South African Interracial Poster Sparks Controversy

by Thembi Ford

Apartheid only ended twenty years ago, so it’s no surprise that race continues to dominate political discourse in South Africa. The student wing of the Democratic Alliance Party put out a poster showing a black woman embracing a white man with the caption “In OUR future, you wouldn’t look twice.” The poster has drawn support from many young people, but anger from those who see the poster as “an abomination.”

Traditionalists on both sides of the racial divide object to the depiction of a half-nude interracial couple. Predictably, some pine for the old apartheid South Africa, with one commenter objecting that “we weren’t created to be a mixed race,” and another posting a blonde, white family with the comment “this is how it should be.”

On the other side of the fence are black leaders who find the image of a white man dominating a black woman offensive.

“The poster says, ‘Join the DA to have an affair with a white person,’” provincial secretary of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, Zet Luzipo, told the South African news service. “It entrenches the white supremacy that we fought against during the liberation struggle. We will not be excited with having an affair with a white person; we will not be enticed by that.”

To put things in context a bit, the Democratic Alliance is a centrist party that has grown in recent years and added a youth branch in 2008. This ad is meant to attract new members and increase political involvement of the university-aged set by appealing to the hope that one day tolerance will not be an issue. But along with that appeal, many of the advertisement’s detractors accuse the ad of being pornographic and inappropriate for its intended audience because of the implied nudity. Is that complaint just a cover for how uncomfortable this image makes people?

South Africa and the United States are the only countries that have had institutionalized racism in the past few decades, so I have to wonder how different, if at all, the reaction to an advertisement like this would be in America. My guess is not very.


What do you think?

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  • Kanyade

    I’d wager that the reaction here in the States would be the same. Had they used an interracial couple, fully-clothed, appearing as a couple, comfortable with one another, happy and in love then maybe the message would be better-sent. This only infers: in the future you won’t look twice at interracial couples having sex. Or something. It doesn’t quite work. I’ve seen this image before, used for interracial/multicultural hot and steamy romance novels… There, it is more appropriate.

  • Ayo Fashola

    This is interesting. I don’t know what to say? hmmmm. Its a bold way to get the message across as this is the VERY THING that European societies have tried to prevent for centuries on end. OMG! WOW! Its bold. It’s in your face. My thing is no matter their campaign, no matter their message. Thread lightly, thread slowly. What good is good intentions if it does harm in the end. Be wise. Be smart and at times, when it feels right and makes sense, BE BOLD.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    a black person with true self knowledge will have no interest in sexing a white….

  • Ayo Fashola

    This is interesting. I don’t know what to say? hmmmm. Its a bold way to get the message across as this is the VERY THING that European societies have tried to prevent for centuries on end. OMG! WOW! Its bold. It’s in your face. My thing is no matter their campaign, no matter their message. Thread lightly, thread slowly. What good is good intentions if it does harm in the end. Its best to sometimes be insidious. Wrap the message in something more palatable. With the highest HIV rate in that country, i’m not sure how good of an idea this is to be nude in this photo.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Wow its a very strong picture! I like it! I definitely think this would get better reception in the US!

  • LemonNLime

    With such a recent history of segregation, I am not surprised something like this would go over badly. Could you imagine an ad like that in the US 20 years after Jim Crow laws were repealed. Just as many people would be up in arms. I would like to think it would be different today at least not as many people would care.

    As an American, I’m really confused by South Africa and it makes me think about things I never really have. I was still an infant when the anti-apartheid movement was going on but like the writer said that was only 20 years ago. I am really curious with how black South Africans view SA now? Are things better? How do they view white South Africans? Sure, those white South Africans were born there but I feel like I would have a hard time saying they are actually from there. Honestly, I have a hard time even dealing with white South Africans of a certain age. I know it is bad but when I meet with them sometimes I wonder if they were some of the very same racist people and if they still feel that way but just keep it to themselves.

    It would be great if Clutch did more articles on the African diaspora, their conditions, issues, and lifestyles both the positive and negative. There are other things going on in the black community other than just relationship talk and Redtails craziness.

  • InnocentBystander

    I think it’s a beautiful picture. It’s just too bad that certain people (you know who you are) aren’t ready for it. But even if you aren’t, that is the direction that the world is going in and there isn’t one damned thing you can do to stop it, thank God!

  • Crunchy Con Mommy

    I think this ad would be more effective if 1.) like someone else pointed out, it were less sexual (put some clothes on the models and maybe have them do something in public, like hanging out at the beach or strolling a CapeTown vineyard or shopping at a market) and 2.) if it were part of a series-why not have more posters of a white woman and black man, and/or couples including at least one member of Indian or Asian descent(many people don’t know, but all non-whites were discriminated against under apartheid including a large number of SE Asian immigrants)?
    I think that would do a much better job of promoting their message-this ad alone is kind of weird and hard to understand their message in my opinion.

  • B.Payne

    I support it!

  • Orisha613


  • ruggie

    This is waaay inappropriate and too sexually charged for politics. It looks like an ad for “DASO” brand condoms.

  • random

    must you always say that?

  • Ronyelle

    That photo is freakin hot.

  • Aminah

    The image is doing it’s job. It’s meant to shock & get people talking. It succeeded. From an artistic standpoint the photo is visually striking.

  • Tumaini

    @ jamesfrmphilly – please explain…

  • DivineBrown

    I’m tired of all this IR propaganda PERIOD. Date someone or don’t date them why PROMOTE it? It’s because they want to cause tension, distrust, alienation, paranoia, bitterness, and resentment. IR is used as a WEAPON by whites. That is why blacks in IR are so damn tormented and in turn us it as a weapon against each other. WE get our cues from Whites. Stop this MADNESS. Again, I don’t care about IR. I’ve been in them damn self but I’m FURIOUS over the propaganda and how dumb blacks allow it to take over in the black community. Something so damn small made a big deal because of how it’s PROMOTED to us. There is never just an innocent IR relationship. Look at this site and check todays stories. One with the policemen in which clutch had to throw in “Where them white women at” in RED(so it stands out) acting like it’s not just a dumb police officer who got caught. Race and the “sweet nectar” had to come up since they can’t resist it, apparently. Then the constant coverage of Seal and Heidi’s relationship as if we give a damn. It’s this negative ENERGY that we react to, not the IR itself. Whites aren’t shown all this madness. They’re only shown our reactions to all this stuff being shoved down our throats.

    I don’t get mad over IR, I get mad over people wanting me to get mad over IR…that or making it seem like that solves anything. People are people…and some are WORSE(for different reasons). Hell outta my face with shit CRAP.

  • sli


    please don’t get him started

  • DivineBrown

    I can’t stand this IR propaganda! This is why people have issues with IR because they use it as a weapon. It’s always used to tell someone something and get people riled up or to “leave someone out”. No one has an issue with IR, itself. It’s the LIES and MYTHS. This is DISGUSTING. Don’t let young black girls see this! They are not your saviors. Just like black men won’t be your saviors. Date someone but don’t believe HYPE.

  • Nia

    I agree.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Sometimes in life, it is good to have predictability. Please keep being you. I know you’ll always have this comment whenever a story on interracial relationship comes up.

  • jamesfrmphilly


    if you think that you are a dog you will have no problem mating with dogs. you may even enjoy it. if someone teaches you that you are a lion and you realize that you are a lion you would automatically lose interest in dogs. you would seek another lion. that is why i say that a black person with true self knowledge will have no interest in mating with a white.

    when i became knowledgable of kamitic spirituality i lost interest in white people.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    South Africa is such a frustrating country. The end of apartheid was just the beginning.

