up well in the box office this weekend.

  • Jess

    “It’s Our Story
    We’re the first ones to complain that our story and history never gets told and that the only movies for or about us are usually pure buffoonery. Well ‘Red Tails’ is trying to change that trend by showcasing a serious and proud moment in our history. No shucking, no jiving, just the facts.”

    NO IT’S NOT. And it’s not factual.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    This has got to be the best example of Malcolm X house negro parable.

    “wazzamata boss we at war wid Germany?”

    For other blacks around the world the ww2 presented the opportunity for blacks to organize African Liberation Movement, for some blacks in america it was just another bootlickin opportunity.


  • billygoat

    are the writers of this publication dense? or are they just looking for more hits? there has been much discussion about this film in the other thread, concerning the FACT that there are no black women in this picture. this is not something that black women need to go see.

  • LemonNLime

    “Even in films about us, we play second fiddle to the leading white star. In ‘Red Tails’ we are center stage and in the spotlight!”

    And that is exactly why in a historical film with “no shucking, no jiving, just the facts” about Black American heroes, the one female love interest, no matter how small the part is black…OH wait she’s Portuguese.

    Before anyone jumps on me, I KNOW this is a war film not a love story and I KNOW she isn’t a main character. Blah, blah, blah. No I have no issues with interracial relationships and no I’m not bitter. I just ask if you are going to make a movie about our history, make it right. Support of those men didn’t come from the US government and it didn’t come from white women, it came from the black mothers, sisters, wives, and girlfriends who were praying for their safe return. So rather than showing that, even with just a minor character role, they opted for a side story with a white women (who will probably be just a fling while abroad). Whatever the reasons, whether to market it better or appease the white audience, I just don’t like it and guilt trips from Lucas (I’m sure partially so he can get his investment back) and supporters of the film aren’t going to make me change my mind.

    Like I said before, if this movie doesn’t do well it isn’t the end of black cinema. Their were positive and inspiring black films before George Lucas and there will be after. I will just spend my $7 on a kebab instead.

  • cin

    it’s a shame black wome are so black male identified. i’ve seen the movie, no black women appear in the film. this is not ‘our story.’

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami

    @ j-philly,

    e-hug! I’ll be there too, with goat curry an rice!

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami

    the guy on the extreme right FOOOOOOOOOOOOOINE. NAME?!

  • puget

    As someone else mentioned, this is a reason to NOT support George Lucas’ movie “Red Tails”, about the Tuskegee Airmen :

    “Every war movie *except* those with black soldiers show the soldiers fighting to come home to their women (of the same race). This is true for every white war movie from the black and white era, to “Saving Private Ryan” and right on down to “The Dirty Dozen.” When it comes to black soldiers, movie makers find ingenious ways of leaving black women out! This trend even touched “A Soldiers Story.”

    And now black women, who are once again NOT shown as women worth fighting for, are supposed to bear the burden of supporting “Red Tails.” Otherwise, we risk seeming ungrateful to Hollywood, unsupportive of black male actors, close minded to interracial themes or just plain too ignorant to see period pieces or anything that doesn’t have Tyler Perry’s name on it. But they keep missing the point: Show us some love and we will do the same for you!”

  • dejavu

    From what I understand, the Tuskegee airmen featured in this movie – in real life they were all married to black women. But the movie creator(s) saw it fit to erase every single one of these black wives, and only feature a white female love interest for one of the black male characters.
    The movie also completely ignores the fact that there were black female pilots too.

    It doesn’t matter how ‘positive’ the movie is in other regards, this is plain disgusting and just shows the contempt that these movie makers have for black women. They expect us to automatically support with our dollars anything that degrades or just plain erases us from reality. It’s a joke.

    There are black men working in entertainment and sports today who, if they really wanted to have positive portrayals of black men on screen, could get together and finance positive movies. We shouldn’t have to wait until a George Lucas and others bankroll a film, allows African American history to be distorted, and then try to guilt black people into supporting said lies and distortion for fear that more black movies won’t be made.

    If you are going to make a movie – especially about such an important aspect of US history – then do it right.

  • samantha

    And anyways who is really checking for Terrance Howard or Cuba Gooding Jr? This is some pure B.S. I just didnt want to see it because of that one guy yelling in the commercials, “take that Mr. Hitler”. In my mind even someone as evil as Hitler, because he is ultimately a white man, has to be referred to as “mr” by the Blacks.

    This would have been the perfect time to feature some hot to death Black actresses in roles with some range. And to the person who said this is a historical lesson or record if you will regarding the airmen, there is always PBS which has done a feature on the airmen http://www.pbs.org/redtailreborn/ and the old standby… BOOKS!

    Supporting movies today is a A. a waste time to not see any positive reflections of yourself and B. to spend money to support somethng you dont really believe in just because everyone thinks you should. Only because you have the same complexion.

    Redtails can go fly away, yo.

  • no thanks

    I won’t be seeing it and I would have preferred it as a documentary that documented all of it. To exclude the black women in their lives is a FAIL. Although I am not a war movie fan at all, I might have enjoyed seeing this movie if it wasn’t like all the rest that try to eliminate the importance of black women in integral parts of history. My $10.50 will remain in my pocket.

