Would We Rather Jay-Z Still Say B*tch?

by Kirsten West Savali

So, after years of using derogatory language to describe women, Blue Ivy’s father, Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, has decided to immediately cease and desist using the word “B*itch” in honor of his new-born daughter, reports GlobalGrind.com

In a touching verse, he rhymes:

“Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich,
I didn’t think hard about using the word Bitch.
I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it
now with my daughter in this world
I curse those that give it.
I never realized while on the fast track
that I’d give riddance to the word bitch, to leave her innocence in tact.
No man will degrade her, or call her out her name
the women won’t despise her and call her the same.
I know it’s gonna miss me
cuz we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees
when we all used to hang out front
singing 99 problems but a lady ain’t one.
Excuse me miss, can I be your mister
cuz I can tell the difference from a little girl and a sister,
She never grew up, her father left her alone
I promise not to talk like we used to
until Kingdom Come.
I’m so focused on your future,
The degradation has passed
I wish you wealth, health, and insight
forever young you may pass.
Blue Ivy Carter, my angel.”

This is a good thing, right? An African-American man realizing the error of his ways, acknowledging his mistakes and moving forward with more class and dignity than he had previously shown?

Apparently not.

The public outcry has been vitriolic and the contempt palpable. Anger, sarcasm, bitterness, frustration and cynical humor have all been on full display across various media platforms — making this the biggest “Decision” since Lebron James took his talents to South Beach.

Jay-Z, his “money, cash, hoes” and his “99 problems” have not been a secret. Beyond the shadow of a Reasonable Doubt, he has freely used the word, though never with as much frequency as, say, a Nicki Minaj or Little Kim. So, while I understand that people want to get their cynical eye-roll, neck-swivel and “Ha!” on, what I find troubling is there doesn’t seem to be a hint of understanding nor recognition at his growth.

Jay-Z is a rapper who has revealed the intimate details of life without his absentee father, and his subsequent tutelage under pimps and hustlers. He has apparently learned to navigate the world on his own feet, and on his own terms. This is not an excuse for his sexist words; this is holding a mirror up to society, and outlining its role in his development.

Misogyny did not begin with Jay-Z, it created Jay-Z.

Fatherhood changes men — sometimes for the better, and I think it’s extremely sad that we can’t appreciate this development for what it is — one more brother who through the birth of a child, finally understands what it means to be a man.

We debate back and forth about criminalization vs. rehabilitation in our prison system, and same rules apply here. Would we rather he continue to use the word “b*itch? Would we rather he stand stagnant? Would we rather he continues to influence the next generation with negative language, or would we rather he admit his faults publicly and promise to do better moving forward?

People are hell-bent on digging through crates to find every single time that he’s uttered the word “b*itch,” you know, just in case young Black girls missed it the first time. I would hope that we’re big enough as a people that we don’t play crabs in a barrel at every single opportunity; that we don’t pull a man who’s trying to elevate his awareness of the dangers lurking in vocabulary back into the dregs of his previous existence. Of course, let’s continue to hold him accountable – the extensive damage he has caused to the psyches of millions of youth did not evaporate with the birth of Blue Ivy, but let’s not hold him hostage to his past, while ridiculing his growth.

Ancestor El Hajj Malik el Shabazz (Malcolm X) convict, pimp, drug abuser turned activist, community leader and transcendent political figure, said that the most difficult thing to do in his life was to go back and untrain the masses that he had led to the Nation of Islam. He used his powerful rhetoric, hypnotic cadence and passionate belief to sway thousands into following the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He counted it as his biggest regret after founding the Organization of Afro-American Unity and Muslim Mosque, Inc and he dedicated his life to teaching us a new message, giving us a new song.

What if we hadn’t allowed Malcolm to grow? What if the NOI had told conked-out, hustler Malcolm, “Brother you’re nothing but a street thug, don’t get all inspirational now.”

Is the name of the game to stifle Jay-Z’s growth as a man, or should it be to encourage him with hopes that as he continues to grow, so does the influence of his new message?

We ask these Hip-Hop artists to change then put our boots to their necks when they make the attempt. Character evolution and rehabilitation are good things people, and anyone who doesn’t believe that — or won’t admit it — is revealing a lot more about their character than Jay-Z ever did by uttering the word “b*itch.”

  • Marketgirl305

    With his high level of creativity, I believe he will have no problems making outstanding records without the use of the word. I’ll avoid making any other ambitious prophecies but I have a smidge of hope that it will have a positive affect on the rest of thr rap community. But with The high level of individualistic ideals this generation has might prevent this from happening.

  • CWA

    I didn’t think the masses were that upset, let alone knew. However, from my understanding many people seemed to find fault with him deciding not his use of the word after he got married, but rather his daughter. There’s nothing wrong with growth, It just seems people have a problem with when he decided to do it. It almost makes you wonder whether or not he’d stop using the N-word if he had a son.