    This is a country where (I refer to black South Africans as South Africans and the whites as Afrikaners):

    - a black person will probably be in power for the next 20 years
    - the black unemployment rate is almost 50%
    - whites make up 20% of the population, but own 80% of the wealth. During apartheid, they stripped South Africans of their rights to own property and restricted them to only 13% of the harshest land in SA.
    - blacks have an almost 0% savings rate, but the highest consumption rates. Money that ends up going into the white people’s hands
    - where whites feel slighted (and are vocal about it) that an affirmative action policy has been instituted. They feel slighted despite being aware of the decades of apartheid policy they benefited from, their sky high employment rate, and how much wealth they have and continue to accumulate
    - where whites are still racist, even very young ones
    - where there is enormous amount of self-hate and hatred for blackness in general
    - where South Africans blame other black people from other countries for their misfortune; giving a pass to the group that should be held accountable

    To be honest, SA depresses me. If you read and really understand how apartheid was instituted and enforced, it would make you weep. For example, the education policy during apartheid was to ensure that South Africans realize from childhood that they could not be equal with the Afrikaners. This education was not free and almost 50% of black South Africans did not get a formal education prior to the end of apartheid. They also had a separate labor code for South Africans with the sole purpose of frustrating their efforts to earn a living and keep them in a state of insecurity. As you can imagine, it would take decades and generations to undo this level of psychological trauma.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    @sli : LOL…….

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Yes, all non-whites were discriminated against, but to a different degree. They could go to school with whites, they just had to sit at the back and couldn’t enter the pool with the whites etc. Can you imagine how hard that would be for a child to understand? Sometimes, I cannot fathom the absolute cruelty of human beings, especially certain types.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “- whites make up 20% of the population, but own 80% of the wealth”

    whites must be expelled. the struggle continues.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “I cannot fathom the absolute cruelty of human beings, especially certain types”

    not everyone who you see is human……..some are devils

  • Mikegirl

    I hope you make sure your male counterparts get the memo. By your statement many bm men have checked out ages ago.

    With that, I dont have a problem with IR. That’s clear b/c I am married to a wm. Who cares. people will always find reasons to REMAIN miserable.

  • Mikegirl


  • LemonNLime

    I can only imagine how bad things were. Yesterday I was watching a documentary on PBS about it and I did just weep. I thought the footage of police during freedom marches was horrible but what I saw on TV yesterday was just horrific and the things you describe just make it worse!

    In a country where they are the majority why not just take everything back? I wonder if they have tried? Although that is easier said than done and taking into account the economic issues that would come with it, it’s probably not possible. Do they have inter-tribe problems too? Would that make things harder? Seriously so many questions, I have to do some serious research.

  • Christa

    As a black woman who is engaged to a white man, I happen to agree with the Thembi Ford. We can’t go out without getting the “stare down.” To top things off, I can name a follow times we received bad service at restaurants or even decline service by being ignored because people can hold their opinions about us. I don’t think it will be too much difference here in America. Overall we are will to fight it. While people taking time out of their busy schedule to get so damn offensive about,…….I’m happy……he’s happy…..and we sleeping at night.

  • KenyanGal

    it’s sad that south africa still has apartheid present in its blood on both the black and the white side and i say this coming from a country with serious tribal division and tension… the solution is to mix and socialize and see the good in each other… however if you continue only seeing the good in yourself it shows how sad you are as a human being to demean other people

    as for the poster, sex and politics don’t mix, especially in emotionally charged situations. the intentions of the poster have now turned from appreciating each other to procreation :-(

  • Robbie

    @James fromPhilly How can you say something like that? Love is love. You cannot help who you fall in love with. As a black woman, I truly don’t understand racist comments like yours, and I do know my past. I choose to not dwell in the things of the past and move on. We cannot blame or hate all white people for things that their ancestors did and for what their fellow counterparts are doing today. I don’t see color and my friends reflect my love for people regarding their color. Four of my closest friends are married to white men and they are happily married. One of my white girlfriends recently married a AA man. I was so happy for her because she is my friend, I love her and wanted to show her my support. What is wrong with that? Man you need to relax and let go of the resentment.

    As far as I am concerned, I love it!!!! Want to see more of it.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    @Robbie : who you love is a political statement. i am not open to non black people.
    that is a decision i have made based on knowledge. my mind controls my gonads.
    i am not a helpless dog to mate with the first female in heat. i have no interest in those who oppress my people. if you know who you are, you will not do certain things.
    i don’t eat meat and i don’t deal with white lovers.

  • Dollie

    Anybody that doesn’t understand why this Ad is offensive to South Africans is really ill-informed on the history of the region. Google apartheid and South Africa together and you will see some of the most horrible atrocities perpetrated by European whites against Africans ever. Stop with the colorism: the art of being racist and/or color blind without acknowledging the effects or bigotry and racism (which is the new racism and ignorance that black and white people are doing now). Just because some of you posters are down with interracial relationships doesn’t mean that others in different areas of the world are ready to embrace your new found love for their former oppressors. And as African-Americans who we to tell anybody to get over the pain of injustice, for sake of our selfish feelings. I support the brothers and sisters of South Africa in this because 1994 wasn’t to long ago.

  • Dollie

    People are upset with the sexuality of this “idea of race relations” there were a million ways to get the point across. Iike a black and whit kid holding hands etc
    During the freedom fighting many Black women were raped during illegal interrogations by white officers no one wants to see this image of this white male about to “screw” this black woman as the image of “freedom”

  • linda

    I never understood S.A.(and all of Africa?) and what went on there. Those whites were/are outnumbered by Black Africans and yet apartheid and colonianism went on for centuries????? How???? How do Africans answer for this? And after apartheid ended(by whites?) the whites were allowed to stay in S.A.even wealthier and more secure?HOW??????

  • Dollie

    Time heals all wounds, however the depicting this picture, in this manner does not improve race relations it fractures them. Those Africans are still carrying the mental, physical, and spiritual scares of what the Afrikans (whites that are born in South Africa or have colonized the area). Eighteen years thats all it’s been we aren’t talking 80 yrs. By the way race relations and sex relations are two different thing, that poster/AD doesn’t look like they are about to go out build up the South Side of Cape Town Habitat for Humanity style, does it? I guarantee you that 20 years after World War II the Jew’s wouldn’t be to happy to see a Poster/Ad of a member of the Third Reich all boo’d up with somebody’s fine Jewish daughter in front of a concentration camp talking about lets squash the beef and go get a Heineken. By the way sister you can love who love, but don’t be surprised/shocked that everybody in South Africa and North America are not down with swirl.

  • Robbie

    Thank God some of us are not like you and don’t see color, otherwise, my girlfriends would still be single and waiting on a black man. I am glad they did it because I can see how truly happy they are, and how these men are treating them like queens.
    It is how you choose to live, it is your choice but I choose to live my life differently. I cherish my black friends just as much I cherish my white friends. Why complicate life over race matters?

  • apple

    i dont see the problem with it, but then again i’m not from south africa so idkkk

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Robbie: While I don’t agree with James here, I have to ask you to stop with the ‘I don’t see color’ nonsense. Are people still using this stupid line? You don’t see color, but saw enough to note who your friends married.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Lemon & Linda:

    They came with guns while “we” were fighting with spears. We were talking peace, they were pretending to talk peace and then struck. In short, “we” underestimated (a running theme) the magnitude of evil in some people.