  • mysticalbeauty77

    I found the comment interesting that in white war movies they come home to the white women in their lives, but in Red Tails that whole part of these pilots’ lives is gone.

    So, even forgetting about the fact that they saw fit not to recognize the work of any black women in the military (somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true of war movies generally), that’s an interesting divergence.

    My first thought was, “Well, what a great way to make the Airmen seem ‘other’.” Sort of like Capt. America. They’re great, but they don’t really have lives.

  • Kacey

    No…I just plain don’t like war movies.

  • foreveryoung

    This movie is is just another example of trying to erase black women from history. You can also check on IMDB page too and other than small cameo from Jasmine Sullivan and she is playing the singer not the love interest this film has no black woman love interest.
    If I was a black women who cares about her image I would boycott this and advise other black women to do the same.

  • Kacey

    I’m not a fan of either Terrence Howard or Cuba Gooding Junior; and
    I saw clips of this movie and the acting/screenplay is TERRIBLE!!!

  • jennifer van veal

    Progress for a tiny group of Black people does not mean progress for us all. Stop letting fear of White racism make you delusional.

    There is NOTHING Black people will every be able to do to get the big studios to consistently crank out movies with Black folks in the lead or in non traditional roles. We could do AVATAR numbers and we’d still be back at square one the next day.

    So I’m not interested in the White racism of Hollywood red herring. If Hollywood is so racist, then why on earth would Black people place their images and artistic destiny in the hands of such people.

    Instead of begging and pleading with Hollywood to present our images, Black people need to stop prostrating themselves on the ground and build their own theatrical distribution models.

    Technologically, making movies is as easy as its ever been. Making money off of your movies is a whole other question.

    So I really don’t care that George Lucas spent his Star Wars pocket change on this movie. Good for him. It has NOTHING to do with me!

    I’m sick and tired of Black people being treated like second class moviegoing citizens. No other group gets marketed to this way. NONE. i went to see Puss in Boots (yes, I like 3D animation) I noticed that my usually all-White movie theater audience has an unusually high number of hispanic families. It didn’t dawn on me until I went to the car that they had shown up because of Antonio Banderas and Selma Hyack. i totally missed that small portions of the movie were in Spanish. You don’t have to badger and demean an “ethnic” audience to get us to go see a movie.

    Stop insulting my intelligence as a moviegoer.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I will not ever see anything with Terrance Howard in it. He is an abuser. The love story is secondary to that for me. I will NEVER support an unabashed abuser.

  • ckt

    I see that some want to put emphasis on the fact that George Lucas spent an estimated 68 million dollars of his own money to make this movie in the hope of getting black people in the seats . So what. I am tired of people using the fact that when someone (especially white people) spend their own money that that somehow solidifies the notion that they are doing something for altruistic purposes especially for we poor black folks. It had very little impact on his billionaire pocket.

    He did this movie hoping to make money off of it. And he did it by using the same contrived tactics that Hollywood always employs when it comes to making movies with predominately or all black casts. They make and market these movies to white people in a racist way (to put them in the seats) by demeaning the worth of black people and black people’s stories in the process. So I care nothing about making the Hollywood system any more money when they continue to assault and insult my intelligence.

  • http://www.clutchmagazine.com Clutch

    Thanks for your comment and no we are not dense. More than half of the comments on this post belong to you – under different names (Puget, Cin, Puget, DejaVu, No Thanks, Mystic Beauty, Samantha, ckt, Jennifer Van Veal and Lady X – a total of 10 and counting). We would prefer you post under one username – if not your comments will go into spam.

    If you have a response or would like to address any more issues surrounding us featuring this post – please email us @ [email protected] :)

  • lady x

    Up front, the minute I saw that white woman’s picture in the trailer, I BOYCOTTED this movie. I have nothing against IR dating (I’ve mainly dated IR myself), but to have some spanish chick in the trailer was the bridge to far for me to cross. I was going to see it EVEN THOUGH it looked dreadful and without any plot except for “look at some second rate black actors”. I was going to go see it EVEN THOUGH I felt that it was an inferior product. And then the screen flashed to a white woman for the care of international audiences.

    What a slap to the face. All of this for international audiences? Or let’s be real, white women and minority men audiences. To put it out there that even in the face of racisim and segregation, and before the Civil Rights movement, black men were on the front lines in America… FOR WHITE WOMEN???? WHERE can I buy what Aaron McGruder was smoking? No seriously, who is his main man? In this economy, I’m going to give up $10.50 to watch black men go to war to protect a white woman? In the 40′s??? Before rap/rape music came out? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hold up. LOL!!!! Had to get that last chuckle out.

  • Jess

    I have to make one last comment, because I take personal issue withhow Lucas and Aaron Macgruder, who is Black, decided to cast this film.

    I find it utterly racist and absurd that an entire industry can continually tell you that Black men with Black women is offensive. And that Black women in general are offensive.

    I find it appalling that the same excuse of ” a Black couple makes a movie too Black, and thus offensive and no one will see it”, and find it worse that so many Black people use this same excuse.