  • Rhetor

    You make excellent points in this article. We need to give people room to grow and transform. It’s never too late to make a change. I believe his stance will at least help other men to evaluate their use of the word. Nothing wrong with that!

  • CWA

    *typo: deciding not to use the word after he got married, but rather after his daughter was born.

  • Kaydee-P

    My issue with it is that it feels so self centered. It reminds me of men who catcall and harass women all day, but when it comes to their mother or daughter the game has changed. I just find it so hard to believe that for a man as intelligent as Jay is, that only now he’s seen the light. Does he have no nieces? Friends with daughters? Had his daughter been a son, what then? You can’t take back the past, it’s true- but all of this awakenings in the last year or so feels like such heavy publicity to me. Regardless, it’s a bold statement to make, I hope he sticks to it, and more importantly let’s all hope this rubs off on the younger set of Hov fans out there.

  • fuchsia

    I don’t really think his decision is about enlightenment. I think it’s more about making a statement about how powerful and influential he is as a rapper, and above all it’s about publicity.

    I for one don’t care what comes out of his mouth. I’ve never been a fan, and only started paying attention when Kanye started making his beats back in the day. I wish him and his family success and joy because having a baby is a beautiful thing, but they are just people, not gods.

  • Alexandra

    Jay has been rapping close to 20 years now, he can lead by example.
    He should be given the room to grow, everyone just has to observe. I would like to hear the same done for the N-word. I didn’t know people were angered by his decision, I hope he keeps his word.

  • AB

    Jay-Z expressed regret for the misogyny expressed in songs like “Big Pimpin’” long before the birth of his daughter. I still don’t believe that Jay-Z actually wrote this poem — I think it was a joke (made in light of the release of “Glory”) meant to imply that Jay-Z had somehow gone soft. Can anyone verify the origins of this poem? Which was the first website to post it? Or is this just more gossip about the Carters that has gained steam?

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami

    Cry me a river, let the Nile overflow, and let those not in the ark, like in Noah’s times drown!

    Now that Blue Ivy is here, he sees the error of his ways and decides to stop calling women out of their names! I do NOT for a microsecond, nor in many light-years buy his bullshit.He has risen to fame through derogatory means, and now all of a sudden, due to the birth of his daughter he has been baptized to sainthood?! That is what I call a self-centered fool!

    There have been many a protest against using derogatory terms directed towards this rappers. Why didn’t he heed to our call then? That song dedicated towards his daughter had me at awwwwww and then what BS!

    Misogyny did not begin with Jay-Z, it created Jay-Z.
    We will always find an escape goat, to define the method to his maddening ways, won’t we. His fans-I guess would find an excuse. I don’t blame ya’ll. I too, would find something out of the Indian ocean to defend Idris Elba if ever he needed to be defended! I hearts that man right thurr!

    I do not for one second buy this foolishness! or change of heart or whatever you might want to call it!

  • ruggie

    Richard Pryor on dropping the word nig*er

    People do need room to grow.

  • CD86

    I am definitely tired of hearing the word ‘bitch’ being used so freely, but as far as Jay – Z announcing that he is going to stop using it, I couldn’t care less.

  • Tonton Michel

    I don’t doubt his sincerity and applaud his growth how ever late it is or what ever the motives, but it won’t be changing anything. To many out there willing to use it and too many inspirations for it.

  • Ohreally

    Is this coming from the same man who just referred to his own wife as a bitch on WTT? Guess its ok to call someone else’s daughter out her name, but God forbid someone calls his own daughter out…. I guess if Blue was a boy, this poem would be about n****s instead. Jay, we don’t believe you, you need more people!

  • CD86

    Where is my comment!

  • QONewcastle

    Thank you!

  • QONewcastle

    Something tells me that if he had a son, he would not be in inclined nor would anyone check him about the wanton violence directed at black men and boys in rap music. Lets be real, 90% of rap music is about shooting, murdering, robbing, abusing, humiliating, competing with and dehumanizing black men and boys. Still the birth of his son would not inspire him to say, “You know what, rapping about murdering people just like my son is a bad thing.”

    Im not impressed.

  • YeahRight2011

    I don’t take the man seriously as it is. No point in starting now.

  • Mimi

    I think we can all agree that growth is good and I’m not too cynical to believe that this is just a publicity stunt, but I feel like some others do. Dude, you have a mother, you have a sister and you have a wife, but when you have a daughter, no more b-word? Also, I think it’s kinda funny that he thinks no one will call his daughter that. Based on his haters, sheer jealousy and the fact that she’s a black girl, trust me Jay, she’s already been called one. (Not to mention being called satan too).

