Should Black Women Boycott ‘Red Tails?’

by Clutch

Originally Posted @ We Are Respectable Negroes – While we wait for the epic sonning that Tom Brady, the Hooded One, and Josh McDaniels are about to put on Mr. Tebow this evening (that trio sounds like a country rock group, no?) here is something to pass the time.

There is a good conversation on Clutch magazine’s website about the interracial gender politics of Red Tails, George Lucas’upcoming Tuskegee airmen movie. One of the primary tenets for those who study the politics of popular culture is that audiences (or “publics”) receive, process, interpret, and circulate ideas on their own terms. Of course, there aren’t any number of corollaries and complications to this argument. But, the basic idea is that populism “matters”; once a “text” is out among the public, part of our work as critics is understanding the “why’s” and “how’s” of their investment (or not) in it.

I reviewed Red Tails months ago. There, I made mention of one aspect of the story–the romance between a black airman and a white Italian woman–that I thought was superfluous to the plot and could easily be left on the cutting room floor. I did not read this plot point as subverting the overall story, or as being deeply symbolic of the state of the family and love relationships in the African American community in the twenty-first century. Moreover, there were many love and sexual relationships between black GI’s and European women in all theaters of World War Two. Given the “historical” nature of Red Tails, a wink to this fact would not be out of order. Ultimately, my observation was based on efficiency in story telling. It was not some deep aversion to the idea that a young man far from home would find comfort in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Populism can be empowering. It can also be confusing, distracting, and lead to any number of interpretations–some of these are cogent and compelling, others much less so. What strikes me the most about the comments on Clutch magazine’s site is not how some readers (in a vacuum not having seen the movie) are making impassioned claims, but how short the leap is from Red Tails the World War Two action film, to “black women in Hollywood are misrepresented all of the time and hated by the mass media,” to “black woman are unloved by black men and Red Tails reinforces this fact,” to “Red Tails should be boycotted because there are no black female love interests.”

It would seem that there is much pain in parts of the black community, where the seemingly trivial and benign are interpreted as the significant, the poignant, and the meaningful.Thus, I must ask: Are matters really this dire?

Originally Posted @ We Are Respectable Negroes

  • Usagi

    Bitter much. It’s a movie. Get over it. I would to love this movie.No, I am going to see this movie. There needs to be more black films woth a setting outside of slavery and Tyler Perry. It’s better that retarded chruch movie with Keke Plamer or whatever the hell her name is.

  • QONewcastle

    Apparently the editorial line over at WhatAboutOur(Ugly)Daughters? by the BlogMammy mentions all those things and more. I reckon the romance is in there because it was completely taboo and not to mention illegal, perhaps even in fascist Italy.

    If the movie is playing out here I will surely see it for the eye candy. I dont like war movies but I like good looking men. Same reason I saw Tigerland. Too much fineness on screen.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i am confused. awkward black girl has a white man and that is great. red tails has a white woman and that is terrible. please explain.

  • Tiff

    If black women who cares about their image is verge of getting erased out of Hollywood should consider boycott this film. Do you think white and other women would support movies that doesnt have at least them in it, hell to, but they expect black women to blindly support anything black, even against their own interests and the signs of utter disrespect.

    Also I dont think majority of black women has a problem with the interracial factor, it is just this movie is changing history by editing out black females that were in this movie yet, I am going by the people who had seen this movie and what Jasmine Sullivan said on twitter. So I will shutdown ignore fools quick thinking all black women has a problem with the swirl is their reason why they boycott. Black women were part of Tuskeegee Airman experience we just want our story to be told as well, especially since George Lucas and others are asking black women to support this movie. ,

    BTW, now Jasmine Sullivan, likely the solo main black woman with a small appearance, just confirmed she has been edited of this movie. She said so on her twitter page. So it is virtual no black women in this movie. Yet she still have class and want people to support it. But I refused to support it.

  • kidole

    Black women can do whatever they want. However this black women will not be going to see this movie. I spend my pennies on movies like Kinyarwanda or Pariah!

  • Nadia

    I keep reading that “George Lucas is asking black women to support Red Tails”. Is this true? Did he make some public appeal for black women to support the movie?

    It seems to me he just put it out there, talked about how hard it was to get financing for it, said he wanted to give teenage boys heroes to look up to, and said he he hoped everyone would go see it.

    Did I miss some heartfelt public appeal to black people or more specifically, black women, by George Lucas?

  • Njshrty

    James I was dismayed at the ending of ABG and I abhor the double standard! SOME black women loooove them some Brad Pitt and would shyt themselves if Taraji was his LOVE interest and not his MAMMY!! But let a movie like thus show an interracial romance… we should boycott??? Please! I say love who you want respect others choices……still going to the movies on Friday!

  • Mr Jay

    The explaination is Black women are predictable in their hypocrisy.

  • LemonNLime

    ABG is taking place in 2012. Redtails in 1940′s America when a black man would have been executed for even looking at white woman. They aren’t comparable because of the times periods.

    How can you make a “historical” film about the issues and injustices these men dealt with and then have one of them hook up with a white woman? I mean that is fine, so long as it is historically accurate and we all know how that ends. I just am annoyed at people softening history to make others feel better about the atrocities of the past or to sell it to a wider white audience. The TA were supported back home by black moms, sisters, wives, cousins, girlfriends, etc and they were fighting for a country that didn’t even want to recognize them as human. I’m saying there should be an all female cast or black females flying next to them. It should just be accurate because it is our history and I doubt if any of the TA were out fighting for the white girlfriends they had back at home.

  • noNO

    SMH @ this

    it’s very clear that there is a conspiracy by hollyweird,tyler perry or someone is trying to make sure black folks will not go out and support this movie.

  • Ms. Pillowz

    This is ridiculous. Of course, I am going to support this movie based on the true history of the brave men who served this country valiantly. We need more movies like this, because many of these war movies seem to forget about our presence in wars, like those by Clint Eastwood. People either don’t know or they seem to forget that black people have served, fought, and died in most if not all of the wars that this country has been involved in. We should ALL support it regardless.

  • Fiore Scott

    NOOOOO. don’t be giving away the plot! at least give me a spoiler alert since i haven’t seen the last 3 episodes. y’all killing me over here.

  • LemonNLime

    “Also I dont think majority of black women has a problem with the interracial factor, it is just this movie is changing history by editing out black females that were in this movie yet, I am going by the people who had seen this movie and what Jasmine Sullivan said on twitter. So I will shutdown ignore fools quick thinking all black women has a problem with the swirl is their reason why they boycott.”

    YES! I don’t care who people date. I date who I want – black, white, brown, red – it doesn’t matter. This is about history.

    And if one more person compares this to ABG…I swear. DIFFERENT TIME PERIODS PEOPLE!!! THEREFORE THERE ARE DIFFERENT HISTORICAL AND SOCIAL STANDARDS REGARDING RACE!!! Trust if ABG was taking place in the 1940′s I would be all over it too regarding the lack of historical accuracy!

  • Mr Jay

    Nonsense the response to Redtails as opposed to ABG is the essence (no pun intended) of relevance.

  • LemonNLime

    @Fiore Scott – Girl you need you catch up! Word of advice stay away from the ABG facebook page bc they have been talking about it for a while over there!

  • I`am not MAD

    I`AM AT WORK. BUT I WILL HIT – THIS subject Tonight ….time to grow up.

  • Soically Maladjusted


    You must be a Brit – you’re so good at winding up these humorless yanks. And they don’t get it do they?

    Well your jokes are not going to waste.


    ah shit

  • Ray’fucious

    See the movie. People can love whoever they choose.thats a part of freedom.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    Although I will see Red Tails, I think I understand why some black females will not see it. It comes from an innate desire as human beings to be acknowledged, seen and understood, and not ignored, on the silver screen, and even in this comments section.

  • Tonton Michel

    I cant blame those black women for not wanting to support this movie just for the reason of not being represented in it to satisfaction. But there is a double standard going on here………….

  • Socially Maladjusted


    but I actually like them better than some of us black brits. They’re somehow less bullshitty.

    If it’s pissin em off they won’t let good manners stop em from making noise about it, even it’s the stupidiest thing to be pissed off about.


  • Ugh

    See it because it tells a great TRUE story. See it because it’s uplifting and well written. See it because people are telling a dignified story with talented actors. I’m sure this interacial relationship is not the main purpose of the film. When someone is trying to make quality and thought provoking work which also features black people try to support it as best you can. If it’s an OVERALL great product why nitpick at every little minor thing which isn’t even relevant to the Big Picture of the film?

  • Mr Scott

    Serious? Come on people SMH

  • Anon

    Yep. He actually HAS been making appeals to the black community to see this film. He’s even been trying to bring out his girlfriend as some sort of bonus. And the only young pretty black woman in the movie just tweeted that her part was cut out of the final version of the film. Hence, my hands will be staying firmly in my pockets.

  • Anon

    Um, there are black women, and black girls. Not black females.

    As a heads up, when people use the word female to describe women and girls, that’s an automatic “hood” marker.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Fiore: I haven’t seen it myself, but these idiots keep ruining it for me arguing nonsense. Who cares about the IR relationship? It is about rewriting history and completing eliminating any role for black women. I don’t know if these men are just dense or being purposefully obtuse.

  • D-Chubb

    As a Black woman who is not going to see “Red Tails”, I’ll say this…It’s my money, I’ll spend it where I like. I’m going to go see “Pariah” instead. It’s directed by and stars Black women. And from what I’ve heard, it’s a better movie.

  • Mr Scott

    Don’t be so easily manipulated. SMH Please support this movie.

  • AJ

    Pardonn the typos!!


    I feel like its a personal choice. I do not think there needs to be any big movement to boycott this movie.

    I think BW who are concerned should voice their opinion on this movie, like I did, and the leave it up to people’s intelligence and personal motivations to decide if they want to support an industry that doesn’t support them, their humanity, or their history.

    Myself? I will not be seeing this movie. Not at all. I will not give money to any ideology that says it’s wrong or embarrasing to be seen with people like me because we are BW, even though they existed in reality.

    There are other versions about the great Tuskeegee Airmen that I can see that are not about wiping out my image, and are closer to the truth and inspiring to both sons and daughters.

    But for other people, do what you want. There are much worse movies that I think SHOULD (or SHOULD HAVE) definitely been boycotted, like American Gangster and Django Unchained. Like literally marching in the streets with picket signs, and closing down theaters. They were, or will be, that damaging to BW and girls.

    But Red Tails is not one of them. The changing of history and removal of BW is wrong, but the overall story is not a horrible negative like some other Hollywood monstrosities.

    As for the Brits and other foreigners on this blog who always try to derail the conversation into hatred of IR, they are wrong, self-serving, and know nothing of our history and culture, so they have zero say in this argument.

    BTW, What About Our Daughters is a great blog! Keep looking out for us!

    Luv ya too, Clutch! Where else can BW have such riveting conversations? Sometime contentious, but always on point!

  • apple

    not wasting my time on it.. i would be more likely to boycott Precious’ image of being obese,poor,uneducated,raped by her mother and father,hiv infested, 2nd kid by her father at 15,mom cheating the welfare system,seeing herself as white in mirror,wanting to be light skin with long hair with a light skin boyfriend, stealing chicken image (aka all black stereotypes into one person) than this no image movie.

    Just don’t go see it yall!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I am not seeing for three reasons:

    - Not really interested in it and neither is my husband
    - I will not support any movie with an abuser, whether he be Terrance Howard, Michael Fassbender or Chris Brown
    - I will no longer support any movie that continues to ignore and eliminate black women. There are 4 men in the movie and they could have had women of all major racial and ethnic groups represented, but they chose not to. Every single war movie I have ever watched has had white women represented as mothers, siblings, wives, girlfriends, etc. But somehow when it comes to a war movie with black actors, they can only have one woman and she must be white?

    I’ll be happily boycotting.

  • Esme

    Oh my…….I don’t know. I just read that jazmine sullivan got cut from the film.

  • LemonNLime

    Don’t be so easily bought

  • jamesfrmphilly

    my understanding is that lucas has three stories out of this. the training took place in the US. there would be black women there. the fighting took place in europe. there would be white women there. the return would be to the US, there would be black women there.

    lucas has released the middle story, the fighting. historically there are no black women involved. as far as i know the brothers all married black women when they got home. some black soldiers had flings with white women while in europe. this is history.

    lucas is showing the historical record. i don’t understand why some black females are upset. i will be going to see the film. i have met with the TA and they have my full respect. they are real black heroes. sad that some black females cannot see this.

    here are real black male role models. why you boycotting sis?

  • sli

    Didn’t you say on the ABG post that there’s no such thing as “harmless media?” If that’s your belief, then what are your thoughts on how they cast the female character in “Red Tails.” What message do you think they are trying to send? You often have a lot to say about IR relationships, but seem to be mum about this. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but I’m honestly interested in your thoughts on this.

  • LemonNLime

    @sli – I have posed this question to him several times but he seems to keep ignoring it. I just want to understand too.

  • Shannon P

    Well our Black brothers are in this movie soooo… lets support it. Additionally, the director is a brother.

    Listed on IMDB…there is a black female actress accredited; her name is Edwina Findley.
    Perhaps this movie will open up more doors for other movies to be depicted about us. Its all based on money and what the public demands anyway… so if you do not support something like this.. statistics will show no one wants to see these types of films and the funding won’t be there for other films like this. So I am going to support it!


  • DivineBrown

    WOW ANOTHER topic on Red Tails? What’s the problem? Can’t I refuse to see a movie if I don’t want to? Can’t I keep my money? Don’t I have the right to refuse a good or service? Why is this so drawn out? Especially for people who say black women are “complaining”. People “confused” over supposed hypocrisy. I see they sicked Tyler Perry on black women. Like only they could do because they know black women are fools for Perry. That last article was despicable and flew right over most people’s heads. Nothing more than sending “your own” to do their dirty work because they know it WORKS. He’s like the neighborhood drug dealer. Send him in to “sell” it to his own people. Remember, it was him, along with Oprah, who SOLD you Precious and you LISTENED. He sure came through for George Lucas laying it on OH SO THICK with that subtle(well not really) touch of Hysterics(“Oh NooOooooOOoooooo!!!!!! Black movies are going EXTINCT…RUN DON’T WALK TO SUPPORT THIS. MAKE SURE YOU TELL A FRIEND AND BRING YOUR WHOLE HOUSE…QUICK QUICK!!!!!!!!!”)

    Here’s the funny thing though… if the excuse given by Lucas and Perry are valid ones then it doesn’t matter if we support this film or the next. The OTHERS still haven’t changed. You know, the “OTHERS” who don’t flock to see “black movies”. The OTHERS who you have to appeal to. So in essence, they keep telling US to support it so that WE give them their dollars back. And WE’LL have to be the ones to support future endeavors since the OTHERS go unchallenged as to why they can’t PUT RACE ASIDE and see a “good film” NO MATTER IF IT’S AN ALL BLACK CAST OR NOT. What mindf-kry.

    Also, if THIS does do well, then all that says is a black MALE cast WITH a non black woman will WORK just fine. It STILL won’t break glass ceilings like some of you are claiming. LOL. Aren’t black women tired of being pimped and used? What am I asking? Of course not. That’s why they sent in Tyler to raise his Pimp hand.It’s so strong. If a PASTOR writes in next, then I’m through. LMAO they got black women down to a SCIENCE. So educated yet easily manipulated. I’m embarrassed…and I shouldn’t be.

    Oh and btw, for all those saying it’s a movie about the MEN and no need to highlight the love story. Um LOVE and WAR sells. The movie, TOP GUN was about airmen, focused on them but guess what? Tom Cruise(Maverick) had to have his leading(white) lady.

    4 topics on this ONE movie. There is no more life in this horse left to beat.

    PPS. Even the men should be ashamed. Checked the trailer. It last all of 2 seconds and then all you hear is Redtails…Friday. Like they’re HURRYING up as not to UPSET people. In 2012, where ONLY black people are “Reverse Racists” and hung up on race are they TELLING you a movie like this was hard to produce. Black movies don’t do well overseas. And doing a SHORT ass trailer..not even giving a great synopsis and showing awesome scenes to get you HYPED. Now, black men you get…”Redtails…Friday”

  • lostluv224

    Always calling to boycott something.

    Why don’t we go boycott these bad ass kids killing each other outside our front door steps.

    Its a movie. support it or dont…..but if you don’t, dont be on these here blogs crying when you NEVER see a cast like this again.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    some black fighters had affairs with white women while in europe. that is the history.
    i do not approve of IR but i am not asking to rewrite history. lucas shows the period when they were in europe fighting and there where no black women there. as far as i know all these brothers married black women when they returned to the US.

    there were thousands of black soldiers in europe. these men were war heroes. i am saddened that some black women want to boycott because one of them had a white woman on the side.

    i don’t see any calls to boycott awkward black girl when she chose a white man over a black man. seems like a double standard to me. sisters your hypocrisy is showing.

  • Anon

    Dude, you’re older than my dad, and you’re creeping around on a young black women’s blog calling black women females, and trying to argue for a movie that doesn’t even have black women IN IT. If you REALLY wanna help George Lucas collect dollars from other people, go to some of the black male blogs and convince them.

  • Poppy

    I was trying to figure out what my comment was going to say….but you said everything I wanted to say in 3 simple sentences. Thank you…I totally agree!!

  • Tjb

    I understand the disappointment. However, I feel that the boycotting will only send a message saying that black movies are unsuccessful at the box office. Plus if the entire cast was black, it would labeled as a “Black Movie” in which only black people will go see it. I believe George Lucas was trying to create a more diverse audience. However, he could have gone about it in a different way.

  • Anon

    Blah Blah Blah. There’s a movie every two years without black women that I’m supposed to “support”. Ray, The Hurricane, , etc… They’ll make another one.

  • grace

    And as a heads up, your tone was unnecessarily patronizing and argument-seeking. Women would exclude girls and I do not know the age range of those seeing it so I would not assume that. I so not care how they use it in the hood, i am not from there so i dont care how its used there.