    Isn’t that the same as defending the industry when Black people generally were considered too “offensive” for film and hollywwod? or when black men were too offensive to be leading men? why do black people regurgitate the same racist ideology to keep black women out of leading, romantic roles (and other positive roles) as racist white hollywood moguls of old? why are we defending racism just because rich movie moguls spew this racist crap?

    why are black male actors using this same excuse to justify eliminating black women (i.e. will smith has used this same sorry excuse). there is NO justification. if someone told you “sorry, i CAN’T be seen with you because you’re a black woman”, how is that any different from what hollywood is saying?

    Interesting that Hollywood didn’t have a problem with puttinng Eddie Murphy and Gabby Sidibe together in the same movie as they played disgusting racial caricatures in “Tower Heights”. That movie was seen by mani i n the mainstream, and noone accused it as being nnot worthy of seeing because two black actors of differing genders were init, and kissed, no matter how disgustingly portrayed.

    sick of it. everyone wants to coddle to racist, and join in racists mentalities.

    OK, that’s it, and now I’m out and will comment no more on this topic. My venting is over!

  • jaded

    Well generally, I don’t watch war movies anyway. So I won’t be changing my preferences for “support.” I was unaware that there were not black women cast in the love interest roles. Not only is that disappointing, it also doesn’t really fit in with the times.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    that was me……

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “I’ve mainly dated IR myself”

    so will you shut up and leave us alone…..

  • Befree

    I just want to make it clear, what I am doing is defending black folks. Every time a movie comes out and folks call  “postive” and it doesn’t make the numbers they think it should ( when it was NEVER possible in the first place based on demographics) there is this never ending complaints about how:

    Black folks don’t want to see anything positive.
    Black folks don’t support each other
    Black folks only want to see xyz…
    Black people are unsophisticated

    The fact is black people are no different than any other group, even though some folks want us to be when it comes to movies. The idea that “black cinema” after all these years hangs on a single movie every 2 years (yes because this doom and gloom comes up with every “black” film) should be the issue.   TP average opening weekend for all his movies  is about 24 million. Is that a lot? No.  Would that be enough to make Red Tails a success.? No. The problem is not the black audience who will or will not see it…the problem will be the white audience who won’t see it. Once again the so called  fate of black movies is in the hands of white audience. I really don’t know how many black people you guys think are in the US. There is no way 13% of the population with mostly kids is going to get that 93 million + back for Lucas.  I also find it quite privileged of him to say he  found out by “accident” that black films are hard to get financed.  Where has he been for the past 20+ years? Are you telling me no black people came to him for financing? Come on now.. I am just saying..

    I am going to borrow something from the Obama supporters: This is not a “black” film..it’s an American Film and whether it soars at the box office or sinks in the bowels of flopdom..it can not and should not be laid solely at the feet of black folks.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “This movie tells the story of the first group of African-American fighter pilots in the U.S. armed forces and stars an ensemble cast that includes Method Man, Ne-Yo, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrance Howard. ”

    I was wondering why this movie had trouble getting made, and then I saw this lineup. Method Man and Ne-Yo…in a war movie? Seriously????

    On the other hand, Cuba Gooding was in a military related film by the underrated director George Tillman “Men Of Honor” as well as Terrence Howard in “Hart’s War” from ten years ago.

  • QONew


    I think Lucus wanted the movie to be for young American boys who were in need of American heroes to look up to. I’m glad it isnt about us. It doesnt need to be. Im glad there are American heroes, who happen to come in different shades of brown, that every young American boy can be proud of.

    This is bigger than you!

  • QONew


    Who knew going to the movies was a burden. Go buy some weave instead.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Thanks to these comments, I was in full support but now I don’t think I’m gonna pay to see this. smdh. I hope it does well though.

  • GorgeousProsperityMe

    George Lucas said that there were multiple parts of ‘Red Tails’ and the release of those parts is dependent on how well this edition of ‘Red Tails’ does in theaters. I’m sure the other scripts feature the love interest of black women. Calm down ya’ll, goodness!! smh

  • Alisha

    That’s exactly right! White audiences determine the success and failure of artists. Do you think Jay-Z and Kanye reached platinum status because of black sales alone? Impossible.

  • xtoinfinity

    Am I the only one that finds it strangely funny that most of these derailing comments is coming from the same person with different usernames (see Clutch’s general comment on first page)? I can’t help … but read most of these comments … with an eyebrow raised …

    I know there are particular issues with this movie (displayed all over the comments section on this article and its predecessor), but I’ll research some more on this movie to determine whether I should/should not see it. I.E. Reviews and articles by people who have SEEN this movie.

  • http://www.cherrydavis.org Cherry Davis

    I looked at the IMDB and saw that they do have African American Actresses in the but since I haven’t seen it I won’t comment on the parts of the women in general in the movie but it looks like most of it is taking place on the front lines so I don’t believe that their would be many females in this film. BUT I do plan to put my money where my mouth is and see this self financed movie and PRAY that it does well so that movies with more diverse casts (Black, Asian, Native American, Southeast Asian, Indian, Middle Easter, etc) will be made. It’s not often that a big budget movies with POC in the lead are made and if we decide to nitpik this movie to find any excuse to NOT see it we won’t be seeing another one again for a long time!