    When I first heard about this story a few days ago, I started to think about the origins and rise of Jay. Here’s a dude who started out as a drug dealer, selling crack to unkown amounts of folks, getting unknown amounts of people hooked on it, having unknown amounts of people die from it. Then he transforms himself into a powerhouse rapper, then record label head, then business man who mingles with the likes of Warren Buffett and Oprah. Surely Warren and Oprah knows of his beginnings and I wondered how they could justify a friendship with a dude with such a shady past. I just thought it was kind of amazing how he has transformed himself into someone so revered and “clean” considering his beginnings were so dirty. But hey, don’t we all have a little dirt in our past?

  • Kacey

    Why not also retire the use of the n-word? Isn’t his daughter black, as well as female? Isn’t that word just as derogatory and dehumanizing?

  • Isis

    I agree with u kay. Like didnt he come from a woman?? She wasnt worthy of enough respect for 40 something years? Im just not impressed

  • QON


    What does his mother have to do with anything? He came from a man as well.

  • Cali

    His timing is hilarious, & sadly he’s already been part of adding to a culture that will have little boys & girls calling his daughter all kinds of b*tches without a second thought. I don’t have a problem with him dropping the word, just wish he’d done it sooner (maybe others would have seen fit to follow suit by now & the tide could be turning a bit).

    & I, too, would like to see the same done w/ the N word by ALL OF US. Just watched Californication & it was sprinkled all through the episode, I expect it to be used a lot this season based on the current storyline. It’s hard to watch, & I can only blame us for its current popularity. *SMH*

  • befree1619

    From all indications this “Open letter to Blue” seems fake as Lil Kim’s eyes. This letter doesn’t even sound like Jay z.
    It seemed to have originated from a radio station. The letter does not appear on his official website like the song Glory. I wonder why?

    Let us pretend that this open letter is “real”

    What I find most disturbing is that the issue of the misogyny in his music is reduced down to the word “bitch”. How convenient. You can still make misogynistic music without the word bitch.

    When did it become a requirement for the audience he insults to accept and applaud his enlightenment? Are we suppose to run out a buy something?

    If he can make the change on his own time, why can’t we? We are supposed to applaud growth with no demonstration of growth? What are we supposed to be applauding exactly? He has DONE anything yet.
    I find it quite disheartening that black women are being scolded for not applauding someone who has lyrically abused them for music for 20 years based on an unproven declaration.
    Call me old fashion, but a brother has to show me better than he can tell me. Jay z hasn’t shown Anything, yet. Can we wait for the album first that is bitch and hoe free? I guess not. Until Jay z produces entire CD misogamy free, let me know. I am not Jay z or anyone else Misogyny Anonymous Sponsor. This is not a 12 step program.

    Your comparison to Malcolm was quite interesting since according to Jay Z said ““Hip-hop has done more than any leader, politician, or anyone to improve race relations,”. Malcolm did not come to the masses as a drug dealer or a pimp with 10 days clean. He had proved his transformation long before presenting himself to leader. It’s not OUR job to prove Jay’s growth, it’s his job. Jay z has proven nothing, but a New Year’s resolution and according to statistics most people don’t keep anyway. It’s quite dangerous to tell folks we should applaud a change that has not occurred yet. Making a promise and keeping it are two different things.

    I must also add my issues with Jay go beyond the word bitch. If you read any of his book Decoded Jay doesn’t have a remorseful bone in his body for selling drugs to glamoring drug life in his music. Doesn’t sound Malcolm like to me?

    To quote the late and great Malcolm X on this “Open Letter To Blue IVY” “Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!

    Jay Z Lyric 2011: Bougie girl, grab her hand Fuck that bitch she don’t wanna dance

    Jay Z Lyric 1996: I keep it fresher than the next bitch no need..for you to ever sweat the next bitch ..with speed, I make the best bitch see the exit..indeed,

  • jamesfrmphilly

    so if there had been a miscarriage he would still be using the word?

  • befree1619

    :( should be “CD misogyny free”…..sorry for any other typos I missed..damn ipod :)

  • Nina

    YES YES and uh, YESSSSSS! CWA you hit the nail on the head for me, If your own wife couldn’t make you stop using the word, I could care less that your child is the reason you’re not using it anymore, puhleaze.

  • anonymous.

    growth and maturity. i get that. but as a realist who mostly sees pass bs, this seems phony and yes, a bit corny to me. the announcement, though? just stop using it; don’t make a campaign of it.

    p.s. j, you’re daughter isn’t a nigga either.

  • anonymous.


    my bad.

  • beautifulblackmind

    I agree with you. it’s great that he finally has decided to stop using it, but it should have took this man to be in his 40′s and just because his daughter pops out it’s like “oh, maybe b*tch is wrong”.
    personally i don’t even think that he believes it’s wrong. I just think that he doesn’t want other people calling his daughter that word, which does make it self-serving.