    Land appropriation would not work – e.g. Zimbabwe. First of all, the international community would not support it (e.g. Zimbabwe) and secondly, since they own 80% of the wealth and most of the technical know-how due to years of under-educating everyone else, the country would be economically devastated. I do think the ANC has done something right: South Africa has some of the toughest laws with regard to outflows of money out of the country.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    *meant to respond here:

    Lemon & Linda:

    They came with guns while “we” were fighting with spears. We were talking peace, they were pretending to talk peace and then struck. In short, “we” underestimated (a running theme) the magnitude of evil in some people.

    Land appropriation would not work – e.g. Zimbabwe. First of all, the international community would not support it (e.g. Zimbabwe) and secondly, since they own 80% of the wealth and most of the technical know-how due to years of under-educating everyone else, the country would be economically devastated. I do think the ANC has done something right: South Africa has some of the toughest laws with regard to outflows of money out of the country.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Great comment Dollie. I have enjoyed sampling the men the world has to offer, but I cannot superimpose my context on another group of people. The history is fresh and the pain deep.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    sisters : if you chose to lay down with dogs do not be surprised if you catch fleas…..

  • Marie

    “whites make up 20% of the population, but own 80% of the wealth.”

    The whites make 9% of the population, coloureds make up 9% and other make up 2.5%. It makes the 80% of wealth owned by the whites even more horrible.

  • new moon

    Someone I know said this, and after thinking on it, it could be true: the white man wishes to dillute the black race, ensuring that years and years down the line the black race will be no more. So they push and push and shove this IR propaganda on us….and it hasn’t been very hard to do. Sooner or later we will all be light skinned or white, thinking as they do, conducting ourselves as they do, and most important have most of their blood flowing through our bodies. Now thats the ultimate genocide.
    I really don’t know about all that. But I know that we are being fooled into thinking that dating outside our race is somehow the golden key to happiness, thus saving us from our pathetic selves. NO. Racial solidarity is the key to black race ruling this God forsaken world. Hello black people! I think that that photo is inappropriate for S.A considering the atrocities commited againt black people by the so called white savior. Not kosher

  • Ronyelle

    Racial purity ideals, conspiracy theories and resentment over losing “our” women. That is a pretty potent mix for someone to carry in their head and heart.

  • DivineBrown

    @new moon
    The goal isn’t necessarily to make us all turn white or light. There are too many dark people for that to truly happen, especially in Africa. Also, darkness resurfaces. The goal is to keep us divided because the products of these mixed raced people are usually put above the authentic people. They’re given positions of power over them and treated better. Wealth stays amongst them. The goal is to always have a buffer small “mixed race” elite that resides over the majority of darker people who will be the permanent underclass. Everywhere you go, the originals(darker people) are poverty stricken. They only need a very small group to keep this system in place. They can’t divide wealth and prestige amongst larger groups. It’s the same old story of the very small minority ruling the majority. That’s the plan. And as you can see, people PROTECT these mixed raced people with their lives so it’s hard to change the system. This can’t last forever though. Even Simba came back to take his rightful place at the throne.

    When something is not your true birthright, it’s short-lived. But so long fake people can pretend.

  • Chnyere

    u may be right if this was in the states, but this is a completely different situation they look at sexuality differently

  • Robbie

    @TheBestAnonEver. Ok I hear you. I did not know that was offensive, I was just trying to make the point that love is what it is wheter black, white, yellow etc… to James. As far as my friends are concerned as long as they are happy, I am happy. That all that matters.

    @James From Philly, I cannot take you seriously anymore. I am moving on.

  • Guest


    “when the whites came to africa we had the land and they had the bible. they asked us to close our eyes and pray with them, and when we opened ou eyes we had the bible and they had the land”
    –Desmond Tutu–

  • http://London London

    Some of the comments sound really offensive and why compare us to animals I thought those days are gone when instead of a doctor we had a vet thought America was meant to be way ahead of the uk, my mistake :)

  • Tonton Michel

    Never understood why some people tied improved race relations to IR couples. Different ethnic groups have been screwing each other for centuries and it has not changed the tension between races when it comes to the oppressed and then oppressor. Freedom, respect, civility, and humanity is not created from a libido. Its a lazy way of expressing racial harmony.

  • LemonNLime

    Agreed very true. Sometimes we must look outside of our own cultural experience and comfort zone in order to try and understand the experiences of others.

  • new moon

    @DivineBrown, you make very intersting points. Especially the fact that mixed race people are put on pedistal above authentic black people. Black people perperpectuate this thinking and mindset, especially rappers.
    We do agree that the push for IR is definatley rooted in politics, money, and power. That’s all, not tolerance or love.

  • Isis

    Yes!!!.@ db everything u said.

  • leonard smalls

    Only the assimilationist negro would promote such an agenda. Of note here, is the fact that there wasn’t rioting in the streets. Non-African’s should be subjugated as other countries do with their aliens. Only the assimilationist negro would seek embrace the heirs of his masters. However, I am surprised that others are suprised.

  • Ravi

    If having sex with white men was progress for black women, then slavery and colonialism would have to be the golden age of black history. I never understood why our progress was measured using the # of IR sex couples as opposed to things like the academic achievement gap, the disparity of wealth, political representation, discriminatory law enforcement and incarceration rates, disparity of unemployment, discriminatory housing practices, etc.

    Maybe the poster would have been more meaningful if the imagined future pictured a black woman as a powerful business woman or professor giving a lecture. That seems like the future people were dying and getting raped for.

  • From Tokyo

    As a woman originally from the South, I hope others in Philly aren’t as ignorant as you, racist. Oh wait, by saying that did I lump an entire group of people together? Oh, pardon me. Some people online, if you changed around what they were saying, would sound just like a white supremacist. Good job, people. Keep trying to hold on to the old hate, the old ignorance, the old prejudice, and therefore make sure it stays renewed amongst small-minded people like you. Same ole, same ole. Racists blacks and racist whites are exactly alike but refuse to see their similarity. Laughingly ironic.

  • From Tokyo


    However, given the different political climate and history there as opposed to somewhere else I can definitely see how it could offend. I think it’s interesting given the source, but there could’ve been a better way to get their point across. Maybe a picture of an interracial family would have been far better. They had to know that image would incite controversy.

    If it would have been a black man with a white woman perhaps the reaction would have been the same there but I wonder in the U.S.

    -_- ……. Actually I just remembered how sick I am of this issue. I guess my Christian family background that taught me that humans are humans isn’t the reality for so many.

  • From Tokyo

    I see your point!

  • From Tokyo

    I can identify with what you said. For my fiancé and myself, we’ve only been together in Japan and given that the population is 99%+ Japanese who likely don’t care about interracial relationships not involving Japanese we’ve yet to experience those things. However, when we’re together stateside I’m going to remember what a incredible human being I’m with and disregard the ignorance of people who don’t know or care about me. I do that anyway, though, because those same people who would judge would treat you badly for some other reason as well.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    having no interest in mating with a white does not make me racist, it makes me human…….

  • Zaza

    Think people are missing the message the creators intended.
    It’s not ‘interracial relationships equals good race relations’ it’s, as the caption says,(“In OUR future, you wouldn’t look twice.”), that a society that doesn’t SEE interracial relationships as worthy of ‘looking twice’=a big deal or ‘wrong’, is one with good race relations.