  • Dee

    I swear people will complain about anything..

    Either go see the movie or don’t. The fact that people write dissertations about what offends them and what they don’t like about a movie they haven’t seen, on the internet no less, is ludicrous. Nobody really cares.

    The author wrote the article to ask people to support the movie. Nobody is going to be happy with everything in a movie — like many of you were disgusted by “The Princess and the Frog.”

    It doesn’t take all that. Don’t go see the movie then.

    C’mon Son.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Thank you Danielle! The main reason I want to support this movie is because this will show movie execs that they should support OTHER black films. I don’t even care about its history or about war films in general. It is about opening doors for the future, for movies geared towards us. Not just about this movie. I wish people would see the big picture.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    And sorry to add to the comment, but I just wanted to say this: for all of those who disagree with the film because of the interracial factor (I would prefer a black female romantic interest as well) I think studio execs do it, once again, because they are trying to pull in white audiences AS WELL AS black audiences. Appealing to white audiences means appealing to wider audiences means more money. More money for movies like this…welll see my previous comment.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    and how long would the “african liberation movements” stood against the nazis?

  • Temi


    Now. What are you gonna do bout it?

    Divine_brown’s comment in the other article about this is a must read for al./ Not this crap.

  • Alexandra

    Great comment. However I read that Blacks may be only 13% of the pop, but their percentage in American moviegoers is much higher. Not high enough to blow the box, but a noticeable percentage.

  • Soapbox Neat

    I don’t usually go to the movies, but my family and I will be going to show support!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Alexandra: 25-30% of movie going audiences are black. I find that number to shamefully high given how little Hollywood regards black people and our young black men (the highest percentage) would be better off, collectively, using that time to study. I find it so unbelievably sad there is a percentage of black people that put off engaging in other more productive activities to pour more money into an industry that has made clear it could not give two f***s about black people.

    But, there are nutso people that consider this progress. Deep, deep sigh.

  • akosua

    Thanks Jess. And I for one will not be seeing it.

  • Eclectic

    “Next weekend on January 20th iconic filmmaker George Lucas will be releasing a movie based on our history.” This is not *our* history. Just because there is an all black cast does not mean it is our history. If there could manage to put a white woman in there, I’m sure they could have done the same for a black women. How is this ‘our’ history but there are no Black women in this? Where is the Mildred Hemmons Carter in this? For anyone thinking that the director wanted to reach out to a wider/white audience, why should we black women continue to support our erasure? Why should we support the notion that in other to tell “our” story, black women must not exist or must be replaced by a non black woman? Why should we black women continue to make excuses at the expense of black women’s contributions being erased and replaced? If we keep supporting the erasure of black women, hollywood will keep ignoring us and the stories of many great Black women who came before us. If anyone wants to see the movie, fine. I will let my money speak for me by not giving one cent.

    Black women, we must begin to think and act logically and strategically. We black women do have some power – money. If enough of us stop giving our hard earned money to anything that degrades, erases, or lightens us, believe me, they will notice.

  • Eclectic

    Sorry for the typos!

  • Socially Maladjusted


    Well we’re still here and standing even though the Allied NAZIS won soldier bwoy.

  • pumpkin spice latte

    it’s about black men, black women are excluded from the story…the leading lady is a non-bw i don’t think that’s fair.

  • pumpkin spice latte

    i agree with eclectic im tired of bw being left out of our own history

  • Alexandra

    @ BestAnon

    Thanks for the exact percentage, I knew it somewhere close to 30%. That is very high to me & that percentage should catered to.

    And I agree with your comment. A lot of people use the argument that Hollywood’s casting choices only (and should) reflect the Black population. But the number of Black movie supporters should be considered. Things are changing, especially considering other minority groups have an even harder time breaking through. But then again, I’m sure their moviegoer percentage is not as high.

    I don’t blame Black actors/writers one bit for wanting to create their own. That’s why I give props to Asians on YouTube. They are invisible in American media, but they have used YT to create and share their ideas, shows, skits, music, etc; and they use Asian actors, directors, writers, all Asian everything lol!

  • pumpkin spice latte

    not to say i won’t support the movie, but i don’t think its fair for the record

  • Tiff

    Sorry I wont see this movie as the film’s creators pretty much disrespect black woman image. If Tyler Perry continues to be only option if the movie flops so be it (again I am not a huge fan of TP but at least he put black women in leading roles) until filmmakers get it together and make movies with black women leading and supporting roles so they can have a chance to have some success. If Tyler Perry, who came from very poorer beginnings can do it what in the hell are these black filmmakers, who had been in the industry for a very long time, are waiting for? Black filmmakers should have pool their resources (because George Lucas shouldnt be need to finance black films and plus Spike Lee already tried with all black cast army movie so GL need to back away with the pandering thinking he is the first which is a plain lie).