  • Mwatuanghi

    Thank you for being able to distinguish possibly superfluous plot points and images that reinforce or promote stereotypical imagery! People want to sanitize history so much that it sickens me. If that’s who those guys were with, then it should be shown; it’s not an anomaly to find interracial relationships developing while being stationed in other areas- that’s how my parents met.

  • DivineBrown

    And it it were an “all black” movie what exactly is the problem? We’re being told not to look at race. It’s implied that others don’t look at race and we’re the only trivial ones who do. So whether it’s an all black movie or an all white movie…shouldn’t both do well if “One love, one heart” was really happening? And if we agreed other people only support 1.)themselves on screen and 2.)what they want, then this whole discussion of black women “boycotting” something that 1.)doesn’t show them on screen and 2.)that they don’t want is really the height of hypocrisy. It’s amazing how trained people are without knowing it. If one can admit “others” don’t support all black casts then how can they get on black women for refusing to support people who don’t want to see them on screen? If we have to “get over things” shouldn’t everyone else? They constantly put us in this position to war over our depictions or lack thereof and we get shamed for our REACTIONS.

    In a nutshell, we’re being told to accept less than what everyone does or be seen as (insert whatever negative here) for it. Big LOL. Not *I* says the cat…

  • NY’s Finest

    Black women or not judging from the previews that I’ve seen. the movie doesn’t look like it’s going to be any good so I won’t be seeing it for that reason.

  • jamesfrmphilly


  • DivineBrown

    And it’s certainly not abnormal for WHITE men to have gone EVERYWHERE during times of war and mated, procreated, and bastardized indigenous people, and yet, surprisingly, those stories aren’t told. Truth is truth right? Let’s tell it ALL. Not once, but over and over. Even when it’s NOT truth. Let’s tell it. Hmmm. Oh but wait, next up is the “taboo” excuse. Oh lord. Until, they FINALLY break down and tell you that people(especially white women) just don’t want to see a black woman being loved and appreciated on screen. This is right before they go on to tell YOU(black woman) that YOU should be fine with not being casted and the white woman getting even MORE praises for stuff she DIDN’T do. And even though your womanhood and femininity is shitted on. The black female youth is never shown people will crawl to fire to win them over, still be as feminine as the white woman.

    Always a defense or rationalizing the marginalization of black women. It’s so funny how instinctive it is for people to do that. Everything is always somehow “ok”.

    LMAO. White men and every other ethnic women should be in this movie. NOW THAT IS ACTUAL EVENTS. More accurate than this malarki being pushed.


  • Barbara

    Black women who support this are the reasons why black women will never go anywhere past the whores of men.

    Yall support your absence in the name of “supporting the brothas”

    Tell me sista, when’s the last time brothas was supporting you?

    Hence why I cant deal with most African American females I come in contact with- we are too ready to celebrate our ignorance, absence and anger. But shun happiness and acceptance. Then we want to complain about being lonely on ABC?

    Do you WANT to be treated like a human or like a sheep-you cant have both!
    Black women need to WAKE UP. Other women GET THIS. But we are the only ones who make excuses to remain miserable and never confront or let go of black men who do NOTHING for us- especially never standing up for us.

    The only person associated with that film that is with a black woman, is the white guy, George Lucas.
    Your “black kings” dont even see you fit enough to be married to you or seen around you- and THIS is what we support?

    Smh ….we are never going to get it.

  • LemonNLime

    @Anon – Right! Why is it ALWAYS on us to support? Are we suppose to just give and give and give even when we get nothing in return? If this was just about supporting black people in a movie then ALL these Tyler Perry haters would think of him as the second coming of Black American cinema because at least he is keeping black people working. Everytime there is a movie with lots of black people in it everyone yells “If you don’t support it we won’t have another one!” People need to take those empty threats someplace else. That is was marketing people do to drum up numbers and fill seats. This movie isn’t going to change anything.

  • Nik

    Sometimes…I just want to watch a movie because it looks interesting to me. Simple as that. I understand and enjoy dialogue about certain things in film and television, but I really just want to see the film because I WANT TO.

    If you don’t want to see the film for whatever reason, fine. Don’t see it.

    And someone brought up a post about this from What About Our Daughters on Tumblr. I’m a black woman and I don’t care for that site, but I’ll just…stop my comment there lol

  • LemonNLime

    I think it is also important to note that just because I don’t want to spend my money to see it doesn’t mean I am telling others not to. It is your money, spend it how you want. I am not boycotting anything, I never saw those crappy Twilight movies, that doesn’t mean I was boycotting them. I am just not wasting my money on a movie that doesn’t serve my interest or people that look like me. If that is boycotting, fine.

  • malik hemmans

    agreed it look like another movie about blacks overcoming and i only see about 2 talented actors and plus I’m sick if seeing r&b singers and rappers in film they CANNOT ACT

  • Pilot

    Well, I saw the movie yesterday during a screening preview I was invited to by someone else in the industry. It looks like all this sound and fury about black women boycotting the movie is going to be academic, because I think the public at large will be boycotting the movie because it’s just sort of average.

    My mini-review is that the action scenes are good, the film has some great moments, but it’s clunky in how it moves along, and the writing is just awful, IMHO.

    It’s a shame, really. Great subject material, but the telling of the story is lacking.

    So, to all of those people worried about George Lucas making millions of dollars from “Red Tails” without giving black women their due, I think your concerns are overblown – I would be surprised if he doesn’t lose millions and millions of dollars on the movie.

    Signing off for now…

  • sblazer227

    you took the words from my mind.
    i want to see this movie about black male heroes, im taking my lil brother, but also i want more big budget movies with a fair number of lead black roles. if you wanna boycott this movies because of some side love story, then i think you are missing the point.

  • Teach nj

    I am WAAAAY more upset about the fact that one of these heroes was brutally murdered by two young men IN HIS OWN HOME than I am about the portrayal of interracial relations or inaccuracies!!! We are at epidemic levels of violence against our own kind and we now rally against the most UNIMPORTANT shit! Where was the outrage when that man was slain for a few $$, a cell phone and his car????

  • Frenchie

    I agree with this post entirely. I think the only thing left to add is:

    Dear Black Women:
    Sometimes it’s not about you. There is nothing wrong with that.
    Signed, A Black Woman”

  • nappyandhappy

    OMG!!!!!!! it is just a movie i will go to this movie cause i like being entertained but i will also donate money to Issa Rae to put out a second season of ABG in order to even it out.

    how about we do that? for everyone who wants to boycott redtails put your money where your mouth is and give that ticket money, parking money and popcorn money to Isssa Rae #problemsolved.

    God if these comments are for one white woman im afraid to see what ya’ll are gonna do when Django Unchained comes out!!!! When yall start boycotting that let me know cause that movie really does sounds bad for black women!!!!!!!

  • Teach nj
  • EssDot323

    Everything that NY’s Finest and Malik said. I’m not interested in seeing entertainers, athletes, and sub-par actors in films.

  • aUssIe

    @DivineBrown, your info was LONG and in the beginning you had me shaking my head but around 2nd paragraph…. girl you were making sense to me! Yes, we always have to spends our funds in support of the movies because they “represent” us but not the others.

  • sli

    I’m not calling for a boycott of the movie, and I don’t think that too many other black women are either. We are just expressing how we feel about the casting. I’m not buying the excuse that there was no room to write in a decent role for at least one black woman, not buying it at all. Whoever wants to go and see the movie, has every right to. In reading the comments, it seems like more black women are supporting the movie than not. So we will see how it does.

  • mina

    Wow this just sounds like the same old “keep them divided” ideology! I have not seen a screening of this movie and therefore can’t critique it. Though from what some of you all are saying, it sounds like the relationship with the European woman was brief but also a bit random, idk. Even if it is insignificant and should not have made the cut, the movie is about “The Tuskegee Airmen” not the Tuskegee Airwomen, PERIOD!!!

  • AJ

    That. Is pure evil.

  • AJ

    And if you think that is what BW are saying, then you’re a fool.

  • AJ

    Red Tails has a fictional WW. Nuff said. The Airmen in the movie girlfriends and wives all were Black. ABG does not have international distribution, nor a $100 million dollar budget to have her story told. ABG is not about history,it’s about a preference. Red Tails is about history, and chose to change BW to WW.

  • Perverted Alchemist

    “God if these comments are for one white woman im afraid to see what ya’ll are gonna do when Django Unchained comes out!!!! ”

    Being that it’s a Quentin Tarantino film, one can only imagine. He can kick up a shitstorm all by himself. Remember, he was taken to task on several occasions for his gratuitous violence as well as his willingness to use the N-word in every damn movie, LMAO!!!

    And his new movie is going to be a comedy about slavery? Yeah, this should be intersting *grabs popcorn*.

  • Perverted Alchemist


  • AJ

    I agree LemonNLime.

    ABG – different budget, different impact, very small group of people who will see it, nothing to do with history.

    Red Tails – pushing false history, pushing BW as being ‘less than”, huge budget, worldwide distribution, erasure of BW from real history.

    Only the mentally deficient would compare ABG to Red Tails. You don’t hear any BW on here complaining about Grey’s Anatomy, or Pan Am, where BM are in IR with WW/non-BW.

    It’s not about IR, and the men on here saying that know it. They are just trying to corrupt the conversation, and the real issue behind it. Tonton Micahel and the rest are makingit clearthat they could care less about their own people, unless they are male.

  • AJ

    So agree, Divine!

  • AJ

    Again, Mina. Read through the posts. Nobody is asking for the Tuskeege Airwomen. sheesh! Reading is F*cking Fundamental people! smdh

  • Kanyade

    Black women should not boycott this film. ESPECIALLY Black women who like war movies with both ground and aerial attacks!

    I can tell you that sometimes with the action flicks I love, once the ‘romance’ angle is introduced, it sort of sullies everything for me. Case & point: “Thor”, Natalie Portman’s character and Thor or in “Star Wars: Attack of the Clones”, the whole romance injection with Anakin and Padme was just ugh, no, no, no.

    This is a fictionalized version of real happenings. It is up to the director/writer’s discretion to add to or take from or exclude altogether as it is their interpretation. I’m sure there was/is a time-limit which would affect how much of whose story to include. There were how many airmen? A good amount, so to go into depth with each of their family-life stories in addition to the other challenges they had to face and overcome would’ve made for a mini-series…. Which now thinking on it, perhaps the feature should’ve been a mini-series. I digress.

    I’m not boycotting this film. There was an cable film done years back with Laurence Fishburne. I don’t recall a boycott in place for that feature—but perhaps Black women were represented? I don’t know. Even so, at the heart of it all it was a film about a select group of soldiers who overcame and ultimately triumphed, romantic relationship notwithstanding. I wanna see action; and at minimum given Lucas’ film-vitae, the man can do action…even if his storytelling does falter some (re: Attack of the Clones).

    Also, how many women boycotted “Fast & Furious Five”??? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Jane

    boy o boy our issues run deep.

    ladies and gentlemen, the day will come when we will have more than one movie option at a time. Enjoy your life people, go see the flick with friends, eat dinner afterwards, get a drink, discuss and enjoy. Don’t see the movie, do something else. Just enjoy your experiences.

  • Alexandra

    I noticed on this site, there is a habit of judging films severely before they even come out.

    I’ve read a few of the arguments for and against seeing this movie, however I will not go ‘Red Tails’; but not because of the ‘concerns’ of the Black female blogosphere; I can’t bring myself to be upset over the casting. Don’t think this means, I’ve accepted the way Black women are portrayed in films.

    I won’t see it, simply because I don’t go to the movies period, unless I’m really, really, really, interested in the film/subject. I think this overreaction based on a short snippet of light complected woman in the trailer is very telling. I won’t call names. I may support the film later, by purchasing the dvd.

    I’m not boycotting a damn thing. There are so many more (and important) things Black women could boycott and this….

  • Sula

    After putting myself through hell watching J. Edgar(internet of course), I seriously can not sit through any biopic or historical film unless it’s a documentary. I don’t get why people keep begging for them like they’re something special. They usually follow the same crappy predictable plot formula and

    Plus, the poster for it, makes it look like another corny ass hollywood film.

  • befree1619


  • aUssIe

    Invite whites to see the movies as well! I mean they all seem to love Boondocks (read between the lines people).

    Bottom line: They could have gotten popular, racially ambiougous black women for any role:
    Paula Patton
    Real Skinny Lady from Norbit
    Beyonce, heck maybe Solange
    Rocsi from 106 and Park
    Zoe Zaldana or someone we ALL love….. REGINA KING!

  • binks


  • Socially Maladjusted

    Black american women are haters and hypocrits man. They don’t want american black men to not get no love while they cavort around with white men.

    How do you yanks say it?

    haters gon hate.

    kiss teet.


  • AJ

    The Fast and the Furious was not history. They wrote you out of history in Red Tails. That’s like making George Washington Black.

  • Alaina L Lewis

    I find it painfully ridiculous that we always need to find a reason to debate about something or find reason to be dissatisfied as a people or even write and article giving us reason to question whether or not we should find issue with a film.

    Where was the boycott for Set It Off, from the brothers? The Help? ETC! There was none.

    So the cast has no sisters in it. SO WHAT. EVERY FLIPPING MOVIE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE OUR PLATFORM. Reality is reality. Why make it up. Instead of rallying to find issue where the should be no issue, let’s rally to let this issue be heard. The acts of these black men and their ability to bust down barriers are part of the reason we even have a forum like Clutch to post such a ridiculous article or even comment in a ridiculous nature. Count your blessings and be thankful someone wanted to highlight our story, when Hollywood slammed the door on it.

    We’re boycotting stupidity, when just yesterday, all we knew was cotton. #payattention SMH.

  • AJ

    @Mwatuanghi: “If that’s who those guys were with, then it should be shown; ”

    Congrats to your parents,…

    But the point is that’s NOT who those guys were with.

    “Those guys”, the Tuskegee Airmen in the movie were with BW.

    Doesn’t matter anyway.L Unfortunately, Lucas and McGruder will make millions anyway. So sad, too bad. That’s life.

  • Andrew

    The movie is great, point blank. You can not compain about Tyler Perry films then talk badly about 1 that actually displays black men in a positive light and actually has a plat. I was on the edge of my seat every minute while looking at this film with a black woman who actually enjoyed the movie more than me.

  • Andrew

    The movie is great, point blank. You can not complain about Tyler Perry films then talk badly about 1 that actually displays black men in a positive light and actually has a plat. I was on the edge of my seat every minute while looking at this film with a black woman who actually enjoyed the movie more than me.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    how can you write in a decent role for a black woman when there were no black women in italy at that time?

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Isn’t that part of the problem? It is never about black women, always about black women doing things to benefit a group of people that seem hard pressed to ever return the favor.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Are you aware that people have seen the movie? I mean it has been mentioned so many times in the comments.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    they don’t be cavorting, they be screwen…….

  •!/TheKMichel K. Michel

    Red Tails is going to do well. It’ll probably open at #2 this weekend, but it’ll be a while before Lucas sees any profit. Haywire will probably take #1 this weekend.

    Here’s the thing. I understand why the ladies who wish to boycott the film are upset. It’s not that hard to understand. I get the sense that it’s really not about “Red Tails” in and of itself, rather …”Red Tails” is the straw that broke the camels’ back. This is all a psychological manifestation of the African-American “gender war” that’s been occurring since — I don’t know — our collective exodus from Africa.

    The “Nightline” Specials. The books. The blogs. In terms of media today, Black relationships don’t have the greatest reputation and a niche has been crafted from driving African-American men and African-American women into mutual disrespect for one another.

    It seemed like this was a good chance to see functional Black relationships on the screen, but it didn’t happen. Plus, there are other Black women who couldn’t care less about healthy Black relationships on screen …they just don’t want to feel left out in general.

    Which, in a way, leads me to my next point.

    Black women are not uniform.

    There are African-American women who don’t have any inclinations on seeing “Red Tails”, but then …there are African and Caribbean women in America who are dying to see this movie. I should know because I have an African lady-friend who keeps reminding me of the date “Red Tails” comes out.

    So, there’s a lot of intersectionality that everyone seems to forget about when discussing this topic, and topics like these.

    I really wish they would’ve put Anthony Mackie, Wesley Jonathan… actual Black male actors, instead of musicians. I think someone else make this point as well, so I agree with that.

    Also, I didn’t know about the relationship between Lena Horne and the Tuskegee Airmen …THAT would’ve been awesome to see on screen. What?!? So, thank you to whoever made that point. I think it was AJ.

  • D-Chubb

    No jamesfrmphilly

    they don’t be screwen…they be marrying, you know something Black men don’t do.

  • Maureen

    They say to support Black movies then when they come out leave it others to find reasons why members of our race shouldnt support. hmm

  • gmarie

    Any ol’ excuse not to support this film eh? I wasn’t sure what it would be this time but I knew it would be SOMETHING-as it usually is with my people. This black woman will be there opening weekend.

  • ruggie

    Thank you, K. Michel. Common sense prevails!


    I’m going to see the movie. I don’t have time to worry about all this mess. People would be unhappy if it was three BW. I have seen Thor,Batman,Twilight,Immorals so I will be taking my money to this movie. It is rare to see so many Black men in a one movie, so I will support the brothers. Everything will not be perfect. The anger at this movie is an “old” anger. We all know it is about not being represented the way we feel we should be but what concerns me is going so far as to not support the black actors in the film, regardless of how you feel about the director. He will loose money and I’m sure lost some friends over this “black” movie. I support the brave men who fought in the war and respect the few that remain. I will support their story, as they had been working with him on this film for several years.Mind you he has had the script for this film for years….I will support it ..sometimes yo all need to cool that anger. It is way too much…almost sad……I can’t carry that around all day….wow….

  • Hoopty

    Then go see the movie and shut up. If there are some black women that don’t wish to see it, so be it.

    Why you and some others on here act like your shat don’t stink is beyond annoying….

  • Hoopty

    You and socimali need to take that azz-licking somewhere else….