    Coming from a south african background I know it still makes people heads turn to see a interracial couple(not necessarily in a bad way,probably just in surprise) so the poster makes a valid point.

    And undeniably, the photo especially in South Africa is eyecatching, and once the viewer’s eye is caught, then they can absorb the message in the caption. Poster= Job done. Don’t really see the problem here…

    Before people start getting all angry and het up , actually read and understand what you’ve read.

  • Ravi

    I understood that to be the posters message, but my point remains the same. People weren’t dying and getting raped to bring about a future where the type of sexual relationships displayed here wouldn’t get a second look. Progress = ending oppression and white supremacy, not having a colorblind society when it comes to dating.

  • Bren

    I think the poster is inappropriate not because it contains a black and white interracial couple (I’m a proud supporter) but because it does seem to be pornographic if the true message is to recruit employees from a diverse ethnic background. Maybe having them hold hands while wearing a DA uniform would have made more sense.

  • Bren

    You’re hilarious!

  • jamesfrmphilly

    why not kill the whites and take black land back?
    oh, can’t, you’re sleeping with them.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    who you are willing to sex is a political decision..

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “Progress = ending oppression and white supremacy”

    yes, but a lot of black people love white supremacy……

  • Syng

    Actually, the way that feuding nationalities, races, ethinicities have historically been brought together is through the intergration of the newer generation by marriage. Separtism, or segregation is imposed upon the youth who ultimately will reject it, has rejected it and will continue to do so. You have to BREED out racism as well as using social intergration of diverse people to combat it. When people are your neighbors, attend your church, work with you on a daily basis on equal terms, you see them as a human being, a part of your community and are apt to defend them and reject the stereotypes or racist retoric. God has made us to be one people. He had dictated it in how he created us. Cats and Dogs cannot reproduce as one, nor any other animal of a different species. Human beings of every ethnicity, race or nationality can mate and procreate. The more races mix the more beautiful the children of these unions become. It is the beautification of the human race. I am so sick of people trying to hold on to the HATE, the ANGER, the IGNORANCE of those generations before us. We are supposed to improve, better ourselves as a people, make right the past and move forward. THIS POSTER IS BEAUTIFUL,just ABSOLUTELY LOVELY. KEEP UP THE MESSAGE! I appaud you!

  • Ravi

    How well did your theory work during slavery. They carried out massive breeding campaigns. when they define whiteness based on purity, you can’t breed out racism. non mixed whites will still maintain their power. name one nation colonized by europeans where breeding has ever solved anything.

  • luise

    are you only against interracial relationships between between black and white people or can a black person get with an indian person, chinese, mexican, mixed race etc

  • jamesfrmphilly

    when you know who you are and what you are you will lose interest in mixing.
    lions don’t breed with hyenas, they kill them.

  • Syng

    In reading your message, it really seemed as if you missed the whole point. It isn’t saying that the progress of a Black woman is shown by her ability to have sex with a white man. NOT AT ALL. The message is about intimacy and love for one another. Looking at this, I see adoration and sensuality. The rape and brutalization of Black women or Native Americans (let’s not forget the pails they endured, include forced labor in the cotton fields along side of Africans as slaves as well) during slavery, post emancipation, Jim Crow, lynching era right up through the Civil Rights movement has a profound significance in the truly loving union of interracial relationships. Loving vs. Virginia was the case that ended the criminalization of interracial unions in the United States. A white man who fell in love with a Black woman and married her, was imprisoned and ultimately fought to overturn that law, winning against all odds. It’s a story of LOVE, not his desire to subjugate or exercise white supremacy.

    All of the things you mentioned could be depicted, but they are things that we already see and do not evoke the visceral distain that an interracial couple continues to do. I’m a Black American woman, a professional with 3 college degrees including a Masters. We have an interracial President which is the product of a union that was once illegal under the anti-miscegenation laws in 38 states in this grand country. The inequities you mentioned are a byproduct of the racism upon which this country was built. But it was man who made it. Mankind creates hatred, discrimination, poverty…born from attitudes that place value on one race over the other and thus the inequities ensue. So this takes me back to the fact that integration, interracial relationships both intimate and just throughout the common interaction of people leads to empathy, understanding of injustice, righteous indignation and revolutions for change. Everything isn’t about white men trying to evoke their supremacy over Black women, or Black men trying aspiring to display their equal value to white men by dating white women.

    It really is a matter of looking beyond that status quo White oppressor vs. Black victimization mentality. It’s time to move forward with more than a one demensional way of perceiving the issue of race relations.

  • Syng

    Ravi, your comment started with slavery, so where is the legitimacy of your argument?

    Breeding during slavery was not a campaign against racism, it was to increase the work force for the plantation owners for higher levels of productivity on their land and estate. There is no comparison of the two. Try to progress beyond the slave mentality to have a progressive conversation about race relations, especially interracial relationships.

    MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPENED SINCE SLAVE DAYS that you could reflect on and pull from to engage in this discussion.

  • Syng

    Ravi you have such a superficial view and are asserting a declaration that you know why people died…people ABSOLUTELY DID die due to loving and taking the risk to love interracially. As I mention to you in my latter response, a lot of time passed since slavery so you need to broaden your point of reference. You do those who died daring to love interracial a great injustice and disrespect by flippantly denying the ultimate sacrifice they made for love. Equality is all encompassing. ALL ENCOMPASSING. It isn’t just confined to economics.

  • Ravi

    I see the intimacy but the message does not speak of love. Maybe if it was some wedding photo, you would be able to make such a claim. a naked embrace speaks of sex. I don’t think I missed the point at all. It’s not a secret. Implicit in showing a desired future involving a black woman in a sexual relationship with a white man is that such relations are progress. the fact that the normalization of such sexual relationships represents any sort of progress for black people anywhere demonstrates the internalization of our oppression. I’m not sure why you brought up the Loving case given it has nothing to do with my point. I never said that Mr. Loving was attempting to subjugate anyone. But, since you brought it up, in what way did the Loving case do anything for civil rights? Did it help to end the academic achievement gap? Did it reduce the number of black people under the poverty line? The only thing it did was give black people the ability to marry white people. How does that end our oppression? In any case, this picture has nothing to do with the Loving case. It’s not depicting an IR wedding. Sex and love are not the same thing; sex is on display here.

    Interracial sexual relations don’t lead to empathy, understanding of injustice, or any of the other positive externalities that you name. This is an assertion that has no basis in reality. Such sexual relations existed in slavery and masters and none of these good things resulted. Additionally, colonialists have been having sex with women of color all around the world for many centuries. When has this ever resulted in racism going away. This is a figment of your imagination. It has never happened and never will. This is some sort of Monster’s Ball fantasy that racism can be cured through the power of black pussy. Racism exists because differences, human greed, and finite resources exist. As long as we have these three things, there will always be isms of some sort, whether based on class, race, religion, gender, etc. The only way to combat it is through empowering disenfranchised groups, not sex with those in power. I never said everything was about white men exerting supremacy over black women. you completely mischaracterized my argument.

    my statement about slavery was a refutal of your argument. it points out the lack of legitimacy of your point. if any sort of progress was to be made from IR sexual relationships, then it would have happened during slavery when such sex was prevalent. the reason for the sex is not material to my point. my point is that sex with the oppressor has never led to an end to oppression. Slavery was but a single example of this. You have yet to point to an example that shows that oppression has been overcome by breeding. the concept would be laughable if not so steeped in the mentality of oppression.

    it’s funny that you bring up the slave mentality when you seem to be victim of it. I don’t think you understand what the slave mentality is. slave mentality is not seeing the relevance of slavery in contemporary issues. The slave mentality is possessing the mentality of slaves, which I could argue you possess. if you want to have an intelligent conversation, try not to rely so much on ad hominems and try sticking to the actual points of contention. better yet, understand the point that the other person is making so you can dispense with the straw man arguments and misdirected rhetoric.