    I seen the movie Joyful Noise. It was a good movie and since Queen Latifah produce this movie and also co starred in it I want to do my way to support another black woman as QL always been about female empowerment since the early days of her career, or another black men who has no problem casting black women in his work as long as not all full of stereotypes. It maybe have the interracial romance leading with Keke Palmer but there were also (bit of spoiler minor black love in this movie with Queen Latifah and Jesse L Martin) that is more than I can say about Red Tails when the only black women appear is Jasmine Sullivan which is very brief and she is just some singer. Again some of you ladies need to check IMDB and it shows it there too how hardly any black women is going to be in movie. I never expect an army movie to have a lot of women in it since it mainly focus on the men, and I have no problem with it but I watched the Pacific which was based on true events and they show the characters having their actual wives and women in the movie, it wasnt erased and they were replace by some fictious black women or non-white woman just to create some interracial romance to attract black audience.

    And also moviemakers/studio should done better job promoting this film in mainstream and target more action film crowd (they pretty much will see anything as long as they see exposions and other effects) rather than black women since they helped TP success. Some of them was going to see this movie and didnt care about what race they like seeing action and GL style of movie because outside the black media I had barely seen this movie advertise, because if this movie flop it will be poor marketing not because “not enough blacks support it.”

  • http://@clnmike Tonton Michel

    ” We’re a complaining group of folk, often with reason, but where has that really gotten us.”

    It got us that whole civil rights movement and a whole history book of rebellions against oppression. The more I read comments about why this movie is offensive to black women and why it should be watched only makes me sway back and forth on the fence about watching it or not. I don’t think any one can deny that casting the love interest as white was counter to the historical truth about the men who fought in that era, and adds another small but none the less firm brick in the wall against advancement of black women being accepted as anything but equal to every gender and race in this world. At the same time considering the lack of positive images of black males on the silver screen let alone the struggle of getting anything black cast or oriented on that screen if the first place, it makes you want to cheer for every opportunity you get to be in the movies. And as I type this I am seeing that this is the problem, we are accepting the scraps from the table. It might be a large piece of meat given to us but bottom line it is their left over and not our story, our truth, are words are reality. We can not dismiss the pain of one half of us just to be proud of the other. Its all or nothing or were all going down together if we like it or not. To hell with it, I will skip it, damn you Clutch.

  • http://method2hermadness.blogspot.com/ girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Right?! Like seriously. And if there was a black female, they would critique her weave, her relaxed hair, her natural hair, her texturized hair, the fact that she was abused, her dialect, how minor her role was compared to everyone else’s, her light-skinnedness or dark-skinnedness, how much she weighed, how she only got the role because in real life she was married to a white producer, how the black actress is only a singer, thereby putting real actresses out of work, the fact that the actress they picked was b-rated actress Gabrielle Union, or how the role they picked for Phylicia Rashād doesn’t dignify her ability. Honestly, even if Hollywood came out with such a movie, if black women across the US reflected the views here I think black women would stand in their own way when it comes to being seen on the silver screen. #kanyeshrug

  • Dee

    exactly Girlformaleyknownasgrace! I feel like people need to flex their intellectual abilities. Peacocking their intelligence.

    Yo, If anyone complaining has actually seen the movie, i’ll shut up, but I seriously doubt any of these people have seen it. So seriously, before you go spreading all this negativity go see the movie first. Its like people who don’t vote (on anything) but complain about leadership. It irks the crap out of me.

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  • sli

    @Socially Maladjusted & Tonton Michel:

    Thanks for understanding how black women feel about this issue :) Sometimes, people just want to be heard.

  • CD86

    LOL! Someone has too much time on their hands.

  • Wait

    There is one black woman in the movie (see: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1731401/). Granted, things would have been simpler without an interracial couple. But I guess Hollywood always uses interracial couples as a simple of racial reconciliation.

  • leonard smalls

    this film arguably is not only the reflection of negro assimilationist fantasies but of the long standing african tradition of fighting for foreign rulers. if the negro fought as hard for himself as he does for his masters, africa and those in the diaspora would be better off. but alas, the negro has yet to find the courage to aqress upon those that have castrated him.


    Alright fine,don’t go see the movie…but the next time some ridiculous shuck and jive Tyler Perry Madea movie comes out and is the ONLY black film to come out for the rest of the year,you all better not complain. This movie isn’t about black women,it’s about the MEN. (And I say this as a black women) And if movies like this don’t get a green light for other big budget black films to be made,then you can bet the only movie you’ll be seeing with black women in it is another damn movie about black Maids! SHEESH. If this film does good maybe it’ll be a gateway for other movies WITH black female casts.

    I am a young frequent movie goer,often going to see crappy movies with no black actors (Harry Potter/breaking dawn,anyone?) and a high grade movie with black men is finally out! I don’t care if there aren’t “enough” sistas in it, I’m supporting my fellow brothas.

  • Jess

    “And if movies like this don’t get a green light for other big budget black films to be made,then you can bet the only movie you’ll be seeing with black women in it is another damn movie about black Maids! SHEESH. If this film does good maybe it’ll be a gateway for other movies WITH black female casts. ”

    I’m sorry,your argument makes absolutely no sense. First of all, “The Help” WAS a big budget, Disney-produced movie “for Black women”. And Hollywood took their big budget and chose to give us maids. Not only that, “The Help” made tons of profit money, and Black people, including Black women, supported it in droves – and guess what? Black women still got eliminated from “Red Tails”. So if you believe that making Lucas and co richer will help Black women in anyway, think again.