  • Jess

    @K. Michel – “”"”Red Tails” is the straw that broke the camels’ back. This is all a psychological manifestation of the African-American “gender war” that’s been occurring since — I don’t know — our collective exodus from Africa.
    The “Nightline” Specials. The books. The blogs. In terms of media today, Black relationships don’t have the greatest reputation and a niche has been crafted from driving African-American men and African-American women into mutual disrespect for one another.”"
    – — — —

    K. Michel, I think in those two paragraphs alone you just said what everyone else has been trying to say. Your’e 100000% right!

    And by the way, it’s an artificial gender war forced upon us constantly by the white majority, since we first arrived in bondage.

    Really sad, but we lost the war, so this is the end result. We really shouldn’t be surprised at any of this. What is surprising is that so many of us survived and remained unifies, even with all the attempts to divide us – who would have thought a DARK SKINNED Black woman, with two Black kids no less, and a Black husband (who is the PRESIDENT) would be standing in the White House, setting rules? TOGETHER. A Black man and Black women.

    Even if they are puppets, and were put in their position artificially (which many do think) to serve some imperialistic agenda, for 500 years NO Black person, for any reason, would have gotten into those positions.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    ” the African-American “gender war””

    and who is it that benefits from the AA gender war?

  • Socially Maladjusted


    what are on you on about?


  • Socially Maladjusted


    yeh and getting divorced is something white men do more than black men too

    word is white men sometimes don’t even bother with the divorce –

    they opt for more permanent means of severance, if they prefer not to have to give half their shit to some freeloading parasite.

  • robjh1

    The question asked in this article is probably part of the reason black movies don’t do well at the box office. Folks get a life! It is what it is. Just enjoy the movie.

  • Tonton Michel

    Ray didn’t have black women in it?

  • Anon

    The word is PLOT. And you’re coming on here to tell me I HAVE to see this? I can do whatever I want to do with my money, and I’m going to be seeing something else this weekend.

    If the movie company is sending interns here to sway opinions, then ya’ll need to find someone who doesn’t need spellcheck for a four-letter word.

  • LorMarie

    I don’t know of any black woman blogger that called for a boycott. However, I have no interest in seeing this film nor will I support it because it does nothing to advance the image of black women. Feel free to present a story with a white female IR love interest since for me, there’s no desired connection nor solidarity between myself and black men as a group. Supporting Red Tails is like supporting a movie having nothing to do with me.

  • eshowoman

    There were black WACs in Europe during WW II. Putting a white woman in the picture will appeal to the main audience males. It is not just this film but there is a trend towards black actors & non-black love interests. Unless we begin to make complex, humanistic films with black women & men, we will be more invisible on the silver screen than we are now.

  • ruggie

    A lot of people have reservations about “Red Tails” including me, but none have called for a boycott of this film.

    However, people who are concerned that there is no black female presence in this story have been called bitter, treacherous, man-hating, opposed to inter-racial themes, disloyal to the race, and the reason for all black film’s failure at the box office (robjh1 are you serious?).

    This is what happens when black women don’t fall in line behind what someone expect you to do, you are called the worst names in the book. BTW I support my black brothers, including the Tuskegee Airmen, and I do not have to see George Lucas’ version of their story to prove it.

    I have just declared Jan 20 as my personal “Learn About the Contribution of Black Veterans” Day. Whether that includes sitting in front of a flickering screen with no black women reflected back, is yet to be determined.

  • RC

    lol, can’t wait for that Dr. King movie where Coretta is played by Natalie Portman….. (I kid) but seriously. I won’t be seeing “Red Tails” because I know the plot (thus making the movie less entertaining) and I think nobody in the film can honestly act.

    But something does standout to me…
    I remember when “for colored girls” came out and black men were complaining about how bad it made them look. clutch was quick to combat it with that “we love you black men” article……….
    yet when black women stated their grievances about what message this movie sends its audience about black women, clutch posts an article about “is it really that important?”

  • MRP

    I WILL be going to see Red Tails because Nate Parker from “The Great Debaters” is in it. I don’t understand the “subpar actors” comments… just because an actor isn’t as well known as your fav doesn’t mean they aren’t gifted or qualified.

  • knowyourhistory

    To person who stated that there were no black women in Europe during World War II, please do some research:

  • Free black woman

    The reaction of black women should not be based on what black men do or do not do. If BM choose not to speak up about other films that’s their choice, but I was born free and I don’t base my views on what BM do or don’t do. Black women can choose any damn reason we like to support it not support movie.

  • Free black woman

    Neyo & method man are in this movie
    That’s subpar

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    You write: ‘Reality is reality. Why make it up’

    Are you for or against the objections to the movie? I think that is what people are complaining about. It not being steeped in reality.

    The notion that every black women should fall in line regardless of her objections or because she could have been picking cotton is utterly ridiculous, I wouldn’t even bother addressing it further.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    You know it is coming……

  • CaramelBeauty

    Awe go see the movie already!!! IT is a great part of our history!!!

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Actually, black man divorce at higher rates regardless of who they are married to; they skew the numbers higher. Black woman-white man have the lowest divorce rates.



    I am married to a black guy, but hate when people present inaccurate information to win arguments.

  • May

    If it’s not about me and other black women then why are you so damn pressed? Why are you shoving this down our throats to go see a movie which we aren’t even in? You’re like little babies, kicking and screaming and if that doesn’t work you come up with lies and shame tactics like the one about how we are against the IR relationship between the black man and the white woman. It’s like, wow. I don’t care about those things.
    What I care about is people in one breath saying “this isn’t even about you” and in the other “But if you don’t go see it, you’re a hater”.

    Seriously. Enough.

  • May

    No one is boycotting this movie, sheesh, is that what it’s called now when you don’t want to go see a movie? You are boycotting it? You make me laugh with all these shame tactics and trying to guilt black women into seeing it, even pulling shit out of nowhere. No one has said a damn thing about the IR romance between the WW and BM, it’s not about that, just like this movie isn’t about me or any other black woman.

    I don’t want to see this movie because i’m just not interested.
    Why must I support this movie? Some of you are seriously insane, never in my life have I seen so much hate directed at black women who wish to not see this movie. Damn, are we not allowed to exercise our options? I choose NOT to see this movie, deal with it and you can call me an ‘angry black woman’ and start kicking and screaming like 2 year olds, it won’t change my mind.

  • Realistic

    This is one of the most ridiculous request and articles that I have ever had the chance to see and then read. We live in a culture where there for the bulk of the last month there has been 1 AA ACTOR/ACTRESS in a Top 10 Movie, and that was Paula Patton in MI4; This week we welcome a movie where the main characters are African-American, but how long will Joyful Noise remain top 10, especially as it debuted at #4. We also are in a world where we can barely reach double digits when counting main characters on prime-time televisions shows. When you watch the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys and other non-music or sports related awards shows and would see 1 nomination in any field. Why must we pick at this movie.

    Whether you like the movie or not, whether you are happy with the storyline, the cast, the production or anything else support it. The reason why this movie took almost 25 years to make, and for one person to bank the entire project from start to finish, costing himself over $80 million so that this movie could be produced because no one else wanted to add even a dollar of their own money, for reason like the stupidity of this argument. In the years since he began trying to put this film together, think of all the Epic War Films that our presence was reduced to walking across screen in a 3 second cameo like Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan, movies that Hollywood spent 2 and 3 times the cost of this movie on. What about the Super Budget Films like Titanic where there wasn’t a single main character who wasn’t white.

    We Keep picking apart movies like this and don’t provide the support that they need so that in 5 years there may be some differences in the motion picture market, and we will see that our presence in film will go back to 40′s, “I don’t know nothin bout birthin no babies”

  • Vee

    i have not seen the movie…but are there truly no black female actresses in the film?

  • Siege

    I’m glad black women chimed in on this so I could see with my own two eyes how self centered, hypocritical, and how bad some of you need to pull your heads out of your ass*s…this movie is to focus on how the Tuskegee Air Man helped black people break boundaries especially within the military and some of you won’t support it because this movie isn’t sucking u to black women enough to appease your egos?…Tell me how many movies have black women been in where white men have been the love interest and brothas didn’t say anything about boycotting or even as much as a dislike?…Ya shouldn’t even dare mention history because if a movie about the feminist movement was made and it showed how bad some black women were shit*i*g on black men and brothas voiced boycotting it some of ya would have a d*mn fit!…at the end of the day this is another problem with some black women that brothas have ya think it’s all about ya!…got the nerve to complain about black love?…ya wasn’t complaining again when white men were love interest in movies but when it’s the other way around it’s a problem!…but like ya said ya have the right to support or not and when to spend your money…but if this is the overall attitude of some women when ya aren’t praised enough in movies then that’s just sad…and don’t talk about black men jumping over hoops to save ya or claim some of ya when we see ya on tv(ABC nightline and these other talk shows) saying black men ain’t shit, ain’t no good black men left, etc

  • Tiff

    No one is arranging a boycott this movie, even I feel its not that deep, it is just some media hype stirring up, to trap black women as the scapegoat if the movie flops. And also black women if you refused to see the movie for whatever reason dont apologize it for it. Its your money and your choice, do what best for YOU for a change as every other group, including black men are looking out for their self interests, not for the so-called benefit of the black race. Stop worrying about the naysayers with the guilt trip marketing. Since I don’t like army movies and the utterly disrespect how they edited out all the already limed cameos of black actresses, I will just keep my money in my pocket thats my choice since this movie does not have anything to do with me.

  • May

    There are NO black women AT ALL in this movie.
    The one black woman who had a small part as a singer in some bar in this movie was edited out! She is no longer in it and it was confirmed on her twitter.

  • D-Chubb

    There have been plenty of projects about the Tuskegee Airmen that have been higher quality than Red Tails. How about the documentaries. Have you watched any of those? How a about the play “Black Angels Over Tuskegee”? Have you seen it? I have. It was beautifully done. So, the next time you want to accuse a BW for not supporting BM enough, we can have a confab about why you wait until a white man tells your story before you’ll see it.

  • Adam

    You boycot this movie and you’ll never a movie with an all black cast that isn’t Tyler Perry again. Ever.

    George Lucas had to self finance and distribute this film because, as Hollywood said to him, no one wanted to see a movie with all black actors. There is no audience, he was told. So every bit of promotion he paid for.

    And if this movie tanks this weekend, you won’t get a movie that isn’t Martin Lawrence in a fat suit for a very long time.

  • pumpkin spice latte

    and i’m tired of people saying “it’s just a movie.” do you during WW2, they had an entire department (Office of War Information/Bureau of Motion picture) dedicated to overseeing movies and films that were put out during the War as propaganda. They had people whose job it was to review the films that came out and make sure they didn’t portray the war negatively or that they didn’t harm the morale of the people on the home front. Why would they invest millions of dollars into this bureau to over see films if what people watched on film didn’t matter?

    See, they understood that film does in fact impact the perceptions people have? So when you see images on film, people internalize those images and when you don’t have anything to counter those images they become reality. When people look at this Red Tails many people will not bother to research the actual story of the Tuskegee airmen, they’ll truly go away believing that Black women did little to nothing to support their Tuskegee airmen and the war effort overall and that is a lie. I recommend Julie Dash’s Illusions for a better understanding of this.

    So don’t think what you see on screen doesn’t impact people’s perception of reality…psychological studies have already proven it does VERY MUCH SO…ponder that

  • pumpkin spice latte

    DChubb said..

    “There have been plenty of projects about the Tuskegee Airmen that have been higher quality than Red Tails. How about the documentaries. Have you watched any of those? How a about the play “Black Angels Over Tuskegee”? Have you seen it? I have. It was beautifully done. So, the next time you want to accuse a BW for not supporting BM enough, we can have a confab about why you wait until a white man tells your story before you’ll see it.”


  • EssDot323

    Free black woman:
    That’s exactly what I meant by subpar.

    I’m sick of the garden variety Black films that recycle the same actors all the time as if there aren’t any talented Black actors busting their asses at an acting company. I can’t take a film seriously when I see entertainers and athletes poorly executing roles that could’ve been taken by trained actors or at least someone that’s a natural.

    That’s why I support documentaries, indie films, and plays. I respect thoughtfully organized work. Not slip-shoddy, haphazardly created crap with non-actors.

  • noNO

    black feminazis need to get a life.
    they just hate to see black men getting props.
    the divide in the black community needs to end.

  • NaijaAnon

    “and who is it that benefits from the AA gender war?”

    No one in the AA community, that’s for sure. I know what you’re getting at and you are incorrect.

    @jamesfrmphilly you are such a polarizing voice on this blog. You need to think twice before posting and spreading seeds of discord. Please and thank you in advance.

  • Yaya

    As long as Black men join with White people to cut us out of history, Black women shouldn’t give you “props”. If standing up for Black women makes us “feminazis” as you say, then feminazis it is, you Black male demon.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “As long as Black men join with White people to cut us out of history”

    i do not think there were any black women in Italy during WWII.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    white people benefit from the AA gender war.
    divide and conquer.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i stand corrected about black women in europe. thank you.
    do you know that there were black women in italy where the red tails were?

  • BTheGem81

    The very notion is moronic. And even if the film were somehow offensive to Black women, Black people haven’t boycotted anything since the 1960s. We are quite content in being last priority.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i have been corrected that there were some black women in europe during WWII.
    somebody needs to see if they were any in italy that would be included in the story of the red tails.

  • LemonNLime

    “No one is arranging a boycott this movie, even I feel its not that deep, it is just some media hype stirring up, to trap black women as the scapegoat if the movie flops.”

    Agreed, while I’m really annoyed by what they did, it mostly comes down to the fact that I don’t like war movies anyway so probably would not have seen it to begin with. $11 is a lot to pay for something you aren’t even interested in seeing. Plus all that CGI stuff is just not for me.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    does anyone have any evidence that there were black women around where the TA were who should have been included in the film?

  • QONew


    There could have been plenty of black women in Italy at the time. Probably all Ethiopian though.

  • QONew

    Would the “main audience” enjoy seeing a black man with a white woman? Probably not. It sounds like a risk to me.

  • QONew


    “Its your money and your choice, do what best for YOU for a change as every other group, including black men are looking out for their self interests, not for the so-called benefit of the black race.”

    If black women arent doing whats best for themselves who exactly are they doing it for? We know how much buying power black women have and what they are spending it on. Enriching Koreans I believe.

  • African Mami

    I’m boycotting, because there’s a lot of light skinned brothers! I like them dark, like Southern Sudanese dark. shoot me!

  • libby

    Have you ever seen a war film? You do know they have flash backs when a soldier think about home and the girl they left behind? Yes, black women were around, there were millions in the United States. You really should have thought this through before posting that ridiculous question.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i take that to mean no there were not any black women around?

  • ruggie

    @DW – chill… no one is calling for a boycott of this film. Now put down the rage…slowly…before getting behind the controls of a plane again. You’re making me nervous, dude!

    Let me break it down on the most basic level, as a black woman who is loving, caring and supportive of black men, who has reservations about seeing “Red Tails.”

    In the history of American war movies (not romances, WAR movies), white men always show a white woman as a love interest. They are jammed and crow-barred into the most random places, from “Top Gun” to “Star Wars.” The Tuskegee Airmen had loving wives, all black, who supported their efforts. They had Lena Horne, an advocate who risked her career to make sure they got shown respect. A black woman could have been depicted in this film as somebody in these men’s lives. I know it’s possible because I saw Layon Gray’s “Black Angels Over Tuskegee” and even with his all-male cast, there were references to the men’s loves back home, a poster of Lena Horne, etc. I am not asking to see a WWII movie with black women on the front lines, in planes, or in Italy. I’m not asking for anything big, just NOT TO BE INVISIBLE.

    Somehow that’s too much to ask. But instead, I am being told to organize bus rides to the film, get groups of students to go, bring all my girlfriends, etc. to a movie that refuses to show anyone who looks like me as a lady in these men’s lives.

    Maybe just once I don’t want to be the work horse that past generations of black women have been. Maybe I want to show up, pay for my ticket, see handsome black warriors of the skies, and see a tiny shred of evidence that they had black women in mind when they were fighting to come home alive. You know, the kind of black women who were praying for the same IN REAL LIFE. That’s all I want. No boycott if it doesn’t happen. Just deep disappointment, and uncertainty about whether I will see this one film.

  • 42 Cents

    Why are people turning this movie into a “black women are disreprected,unrecognized, etc, etc., type of rant? It makes no sense. It is not about Black Women, damn. It’s about the Tuskeegee Airmen! I do think people are taking this too far, reading racism, and disrespect of black women into every thing! And yes, I do agree with someone who wrote that if the movie bombs this weekend we will not see another with an all black cast, only proving that we only have the mentality to see Tyler Perry movies (no disrespect to Mr. Perry) or rather men dressed in fat suits, gangster crap or some other such nonsense! I often wonder why more intelligent movies aren’t made by black people (ex. movies like “The king’s Speech” or something other than what we’re used to seeing) we just get used to watching stupid shit all the time, and then scream racism or sexism or look for things to be wrong when something does come along that is not the ordinary crap that we are used to being entertained by. I’ll bet if 50 cent and DMX came out with a gangster movie, or again Tyler Perry-folks would break the box office trying to see it.

  • ruggie

    Can a sister get a flashback up in here?! Holla!

  • Mr Jay

    I’m glad there are some sane black women to be found because at least online the crazies are winning.

  • AJ

    The TA all named their planes after their wives and girlfriends back home in the U.S., allof whom were BW.So why then the reason for the fake love story between a an Airmen and a WW? WHy cut out the true loves of their lives, the BW thatt hey named their planes aftre even??

    And do you have any idea of how Lena Horne STOOD UP for the Tuskeegee Airmen and Black soldiers in general? After the support BW gave to BM at that time, to have BM producers, along with Lucas cut BW out as the support and love interest is an insult.

    If anyone is not supporting BW, it’s BM.

    That all said, I still don’t think this movie needs to be boycotted. Either go, or don’t go. It’s up to you.. The overall story is still fine.

    I however, choose not to go and make Lucas any fatter or richer, and marginalize BW any further, especially when ther is one chance to show BW in a POSITIVE, LOVING light.