  • Ravi

    i’m not sure you know what superficial means either. superficial does not equate to not agreeing with what you say. if you are going to make such assertions, you should probably make an actual argument as to why, or else you are just making more ad hominems. my perspective is overly broad if anything. the fact that you can’t seem to include slavery in your perspective makes you the narrow one. try broadening your perspective to include all relevant parts of history instead of conveniently leaving out something so significant as slavery. People were not dying and being raped to be able to have sex with white people. in order to prove me wrong then you would need to actually cite an example of someone dying in the battle to end apartheid that died for such a thing. in any case, my point was, that was not what the struggle was about. ending apartheid was the struggle, not let’s get to have sex with white people. I never said it was confined to economics. more straw man arguments i suppose. You really should make a better attempt to understand someone’s argument. it makes it difficult to have a discussion when you keep screwing up my points. please read what I write carefully before trying to make a counterargument.

    and did you really just accuse me of making assertions about knowing why people died and then follow up with your own assertion about knowing why people died in the exact same sentence? smh, you can’t have it both ways. my assertions are no less valid than yours and mine actually have some basis in history and reality.

  • Anon

    Amen. That’s the damn truth. IR promotes white hegemony – ethnic and phenotype cleansing/genocide.

  • Lady T

    I find it funny when a black woman and white man is the focus black folks start commenting how silly it is for IR relations are and how society is pushing it on us. I don’t see the same comments toward the seal and heidi and ice t stories. hmmmm.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    @ravi ……great post!

  • luise

    thank you.
    i am fed up of people like jamesfrmphilly who probably have no problem seeing ir between a black man and white woman but when balck women step out of their race, all hell breaks lose and we are the one who are self hating and sleeping with the enemy.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    asked and answered : i am opposed to black PEOPLE mixing. that is male and female.
    please come up with a netter argument than that.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    often non entity white women marry black men with wealth and end up with much or all of the money (kobe?). black wealth is transferred into the white community via sex.

    can anyone point out to me instances where white money is transferred into the black community via interracial relationships?

  • ruggie

    @Chnyere – From what I understand, SA is a largely Christian nation with conservative sexual values and high rates of sexual violence.

    So please explain what you mean by “they view sex differently” and how a sexually-charged political poster like this would be received in SA vs. the US. It seems incredibly inappropriate, and I’m not just saying this as a puritanical American.

  • Syng

    Ravi, you are very closed minded and your response is the epitome of tunnel vision. What I have learned from you is that perception and point of reference can either allow you to appreciate a message for the positive statement it is making or project a plethora of deeply ingrained social woes to the extent that you not only miss the message, but implicate a completely false message of degradation upon it.

    You definition of slave mentality is self serving. I am clearly cognizant of the meaning of superficial, as I appropriately applied it to your arguments. Clearly you didn’t like that, but rarely is the case that someone does. Your assertion of a more fatalistic, irrelevance of interracial relationships only is a clear portrayal of your lack of experience, inability to comprehend or blatant distain towards acknowledging the historically factual role that interracial relations have played in the civil rights movement. If you don’t see how Loving vs. Virginia contributed to the civil rights movement, it is because you are choosing not to recognize it. That is like saying you don’t know how Brown vs. Board of Education contributed to the civil rights movement, or Roe vs. Waid had no significance to women’s rights. It is an intentional ignorance merely for the benefit of not yielding to an idea other than your own. This again speaks to your tunnel vision. I also think that you mean to condescend throughout your messages as if YOU can TEACH me how to express a point, which by way of your message was humorous, since you did not even do as you insist I must in order to make a point. There is nothing of relevance that you can teach me. I am well aware of all the societal woes you indicated with blaring redundancy. Besides, I did clearly indicated that I am American and I was speaking from the point of view of a Black American, referencing an era in American history a bit more contemporary… and I stated a battle that happened and was won. Perhaps your anger kept you from seeing that.

    All the other social economical injustices and inequities OBVIOUSLY exist. Obviously. But it really seems like you want to attach them all to an image of two people who I see as being in love…a wedding picture means in love to you…again, a bit superficial. I was in love with my husband way before we got married. Our pictures taken before that certainly showed it. I also think there is a puritanical element to your inability to see this intimate image of these two seemingly nude people embracing as something other than sex….but that is a WHOLE OTHER ISSUE of a particular mind set.

    I don’t agree with what you said, I never will. I think you wrote very one sided responses out of feelings of offense and desperation to beat into me your point of view, rather than with clarity or true contemplation of diverse ideas. Period. People perceive things differently based on their points of reference. I don’t throw all of the world’s racial inequities upon an image or close my mind to understanding that a depiction may just be what they are saying, which is ” In OUR future you wouldn’t look twice.” I do believe we as a society are working towards that. I’m afraid this correspondence has exhausted itself and I have grown quite bored with it. I will no longer view any further comments. It would be a waste of my time. I do hope for your sake that you learn to expand your mind and understanding of historical events and their significance in interracial relations.

  • Dione

    Ravi you do seem really angry. I see both you an Syng’s point. Although I think Syng is right. I don’t think you are really looking at the poster and it’s message. You are reading all this stuff into it and thats wrong. I’m with Zaza, I don’t think people need to get heated about it. But I guess that is the point of this poster,people still feel very strongly about interracial stuff. Syng you communicate really well and I can tell are an intelectual, humanitarian type person who is used to dealing with different races. I think Ravi is probably around mainly blacks so in her defense she may not understand. You made a better arguement that was directly related to the poster. Ravi you were all over the place and trying to give a leason on debating, but you actually lost the arguement. You remind me of Mit Romney at the debate when he was losing the arguement he reverted to saying to rules of the debate! Next time you may just want to stick to talking about what the point is, cause all that other stuff made it seem like you couldn’t give a good answer. I think Syng and Zaza are right on point.

  • Dione

    jamesfrmphilly Lions and Hyenas are two different species. Humans aren’t.

  • Dione

    Southern Poverty Law Center. Direct example.

  • Ravi


    once again with the ad hominems. saying that I’m close-minded does nothing but reveal your own ignorance and inability to have an intelligent discussion. moreover, you can’t even say why I’m close-minded. for your convenience, I’m going to actually share with you a definition for close-minded in the hopes that you will actually be able to use the term properly next time:

    Intolerant of the beliefs and opinions of others; stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas.

    I have certainly not displayed any intolerance of anyone’s opinion. I may not agree with the things you have to say, but I’m always ready to accept new ideas. You on the other hand replied to my ideas with consistently mischaracterizing my points and attacks on my credibility. I think you might be projecting a bit with your assertions of close-mindedness.

    If that’s what you think you have learned from me then you still haven’t learned the most important thing — to actually identify what it is that I’m trying to say. My definition of slave mentality is accurate and no less self serving than your definition. Upon what authority do you attack the definition I provided? In order to refute my definition, maybe you should google the term and see if you can find inconsistencies. Here is one conceptualization of slave mentality:

    my definition is quite consistent with this idea of slave mentality.