    Secondly, if there are very few or limited Black women in “Red Tails”, a big budget movie that ignores Black women, how do you come to the conclusion that it’s success means more big budget movies for Black women?

    You’re silly and need to learn a thing or two about how Black people have been historically “scared” into supporting a film in order to hopefully have “more Black films” produced, when really it’s a nefarious way to get Black people into the theatres for a nice 2-hour round of brainwashing, mental programming and desensitization.

    By the way, since you want a big budget film made with plenty of Black women, just wait for Quentin Tarantinos ‘revenge” flick “Django Unchained” this year. As I’ve said in another comment, the script to that has Black women graphically raped on the slave auction block, in the fields, and elsewhere. Makes “The Help” look like Sesame Street. And its a big budget film – so if you call that progress for Black women in Hollywood, so be it.

    Ok, really, this really IS my last comment on this topic, I promise.

  • pumpkin spice latte

    they say that about every black movie if you don’t support you’ll never see another one and even when we do support we still don’t see ourselves on screen so why support?


    I could really care less. I just want to see a GOOD

  • binks

    I don’t know why but something about this movie rubbed me the wrong way so no I won’t be seeing it…maybe red box it I don’t believe supporting something because it’s black support it because YOU believe in it and like it…nothing more nothing less

  • fuchsia


    I agree with you! I’m an avid movie goer too, and I can’t wait for the chance to support a Black cast. I want to do my part at the box office to encourage movie producers to start betting on us as a demographic. The argument over a lack of black women is lost on the fact that it’s not a love story, and the intention isn’t to show case black women. It’s an action packed war movie about men! People always find something to complain about.

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami


    uh oh! I’m on my way to philly, pick me up at the train station! Don’t be late, there’s too many hoodlums around thurr, they scares me!

  • I`am not MAD

    THE YEAR 1995
    Take your $10-$15. and buy the PBS DVD VIDEO or rent from Netflix.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    “We Need To Put Up Or Shut Up”


  • Mr. Man

    I am strongly and truely convinced that:

    Even if this movie had a ton of black women, many of you would still complain.

    If this movie were only about black women, many of you would still complain.

    If this movie had nothing but A-list black female casted, with a black female producer and blk female director, many of you would still complain.

    If this movie with the full black femaie cast, with the blk female director and producer that many of you would complain about was never made, you would complain about it not being made, oh wait.

    To all you never satisfied always complaining women, no I don’t hate you, I still loves ya really, however I have one passionate wish, that you would JUST SHUT UP!!!

    Thats all…

  • Mr. Man

    Sorry for the typo’s we really need the ability to go back and edit.

    edit: ‘A-list black female cast’

  • ruggie

    @QONew – As the person who made the original statement that puget was quoting, I should respond (“go buy a weave instead” — you’re funny, lol). I am always the first one in line to support black films. I’m often the person who “saw that movie when it was still a play” or when it was on the festival circuit. Supporting my people is an honor, and no one deserves it more than the Tuskegee Airmen.

    The reason I said it would be a burden to watch “Red Tails” is first because it’s being marketed to me as an obligation. This major white director put up the money for a black project, so the least you people can do is show up on opening weekend. What other group would be spoken to that way?

    But the other reason is much closer to my heart and that is, in every war story made with white actors, there is a white female love interest. This is a luxury black actors don’t get to have. As a black woman, I was excited for this film, but I know that black women are erased from the story as it’s being told. This is despite the fact that the real life Tuskegee Airmen wives were loving, proud supporters of their men. Sad though, that the film made room for a female love interest but she couldn’t be black. The world will tolerate a black hero, we’re told, but will not want to see a black lady in his life. Funny, the world supported Barack & Michelle, and Cliff & Claire, but put any form of black love on the big screen and it becomes taboo.

    I spent well over the cost of a movie ticket to see Layon Gray’s off-Broadway play “Black Angels Over Tuskegee” (http://www.blackangelsovertuskegee.com/) and it moved me greatly. This is what the Tuskegee Airmen story looks like in the loving hands of a black visionary. I highly recommend it. I also will be putting my money where my mouth is and buying the DVD to the 1995 HBO movie “The Tuskegee Airmen.”

    Whether I see “Red Tails” or not, I haven’t decided. I want to support the actors and the story. But I don’t believe our future as blacks on film will be decided on this one film, and I also don’t believe we can have a real black story, male or female, without lifting up both genders and recognizing how each have made the other stronger, better and worth telling a story about in the first place.

  • B.Payne

    I’m an avid film buff and I support movies with NO black actors/actresses.

    It’s not because I have issues with myself (LOL) it’s because I appreciate art and a good movie is just that…a good movie. I don’t need to see black women on screen to represent how wonderful I KNOW I am, ya dig. Growing up, it was up to my parents to instill that in me…not the writers/cast directors job.

    Therefore, I’ll be back with my review next week Monday on Red Tails.