  • AJ

    The Tuskegee Airmen all named their planes after their wives and girlfriends back home in the U.S., allof whom were BW.So why then the reason for the fake love story between a an Airmen and a WW? WHy cut out the true loves of their lives, the BW thatt hey named their planes aftre even??

    And do you have any idea of how Lena Horne STOOD UP for the Tuskeegee Airmen and Black soldiers in general? After the support BW gave to BM at that time, to have BM producers, along with Lucas cut BW out as the support and love interest is an insult.

    If anyone is not supporting BW, it’s BM.

    That all said, I still don’t think this movie needs to be boycotted. Either go, or don’t go. It’s up to you.. The overall story is still fine.

    I however, choose not to go and make Lucas any fatter or richer, and marginalize BW any further, especially when ther is one chance to show BW in a POSITIVE, LOVING light.

  • kidole

    Thank you!

  • AJ

    Ruggie, just ignore the haters. I’m not going to see it either, and for all the very valid reasons you already pointed out. BW have seen enough of ourselves being repped as men-in-drag, prostitutes, violent Reality stars, marriage wreckers, etc.

    The real TA wives were wonderful, and they chose to eliminate them. So screw them.

    I’m not going to see it.

    But nobody is calling for a boycott. In fact, it was Black man blog that first talked about a boycott. Clutch magazine just reprinted an article from a male-oriented blog. HE first questioned about a boycott.

  • Nadell

    I remember initially seeing the trailer and the glimpse of that photo of the woman, I must admit I did wince. And I thought “here we go…”. However, that is a minor concern of mine and is minor in the full scope of this film. I completely understand the issues it may have for some but I refuse to allow that to dictate my choice.
    If that is the case, we should all boycott basketball, football, baseball or any professional sports games…..

  • noNO

    @ yaya

    i am a black female and proud of it.

  • AJ

    “it is just some media hype stirring up, to trap black women as the scapegoat if the movie flops.”

    Totally agree with this as well.

    I still won’t be seeing it though, just like I refused to see “The Help” I don;t do negative depictions and falsifying of Black history to make other people fat and happy.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i have seen various documentaries and i won a copy of the prior movie about the TA.
    i have attended their convention and met a few of them. they are true life real black heroes. role models. these brothers are the real deal.

    when i met with them there were no white women around. i don’t deal with white women myself. if i were producing the movie i would not have had a white women in it. no need. as far as i know they all married black women.

    i am sorry that this one white woman has managed to stir up so much controversy.
    sisters will miss out on real black heroes over that. sad that we are so divided.
    i can see the divide and conquer stuff works really well.

    when the awkward black girl series came out with her choosing a white man to be with all the sisters cheered. these same sisters now want to boycott the tuskegee airmen.
    i don’t understand. sad that we are all so divided.

  • noNO

    because a theres a campaign of hate by black feminist websites against anything that is positive about black men, the website what about our daughters is one of the ring leaders in the campaign of hate.

  • Nadell

    Totally agree…completely understand

  • Nadell

    I’m with you on this one.
    And your last paragraph speaks volumes

  • AJ

    noNo my friend, you are crazy.

  • AJ

    DW1141: you’re pathetic.

    Even with a Black First Lady, the media still generally refuses to show a black couple together, positively. That’s a problem. You’re just a typical hater of BW, and I wouldn’t be shocked if you graduated to doing something really not-so-nice against us some day. You seem just that ‘off’ with your comments. smdh

  • Craig Wilson

    “WOW”..I’m floored how the thought of boycotting a piece of history to be told in it’s present form. Whatever the agenda the message is clear about who the airman were and are, and the message that will be brought forward for “Black” people but as a race of all Americans. Let’s not forget about our youth who also have the opportunity to reach out to our history by viewing this movie. Put aside our selfish agendas about “What and Why” and embrace the positives that stem from this viewing of “RED TAILS”, it’s only the beginning, I’ve seen Black woman being portrayed far worse..Monsters Ball, Hustle N Flow the Color Purple just to name a few, and we know the out come of those portrayals. Thank You. Be Blessed!

  • Stating an opinion

    Just to clarify, not all the planes the men flew were named after women. Im not taking sides at all, but I want to make sure im understanding the issue with this movie. Because the love interest in the film is white, black women are vehemently against and will not support the movie? Truth be told the white woman that everyone speaks of is spanish. Shes from Portugal her name is Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah. We must do our research before engaging in spirited dialogue.

    I dont think we have produced enough films in this current era to be this divisive considering that 97% of us have not seen the movie to officially make a claim as to whether or not black women are acknowledged.

    Now to play devils advocate, this isnt saying we cannot have a spirited dialogue about the issue, its still an issue after all. But I ask that if we take issue with a white woman being casted as the love interest when a black male is the lead role, that we also take issue when black men are portrayed in an ill light when a black woman is the lead role.

    When the black women is the lead role, her black male love interest is somehow portrayed less than her. Never two equals. And if the black male is the lead role, where he isnt somehow demoralized (as a drunkard, bum, criminal, cross-dresser, comic relief) then his love interest is spanish. This is done intentionally.

    We cannot allow ourselves to only look at one side of the coin (and I appreciate black women for calling it out when then see it) this is also an issue when black women are the lead role with no black males in sight and no one speaks out about it. I found little to no backlash when the movie “Colombiana” (I understand she was suppose to be Columbian and that she is bi-racial, but did you see a columbian woman or a black woman on the screen?) was released and the love interest for Zoe Saldana was white. Actually in her new movie “The Word” her love interest is white, but again, no backlash.

    This is a consistent theme in any Tyler Perry film. The woman is a successful, high powered individual and the man is but a third of her in stature and success. We can look at The Blind Side, The Help, and Precious also, the list really goes on.

    Boycotting will not produce the results we seek, thats like getting your car vacuumed but the outside is still dirty, the problem will still exist. Lets get our black actors on the screen portrayed in the correct light, then we can argue for who we are paired with in the films. Most importantly, lets start funding our own projects instead of lamenting about the quality of a project we havent give a single dollar to. Go see the movie first, then exercise your opinion as to what you did or didnt like.

  • LainaLain

    There isn’t any pain in my part of the black community. I could care less that the love interest is not black.

  • KnowYourHistory

    Before there was the Tuskegee Airmen, there was Bessie Coleman ….look her up!

  • gallyun

    Well said, and I completely agree.

  • KnowYourHistory

    Even more history of Black Women in Aviation:

  • Anon

    @ DW11411 – I’m so sorry that no BW ever supported you. It must be tough to go through life as an orphan with no siblings or family. To never have anyone go out of their way to get you a Christmas present. To see you fed and able to go to school so that you could have the ability to write on this website. THAT is tragic. So which refugee camp did you come from?

  • Alaina L Lewis

    And you made my point for me. We choose to be against all the wrong things, and less of the right things. I won’t go any further than that.

    I’m for the movie. And am happy it has been made. Blessings, Sisters.

  •!/groups/177000115735403/ court

    So, I’m reading the comments and as a black woman I totally agree that we are over-looked in the industry. I was talking with a friend the other day about the lack of African-American women even on main-stream t.v (unless it’s Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop). But that doesn’t negate the fact that I will continue to support the movie (especially being a TU alumni) I’m still proud of the main story that they are attempting to get across and I’m down to support black men as well. It is disheartening to hear about the lack of Black women playing roles in this movie. But my question is, besides put our $7-10 back in our purses and create post about enraged we are, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??? I have created a Facebook group dedicated to supporting women actresses after reading this article and some of the post. I envision that it can be a page where we post films (main stream, documentaries etc), outings and plays that do support black women. Also we can make suggestions on how to improve the state of black women on television and in movies, because I don’t have the answer, but collectively maybe we can help solve the problem. Our dollars are very important and we have tremendous purchasing power, but it means little if we keep it in our purses. The url is here, join if you like:

  • ruggie

    @DW – Black women can do anything and everything to be a support to black men but because a couple of people don’t want to see a movie or a counter girl who told you not to be happy, you’re ready to go kamikaze on us! Wow

  • Anon

    @DW11411- PLEASE ignore us instead of coming up here insulting BW with your sadaZZ tale of woe in the airport. No really!

    @ James, you keep asking someone to explain the difference between ABG and Red Tails. Shoot if nothing else, an $80 million budget. But it has been explained to you like what, three times already? Why you so mad I don’t wanna give George Lucas my money? Why are you near 60 arguing with young BW over their representation in what you keep claiming is the biggest thing to happen to black film in a decade? So if it is this big and this important, I’m supposed to NOT care that no one who looks like me is in the film? Why can’t it be told to BW who didn’t know, that they got CUT from their own American history?

  • Kim

    I copied and posted DW’s post to another blog site. I’m sure they will eat it up. He is THE PERFECT EXAMPLE of how many Black men think, “I don’t have to care about you, include you, be there for you or be concerned about you, but you owe me. You should simply do it.” SMDH. What a sick mentality.

  • Kim

    I don’t watch nor have I ever attended a professional sports game.

  • Anon

    Dude, this is a women’s site. In all honesty, I have no idea why you would be on here all the time, and then trying to start up *ish with women.

    And we’re starting WARS because it was mentioned that they cut all of the BW out of a historical action film, so that at least other black women could know that they are NOT in this movie? WARS??? And you said that we’re dramatic? Well I guess it’ll be epic global madness once we’re making our own shows on the regular (i.e. ABG).

    Thank you for such a nice compliment! Sometimes I think that black women forget how much economic power we have.

  • Scarlett

    Are you serious!!?? You mad?

    Boycotting this move on the premise that it’s offensive to black women is as superfluous as the love scene that got your panties in a ruffle. WE NEED movies like this to have support. I would hate to say, that as much adversity as there is against black, we can seriously can be our own worst enemies getting our own emotions entangled in the grand scheme of it all. What if we start boycotting black news publications for perpetuating stereotypical culture? The drawback of destroying black owned companies is WORSE than weeding out those who confuse culture and stereotypes.

    Go see this movie. Boycott things that make fundamental sense. Cutting off your hand because you have a hangnail is equally ignorant.

  • Rai

    Stating An Opinion, I totally agree!!

    It works both ways, we should not be supporting either movies that pair black men consistently with non-black women or black women consistently with non-black men. Nothing wrong with some interracial stories every now and then, but when they are the ones that represent us majority of the time, we have a problem. A problem for our impressionable children as well as the adults that are out there looking for the “greener grass” because they have negative opinions about the opposite sex of our own people. I do believe black women are doing it moreso as a reaction to the painful feelings of constantly watching black men do this for so long (in rap videos, movies, real life, etc.). But you’re right, it works both ways.

    The only difference, though, is that black people weren’t guilt-tripped to come out in droves to support Columbiana, or Something New, or Joyful Noise (which also places a successful black woman with a non-black guy). I think there’d be less of a backlash towards Red Tails if Lucas didn’t play up the “support this black movie or else!” game. It would be a regular movie that people would see or not see, and some blacks would be annoyed by the IR romance, but it would be tossed in the pile of many other films we’ve seen like this already without all the discussion and hype. The smack in the face is that we’re being made to feel we aren’t supporting black people (and to some, we aren’t supporting black men specifically) if we DON’T see the film. That opens a whole new can of worms.

  • Kim

    Many of you black men have already left the “community” a long time ago. You left black women and you left black men and children. Keep walking. You won’t be missed. LOL! But I now see how those of you who chose to live that way come screaming back to black folks for support.

  • Kim

    Just because you are in my skin doen’t make you my kin.

  • Anon

    Hey ya’ll!!! Hey Ladies!

    This is how he feels about you (or me, or anyone else who side-eyed that brokedown airport story). Be happy that he is letting you know so that if you hear this mess from someone else, feel free to do what DW11411 doesn’t seem to be able to… walk away and STAY gone.

  • MRP

    EssDot have you even seen the film?? Also, my mother is a professionally trained actress and acting coach so you’re preaching to the choir.

  • Kim

    It is all interrelated. When I see you ass less valuable or if I just don’t see you at all, I can kill you without feeling a thing. When your life, your needs your wants and cares mean nothing to me, I am more able to stand by and do nothing while someone tkaes your life. What’s it going to be in our community?

  • Anon

    1) Viacom owns BET.

    2)”What if we start boycotting black news publications for perpetuating stereotypical culture?” Well from what I learned in school, when black people take their money back, folks tend to pay attention. The bus boycotts worked. So we’d get better programing and news sources.

    3) “WE NEED movies like this to have support.” – They already do. TYLER PERRY knocked out a come to Jesus letter to convince folks to come. T.D. Jakes should be next.

    What is REALLY telling, is that some women noticed that there weren’t any black women in this movie. Some women asked some other women what they thought, because they were uncomfortable spending money in this economy, on something that was NOT going to be benefitting them. Some of those women asked agreed. And so in a case of SOME black women deciding not to hand over money to George Lucas and Ne-Yo the whole black movie industry is going down in flames. If I keep money in my pocket this weekend, another all black cast movie will never be made again.

    If I’mma be lied to, make it BELIEVABLE.

  • ruggie

    @nappy & Perv – When that disaster “Django Unchained” comes out, there will be people in Hollywood saying black people better support edgy material if we expect to get more films, smh.

  • Chrissy

    Exactly, Divine Brown!

    “Other” people wont see it…what does that tell you?

  • tricia

    Humm… After reading most of the comments here, as a woman I understand both sides.

    Women side – Black women are not represented in the movie, a white woman takes another black man yet again!!

    Men side – An actual show with black men playing lead roles, an historical event that led to blacks being accepted as pilots, someone (even if he is white!) actually put money on a show that no prodution company in Hollywood wanted to take on, women again want everything to be about them and they don’t support black men

    I believe that it is my right to see the movie if I want to and if I want to boycott the movie – that is also my right. What I think is that people fail to understand that every one would not have the same views but its up to each one of us to accept our differences and try to live together!!!!

  • Onesweetrevolution

    if they couldn’t be bothered to put black women in this film, i can’t be bothered to watch it.

    Most of the black male actors in this film are with white women in real life.

  • DocDD

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this a historical movie? Wasn’t WWI/II both in Europe? Isn’t the overwhelming majority of people who inhabited Europe at that time white? I know of many black GIs in real life who married white/asian women. WTF is wrong w the black community? We don’t get black positive roles in ANYTHING let alone a historical movie without a white protagonist and y’all want to boycott?! Where were y’all protesting the Help or the Blindside?

    This argument is rife w the sentiments of early white feminism. This movie has nothing to do with black women, yet we’re inserting ourselves in with no context. BTW, as far as I’m aware the only people who’ve seen this movie are those who went to the premier(s) and students at Tuskegee; give the fucking movie a chance or we’ll NEVER see any type of representation in major movie productions.

  • JC

    Isn’t there one black woman in the movie?

  • MommieDearest

    @statinganoption and Rai,

    I also believe that “it cuts both ways.” I have not seen any of the movies mentioned in your posts for that very reason. Lately there’s been an “anti-black love” meme going on, and it’s really disturbing. I smell an agenda.

  • MommieDearest


    Not to derail the thread, but I am one sister who never got on the White J bandwagon and I was not happy that the AWB chose him to be with. I am, however, not surprised. IMO it was done for effect and drama, and for more “awkwardness” material in future episodes.

  • Siege

    Nope I didn’t see that but I did see Tuskegee Airmen staring Laurence Fishburne and Malcolm-Jamal Warner along with other documentaries…and you’re thanked for checking them out but lets be real…some black women give two sh*ts about these men they just care about them being portrayed even though if it’s only for a small role instead of just going to support the memory of this men and it being pushed to be seen to the younger generation or atleast teaching them about these men…I saw For colored girls and while it was making black en look bad I respected that movie because of the truths and the serious message it hadso why can’t more black women think the same way?

  • May

    No. her part got left in the editing room. She confirmed she is no longer in the movie on her twitter.

  • May

    I choose NOT to see this movie, not because of the black man being paired up with a white woman (seriously you guys need to stop with that, i’m not even interested in black guys) but because people are trying to guilt trip black women into seeing this, manipulating them and telling us what we should do with our own money.
    You say this movie isn’t about us yet you demand we go see it and spend money on it? Seriously?
    How about I NOT go see it and spend my money on something I like to spend my money on without people telling me what to do!
    Every other race of men and women put themselves first but when black women OPT OUT we are selfish haters. You may be successful at manipulating other foolish black women but i’m not buying it.
    I only support things that benefit me, if that makes me selfish you are naive. Like I said, every other race of men and women, including black men, put themselves first yet they demand black women put themselves last.

    Black women need to smarten up! Wake up!

  • Ebony82

    I would say just get over it: why hold a tantrum because there were no black women in the movie (chances are you probably weren’t even born back then). Red Tails is about African-American WAR HEROES, bottom line! Be glad somebody is supportive enough about our people to put THEIR OWN time and money into the project!! Stop being so closed minded! We should be more concerned about all of these crappy movies giving black women a bad name!

  • ed

    I am not a black woman but I can see why some black women would choose not to spend their hard earned money to see a movie where they have been effectively erased.

    One way that movies (especially male oriented “war” movies such as ‘Red Tails’) try to appeal to women is to have at least one ROMANCE even if it doesn’t take up a lot of screen time. This movie completely ignores the people (black women) who are now expected to make this movie a “hit” in its first weekend of release. Not a smart move in terms of attracting a potentially crucial audience (black women) into theaters.

    Ignoring a movie that completely erases black women is a good strategy black women can use to make sure the degradation and/or erasure (as in this case) of black women in pop culture does not continue to happen.

    BTW, why can’t BLACK MEN support this movie and make it a hit if it’s so important to make this movie a hit in its first weekend of release? After all, the movie is about a group of BLACK MEN and their exploits in WW 2.

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  • GimmeeMo

    Well d*mn. I didn’t know this. Hollywood HATE to see black women in movies. And BM aint no better. They have the voice to speak up and say something about this, but don’t.

  • GimmeeMo

    I agree with this. Black men support your own damn movie.

  • Afrostyling

    I will not be supporting anything that erases black women.
    Thank you and good night.

  • nicole

    And the church said, “Amen!”

  • Yep!


    I hear you. The IR relationship does not bother me its the arm twisting that does.