    The reason why I don’t think you know the definition of superficial is because it hardly applies to anything I’ve said. If anything, I’m reading too much into the poster. An assertion that my analysis of this poster is superficial or that anything I’ve said is superficial is inconsistent with the meaning of the word. I’m quite on the other end of the spectrum. A more valid criticism would be to call me some sort of conspiracy theorist (not true either but it at least would have made sense).

    My assertion of the irrelevance of interracial sex is what this discussion has been about from the beginning. This is one of the key points you seem not to be able to grasp. Interracial sex has long been used by imperialists to further subjugate the oppressed. This is well documented history. For you to refute my assertions that interracial sex is useless to ending oppression, you would actually need to construct an argument that has some basis in history or reality. You still haven’t done this. The only thing you seem capable of is spewing more insults and complain about condescension.

    The Loving case has done nothing to end the oppression of black people in this country. It merely gave us the ability to marry white people. It did nothing to change any of the aspects of oppression that can be observed and or measured. What impact has this had on white supremacy and the system of white privilege that exists in this country? I’m waiting for an actual argument here, not more insults.

    I have no tunnel vision and I’m very open to new ideas; you just don’t seem willing to put forth an actual argument. I never said I was trying to teach you a thing. I put information out there but it is you job to learn something. If you are not capable of learning something, that’s a personal problem. your assertions of a battle won are funny. what battle have you won? you still have yet to put forth an actual argument. Is it that you don’t know the difference between making conclusory statements and an actual argument?

    I never said that a wedding picture was the only way to demonstrate love. That is, once again, your inability to understand my point. seeing explicit sexual undertones to a nude embrace is not puritanical, it’s called not being blind. you would have to be blind to not see the sexual aspects of this. for you to say that it necessarily shows love is what is at issue. There is nothing in this picture that suggests that the two people are in love. sex does not equal love and if they wanted to remove the sexual aspects of the picture, they could have given them some clothes. this picture could have just as easily been from an IR porn film as a loving couple. There is nothing to distinguish it as love as opposed to a purely sexual situation.

    I didn’t attach social economic injustices to this picture. once again, you don’t get what my point is.

    my intention is not to get you to agree with what I said. I don’t have a problem conversing with someone that does not share my views. I wish I could say the same about you. the fact that you cannot understand or tolerate a perspective that you do not share indicts you of all of the things you are accusing me of. I never told you that I didn’t understand your perspective. I, in fact, do. My problem with your messages is that you continuously mischaracterize my arguments. You just don’t seem to get anything that I’m typing. It’s sad really, because all you would have to do is ask for clarification instead of revealing your own close-mindedness (notice the appropriate application of the term) and ignorance. you do close your mind to alternative ways of interpreting this image. anything that is not wholly positive about the poster, you seem incapable of understanding. you can usually tell who is narrow or close-minded in a situation based on who starts calling the other person close-mined first. Not agreeing with someone doesn’t make them close-minded, calling someone close-minded for not agreeing with you makes you close-minded.

    I’m not surprised by your getting bored by conversations with people that don’t agree with you. most people aren’t capable of having such conversations. I guess everyone can’t be educated.

    “Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.”

  • Ravi


    not the slightest bit angry. not sure why you think so, but I assure you that you are the one reading too much into things. I am really looking at the poster and it’s message, I’m simply disagreeing with you on what message is being delivered.

    Ravi is a him, not a her, and I currently go to the University of Virginia which is overwhelmingly white. I’m in the business school and law school which are both less than 7% black. What were you saying about reading too much into things?

    How did exactly did I lose a debate? is it even possible to lose a debate on an internet message board? Maybe the problem is that you think debates are something to keep score on. This is simply an exchange of ideas. My advice on how to argue was given because Syng consistently kept screwing up my points and offered little in the way of an actual argument. Your insistence that I’m all over the place pretty much let’s me know that you simply didn’t understand my arguments either. But I am always open to a different interpretation — what was my point? If you didn’t understand what I was talking about then it seems odd that you can declare a winner in a non-existent competition. I’ll try to keep it simpler in the future for those of you that are having difficulty following.

    I always stick to the point, maybe in the future you should learn to understand what people are saying so you can make an intelligent contribution as opposed to adding to the ignorance of Syng.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    humans and demons are……

  • Thomas

    Syng YOU’RE AWESOME and very intelligent. You sited a law case about an interracial relationship that I didn’t even know happened. I looked it up. It did change America. How crazy is it that the people that ended it being illegal to marry interracially was named LOVING. Richard and Mildred Loving. The wife was half African and Native American the husband was white. They actually were put in JAIL! That’s crazy.

    Thank you for sharing with us that information. Ravi I don’t know if you are American or not but if you are, all that stuff you wrote about black oppression, without knowing a landmark civil rights case makes you look really dumb. You actually seem kind of racist really.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    southern poverty law center transfers wealth into the black community?
    please explain.

  • Ravi

    @ thomas

    assuming that I never heard of the Loving case makes you look dumb. I have heard of it. I first heard of the case when I saw the movie back in 1996. the fact that you are just now hearing about the case makes you look incredibly uneducated. The fact that you didn’t understand that I already knew about the case based on what I wrote before makes you look illiterate.

    try again thomas. next time you send a message, I suggest you asking questions about the things you aren’t sure about before making silly assumptions and sticking your foot in your mouth. smh. you guys are coming out of the wood work today.

  • Ravi

    *I suggest asking questions

  • jamesfrmphilly

    this is an example of stockholm syndrome in full effect. attacking black people in defense of a white lover. in order to lay with a white man a black female must first lose her mind. when your mind is blown and you are unable to think clearly you cannot follow a logical argument.

  • jamesfrmphilly


    “Loving vs. Virginia contributed to the civil rights movement”

    if you think mating with a white person equals civil rights, i feel sorry for you

  • Ravi


    to be fair, it could be considered a civil right, but I don’t think it had any positive impact on alleviating oppression or white supremacy. It could be argued that even it set us back. civil rights does not equal equality or ending oppression.

  • luise

    wow jamesfrmphilly i feel so sorry for you, i can’t imagine having so much hatred inside of me. are you serious when calling white people demons? so you mean to say every white person is guilty until proven innocent? it must suck every time you see a black woman with a white man. sad thing is people in those relationships don’t care about people like you and probably don’t give you a second thought but that is all you do.
    Get a life and stop making assumptions about people you don’t know you sad little man. No one cares. I can just imagine you living in the uk where 45% of black Caribbean males are in interracial relationships and mix race is considered a race of its own.

    the world is changing mate get with the times:)

  • nnaattaayy

    “People weren’t dying and getting raped to bring about a future where the type of sexual relationships displayed here wouldn’t get a second look.”

    Great point

    I think the enslaved Africans would be very alarmed if they saw this poster

  • Haffie

    @jamesfromphilly, toucher u better come up with a better explanation cuz Luise got you on that one…..

  • Monica

    OH WOW!!! I stumbled on this article working on a research paper about how interracial relationships are viewed in different countries. I am really shocked by what I am reading. There seems to be an outright hatred of the depiction of interracial love by some people on here. I am amazed in 2012 how tightly some of you are holding on to issues of slavery. I appreciate Ravi speaking of the plight of the black community that is certainly a byproduct of slavery. But I don’t hear Syng denying any of that at all. I think it is pretty clear in what she writes that she is aware of these injustices and she is about people moving forward in love. But also do you not recognize the work done between diverse races together during the civil rights movement is what has allowed for Black Americans to have the opportunities that they have now? Syng is right, I’m sorry but she is totally telling the truth. You make a one sided argument and not a very good one at that. You do seem angry and bitter. How does this type of attitude help the Black community?