    Peace Ladies…everything is going to be alright!

  • Jupiter Calhoun

    Red Tails is about black fighter pilots during WW2. I don’t think there are that many women in the story, period. Why would there be?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i have the prior film and i will also go to support red tails.
    these men were heroes.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    there would be black females just to stop the incessant whining of internet people

  • QONew

    But Hollywood hasnt exactly ignored black women. The represensation isnt about the Michelle Obama/Oprah/Beyonce combination but black women are represented in Hollywood especially when compared to Hispanic and Asian women, especially Asian women. When was the last time you saw an Asian woman in a movie?

  • HeartofDiamonds

    I will be going to see it. The people who don’t put their money where their mouth is are the very ones who often complain about the lack of movies like this. When Denzel made that movie “Great Debaters” we didn’t go see it in high numbers. This is why they won’t support our movies.

  • AJ

    Mr. Man and all the rest like him, you just don’t get it.

    *** NEWS FLASH ***


    ok, got it?

    People just want the love interest to be a BW, as they were in actuality for the real life Tuskeegee Airmen, instead of once again holding up the white-is-right girl again.

    smh! – dang! Brain dead!

  • DivineBrown

    Why don’t the males and male sympathizers(who hope this movie doing well will send a message to put my black movies on the big screen) stop whining about our lack of support? Y’all complaining about our supposed “complaints”. BLACK men and WHITE women should support this. I will NOT. End of story. Keep the shaming tactics please.

    What hypocrites! The only reason given to support this movie is BECAUSE it’s black, and for the men, it’s because it’s one showing black men as “heroic”. Which can inspire the little boys as Lucas said. So black men are GEEKED to see THEMSELVES in that light. *I’m* saying I am a black WOMAN and I’m not in there. NO one is fighting for females who look like me so I don’t want to see it. I didn’t want to see it before finding out the white chick was in there now I’m DEFINITELY not seeing it. I’m sorry, I don’t pay money for people to tell me I’m shit(overtly or otherwise).

    To the poster JESS—-I LOVE YOU!!!!!! You’ve been ON POINT. SUMMED UP ALL MY FEELINGS.

  • AJ

    Look peopel, I think BW’s frustration is that this was a great opportunity to show positive BW on the screen. While the media is purposefully showing the worst of the worst of BW (Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives), the one time they have a chance to show sane, normal, loving caring BW, they change the REAL story of the Tuskeegee Airmen wives and throw in some WW.

    How would BM feel if they always cast WM as the good guy (in relationships with BW), while always showing BM as criminal, thugs, and r*pists? You’d be pissed to.

    We want a reprieve from the lies of “Realty TV” and want to see all the normal, hardworking, beautiful, sane and loving BW that exist outside of the abnormals that VH1 pulls up.

    “Red Tails” could have done that, ESPECIALLY, since the love interest and wives of the real Airmen soldiers were BW. They completely chose to disrespect us, so I feel no obligation to support this movie.

    Little Black boys and teens can now continue to watch VH1 and Maury for their indoctrination about Black women, and watch movies like “Red Tails” for their indcortrination on the goodness of WW. and evilness of BW.

    That is all.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Really though? All this hate for one movie? You had Jumping the Broom last year. And I am sure there were others. If you don’t like it, 5-page dissertations are not called for. Say you don’t like it and move on.

  • DivineBrown

    Black men were pissed about “Princess and the Frog”. Black men were pissed about “Something New” and the message it sent. Black men are pissed about Tyler Perry movies and the messages they send. Black men were pissed about losing movie roles. Black men were pissed about “Black Girls Rock”. Black men are HYPOCRITES.

    They can always get you on supposedly “jealousy” and hatred of “IR” rather than say that the media goes out of their way to show us in a negative light then bar us out of anything positive. THAT is the moral. That’s why I’m glad to not be supporting this too since it IS for black men. I really stopped caring about MOST of them.

  • LemonNLime

    @jamesfrmphilly – I don’t get you. You come after her for dating interracially but you want to support a film that has your black heroes hooking up with a white woman in a time when they would have been lynched just for looking at her? Don’t you think that is hypocritical?

  • LemonNLime

    @QONew – When was the last time you saw an Asian woman in a movie?

    The Painted Veil
    Memoirs of a Geisha
    ANY martial arts movie to ever come out
    Kill Bill 1 and 2
    Crazy, Stupid, Love

    Can you stop bring up Asian and Hispanics as a comparison? No one cares because but Hispanics and Asians have wallets and mouths too. If they have problems with they way they are portrayed in film then their community can do something about it. I’m not going to just settle for something bad just because Asians or Hispanics supposedly have it worse.

  • sli

    “Black men are HYPOCRITES.”

    @Divine Brown:

    Not all of them :) There are some black men who see our point of view, and even if they just didn’t get it, I don’t blame any black man for wanting to see a war movie that celebrates black heroes.

    I do, however, think we should try to stick with the issue at hand, which is “Red Tails.” Otherwise, it’s just going to turn into an us (black women) against them (black men) thread, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

  • AJ

    I agree sli. This should definitely not be an “us” against ‘them” conversation. It should be about Hollywood depictions, and that’s it.