  • KnowYourHistory

    And the Church of the Living says, AMEN!

  • KnowYourHistory

    Thank you!! THIS! ^^^

  • LuvIt289

    Ok, therein lies my issue w/ this film. I understand ppl go to war in foreign lands and have families or girlfriends (I.e Vietnam), but wtf they couldn’t have one wife or girlfriend in the states?
    I’ll see the film, but I just think if this is really the case then that’s my messed up.

  • LuvIt289

    Omit “my”, thanks

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  • cupcakes and shiraz

    I was about to say, wouldn’t some of the airmen have black wives and girlfriends back home in the US? Surely so. If any romance was worth highlighting in the film, it would be that (and not some random romance with some Italian chick).

  • Rai

    After seeing this interview, yes they should boycott:

    What were David Oyelowo and Terrence Howard THINKING? It seems they are trying to get black people not to see the movie now. Pure ignorance at its finest.

  • Mikela123

    At first I was on the fence regarding this call to Boycott Red Tails. But after seeing that clip, I will not go see this film. Black men don’t feel validated in this society until they can have sex with White women. I’m truly starting to believe this now. It’s very sad. Rather than showcasing black love they rather have highlight an interracial relationship, because it screwing the White man’s daughter proves that they have “overcome.”

  • Ravi

    While I don’t plan on seeing this movie because of it’s lack of black love combined with the fact it looks like a pretty terrible movie, I wonder how many of the black women that also won’t see this movie are going to see Joyful Noise or any of the many other films featuring black women paired with white men. Not only does this happen in film much more often, but these romances are often central to the plot, not some side plot. I wonder how many of you went to see the Princess and the Frog or any Thandie Newton, Sanaa Lathan, Halle Berry, or Zoe Saldana movie from the last few years on opening weekend. If you are so big on black love, then why doesn’t it go both ways?

  • Ronald Givins

    This is redic. Go see the movie. Its our history. I think the script wasn’t that good, but the actors did their thing. Go see “Black Angels Over Tuskegee” by Layon Gray in NYC – a play Off-Broadway. It goes into details about the the airmen families, and their personal lives. I saw it last year. its Brilliant! Its better than the movie, however lets support both as they are bringing to light important moments that kids don’t know about.

  • Derrick

    Unless there are black women/men willing to produce “Black Angels Over Tuskegee” into a film, then there’s no reason to boycott “Red Tails.” Get Oprah and Tyler Perry to get it done. Don’t cry about it, be about it. Get the film done and we’ll see which film is the better of the two. @Ravi, you have to be either an idiot or have glaucoma to think the movie is terrible. What does “love” (black or otherwise) got to do with war?

    George Lucas isn’t known to make terrible sorry movies, unlike other filmmakers. Also, the film should be able to make millions not just in the USA, but also overseas, all over Asia, Europe, Latin America, Australia and even Africa (since there’s a growing film industry in Ghana and Nigeria).

    All I can say is that if you can boycott it, then make your own film and see what’s the better film.

  • Ravi

    @Derrick, actually you have to be an idiot or not have a fully functioning brain to think that someone’s intelligence has anything to do with whether or not they like this movie. Now get George Lucas’s nuts out of your mouth and go read some reviews. Oh, and George Lucas didn’t make the movie; he’s executive producer, not director or writer. 33% on rotten tomatoes = terrible movie.

  • Tiff


    I had seen Joyful Noise and I wont give too much since people are planning on seeing this movie and havent see this yet but at least there are black women who were not only leading but there is even minor black love among. Its funny how some black women wont see Joyful Noise all because Keke Palmer character dating the white guy but the thing is Joyful Noise shows dark skinned actresses in leading and supporting characters and majority were positive written, thanks to Queen Latifah, who also produced this yet Red Tails reportedly doesnt have any black women in the movie.

    AGAIN Black women the ones I had spoken to DONT care about the interracial factor. Why is the studios are asking for black women’s support but practically erased us from this movie yet putting fictional white woman in the movie and all the airmen were married to black woman?

    Its plain simple. If people doesnt support you or acknowledge you then dont support them. It seems like everyone gets that but foolish bm-identified black women who continues to support people who doesnt give an effed about them nor doesnt matter if they drop dead tomorrow.

    I am embrace the complaints from black women, the ones who still dont know that this movie intentionally erased them, on Monday.

  • Ravi

    While I get your take on things, I don’t think you are speaking for all of the black women. Many of the comments I have heard are concerning the interracial romance which plays a fairly small part of the movie. So for those women that have a problem with the interracial romance because of the lack of black love, I’m wondering if they also have a problem when it’s a black woman and white man. It seems hypocritical to complain about a white love interest when the man is black yet not seem to mind when it happens much more often with black women and white men.

    Now if your problem is not having any black women in a movie then you would probably have a problem with 90% of the war movies made. Most have very few women period and I can only think of about 3 with any black women.

    I’m not sure why you brought up people not supporting you given that I already said I have no intentions of seeing this movie.

  • teecee

    An Atlanta, black female radio DJ, said she was going to donate $1,000 of her own money to take as many boys and girls as she could to go see “Red Tails”. I see from the comments on here that a lot of black women have already seen the film or are planning on seeing it…yet there are NO black women in the entire film. You’re not the wife of a Tuskegee pilot eagerly “awaiting for your soldier to return home.” You’re not a mother praying for her son’s safety. You’re not a sister beaming with pride at her brother’s accomplishments. You’re no where in this film. Not a single thought or a single mention. Bessie Coleman had her pilot’s license and the first African-American to do so 19 years before the Tuskegee Airmen took their first flight. Was she used or even mentioned as a source of inspiration or precedent in the film? No. Two black men wrote this screenplay. A black male directed it. There were over a dozen black male actors in the movie, and none of them thought the obvious lack of black women was relevant? Again, no. Yet, black women can’t wait to rush to the theatres, spend their money, and as always, support black men who don’t support them. “For Colored Girls,” had all black women as the lead characters, but who else were prevalent in the film…that’s right, black men. Good or bad you were there. Black women, really? Stop being satisfied with mess! I won’t even mention the fact that the only love interest in the movie is one of the black pilots and a white woman, even though, this is historically inaccurate as ALL the Tuskegee airmen had black wives. I won’t mention that. I will say that I will definitely not be seeing this film!

  • Rai

    @Derrick: According to this interview, love has everything to do with the war effort in this movie. They clearly explain that the interracial romance in the film is integral to the plot and very important to the Tuskegee Airmen in the movie (Which I doubt was true in real life):

  • Chris

    Who Cares What Black Women Think Any Way This Is Are Time To Shine Man I Hate You Ankles Allways To Something Good To Something Bad Im Go See The Movie,

  • YeahRight2011

    If they want to know the history there is enough material online. Are you trying to guilt black women into seeing the movie? Come on son.

  • Tiff

    @Ravi, I agreed that some black women might not have a problem with Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan but cringed of black man and non-black women having love connection in movies. But those same black men who are telling black women they are making a big deal of Red Tails were just a week ago also criticize Joyful Noise so it is both ways too and also there were complained from black men too about ABG character got the white boy. And also I never said I speak for all black women I only sharing my experience on this issue from the ones I encountered on and offline. And also again this had been mention here, even though Red Tails suppose to be about the men, almost every army movie I had seen there were women supporting characters the wives, girlfriends, female relatives, and female soldiers and workers. No one expected the women to be a center point of the movie, but intentionally cutting scenes of the black women cameos, is very mess up to me. George Lucas said he was trying to make Red Tails a trilogy and I heard he want the next installment focus more on the soldiers and their lives at home, that’s what I heard nothing official. But hopefully, he and his people are reading some feedback on these boards to get more black women in his next installment if he wants the same support.
    Teetee, I love your post. I am not mad at people who constantly played some black woman for a fool, if black woman wants to continue to support people who doesnt give a damn about them then thats on them but I notice they tend to be miserable most times, oh well, and I am happy that I continue to distant myself from male-identified black women and look out for my own interest, I also owned it to my female ancestors who didn’t have the same options, not always cater to everyone needs first. For everyone of those male-based women, there are some black women who was going to see Red Tails had change their mines, so at least some black women are continuing to wake up. And also that is sad too that black women’s history is being ignore all the time even black history month (yeah I heard about Bessie Coleman) and that is why I had embrace not only black history month but also women’s history month. Being black women with double minority is awesome despite its obstacles too bad some black women are so male identified to realize the benefits outweigh the negatives.

  • Ravi

    I guess I don’t understand why you brought up the women that didn’t have a problem with the interracial romance in the film. My original point was concerning those women. I never suggested that all or even most black women had a problem with the black male/white female love story. I was talking about the women that do have a problem with it (judging by the comments, there are several) and asking if they also had a problem with the many movies where the situation is reversed. It seems the only point in bringing up women that don’t have a problem with it in response to my comment, would be to suggest that black women in general don’t have a problem with that aspect of the film.

  • Greg

    Black people ALWAYS look for a reason to boycott something and are ALWAYS complaining about something. Most black women on here will say they have no problem with the interracial relationship, but they really do.

    This is HISTORY and what happened when they were in Europe. George Lucas was on Tom Joyner Morning Show and said that if this were successful, there’d be more movies to follow detailing their lives when they returned home and the experiments performed. I’m pretty sure those movies, if made, will show the other side of their stories which feature family members.

    I saw it and although I was slightly taken aback by the interracial relationship, it provided a contrast to how soldiers were treated by their white counterparts. If you don’t want to support it because you’re not interested, then fine. But, don’t hide behind a “i have no problem with the interracial relationship” guise, when deep down, you really do. SMH…

  • SK

    Love this comment.. wholeheartedly agree with both points. The world’s tiniest violin is playing at my house over how hard it was to get this film distributed. I don’t care if another film with Black men never makes it to the big screen. Stop ignoring Black women both on-screen and off, and I’ll be first in line to support that!

  • SK

    You’re so right.. EVERY other race of people puts their own above all others except Black people- especially when it comes to Black men and women.That’s how you get a movie entirely about Black men, and no Black women of note. You’ll never see another movie about such an elite group of men of any other race, and have women of their race so unrepresented. No other race would allow that to happen. You’ve already stated that you’re not attracted to Black men, so I know it’s not important to you. Because you have no skin in this game, perhaps you should leave such things to people who actually care about their race and the way it’s portrayed.

  • Linda Davis

    In that Hollywood thinks it’s more marketable to cast a white, Latino or some other race of woman as the love interest of black actors, I say let black men and white women support this and other films like it. I refuse to continue to support films and black actors who are co-starring with other races of women. It’s bad enough that black women can get acting jobs in white films and even worse that they can’t co-star beside black men. This unknown white actress’s career will explode as a result of this film. Meanwhile, black actress continue to sit on the sidelines. With the exception of mulatto Halle Berry, I have never seen a white male actor profess his love for a black in a film because Hollywood’s definition of diversity is defined by black men star gazing at any woman but a black one.

  • haffie

    i will go see the movie… when it comes out. We French we dont care…its only a movie.People behind the scenes gotta make a living 2. Earning a wage has no color… But I do understand African American women concerns….

  • Isis

    It’s part of the plot to continue to destroy the black community and its working. Whitey tells the black man he shouldnt love black women. As soon as he makes it who does he marry? I would see it if the stars were married to black women in real life. I refuse to support black men that cant date/marry women who look like the woman who gave him life. REFUSE!!

  • Jess

    “This is HISTORY and what happened when they were in Europe.” WRONG AGAIN. The relationship portrayed is fictitious.

  • Jess

    Ravi, idiot, whether Black women have a problem with the IR relationship or not is irrelevant.

    What is relevant is that we have had a slew of movies, in many cases with Black male actors, ridiculing Black women and girls features; a slew of movies and TV shows where Black women are cast as marriage wreckers and peace breakers in contrast to non-Black women who are always cast positively in these situations; a slew of some of the most stereotypical depictions of Black women; news specials castigating Black women as unlovable and almost non-human; TV commercials portraying Black women as violent beasts; “scientific” studies claiming Black women to be worst than all women on earth; a slew of media removing Black women from positive depictions in relation to Black men (our men, whether they like it or not); an increase in Black men uttering their agreement with white racists like Don Imus about the physical features of Black men, and so much more, all in the last few years. And now Black male directors and actors willing to whitewash history, at least when it comes to Black women anyway.

    And while all of this is going on, we are getting little to no support from the male members of our race. We are getting no support from the media, who, after claiming to be concerned about the marriage prospects for Black women, proceeds to then eliminate any shows with Black couples portrayed, and only show Black actors with non-Black women, while showing Black women in negative stereotypes. Yeah, that’s real concern.

    And again, stupid, you need to get off the interracial thing as the only reason people are upset. Every show on TV now has Black men with non-Black women and you don’t hear anybody raising a hue and a cry about that. So stop with that fallacy.

    Stop trying to avoid discussing the role Black men have played in this problem, stop trying to change the subject in order to avoid discussing the problem honestly, stop trying to ignore the obvious falsifying of Black history and Black heroes – Black heroes that Black women defended while White women raised their white boys to hate and try to lynch the TA when they returned home – stop justifying the idea that Black is inferior to white (if you weren’t, you would complain about the fact that white men almost always are defending and saving the white woman in film, while Black men never do), stop being the cowardly boy of white supremacy.

    Quit worrying about whether Black women like the interracial scenes or not – we have the right to like or dislike whatever we want.

    Go join the families and communities of the white women and other non-Black women you prefer. Please, go and become a part of their families. I’m sure their brothers and fathers will accept you wholeheartedly. LOL

    Stop coming to Black-focused blogs telling Black women how to thinK, and stop turning to the BlacK community for anything – because your choice, and those like you, prefer white ideologies, whitewashing of Black history, and white families, so LEAVE BLACK WOMEN AND THE BLACK COMMUNITY ALONE. Don’t do an OJ and come bacK when you’re in trouble – GET OUT and LEAVE FOR GOOD.


  • Jess

    @Ronald Givens: This is “our history” on display in this film? Our who? Obviously not Black women according to the Black directors of this film. This is NOT our history. It’s a falsified action film that has nothing to do withh OUR history. Last tim I checked Black women were part of the Black race. Or have I been mistaken about this all these years? Ridiculous.

  • Ravi


    It is a rare privilege to come across such stupidity, even on the internet. Allow me to respond to your ignorant rant. Where to start; so much stupidity, so little time. First, it would be helpful if you actually said why black women having a problem with IR relationships was irrelevant and what exactly that had to do with what I wrote about. I said it’s hypocritical to have a problem with one form of IR romance in movies AND not have a problem with it the other way around. I can tell you probably had trouble with the whole reading and comprehension thing, but in the future, find the nearest literate person and have them read it to you before you open your big dumb mouth.

    Second, I never argued that black women weren’t demonized on film. It clearly has escaped your notice, but I DON’T SUPPORT THIS FILM AND WON’T BE WATCHING IT YOU INSUFFERABLE TROLL. Your entire argument has nothing to do with anything that I was stating.

    Next, I never said that the interracial thing was the only thing anyone was upset about. Quote me where I said anything like this. I simply pointed out that there is hypocrisy on the part of the people that blast bm/ww IR romance but have no problem with it the other way around. If you are talking boycotting this movie but own the blue ray directors cut of Monster’s Ball, then you are a hypocrite. If this is not you, then it doesn’t apply. I’m only talking about the hypocrites, not the illiterate wretch with diarrhea of the mouth.

    Next, every show on tv clearly does not have BM with WW. moreover, far more shows and movies have BW with WM. I can literally name 3 movies and or tv shows with a black woman paired with a white man for every 1 such show that you can name. Your bs claims have no basis in reality.

    and who said anything about preferring white women? Have you ever read anything I have written on Clutch? you cannot possibly be that stupid. Am I being Punk’d? are there hidden cameras somewhere?

    In conclusion, you are making little to no sense. Hopefully there is some logical explanation for your pointless rant. Like you are drunk or mentally retarded. In any case, nowhere in your incoherent rambling could I find anything resembling intelligent thought. We are now all dumber for having listened to your BS. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. now do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself on the web.

  • F

    Black women, I’m on your side. You have to remember that these actors had no control over who was edited out of the film. That was Lucas’s decision to do so. There appears to be a displacement of anger and Black men are the unfortunate recipients. Why are you assuming that all Black men are supporting this film? Why does this always turn into a “girlfriend you aint gotta take this shit” male bashing fest?

    It is imperative that we stop debasing one another and realize that our struggles are inextricably tied to one another. We are not the enemy.Time and time again we divert our attention from the real culprit and we blame each other for our problems. Yea these Black men in the film have racial insecurities in real life, but where do these insecurities stem from? We gotta look at things at the root so we can create viable solutions to our gender quarrels.

  • S.

    I just checked IMDB because I heard that Aaron McGruder (the Boondocks) was one of the writers of this screenplay and it turned out to be true…


    No wonder there aren’t any Black women in this movie… this guy has bumped Wesley Snipes and Taye Diggs from being the #1 Black women haters!

    That said… i will still see this movie because I realize it’s importance to the future of ALL Black films (especially the ones we Black women are currently complaining about that are missing)

  • Best Guest

    @DW, you sound ROYALLY foolish. Support BM?? Support the same group of men that as a collective are PROUD to say on a daily basis that they can date and marry any race of women they want (and they have that right)??? The “we have options” crew??? You mean for us to support these same men?? Sorry, just NO!

    BW have had BM’s backs since we’ve been here whilst BM have had their own backs. Get gone, peace out, adios!

    @Everyone, for the record, BW WERE in Europe during WW2 in the military and as civilians. Please stop asking that STUPID question.

  • Best Guest

    Again, this from the VERY group of men that proudly state on a daily basis that “we got options”???? Surely you jest!

  • Best Guest

    @Everyone, this Black Men Vent piece of FILTH named CHRIS (should be christine) has just called BW “ankles”. This is a term used by BW-hating black males to say we are lower than C*UNTS.