    Jamesfrmphilly please stop embarrassing yourself with your white devil crap.

  • Ravi

    coming with attacks on my character make you seem angry and bitter. I’m neither and I challenge you to show how I have demonstrated otherwise. I also challenge you to find how my argument is one-sided or in any way less than good. it’s easy to say someone doesn’t have a good argument, but a bit more difficult to actually say why that is the case.

    i never said Syng denied the injustices of the past, that’s not what the argument was about. I think you might need to do a slightly closer reading of what was stated so you can see what the real points of contention are. Syng isn’t speaking the truth, she is speaking her opinion, as am I. you do understand that this is not so much about truth as perspectives on a poster.

    as a teacher/coach/mentor of black children for over a decade and a longtime student of the academic achievement gap, my attitudes and how they help the black community aren’t in question. How this ad will help South Africa is what the discussion is about. there isn’t a lot that you are liable to come up with that concerning the civil rights movement that I’m not already aware of. I’ve kind of been studying it since the early nineties.

    so if you want to actually engage in an intelligent conversation about the topic with someone that doesn’t necessarily agree with you, then holler at me with out the attacks. otherwise, I suppose you are just another person that can’t engage in civil discourse when someone doesn’t agree with you.

  • Sheera

    I wonder whether this would’ve been received differently if it were a Black man and a White woman. I know that this advertisement in the States would’ve caused controversy and people would’ve run the gamut from ‘it doesn’t matter’ to ‘this is outrageous.’

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “are you serious when calling white people demons?”
    “Jamesfrmphilly please stop embarrassing yourself with your white devil crap”

    i think it was malcolm that said the devil is the one who is giving you hell.
    if white people are giving black people hell that makes them the devil.

    where is the wealth of africa going? white people have stolen it. diamond, gold, minerals.
    where is the opportunity in america? every time there is a move for equal opportunity white people squash it. the white people of today are giving black people hell.

    in order to sex a white person you must first lose your black mind. those who are in bed with white people cannot see what i am saying. it is a mental illness. they even have a name for it, stockholm syndrome.

    btw : i have not studied the CRM, i lived it. i was there and i know what happened.
    yes, there were whites who fought and died. they did not do so in order to get some sex. black liberation is not sleeping with a white. black liberation is about owning our own resources. how does sexing a white get our land back?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    as a boy in spotsylvania county va, i can tell you we were much more concerned with stopping whites from killing us. we were not looking to sex them. any one who thinks it was a civil right to marry a white person is not on the same level. i think the blacks of today just do not understand.

  • Robbie

    @Sherra, It would have cause an uproar. Remenber the Vogue Magazine sport issue with Lebron James and supermodel Gisele? How about actress Nicolette Sheridan with a black ball player? Both ladies where dressed, well Nicolette was wearing a towel. That commerical appeared during a previous Super Bowl. Cannot remember the year. It touched a really sensitive cord for many . Many people here or abroad simply don’t want black and white in IR relationship, wheter male or female. When it comes to relationship, you gotta do what works for you. The image is provocative and it could have been done with taste and sensitivity in mind. At the end, they got what they wanted. People are indeed talking about it.

  • Robbie

    @james fromPhily pThere is a lot of people like me that come from a mix background. I mean white and black. Don’t be mad at us. Accept us for who we are because we love you too. Please don’t tell me that I do not know my history. It is because I am part of this history between a white man and a black woman that I am here today. And yes, I am black.

  • chinaza

    What’s the furore about? It’s a kinda-romantic picture of an inter-racial couple.Nothing new for most people or their families.
    Racism won’t stop this nor will this stop racism.
    Moving on…

  • chinaza

    And that’s the point of the poster.That this depiction should just be natural and routine in the human story. Not remarkable or controversial.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “I am black” — all you do is argue against a black man. you do not want black people to recover our land and our wealth. you just want to sex with a white guy. white people got the most and black people got the least. what you think about that, black women?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    the greatest trick the evil ever did was to make people think that he did not exist….

  • jamesfrmphilly

    the greatest trick the devil ever did…….

  •!/TheKMichel K. Michel

    I don’t see why people are making this into a “Black” vs. “White” thing. Obviously, it’s “old school” vs. “new school” and in South Africa, much of the youth seems to be on board with this ad.

    Whoever said that an ad like this wouldn’t be a big deal in the US is mistaken. Heads would roll.

    Still, the sexually charged nature of this photo (where even the woman is topless) reeks of immaturity and lack of decorum. I wouldn’t present this image in a middle school classroom much less as the advertisement of a political platform. Someone very young made this in an effort to be “edgy”. Youth often breeds naivete. Unlike, in my case…

    –Where it breeds awesome, awe-inspiring awesomeness.

  • jcee

    Sheera – Good point.

    The svelte woman in the poster was obviously carefully selected.

    They didn’t use a built black man and a slim white blonde because they probably saw it as too provocative.

    The ANC reaction to the poster was telling. Their statement said it was the “Irish coffee” principle… “sprinkling darkies on white foam.”

    Fact is, the couple is a bit of a fantasy when you consider that most S. African blacks live in crowded townships whereas many whites are located in affluent suburbs.

    But I do see where the DA was coming from with this and I think their heart was in the right place. Overall the positive message comes through. Seems they were trying to trigger a reaction with this… they definitely got that.

  • Li Sister

    @clutch editors
    I thought this site was for black women not men who wished to vent about liberated black women and who they choose to be with. I guess there are no sites for black men
    to discuss their own “issues”.

  • modern lady

    Again, across the pond-we have people trying to push the interracial agenda onto Black folks, (eg.-Robin Thicke) just like they’ve subtlely tried to do here. It’s ridiculous. A government agency shouldn’t be encouraging or discouraging who people choose to be with in their personal lives. Their agenda is blatant and pretty weird, if you ask me.

  • modern lady

    Just look up the terms ‘eugenics’ and research its history THEN you will realize what the TRUE intent of the poster is.

  • Hachet

    People were dying and getting raped after being sold/kidnapped and taken to the Americas against their will, not because they braved America so their descendants will become lawyers and business people in a European colony.

  • Hachet

    jamesfrmphilly, most African Americans are mixed (in every sense), and so are white people (mostly in the colonial mutt sense). A bit too late.

  • Hachet

    Worrying about what a minority of black people choose to do with their lives has absolutely no effect on the social status of African Americans. Just like how money will still leave the community if Kobe Bryant married somebody from the Congo.

  • Hachet

    modern lady, can you explain in your own words what you’re talking about?

  • Hachet

    Yes, Robin Thicke has dedicated his life to convincing black women to marry white men and somehow wipe out the black race (but somehow the white race survives) because all blacks live in diaspora and are minorities in every country. Seems legit.

  • modern lady

    @ Hachet-

    Please stop being obtuse. I was just using him as an example of the many news reports and individuals I have seen lately not just simply saying they believe interracial marriage is no longer taboo, but strongly ENCOURAGING black women to pursue relationships with white men. I mean, why does the media at large give 2 flying figs who I, or any other Black woman wants to be in a relationship with? It begs the question-is there another agenda behind these stories? That’s all I’m saying.

  • modern lady

    I did explain how I feel, and in my own words-whose words would they be? lol

  • Ravi


    my original comment was concerning the fight to end apartheid in South Africa, not what happened in the Americas. People were dying and getting raped to end apartheid and gain full citizenship in their nation. your reply is misplaced.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “is there another agenda behind these stories?”

    the white man would like to screw you, that is the agenda……..