  • Rai

    Wrong. The only thing Lucas had to do was cast a black woman (Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Tatiana Ali, anyone!) as the main love interest and not a white woman and all would be well. It would make it historically accurate, focus on black lives (as in black men and women), be closer to the description of an “all black cast, “and brought black women out to see it as well as the black men who wanted to see a basic action film. THAT IS ALL. Its really not rocket science, and there is no way they weren’t aware of this.

    Lucas, McGruder, Ridley, Howard, Gooding, etc. chose not to do this for a reason. And they should suffer the consequences of it (which may include more whites than the usual coming out to see the movie, undoubtedly the reason they collectively threw black women under the bus in this film). That consequence is black women (and many black men who care about OUR image as a unified community) turning away from this film.

  • kidole

    So the storyline should be changed to appeal to whites??

  • kidole

    According to Jazmine Sullivan’s website, her parts along w/ other female actress are now laying on the editing floor.

  • http://www.LifeStarBeauty.com Vida Starr

    I do not support “Black” movies or movies about Black history made by white people. PERIOD.

  • pumpkin spice latte

    why can’t people write a five page “dissertation,” if they want…if people don’t like it they have the right to express that

  • pumpkin spice latte

    and for those of u think film doesn’t matter you should watch Julie Dash’s “Illusions.”

  • Hoopty

    The majority of movies in h’wood is fashioned to appeal to whites to go see them.

  • YeahRight2011

    …..and I’m still going to see Red Tails.

  • Nadia

    jamesfromphilly wrote:

    “and how long would the “african liberation movements” stood against the nazis?”

    Right around five minutes, I think.

    It’s an excellent point.

    And from another angle, I heard an interview with one of the Navajo “Wind Talkers” on some NPR station, and they asked him why he fought with the American forces against the Nazis and the Japanese, etc. considering everything bad the white people in America had done to the Navajo, and he said simply, “This is my country and my land.”

    The Nazis murdered Jews and Gypsies at incredible rates because they considered those people “racially impure” and those victims looked white. What would have happened to black people in the United States if the Nazis had won the war?

    It defies logic to think that it wasn’t in black Americans’ best interests to help win WW2. I admire the Tuskagee Airmen for their valuable contribution to that effort. It is fantasy to think that any “African Liberation Movement” would have been able to stand up to the Nazi war machine. All the countries that opposed the Nazis and the Japanese together had a tough time winning that war. It sure didn’t look good for a long time.

    Sometimes the level of delusion shown by some of these comments from people is just amazing.

  • Esme

    I am also a bit upset about a white woman in the leading female role. The facts are that black women are the ones who carried the black men back in the day. Many of these black men would not have had the confidence if the black women would not have stood by them.

  • Jazz

    Commentators on this site are just too darn DEEP for their own good. Get over yourselves PLEASE. That is all…

  • Jazz

    LMAOOOOO Clutch sure READ you!

  • Soically Maladjusted


    you seem to have forgotten all the holocausts america and europe have inflicted on Africa before and since ww2, continuing up to this day – in your own country. eg over a million black men in jail.

    If you don’t count that as nazi style treatment of blacks then I have no further reason to pay you any mind.

    Black people would have been no worse off than we are now if the german nazis won.

    german nazis vs america nazis – no difference to me.

    And we’ve been surviving em for 400 years.

    bout five minutes –

    in your wet dreams.

  • Nadia

    Socially Maladjusted:

    You’ve just identified yourself as woefully uninformed and ignorant about history, and, simply blind and dogmatic about racial issues. Therefore, you don’t make the cut in terms of being worth talking to about this. Send us a postcard from that alternate universe where you reside. See ya!

  • May

    Then you don’t need our money.
    All this trying to convince black women to go see this movie with shame tactics and trying to guilt us into it is strange seeing as this movie isn’t about us.
    Why should we support it? Because we share the same skin color? That ship has sailed.

  • May

    And that’s exactly why black women need to stop supporting black males.
    They have zero respect or consideration for you yet you keep supporting them like fools.
    Wake up black women.

  • May

    There are NO black women in this movie.
    Jasmine Sullivans part got CUT! She is no longer in the movie, check her twitter she said so herself.

  • May

    Well said, Jess!

  • May

    “Thank you Danielle! The main reason I want to support this movie is because this will show movie execs that they should support OTHER black films. I don’t even care about its history or about war films in general. It is about opening doors for the future, for movies geared towards us. Not just about this movie. I wish people would see the big picture.”

    Good god, you’re naive.
    no really, how can you be so naive? This movie will not change a thing, wake up sheep!
    Go to WAOD for more info and reviews from people who have actually seen the movie! And no, there are NO black women in this movie, the one part featured a black woman got cut.

  • May

    I’m not going to go see it. End of story.
    Sick to death of people telling black women what they should do – I’m an individual person and have the right to choose if I want to see this movie or not, and i’m not. Go cry about it some more, you still won’t be getting my money or support.

  • Sunny

    Went to see the movie last night and I thought it was alright. I choose to support. Hopefully we continue in these babies steps and continue to make progress.

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