  • gryph

    how come nobody is asking mellody hudson what happened to all the black women in this movie? no? no one?

    and, will any of the clutchettes explain why lucas, a man who’s been with a black woman for years – and purported to learn so much about blackness through her – chose not to show how black men and women worked together to achieve a common (though misguided) goal back then?

    is it because he transcended race?

    he left out the REAL story of black men and women loving and supporting each other – entirely – and left in its stead the monkey wrench of the ‘white woman’. ah but he’s transcended race. so it’s not political. it’s just love…or wait…just preference maybe?

    oh. and lemonlime once again is wronger than plaid and polka dots.

    black servicemen more definitely saw that kind of “action” in world war i, never mind world war ii.

    read “home to harlem” the first few pages make mention of the protagonist coming back from the war and being annoyed how much sex with black women “cost” in the states; when overseas they were getting white girls for next to nothing.

    or try to figure out why so many settled in france.

    black men certainly weren’t executed for looking at white women in europe back then. that’s not a cheer at all for them, but just me taking an opportunity to show that you speak without having the slightest ideas of what you are talking about.

    i digress. hollywood is hollywood. they rarely make good films. yet we fly into an outrage when not included in something that we don’t own or control. and in fact has a history of excluding, playing and misrepresenting black people. according of course to the white guy who assured us that ‘shit white girls say to black girls’ wasn’t racist.

    the cherry on top in this is lucas saying – with out a shred of evidence – support MY “all-black” movie or hollywood isn’t going to make any more big budget black movies. and this is when black people want to get all “economically nationalistic” and give their money – blindly – to this film. i mean, is it any good? no? just support it because george – who wrote an important part of the story out – says so?

    this mentality is truly, fascinating.

  • gryph

    yeah. kind of like abg where they wrote it so only truly compatible person is a white guy. you mean like that? no. of course not. lol.

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  • Sunny

    Went to see the movie last night and I thought it was alright. I choose to support. Hopefully we continue in these babies steps and continue to make progress.

  • i`am not mad

    OK kids time to get out of the pool and go home.
    Go home and look at the Tuskeegee Airmen on You Tube. this time life is better then
    the art.

  • Derrick

    Wow, how mature–”get George Lucas’s nuts out your mouth and read some reviews.” Really? If you’re an executive producer, you had the MONEY to get that film done, so yes, he DID have something to do with getting the film done. Do some research. And take the gerbil out of your behind and sit in the corner, while me and the other grown folks are talking. Now back to the subject.

    What’s so terrible about it? The plot? Can’t be that. It’s a war movie, not “Real Housewives of Tuskegee.” Making a feature film isn’t something you just make overnight and get a flip camera and instantly put on YouTube. Lucas’s films tend to make MUCH money; not just in America but all over the world. And Hollywood are afraid to make a film with a mostly black cast b/c it just make money in the States and not much overseas if any at all. Too many black folks are just satisfied with Tyler Perry or some TP copycat director make a movie, and just be happy with their $30-55 million in the box office. It has to make more than $50 million in the US to be successful…it really has to make $100 million to be a huge hit. And only five or six black directors in America had directed films that made $100 million or more.

    If anything, the film should be supported because not one black guy is either: sagging, showing gang signs, doing drive-by shootings (actually fly-by shootings at Nazis, which is permitted) or wearing a dress and a wig, dressed up like someone’s grandmother.

    We shouldn’t forget Bessie Coleman, and we also shouldn’t forget Eugene Bullard who flew planes before Bessie Coleman did, during WW1.

    Just to let you know.

  • ruggie

    @F – That was real talk. We can’t blame black men for black women’s invisibility in “Red Tails”, the blame rests on George Lucas. He hired a black male TV director and head writer but TV directors are hired to carry out someone else’s vision (as opposed to filmmakers who put their own creative stamp down), and as head writer, Everyone’s Favorite Sellout Aaron “Boondocks” McGruder, who has a real problem w/black women. Lucas says he’s trying to usher in the new era of black filmmaking, but this is not how.

    If black women have expressed anger about our removal from history in Lucas’ version of the Tuskegee Airmen, maybe it’s because we feel alone in our view of this film. Making black men into on-screen heroes, while stripping them of their women is disrespectful to all of us. We need to hear from more brothers like you, who question the film, with your level of understanding. I checked out your blog 82KINGS, and it didn’t occur to me until I read it, to question the message of American imperialism that war movies promote. Now THAT is something to think about.

  • Ravi

    oh, you want to talk shit on a message board then bring up maturity. What are you, 7 years old? It’s a shame I have to chastise you like my child, but I do what I have to. It seems you would have looked up executive producer before opening your big mouth again. An executive producer has nothing to do with the technical aspects of creating a film. That’s as stupid as calling a bank a filmmaker because they financed a film. I didn’t say George Lucas had nothing to do with the film being made, I said he didn’t make the movie. I know this is all so difficult to understand, given that you haven’t mastered your words yet, so I will try to put things a little more easy to understand for you. George Lucas did not write or direct this movie. He had no hand in the creative process. Movies aren’t good or bad based on the people that finance it. Movies are good or bad based on the people that have a hand in the creative process.

    The plot is being universally panned by critics for a reason. Not sure what reality tv has to do with it. A movie can have a poorly constructed plot without being reality tv. But plot isn’t the only thing that makes for a terrible movie. Here’s what Rotten Tomatoes has to say: “Despite a worthy fact-based story and obvious good intentions, Red Tails suffers from one-dimensional characters, corny dialogue, and heaps of clichés.” Here are some other review excerpts:
    “Red Tails is a lousy film. Not wincingly bad, mind you, just mediocre.”
    “Instead of pride or anger or resolve, all it left me feeling was a little bit of regret that I hadn’t been home, watching “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” instead.”
    “The Tuskegee Airmen were serious heroes, on a number of levels. They deserve a serious movie. “Red Tails” is not that movie.”
    “The African American fliers’ great achievement merits a great movie. “Red Tails” isn’t it.”
    “‘Red Tails’ has its moments. They’ve just gone too far in the other direction. The movie is so desperate to be palatable, to appeal to everybody that it doesn’t taste like anything.”
    “Red Tails squanders a great subject, reducing the real-life struggles and fierce heroics of the Tuskegee Airmen to rickety cliche.”

    We shouldn’t support films with a black cast with no concern for the quality of the movie. The complete absence of black women is also a concern. I know how often black movies have been a financial success and I don’t support all of them universally. I have never paid to see any Tyler Perry film and have no plans to do so. If you turn out crap movies, then don’t expect people to see them. The fact that George Lucas tends to back movies that make money does not speak to the quality of the film. When he has no hand in the creative process, it makes no difference that he is a producer. He happened to help finance a bad movie on this occasion. The movie has to be judged on it’s merits, not the box office receipts of the past movies of a man that had no part in the creative process for the movie. Based on what most of the critics are saying, this movie is not worth seeing. If i don’t pay to see the latest Tyler Perry garbage, I’ll be damned if I pay for this crap.

    so you go waste your own money on a film just because someone’s pants are not sagging. My standards are just a little better than that.

  • Ravi


    It is a rare privilege to come across such stupidity, even on the internet. Allow me to respond to your ignorant rant. Where to start; so much stupidity, so little time. First, it would be helpful if you actually said why black women having a problem with IR relationships was irrelevant and what exactly that had to do with what I wrote about. I said it’s hypocritical to have a problem with one form of IR romance in movies AND not have a problem with it the other way around. I can tell you probably had trouble with the whole reading and comprehension thing, but in the future, find the nearest literate person and have them read it to you before you open your big dumb mouth.

    Second, I never argued that black women weren’t demonized on film. It clearly has escaped your notice, but I DON’T SUPPORT THIS FILM AND WON’T BE WATCHING IT YOU INSUFFERABLE TROLL. Your entire argument has nothing to do with anything that I was stating.

    Next, I never said that the interracial thing was the only thing anyone was upset about. Quote me where I said anything like this. I simply pointed out that there is hypocrisy on the part of the people that blast bm/ww IR romance but have no problem with it the other way around. If you are talking boycotting this movie but own the blue ray directors cut of Monster’s Ball, then you are a hypocrite. If this is not you, then it doesn’t apply. I’m only talking about the hypocrites, not the illiterate wretch with diarrhea of the mouth.

    Next, every show on tv clearly does not have BM with WW. moreover, far more shows and movies have BW with WM. I can literally name 3 movies and or tv shows with a black woman paired with a white man for every 1 such show that you can name. Your bs claims have no basis in reality.

    and who said anything about preferring white women? Have you ever read anything I have written on Clutch? you cannot possibly be that stupid. Am I being Punk’d? are there hidden cameras somewhere?

    In conclusion, you are making little to no sense. Hopefully there is some logical explanation for your pointless rant. Like you are drunk or mentally retarded. In any case, nowhere in your incoherent rambling could I find anything resembling intelligent thought. We are now all dumber for having listened to your BS. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. now do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself on the web.

  • Ravi


    It is a rare privilege to come across such stupidity, even on the internet. Allow me to respond to your ignorant rant. Where to start; so much stupidity, so little time. First, it would be helpful if you actually said why black women having a problem with IR relationships was irrelevant and what exactly that had to do with what I wrote about. I said it’s hypocritical to have a problem with one form of IR romance in movies AND not have a problem with it the other way around. I can tell you probably had trouble with the whole reading and comprehension thing, but in the future, find the nearest literate person and have them read it to you before you open your big dumb mouth.

    Second, I never argued that black women weren’t demonized on film. It clearly has escaped your notice, but I DON’T SUPPORT THIS FILM AND WON’T BE WATCHING IT YOU INSUFFERABLE TROLL. Your entire argument has nothing to do with anything that I was stating.

    Next, I never said that the interracial thing was the only thing anyone was upset about. Quote me where I said anything like this. I simply pointed out that there is hypocrisy on the part of the people that blast bm/ww IR romance but have no problem with it the other way around. If you are talking boycotting this movie but own the blue ray directors cut of Monster’s Ball, then you are a hypocrite. If this is not you, then it doesn’t apply. I’m only talking about the hypocrites, not the illiterate wretch with diarrhea of the mouth.

  • Ravi

    Next, every show on tv clearly does not have BM with WW. moreover, far more shows and movies have BW with WM. I can literally name 3 movies and or tv shows with a black woman paired with a white man for every 1 such show that you can name. Your bs claims have no basis in reality.

    and who said anything about preferring white women? Have you ever read anything I have written on Clutch? you cannot possibly be that stupid. Am I being Punk’d? are there hidden cameras somewhere?

    In conclusion, you are making little to no sense. Hopefully there is some logical explanation for your pointless rant. Like you are drunk or mentally retarded. In any case, nowhere in your incoherent rambling could I find anything resembling intelligent thought. We are now all dumber for having listened to your BS. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul. now do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself on the web.

  • Beantown Betty

    I saw Red Tails last night and I think it’s a good action packed movie. It’s based mostly in Italy and Germany, so I wasn’t really expecting to see any black women. Truthfully Sophia, the italian female love interest, had a relatively small role. The plot is 97% about the relationship between the Tuskegee Airmen, the many trials and tribulations they faced and displayed great plane fighting scenes. It was a good movie and I enjoyed myself! I think a boycott, in this case, is uncalled for.

  • Best Guest

    @Beantown Betty, thats the thing…there is no boycott. BW’s opinions on this movie have run the gamut. From supportive, to non-supportive to indifferent.

  • 9812

    It would have been very easy to include some of the other black Airmen’s wives/girlfriends at homes with a photo taped in the plane (like Sophias), or even have one of them read a letter from home from his wife/girlfriend and have him have a flashback. All very common tropes in war time movies.
    My Great Uncle was a Tuskeegee Airman and his wife was black and held down the homefront and supported him. Im sure that was very common and could have been as easily integrated into the film as the strange change meeting of the Airman and Sophia.

  • Candy 1

    To be honest, I’m not THAT interested in seeing it, but I probably will. I don’t feel the need to “boycott” it.

  • Just Saying

    A few hours after seeing a preview of “Red Tails” …. I wrote to a Black LucasFilm executive—

    Loved the film….but I really have been going over and over in my mind to remember if there was a scene that contained a beautiful black woman or a black woman at all….

    So without going into a deep dissertation— I’ll try to make my point as briefly as possible—

    For “Red Tails” to have a main theme of a Black soldier in love with an Italian Woman, without one scene of another Black man taking :30 seconds to recall kissing his beautiful Black wife or girlfriend goodbye —is a major disservice to the Tuskegee Airmen and the Black women who supported them…..

    Don’t recall many women in the film at all— but the two women in the Italian family— and to have the only love story of a Black man who proclaimed that “the most beautiful woman in the world” was a white woman and his dying moments were worshiping a white woman— is a disservice to all the Black men who have hung from a tree because they were suspected for looking at a white woman— not to mention Emmett Til— a boy.

    These are just a few references to lynching and the motivation for it….

    Maybe having a shot of one of the 579 Black nurses out of 50.000 white nurses who served in WWII in the film changing a bandage, would have helped…

    Or a scene of a Black Soldier kissing a photo of his Black wife or girlfriend good night— or something would have brought some balance….

    With the trend of so many Black sports & entertainment folks, not to mention the Clarence Thomas’, Ward Connelly’s and the tales of Herman Cain’s Blonde Bomb chasing— “Red Tails”‘ Black men & White women— is nothing new.

    I believe people find love or lust where they can—and their emotions shouldn’t be relegated to the color box….


    Without the small images for balance that were suggested earlier or something similar, the film as refreshing as it is— intentionally or inadvertently, reinforces that deep dark theme of literature of the Mandingo oversexed Black male– hungry for white flesh
    ….and that dark theme is still embedded in the minds of the descendants of those who so easily lynched Black men not so long ago

  • BlacknAmazed

    I think what the genocide mob for interracial couples seem to forget….that you aer not the only people moving… okay. I don’t believe for one moment back then that not one of these guys didn’t have love for his own….and why is that NOT important to say…about that period and time …But, without question…they were in Germany so they found love….it’s corny….if your gonna touch love…then touch the topic with honesty….Black people back then…had a higher level of respect for self and each other…therefore one of those soldiers….loved him a black woman back home…period

    Your truth should never be the only truth important enough to mention about a black story/history like this one……I’ll pass. How come this stuff never makes white movies? can somebody go ask …LOL Plus, I’m sick of Terrance Howard showin up every where…it’s annoying.

  • BlacknAmazed

    In fairness…you don’t know what his contribution as far as the script was….and they delete and change things from the original script….and he has no control over that.

    I didn’t know he hated black women….lol …that’s news to me. You mean I have to delete the Boondocks catalog.

    I think in Hollyweird it’s hard for black people to stand up…even if they wanted to…(it’s not many that do) Who are they gonna turn to? who’s going to speak up or stand with them….. And black people are not tryin to build our own…. Black leaders/organizations are as scarce as black women in movies. you know.

    I just don’t support none of this…I’ll say stuff. none of it. ever. PERIOD It would take someone that I know that knows me and my taste to go see a movie or turn on a tv show.

  • BlacknAmazed

    AND it’s also so HISTORY….that many black men back then were stand up men too! So let’s talk history. I don’t care if people picked up whatever and sleep with who ever. The human side of these men should always be important enough to factor in. When you are discussing history. They could have shown one of these guys leaving a black girlfriend or wife behind. To say that these guys.. people… didn’t play a part in molding them….or gave them the will to want to make it back home… is ridiculous. ….We have gotten this far because of each other…and that’s a histroy fact. ..RUN TELL THAT.

  • Simone

    So let me understand this. I’m suppose to be mad because the love interest is an Italian woman instead of a black woman while the soldier is overseas? Oh please. If I were stationed overseas, not knowing if I would make it home or not and there was a beautiful Italian man, you’d expect me to say “no, I can’t date you because you’re not black”?

    Get real people and let this shit go.

  • BlacknAmazed

    That’s so cute…..You mean…you keep seeing this cast….right.

    I really don’t care if I never see a cast like this again…actually I won’t be seeing this cast period. I’m tryin to get your point with that one. And it’s unfortunate for the people this movie is based on that they had to be sold out….in order for this movie to be made.

    Integrity…no one has these days. .

    Sorry, Neyo have to catch you in the next one.

  • BlacknAmazed

    Well Simone….this is not suppose to be some regular black man playin the spook behind the door movie…that’s all the rage these days. I get it…your point. It’s a time piece. remember. Yes, men in the military have relations with anything moving….as would ALL men…asian, white and latino. But….considering the history value…It should matter….I think you have been sensitized to constantly having to see interracial relationships every time a black man is concern….that you think that’s all you should see…. and you are suppose to be to feel that way…that’s the point of all this stuff. Don’t be so naive….when is the last time you saw a movie or tv show and a black man is not involved with some woman that don’t look nothing like him. So, why would this movie need to carry that too.
    But, me knowing what I know…and when I think about what those times would have been like. Black people went through a lot of stuff together….I know black men had more pride than this. I don’t believe that these solider minds were just on the women in front of them. Like ….Oh..Lawd! I can’t leave her….LMAO….please. I’m thinking somebody wanted to make it back home to his family and people alive…a little bit more.

  • Bea_Real

    Kudos to all those who weren’t bamboozled and saw through the huge hole in this movie’s plot. Overseas or not, the only image of an “adored woman” was that of one who wasn’t even black. If the movie was supposed to generate support for African Americans and their struggle and triumphs, the absence of a “negro” woman…..certainly left a gaping hole in history. There were undoubtedly black mothers, wives, and daughters home supporting their beloved soldiers overseas during WWII. Unfortunately the creative Lucas camp didn’t see the benefit of having even ONE of the airmen READ aloud a letter from a beautiful black princess back home.

    The irony of it all is……the theater I was in was FULL of beautiful black princesses. Yet, again, overlooked, ignored and excluded. Again, kudos to those who saw this fact, and sadness for those still blind.

  • ruggie

    Simone – I can’t blame you for thinking it’s unrealistic to show black men loving black women in a war movie, because you’ve probably never seen it.

    Think of every white movie you have ever seen. Top Gun. Star Wars. Saving Private Ryan. They always find a way to squeeze in a white female, as a love back home (flashbacks), a nurse, or overseas, in some way in those soldier’s lives. It never fails. It is the #1 rule of all war movies – a beautiful woman for the man to love.