  • Chica

    …We all bleed red *shrugs*

  • Rich

    I’ll get in trouble for this but I just have one question. What’s the big deal about IR relationship? It has been going on for centuries and all of a sudden it’s becoming trendy and frankly annoying. As for the situation in South Africa it would be naive to think that IR relationships will magically erase racism. Last time I checked blacks are still being discriminated even with the rise of IR relationships and I’m assuming it’s the same problem in SA. This poster has people talking for sure but I think it’s doing more damage than good since the wounds of Apartheid are still fresh. I think the South African government should take a more active role in combatting racism and make sure that its citizens regardless of race have equality in everything including education and health care.

  • rich


  • Ginger

    As a product of an interracial relationship and a person who believes that people should have the dignity to choose who they love (regardless of race), I’m appalled at the white people = devil arguments here. Gross generalizations about racial groups is the reason slavery existed for as long as it did.

  • thinkpink

    I have been saying for years that the push for interracial relationships was a way of transferring black wealth to white communities. Don’t know why no one else sees this.

  • Pingback: STR8TALKR - South African Interracial Poster Sparks Controversy

  • Jen

    Syng, why are you arguing with these bigots? “In order to lay with a white man a black woman must first lose her mind”? How on Earth can you even give any legitimacy to a word these people say when they are espousing hateful and sensationalistic rhetoric like that? They’re one flew over the cuckoo’s nest!

  • Jen

    Thomas I agree, for Ravi to say that Loving v. Virginia had absolutely no relevance to civil rights would be shortsighted at best and willfully ignorant or disingenuous at worst.

  • Jen

    jamesfrmphilly said: “where is the opportunity in america? every time there is a move for equal opportunity white people squash it. the white people of today are giving black people hell.”

    See, this makes no sense either, it being the case that the three highest-earning communities in the United States are Jewish-Americans, Asian-Americans, and blacks of Caribbean descent (first-generation immigrants or second-generation). I do not see “WASP” anywhere in that list, and African-American women with a graduate degree earn more than similarly-educated European-American women. So, it would seem to me that “the opportunity in America” lies within those groups that have the most education, and not simply with “the white devil.” #justsayin’

  • Jen

    Thank you, Ginger, for your sane and rational remarks.

  • Jen

    Many, many black people have recent mixed ancestry and multiracial upbringings. You can’t claim possession over them, too. Actually, come to think of it, you can’t claim possession over any perfect stranger. Get over it.

  • Jen

    wtf?? jamesfrmphilly, did you actually just say KILL the whites? You are seriously advocating genocide now? I can only hope you’re being institutionalized and they grant you momentary computer access, you sick freak.

  • Jen

    So when there is constant media coverage of a same-race couple that’s just split, is that “propaganda” too?

  • Jen

    Dania Ramirez is wealthy not because she is mixed-race, but because she looks like Dania Ramirez. Many people of ALL races idealize them because physically, they hold cross-cultural appeal.

  • African Mami

    @ j-philly

    Hey boo!!!! I miss ya!!!!! You berra tell em boo boo!!!

  • Ravi


    I see why you would agree with Thomas’s ignorance given you seem to share his literacy issues. Where did I ever say “Loving v. Virginia had absolutely no relevance to civil rights”? please quote me if you can. next time i suggest you try reading a bit more carefully before putting your foot in your rather large mouth and making an ass of yourself on the internet.

    I explicitly stated a few times that it gave us the right to marry white people, but I questioned what impact that has on issues of oppression in terms of all measurable aspects of that oppression — unemployment, incarceration rates, racial profiling, segregated schools, the academic achievement gap, the glass ceiling, stereotype threat, housing discrimination, equal access to higher education, etc. My question remains the same: what did the Loving case do to alleviate our oppression? notice how instead of actually making an argument, you simply hurl insults like bigot and ignorant. I guess you would know all about ignorance though….

  • Hachet

    Spend all day talking about the white man, spend none planning the community’s growth. Seems legit.

  • Rosey

    I’m done with these racist comments. Me and my white man are going to make passionate love. If loving the Devil is wrong (JamesfromPhilly)…I don’t wanna be right.

  • Ali

    Good for you but TMI!!

  • Rosey


    I was joking. :)

  • MommieDearest


    “The more races mix the more beautiful the children of these unions become. It is the beautification of the human race. ”

    Soooooo, plain old non mixed regular black people aren’t beautiful and can’t produce beautiful children? The only way black people can be REALLY beautiful is if they are mixed with some other race; preferably white? *blank stare* *smh*

  • MommieDearest


    You and I are >here< on the agenda tip. I guess everybody else will see what's happening in 100 years or so when black people have been "asorbed" into the dominant culture in the U.S.

  • MommieDearest

    @new moon

    Yes to your entire post. Good to know that somebody is awake.

  • JoyceAfrican

    I lurves the photo. It is hawt, hawt, hawt!

  • Michelle Santagate

    I would beg to differ with your final comment. I don’t think the USA would react as harshly, if only because it isn’t PC to do so. The PC thing to do is to support interracial dating and marriage so there certainly wouldn’t be a back lash of arian families photographed with tag lines like “this is how it should be”. So few Americans are blond hair/blue eyed anyway it doesn’t accurately represent us. But my bottom line is, at least from my vantage point, Americans in general WOULD NOT have a problem with this ad at all. There are a few ads on TV now that feature interacial couples so it’s becoming more and more, well, promoted. From my personal perspective, this ad is SEXY AS HELL and I don’t think the woman looks dominated by the man at all! I think she looks in love with him, embraced by him, protected by him and he looks completed wrapped up in and besotted with her; in other words, they look like they are in love- which I think is what the ad is going for.

  • KissOfDanger

    I would look twice because they are naked. I am so down for interracial relationships so when I saw this picture I cringed. WM/BW relationships get over sexualized enough as it is. How about showing them as a normal couple? Sitting at a cafe?

  • Joanna

    Kiss of Danger has a point — I too, am totally for interracial relationship, as I don’t see anything wrong -God made all nations from one man. The nakedness though, is a little risque, especially from a Christian standpoint. Like she said, why not show interracial couple in a cafe, like a loving husband and wife enjoying their life together? Interracial relationships are either portrayed as bad or sexually cheap, when in reality, it’s about a love between a man and his wife regardless of skin color. Here in America, I don’t see this ad causing controversy, unless you were in Lodi or Montana or something.
    Yes I am in an interracial marriage.

  • KMO

    If you reverse everything you’ve written (black for white, and vise versa) this is the exact same convoluted argument that white supremacists make. They think that people of color are trying to ‘ mud-up’(their words, not mine) the white race. And both arguments are ridiculous.

  • KMO

    You can’t end white supremacy by trying to replacing it with black supremacy. Racial equality is what the world should be shooting for. Saying, ‘They think they’re better than us… Ridiculous! We’re so OBVIOUSLY better than them’ is foolish, and anyone who believes such a thing is no better than the average white supremacist. Any person who believes they are above another because of race, religion, gender…. ANY reason they can come up with – is an ignorant fool.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    as i said, a lot of black people love white supremacy…..

  • joanne

    If love is blind, then maybe a blind person that loves has a greater understanding of it. humans suck, seriously!

  • joanne

    If love is blind, then maybe a blind person that loves has a greater understanding of it. hatred bred hatred, humans suck!

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