    There is a play about the Tuskegee Airmen called “Black Angels Over Tuskegee.” It was written and directed by a black man. I saw it with my own 2 eyes. All male cast of actors. And this brilliant black director found a way to make black women relevant to the story. One soldier talked about his pregnant wife, a black woman, all through the play. When he died at the end, I knew what she meant to him, and he meant to her. They talked about Lena Horne, who risked her career to make sure black soldiers got respect. There was a poster of Lena. This is what you do when you create a hero, you create a lady who he can identify with and love. For whites, it’s expected. Black people are so used to going without it, that we don’t even realize it’s not there.

  • Callie’s muse

    GO SEE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will walk away with a sense of PRIDE. This movie is not only a black production but, it shows our black men at their FINEST!!!!!!!! sn: if a black man has no interest in you because you are black, leave him be. He has his own issues. We are beautiful queens and should know we are worth being loved even pass our beautiful skin whether it be light or a darker complexion. Blessings upon you!!! Besides, you have to see how the story plays out. =)

  • Callie’s muse

    Besides the story took place in Germany!!!! How many black women do you know in Germany??!!!! He should of had some black women at home rooting for the men, that would be a valid argument.

  • Really?

    We are focusing on the wrong things here. First of this is the first action movie with an almost entirely black cast (thanks to George Lucas). Also, if George Lucas had any issues with the black population he would not have used money from his own coffers to pay for the film, and he definitely would not be in a relationship with a black woman. Holding something against a film that does not show a black female is ridiculous and ignorant. We should celebrate that this film even made it to theatres and is being advertised. This film shows just a segment of the great legacy the African people have left in global history. We should celebrate not condemn.

    On a side note, in order for our people to rise to economic and social equality we must refuse to place blame on our white counterparts. At this point all that is standing in our way is ourselves, we must expect more from ourselves and our black peers. That is the only way we can finish the job heroes such as the Tuskegee Airmen began.

  • Jss

    McGruder definitely hates Black women. He couches it in a cartoon, but it’s pretty obvious he does. Good article here:

  • Jess

    Oh yeah, Ravi, but you had to post your comments 3 times for them to make sense. Looks like you’re the same old idiot Ravi.

  • Jess

    Oh Ravi…you’re such a childish idiot…..leveling the ol’ TROLL accusation because you know your opinion is wack?

    Again, you’re an idiot. Now go cool off…plumes of steam are shooting from your ears. Made you angry, didn’t I?

    Over and out.

  • ruggie

    @Really? – George Lucas is “in a relationship” w/a black woman, but the film he so lavishly paid for does not show a black woman as someone a man should aspire to be with.

    The Tuskegee Airmen had loving, black wives who advocated for them and motivated them. They had black women cheering them on, including Lena Horne.

    Yet instead of showing black women in some way, Lucas and his team created a FICTIONAL white woman as the love interest in this story. They portrayed a dying Tuskegee Airman’s last words as being about “the most beautiful woman in the world (Italian) Sofia.” That in itself is very disrespectful to these men’s stories, and to the women behind the men.

    Lucas has invested in a story that will spread his own view of the world. He has used a story of black accomplishment to minimize black people’s importance to each other.
    Don’t be so grateful and impressed that you fail to see when your people’s story has been hijacked.

  • Jess

    And the crowd of Black women cheer again for being tossed out of our own race for other women. So many Black women cheered for “The Help” too…so sad. At this rate, Black women will be the maids wiping Black men and their White counterparts behinds, with smiles. Ah well, more proof that we take any crumb tossed our way, ingest insult after insult, and accept it as if it is normal.

    I guess that should be expected from a race of women (of which I belong) who shook their a*ses and grinned for over two decade to musicians who called them b*tches, hoes, and chicken heads without impunity.

    Pathetic. Off this topic.

  • Jess

    …And the crowd of Black women cheer again for being tossed out of our own race for other women. So many Black women cheered for “The Help” too…so sad. At this rate, Black women will be the maids wiping Black men and their White counterparts behinds, with smiles. Ah well, more proof that we take any crumb tossed our way, ingest insult after insult, and accept it as if it is normal.

    I guess that should be expected from a race of women (of which I belong) who shook their a*ses and grinned for over two decade to musicians who called them b*tches, hoes, and chicken heads without impunity.

    Pathetic. Off this topic.

  • ruggie

    @Bea_Real – the theater I was in was FULL of beautiful black princesses. Yet, again, overlooked, ignored and excluded.

    And to think, we’re being called traitors for not wanting to sit through that!

  • Ravi

    Actually, my simple-minded friend, that was a computer error on the website’s part. you aren’t even supposed to be able to post the same message more than once.

    I’m calling you a troll because you have no intelligent viewpoint. you simply spew mindless rhetoric and rely on lame ad hominems and personal attacks. You haven’t been able to properly refute a thing I have said because you lack the intelligence to understand anything I said. All of your retorts are nonsensical and make you look like a colossal tool. you didn’t make me angry, you made me laugh. I think the way you keep putting your foot in your mouth is hilarious. you are a joke to me. please just give it up and save yourself some embarrassment.

    I know what your reply is going to be so let me save you a trouble:

    “oh yeah, well you are a big idiot. and another thing, you are an idiot.”

    get a new line. borrow a thesaurus or something.

  • H Kirk

    I too wish that the airmen had pictures of their wives and girlfriends with them (and shown) in Red Tails – the norm for most soldiers anywhere, anytime. One black woman (assuming she is black – but a safe bet) made it into the movie – but because we don’t “see” her, I guess we forget her. That is the mention of Ray Gun’s wife and daughter.
    In spite of the blatantly missing pictures, there are realities. The movie is based in Italy (hence the woman was Italian). Soldiers based in foreign countries married/marry women in those host countries on a regular basis – no matter what their colors, usually creating mixed race / mixed culture couples. That is a historical reality. And come on – every Hollywood movie has to have a love story – its formula, it gets girls into war movies.
    Next historical context – American soldiers were heroes to the Italians, and the Italians accepted them. Most likely they felt more accepted in multiracial situations there than in the US. Remember also that it was rare for the Tuskegee Airmen to be around white soldiers and they could not enter the Officer’s Club. Therefore on their leave time they went to the Italian bars and dance halls – and brothels, God forbid that they show a soldier away from home having a sex drive or a need for touch or tenderness in the middle of a violent war.
    I’m curious – in Spike Lee’s Miracle at Santa Anna, almost the same situation, possibly even the same actress – but was there an outcry there? I don’t recall it. Is the difference the movie? Or is it that Lucas is white and Lee is black? But then again we allow Spike Lee to be controversial – even expect it…

  • H Kirk

    What a fantastic sequel idea – The Tuskeegee AIrmen’s Wives!

  • gryph

    yeah. please take that ridiculous afro-centro-crap elsewhere.

  • gryph

    wait, black women were maids to black men in “the help”? lol. just have to compulsively steer the animosity and shame toward black men. what’s up with that? you are just trying to recycle that “colour purple resentment”. and, do note that – like redtails – a white person and a system run by whites had creative and financial control. who do you think called the shots?

    as for a race of women? not all black women – or black people for that matter – whole heartedly supported hip-hop. and, as numerous commentators note – some black women (i.e., tricia rose) – the themes and images in hip-hop changed dramatically after the 1995 corporate consolidation of media. how misogynist was run-dmc? the fresh prince? kool moe dee?

    this doesn’t absolve anyone. but shows the problem to be of a different nature than what you describe: part of the problem results from black people mindlessly striving to ‘success’ in a system that is adaptively racist, and not caring about the consequences for other black people. that’s a norm that has to be challenged.

    to put a finer point on it, what happened in both the music and movie industries were black people running around in – and thinking they are making baby steps in – an industry in which white-identified (which includes white people) play gate-keeping roles. further, the “only” way that such representation could be viewed as profitable is if a predominantly white audience – and it just so happens that white people have much more wealth in america than any one else – would support it financially.

    with such a system in place, for the production, distribution and consumption of such images who is it that people like you find a way to pin it on the black race, without identify that it is a priority that black people change the game entirely.

    a lack of courage and vision on the part of some participants and co-operators, but surely not the part of “an entire race as you’d like to describe it. before just trying to sew dissension between groups of people who will need to co-operate, please save some have that canned vitrol for the system and attitudes – both within and outside the group – that allow these things to perpetuate.

  • ruggie

    To paraphrase gryph, look at the big picture.

    Keep ya head up, Jess. One love.

  • gryph

    that’s not a ‘paraphrase’ that’s a reduction. what i was suggesting my response was why do those who cry foul almost always edit-out the larger dynamics at play (e.g., white people using black images to sell to a majority white audience) in their ‘outrage’. that selective myopia really needs challenging. as does the black people ‘aspirational’ or ‘american dream’ attitudes. those are the master genes in these racist expressions. time to shut them off.

  • gryph
  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    After reading these comments, I can only conclude: “we” are f**ked. I am not sure how many miracles are needed to save us from ourselves.

  • I`am Not MADD

    Folks, For the last time .the reason for the sex with that Women was to get the
    Newt Gingrich eccentric snobbish aggregation of complainats into the
    theater…..Think EI-Hajj Malik EL-Shabazz

  • http://[email protected] Daron Johnson

    What’s wrong with falling in love with an italian women? Italian women rank high in physical beauty just like african american women.italians used to be blond haired,blue eyed,untill the Moors and Trojans came around! Or have we already forgot that our president mother is white?! Not to mention black men were the last to be accepted in Hollywood to date white women! The movie would not be real if black women were in italy for the movie.and a mans experience in the armed services in war is to find a love interest overseas! BTW I have only dated black women.but I had sex with other’s easier to love your own kind,because the sex is better.But sex does’nt make the best relationships.Communication does!

  • gryph

    lol…this was quite funny.

  • Callie’s muse


    Awwwwww, is the little bully mad? You cant respect positive opinions or a different perspective? If black women want to see a change, maybe we should keep pushing for movies where we have leads that shine light on us. Granted, the movie didnt turn out the way we wanted to but, it was a good step in the right direction. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have to look at the bigger picture. THATS MY OPINION! More importantly, take that bitter black woman persona you got going on here and drop it. Have a respectable DISCUSSION instead of undermining everybody’s opinion.SMH. Like I said, blessings upon you =)
    Now lets see you reply without being rude, are you mature enough to do that?

  • TJ

    I saw Redtails. Didn’t see The Help. I liked the movie as a war film about AfAm men. The characters were in some ways one dimensional but the interracial relationship was believable for me. It was Italy and the woman was Italian?

    I’m going to call it on this one: GET OVER IT.

  • Socially Maladjusted

    Fighting in a war on the side of your oppressor is hardly something to celebrate as a “black accomplishment” -

    The only palatable way to view it is as an “option” that allowed some blacks to escape the rigours of segregation.

    Nothing more.

    It’s no different to any other service that blacks were compelled by force or circumstance to perform for whites.

    If the story of these black airmen deserves to told then so does that of the most wretched enslaved African, who was also forced to serve white supremacy.

    But of course the “controversy” here is over the lack of a black female love interest in the film.

    This is a new low in patheticness.

  • MissedOpportrunity

    My sister and I just saw Red Tails. The story line was good. I think the acting was fine. Getting the word out to young people who are not aware of the Tuskegee Airmen is very important. I was very very dssaspointment, however, that black women once again walked out a movie theatre thinking that they were not represented. There could have been climpses of at least “ONE” of the airmen thinking about his black wife, mother or girlfriend. Why is it that the only females in this movie full of black men consisted only a white women and her white mother. This was a missed opportunity!!!!! If there was but a climpse of one of the black men looking back and thinking about going home to a black women, I would go back and see it again. When I walked out of the theatre today, I walked out thinking… How disappointing that they shunned the black women (and men) who loved these black airmen. Did the writers not know that these airmen came back home and raised “Black Familes”?

  • http://[email protected] Daron Johnson

    Black women has taken care of the black family.Always has been since slavery.75 percent of black families are ran by black women alone.Besides this was a story about the black airmen that’s 18 to. 23 years old? Weren’t these black airmen to young to have families? Or be in love with someone at home.Getting to know the airmen took a lot of time.I was getting bored.A soldger pining over a wife or girlfriend or family would of made this movie boring beyond belief. Besides black women are tough because of slavery.Black women can be difficult.I would find it hard to miss a black women or any women during wartime.Your fighting to live.And be happy that the story was written that the black airmen fell in love with an italian women,and not a prostitute!

  • http://[email protected] Daron Johnson

    As a black man man I wish it was less story.And more action.I seen movies were the black airmen, were it was shown how dominate were were in protecting the bombers in war war 2. Captain american bored me.Redtails bored me in much the same way.The only reason I stayed in tuned because it was about us.I know the 1940′s was a conservative time.The movie soundtrack and how people acted was accurate.But I was looking for more grit.I wish the filmed more like Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.And Not like a 1940′s Captain America soap opera cinematography!

  • Pilot

    Well, “The New York Times” movie critic liked it –

    He admires the movie for it’s “throwback” writing and idealism.

    Hmmm, not me, especially, but I hope it does big business at the box office and in DVD sales

  • ruggie

    “Get over it.”
    “Fall in line.”
    “Support, even when you’re invisible.”
    That’s easy enough to say to black women, but look at this film against those featuring white men. Please tell me why white movies always manage to put a white female love interest, even in war, even in parts of the world where you couldn’t realistically expect to see them? There was a recent film about a white mercenary fighting in Africa and who was the love interest, but a white woman. In the middle of Africa. They drummed up a Peace Corps character, but they made sure she was there. Whites will use flashbacks if they must, but they are determined to put their women in their films, no matter what the setting. Why are some black men, like yourself, so OK with not having this?

  • Angela

    To those who are concentrating on the interracial love scene, your way off base. You must remember the era of the film and where the airmen where. There were no blacks in Italy in the 1940′s which is the scene set for the picture. The story is just about the black men who had to earn their respect as great fighters. Simple as that.

  • Vee

    I thought they could have at least shown the pilots with pics of their wives in the plane. Not just the guy with the Italian woman. Then, to top it off, all you heard was how beautiful she was…and when the guy said she was The Most Beautiful woman he’d ever seen. That was a direct slap in the face. None of the other men spoke of their beautiful wives, etc. And you are talking about an era when women of color were fogged down, they were gorgeous! They should’ve had a short scene or a flashback type of scene where their women (military wives back home, keeping the home fires burning) were shown. It made the men seem less human. Even in the movie Gladiator, they showed brief scenes of Maximus’ wife and son, and he always spoke about how he couldn’t wait to see them. They really missed the boat on this in Red Tails. It just makes the guys not seem like people with actual love in their lives. So, even in the segregated 40s, black men did not have pics of their wives, didn’t talk about them, no letters read aloud, etc. It took something away from the film. Then black men and women… Including the president and his wife have to sit their and listen to all this praise be lavished on this one lady who didn’t even look pretty. Where were the military wives standing behind these Tuskeegee Airmen? No credit at all. Go watch Pearl Harbor or some other war films and you can bet those women are somewhere in the picture, being told how they are loved, missed, and always complimented on their beauty. What a gip!

  • RC

    WOW…. never seen seven pages of comments before (secretly hopes for an 8th page)

  • ruggie

    @Daron – that’s a common myth. The single parent trends of the last 40 years are not the whole story. Check out the book “The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom”
    Black men were a strong part of their families through much of our history. The Tuskegee Airmen themselves were all married to black women.

  • fuchsia

    I get what everyone is saying about including a flashback… but boycott the movie? Hell no we shouldn’t boycott the movie. It’s not that serious to me. What is serious to me is having all these black men in one movie at one time and calling it a blockbuster hit at the box office. I have hope that we’ll get our turn to shine, but until then why begrudge those that have been given the opportunity to showcase their talents?

  • civil radd

    WE can now put this story to bed.the #`s are in.19mil.Weekend DVD Box Set in 7 weeks.

  • Prina

    Are you guys aware, Emmet Till Sr (father of murdered 14yearold boy) was court martialed and executed(publicly hung) in Italy during world war II for allegedly “raping” an Italian prostitute? So i don’t know if the interracial relationship in redtails was realistic. im sure most of those black men were too scared to even look a white woman in her eye.

  • Prina

    Do we recall how upset black soldiers because black me were absent from the film “Saving Private Ryan”? Black women can never complain, if we do we just come off as bitter. Black mothers really are going to have to try a little harder, when rearing their young boys, because its obvious many do not respect and honor black women.

  • Court F

    I find it pretty ironic that a two days, there were three reasons posted why we should see Red Tails and now there’s a post calling black women to boycott it. It’s pretty contradictory in nature and I think that calling black women to boycott the movie hinders ANY progress in Hollywood for ALL black people. How can we make it anywhere without taking stepping stones to get there? Yes there was interracial love in the movie but, the characters were also in Europe which was far more integrated than the US, therefore it actually is a plausible story. As a black woman, I had no problem with seeing the depiction. I was actually more concerned with how great it was to be able to 10 black men represented as something more than an athlete or gangster. Either way, I say SUPPORT THE FILM

  • Aza Arafa

    I don’t understand how the beautiful love story of one of the FIRST African American Female pilots and a Tuskegee Airman got overlooked…that would of been great historical significance when HONORING the theme of the movie…

  • Chris

    Man You Women Kill Me Its Not About Black Women Its About Brothers And How We Made History Let Me Guess Just Cause Its Not About Black Women And Being Stron
    g And Independent You All Do Not Want To See It Sad That Are Own Women Do Not
    Support us And Get Mad When Black Men Decide To Date White Women Man I Hate
    You Ankles Who Cares What You Bum Ankles Think Anyway,

  • nicole

    I am a black woman and I have to ask, why is it required for us to interject ourselves into a time and place that was NOT about us. It was about black male fighter pilots… Europe. Last time I checked, there werent alot of AA women traipsing about Italy around the 1940′s. How arrogant is it of AA women to think, rather assume, because there is a film about AA men, then we MUST be in it and be part and parcel of the deal? I don’t feel like the mule of the world because one white man made a movie about some black men at war, on the battlefield(not in their homes) that did not include a black woman. And omg perish the thought that one of the fighter pilots would find a white woman… ITALY!!! It’s too much for me. The making a mountain out of molehill and creating controversy where there should be none. Matter of fact, it would behoove some of the disenchanted black women to do a little research complaining. This movie is a trilogy. The prequel and sequel are designed to explore the home lives of the men before and after the war. Now, unless those two movies put some AA men in houses with white women and white men and persuade us to believe the white men and women are their biological fathers and mothers, then I’m willing to bet the farm, those two movies will have black women in them. Goodness.

  • tomi

    How can someone actually open their mouth to say that the story of the Tuskegee pilots in Italy is the story of only African-American men?! This is classic case of wiping women and our achievements out of history, African-American women WERE in Italy at that time providing support and fighting along side African-American men. They loved these men, cheered them on, African-American women were not only in Italy but in the United Kingdom, all over Europe and North Africa as well. How can people be so ignorant?

  • Jess

    @TJ: Your statement proves you know absolutely nothing.

    I’m very sorry for the younger generation of Black girls. You’re being raised on Black woman-hatred, low self-esteem Black girls like Nikki Minaj, and white promoted stereotypes like Love & Hip Hop and Precious.

    Your own people show you no support and refuse to help you in any way. I pray for Black women and girls today – Black men are helping white people to win.

    But do know that there are still some Black women out here fighting for you.

  • Jess

    The fact that you would come on here using derogatory terms (“ankles”) against your own race of women proves what type of lowlife you are, and Black girls would do best to avoid you forever.

  • Jess

    @Tomi, you might as well stop even wasting your breath on these fools. They know absolutely nothing, and prove it more and more each time they write.

    This is the result of Black youth being raised on “American Gangster”, “106 & Park”, and “TI & Tiny” for Black history month. There is not even the faintest whiff of Black history (not even recent history) being taught anymore, and their incredible ignorance leaves them open to believing any ol thing, no matter how false.

  • Naomi

    I think most people are upset about the story line because we can’t ever recall seeing a war movie where White men were in Africa and fell in love with the Black woman…nope even in the middle of the African jungle, a busty blonde wearing a sheer linen top and khakis would be written in to enter screen left. Doesn’t matter how impractical it may seem. They take creative liberties all the time to see the world as they want to see it and want others to see it. If we saw or knew at least 2-3 movies where this war-torn interracial love existed (black/white interracial …not white/asian…that’s too easy), I doubt anyone would be complaining. What can I say, this is a man’s world. A white man.

  • gryph

    well there was that british movie were the white guy brings a pregnant african woman – who is carrying the christ child – through a war torn england only to die as he gets her to real safety. that was in theatres in like two 2007.

    i’d personally love to see an analogous movie. say…a white cuban in mozambique 1975 fighting in for the freedom of south africans and dying for while expressing his love for a black woman, but some how i don’t think hollywood makes that film.

    anyway, knock yourself out:

  • http://[email protected] Daron Johnson

    This is a silly thread! This is a movie about black men.not black women.Black women did not shoot any Germen planes in world war 2! A beautiful black women is in demand in America,if you want to date her you face a lot of compitition.So this film mearly shows how a black man with the Dennis Rodman syndrome,goes after the italian white women is greater in will be surprized of the large number of shy or educated black men that don’t get the oppotunity to date black women.Not because they don’t want to.Socially just not ready.Along with the film being in is a very believable first love for that soldier in the movie.I am 42 years old.And yes I Know soldiers in their 60′s who dated white women while oversea’s in Germany.Instead of downing redtail for the lack of black women in the movie.It should be enjoyed and examined.examined because 75 percent of black homes are ran by women alone! And i bet most of on this thread can count on one hand ,house holds with both parents!

  • tomi

    This is a silly comment! Black women DID shoot German planes in WW2! Learn your history! If you’re old enough to remember that soldiers in their 60s dated white women while stationed in Europe then you should be old enough to know that Black women played their own part in WW2. The story of the Tuskegee airmen is NOT solely the story of Black men. Google ‘Mildred Hemmom’ or just read this;

    Check your facts before making such comments! I’m not in my 40s, you’re actually 20 years older than me, but I have a vested interest in the history of Black people all over the world and in particular the history of Black women. The only European country that had a large number of white women forming relations with African American soldiers in WW2 was the United Kingdom. These men even had babies with local British women, they left their mark and there has been research on this topic. I’m yet to hear of anything similar in Italy. I am ready to provide references too!

  • RIMartin

    I have watched the move twice now. The first was part of a special showing presented by the Airforce at Lackland AFB and the second for simple enjoyment. Having served in the military and being assigned outside of the US it is not uncommon for international relationship to develop. The idea that this is some form of slap in the face of black women is out of context nor does movie an endorce interacial relationships. The movie no more endorce interacial or international relationship than “Superfly” endorced a postive life style of dealing drugs. What people need to see is what type of life this man and women would have had if he had lived and returned to the US. Not only wouild they have faced the legal racism and bigotry of a government but also the racism and bigotry of the black and white communities.

  • CiCi

    About the movie Red Tails it was interesting and I appreciate what the Tuskegee Airmen accomplished. In the film I too noticed nothing about any black females not even in the background and blackmen and women have been in all of the Creators universe since the beginning of time. I felt that there would have been scenes of the Airmen pulling a photo out of their wallet glancing at their wifes, girlfriend, children, mother, father, or relatives but it was void. That was a shocker and unbelievable. If this would have appeared at one point or another I am fgr certain the movie would have been more realistic and would have made the airmen feel more human. Many women are totally disappointed perhaps the African-American woman should see the movie for free since they are not in it. Since when did they not exist in any country?

  • http://[email protected] Daron Johnson

    Well for all of you that compaining about redtails not having any black women in it! That’s not going to change anything.If you want things done your way,you need someone rich and black to finance’s a reason why no black women were in it shooting German planes down,or working on the ground.women in war movies don’t sell,just like no one watches the WNBA. Someone also thought “the women of Troy” was a good idea! For a bombed! Me personally I fell Megan Good would of been a perfect black love interest! But to say a black men seems less human because he is dating a white,err italian women in the movie.that’s aracist comment.Me personally,I would of cut out the love story with the italian women,or the black women as is suggested,family,mother ,father, eta al. And show more and better battle scenes,and contrass our sucess in battle,to the same white airmen failure in battle!

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    I’m not going to see this. I’ll stick to roles with black women like in Tyler Perry’s movies.

  • Life

    Get a life. I can’t believe in 2012 we are still talking about Love having a color.

  • Buttons

    You know, sometimes we just don’t know when to pick and choose our battles. There is absolutley no reason why anyone should have a problem with this film. As a black women I felt extremely proud to see young, brave black men accomplishing such a great task in the face of such tremendous odds. The thought of there being no black women in the film and one of the pilots dating an Italian woman never crossed my damn mind. I didnt spend time over analyzing and critiquing the film. I was too busy focused on the purpose of it.

    These black brothers were unified and they fought hard to accomplish their mission. To be 17 to 24 years of age flying planes is a hell of an accomplishment, especially when most of black men in that age range today are dead, in prison, pimping, and the only thing they can operate is a semi-automatic weapon to shoot down their own brothers. Some 60 plus years later the Airmen finally get some recognition with a movie to give a depiction of their accomplishments and you have people pointing out petty, insignificant bull sh*t. Are you serious??? We have got to be the most psychologically damaged people on the face of the earth.

  • DB

    It takes a very selfish, immature, and insecure woman of any background to take any offense to the story. Why is it everything Hollywood does (or doesn’t do) a statement against black women? Being biracial myself, I’ve seen that behavior firsthand. All the women having these feelings need to realize race as the social construct that it is and liberate themselves from it’s grasp. Get with the times, it’s the twenty first century and your acting like someone told you to go to the back of the bus because of a INTRA-racial (human) relationship. It’s 2012 not 1912 so you can stop spouting this B.S. about institutional racism at any turn.

  • meme

    I cannot believe that any black woman believes that a white love interest cancels the accomplishments of these black men. How can we be taken seriously by others or by ourselves if we adopt this type of approach?

  • Jasse

    People they were stationed in Italy! Are you serious, get over it!

  • lauren elysse

    Okdoke, so… A black man movie, directed by a white man, tells this historical truth about relations oversees? Where’s the problem?… I understand that white women can’t boycott pearl harbor bc well they WERE in Hawaii at the time and the movie reflects that. It’s historical fact…. However there are many men that helped reproduce a lot of mixed European and asian mixed babies. Ww2 was not fought in Africa! If so you’d still see a lot of mixed babies accept the daddies would be white.. as a black woman stalking this page a responding… I ask why boycott the truth… As a working actress and scholar of Africana studies. I ask why boycott the truth? As a human being I ask why boycott the truth? Also I don’t think that it shows that black men don’t love black women. I think it shows that MEN horny and want love too and at the end of the day they really don’t give a damned where it comes from.

  • lauren elysse

    Your an ignorant Dick… Find a black person to fund the movie? No one is interstesd in female war stories? People are interested in good movies. You are just as much an antifeminist racist prick as youve just called someone a racist. Check yourself! Equality can’t be preached out of the mouth that breathes inequality… History is a truth.that needs to be told and all of it needs to be told! Why? To bring out the issues of our past and to help erase what ever past lingers in this present and the future. And To silence fools like u!

  • Yep!

    Accept the truth Lauren was that all of the Tuskegee airmen were married to black women. So then how is the movie portraying truth if that is the case? What are they displaying here an affair that one of the men had?

  • gryph

    sorry but the validation by white partners thing isn’t limited to black men but is common to all people of color – including black women.

    and yes the video is sad, but it definitely strikes a cord with plenty black men. being wanted by a white women – despite the dangers – gives you confidence to feel like a full human being and that’s sort of twisted.

    but ravi, don’t for a second think that that would stop black people from going to the film. seeking white validation either through submission, accomdation and misbehavior is the larger part of “new-world” black history.

    now it is just masked in universalism and idealism.

  • Ravi


    I don’t understand what you mean. what won’t stop people from going to see the film?

  • gryph

    the fact that those guys are saying that access to white women motivated freedom fighting isn’t going alienate as many black people as you would think. whiteness is over-valued the world over.

  • gryph

    yeah, well i’m not convinced that you and chris aren’t the same person.

  • Ravi

    I don’t recall saying that anything was going to keep people from seeing the movie. I just said I had no plans to see it. The success of failure of this movie doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

  • I`am not MAD


  • ruggie


    1) The film is a PORTRAYAL of the Tuskegee Airmen’s accomplishments, from someone’s point of view.

    2) Whoever made the FILM took creative license and did not show any black women, but did show a white love interest. Some people have a problem with that. Some don’t.

    3) Criticizing the FILM does not mean criticizing the Tuskegee Airmen, OK??

  • ruggie

    Black women aren’t the only ones who have been cancelled out of historical portrayals on film, and we’re not the only ones with a right to criticize that.

    A biracial woman, Mariane Pearl, was the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl. When Angelina Jolie portrayed her in “A Mighty Heart”, a lot of people (white, biracial, black, etc.) had a problem with her depiction being whitewashed. Some saw it as denying a talented mixed-race actress the chance to accurately portray this human being. It’s a legitimate criticism.

    Bottom line, you can critique what you see as racism, without being racist yourself.

  • Jason


    Just wanted to let you know that the film was directed by a black man named Anthony Hemingway. The screen writers were also black men. The score itself was composed by a black man. The only person involved in this film that was white was the producer. George Lucas just put the money up.

  • ruggie

    @Jason – “The only person involved in this film that was white was the producer.”>>And that is the person who envisions the project, determines its tone, political bent, imagery and message, and hires and fires writers, directors and actors to carry it out accordingly.

  • Jess



  • browniegirl360

    No wonder you kneegrows have the shortest life span of anyone else on earth…you are pathetically stupid.

  • browniegirl360

    You MISSED the whole point.

  • Prina

    Just finished listening to Joe Madison’s radio show “The Black Eagle”. A daughter of a 93 yr old POW Tuskegee Airmen called the radio show. Very interesting discussion regarding the viewing @ the white house and how her dad was dis invited @ the last minute. The daughter went on to say her father told her that boyfriend-girlfriend relationship btw a Tuskegee Airmen and an Italian lady was unrealistic, things like that didn’t happen. The men were kept in closed quarters are “watched”. Like i posted before Emett Till’s father a soldier in WWII was court martialed and publicly hung for allegedly “raping” an Italian prostitute. I chose not to view Redtails because i hate the way holly wood twists and turns history. I had the oppty to view the film for FREE @ the CBC legislative conference in which the actors were in attendance and I chose not to see the film. In addition I do not have to go see “Redtails” to be learn about Black History. I read about Tuskegee Airmen when I was in 5th grade, parents need to encourage their kids to read and not rely on hollywood to teach “our history”.

    Last question, why was it ok for Black men to complain that “Saving Private Ryan” excluded black men?

    Black women lets do ourselves a favor and stop worrying about black men. I mean really what power do they really have? High prison rate, dropout rate, “deadbeat dad rate” (must i go on). I often wonder why white women would want to marry them.I mean often times we feel stuck with them, but white women have choices, since their “beauty” is revered around the world. Im so through with trying to force black men to respect us. Calling us gold diggers, how that be possible when we marry 92% of us marry black men, who have an abnormal unemployment rate and college graduate rate!

  • I`am not MAD

    So Ms.Prina,Have read that book by Professor Ralph Richard Banks “is marriage for white people?”.It did my soul will to read your comment….The black men that complain
    about “Saving Private Ryan” were asleep during 5th grade history class…!
    Keep the iron in your words & Soul….Have a great day…Once more THANKS….!

  • Prina

    To all of you guys who believe black women. should not have been included in Redtails: . Maybe a few us female writers can get together and work on bringing this beautuful black love story to film. This would be a great independent film!

  • gryph

    a wonderful story! thanks for posting.
    that is a movie i’d go see!

  • http://msn I. Walter Jones

    Red Tails is about the lost history about men of color fighter pilots in world war ll, not about black women in a love seen. Why do some us think negative of it is what it is. I am so glad we only have a few who think like the ladywho talked about a man of color pilot have a romance with a white woman.

  • KC

    Jason & Ruggle – Lauren is partially correct. Anthony Hemmingway directed the original version of this film in 2009, but George Lucas – executive producer and uncredited co-writer – reshot large parts of the film the following year. Lucas also supervised the effects work and editing. Aside from Lucas likely wanting to get hands-on with the project, Hemmingway was contractually unavailable, directing episodes of the TV show “Treme”.

    Aaron McGruder is credited as co-screenwriter; he only wrote the Lucas-directed portions of the film.

  • LMAO

    Im sorry but bw on the whole seem to be nutz-blk ppl, hell ppl in general-but blk women are by far the worst..they promote IR relationships more than any other group thru blogs, vlogs, mags, books, movies and then pull this shit lmao..completely hypocritcial nut cases

  • southern belle

    awkward black woman? what does that mean? HOW often do you see a black woman with a white man in the media…BOT VERY. But as for a black man…ALMOST ALWAYS paired up with a white/non black woman. Yes this may have been based on a true story but as a black woman that is expecting a black child with her black husband…im tired of this in the media. AND they wonder why black marriage are down?

  • caleson5

    Well, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I don’t have a problem with interracial romances being portrayed in a movie. Like many have mentioned, many American soldiers had romances with foreign women during wartime. It was rather common. I haven’t seen Red Tails and I don’t know all the facts concerning the movie. Was the interracial romance in the movie something that happened or just fiction? You have to understand that black men during those times were watched closely and many of them, rather in the armed forces or not, were not allowed to have anything to do with white women. It might have happened in War Word ll some of the time. Many black men might have sneaked away and had romantic relationships with European women. I am not really sure. I just think that it would have been nice if the movie had shown at least one romantic relationship between the soldiers and their black American sweethearts/wives. Once again, this is the 1940′s and I am sure NONE of them had non-black girlfriends/wives at home in America. The Klan would have had a field day with those men if these men openly had non-black sweethearts at home. Especially in the South. These were very attractive, strong, and courageous black men and I am certain they had black female sweethearts who were crazy about them in America. Some of the soldiers probably wrote to their American sweethearts from Europe on a regular basis. So why not show both? The movie could have shown an interracial romance between a soldier and a European women AND a romance between a soldier and his black American sweetheart. What is that so hard? That way you can satisfy everybody!!! And black women would feel more interested in the movie. I am sorry but I don’t think that black women are overreacting. Maybe a little. I don’t think the movie should be boycotted. But if black women find the movie uninteresting because there aren’t any black women in the movie, then that is how they feel. I am sorry but black historical movies are way more interesting to black women when there are actually some black women in the movie!!! And lets be real, there HAD TO HAVE BEEN some attractive black women in the lives of these soldiers. To not show that makes the movie historically inaccurate. So why would anybody want to watch it? especially black women.

  • caleson5

    I think you are missing the point. I hope this is not just about black women being jealous of interracial romances. Because that would be ridiculous!!! But I think that a story like this would have been way more interesting to black women if at least one romance could have existed in the movie between a soldier and his black American sweetheart. This was the 1940′s and the likelihood that these men had non-black wives at home is highly unlikely. Plus I saw actual pictures of these men in their uniforms. They were fine!!! You know they had some cute black female love interests at home. So the movie could have shown BOTH an wartime interracial romance AND a romance between a soldier and his black female wife at home. That way everybody could have been happy. What is wrong with black women expecting such a thing? It would make the movie far more interesting to BLACK WOMEN. Bare in mind, the movie is about BLACK PEOPLE and BLACK PEOPLE are more likely to be interested in the movie than any other ethnic group. So why not cater to black women? We are the ones who are going to be buying the movie tickets at the box office. And lets be real showing black female love interests is way more realistic especially because it was during that time, in the 1940′s. I don’t know. I think that the people who are on the extreme opposite of this debate are purposely being irrational. Why not just compromise and show both a black American AND a white European wartime love sweetheart. .

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