  • http://www.artculturemusiclove.com Nikki

    Kirsten, You are an extremely talented writer with brilliant insight!

  • bob

    yo about the word bitch , you dont call no woman a “bitch for no reason ” when she is acting angry for no reason she is a “bitch” if a dude is acting rude he is an “asshole” a man can be a “bitch” too but it means he acts like a woman. button line if you act angry and attack me unprovoked you are a “bitch” I will not sugar coat shit for your feelings when you clearly dont care about mines. I respect women I hate bitches.

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami

    Your mentality is all the way effed up!

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami


    It has everything to do with his mother, like DUH! Mothers play an integral role in the lives of children and so do fathers! So out of respect for his mother, he should not have resorted to reducing women to the b-word. Stop defending this fool!

  • DBG

    People grow up – even for purely selfish reasons. (shrug) A typical non-issue.

  • B.Payne

    I’ve been a Jay-Z fan since Reasonable Doubt and can recite every word up until the Black Album (his last good album) however, I’m not damaged to his use of the word. I didn’t feel disgraced nor have I carried myself in the same manner of the women he was directing the word to. I mean let’s face it….there are some women out there that will make you call them out and seeing where Jay is coming from, rags to riches, I can understand how he may view these chicks cuz he’s no dummy. ESP in the rap music industry…I’ve seen some chicks in action myself and they fit the description! Plus, he has a song on the blueprint 2 album where he raps about the difference btwn a ‘b’ and a sister.

    This man has every right to change his ways and I don’t think that it’s up to us (ppl he don’t know nor care about personally) to call him out on anything he’s done in his past because I know I wouldn’t like it if someone held me accountable for mistakes that I made in the past due to my mindstate. I respect where some are coming from but remember you have a choice to support it or not.

    P.S. I will admit it though…as far as his art goes, I REALLY miss the pre-Bey Jay-Z. I was listening to “In My Lifetime and Hard Knock Life” last week and almost cried at how hot he used to be lyrically.

  • iQgraphics

    If he sees an error in his ways and has decided to make a mends due to the birth of his daughter, let him have it.
    Even though every mothers day for the past 50 years of his life didn’t do it… even though being married to a woman didn’t do it… maybe this is it.
    Can he be successful without using the word in rap music? of course he can! Talib Kweli never uses it.
    I don’t understand why he has critics on this matter.

    If I was him, I would have just stopped using it, without the damn press conference, to see if anyone noticed.

    Also, Not saying it, but implying it is the same as using it so lets see how creative the rapper who penned the song entitled ‘Niggas in Paris’ can really be.

  • isolde

    @African Mami

    Not to mention that his pops skipped out on Jay and his Moms when Jay was a toddler. Jay doesn’t owe his father a damn thing.

  • tree

    you really think every time jay called a women bitch or
    hoe it’s because he knows a woman like that? you cant be
    serious. Jay has used more than enough bitches
    just to rhyme with next word. i guess think when he was
    rapping about mansions while living in marcy was all real too
    btw even though the group After7 said they will women
    the sun the rain and the moon.. its a lie

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami


    I am one of his critics and have been for years because of the utter disrespect! I for one DO NOT take his word for it. He is just saying it as a marketing ploy to push that Green/Blue/Red/Yellow Ivy record he has out right now. If he is going to make a conscious effort of not using the b-word any more, he doesn’t need to hold a press conference as if it a state of the union address! Just stop it, and shut up! Urrrgh, he just makes my blood boil to levels unknown!

  • QON

    @African Mami

    Which begs the question, why do these mothers raise children to go on to use that word? Its hard for us to accept but men do view different women different. They view their moms different than their girl friends, wives lovers jump offs and groupies. For men, not every woman is a the b word or the h word. You would like to believe that they are talking about all women to make them seem irrational and indiscriminate. But they arent.

  • iQgraphics

    We’ll see. He retired from rap 4 albums ago…

  • QON


    I think when people talk about a “B” generally, they are talking about a “B.” Women dont want to believe that they are talking about a “B” but instead are talking about all women because they dont want the responsibility of not acting like a “B” and the subsequent labelling of said “B” behavior. Oh well.

  • http://thedaughterofafrika.blogspot.com/ African Mami

    @ QON,

    are you a man?! Because you seem to be their spokesman at the moment! To all you said, BS!

  • Jess

    You know what? I’m glad Jay-Z has made this decision and I hope he sticks to it. At some point, people really do start to realize the folly of their ways. If it meant having a daughter, then so be it. At least he is committing to ceasing-and-desiting nwo with the birth of Blue ivy.

    Jay-Z is finally saying that he recognizes how his words and actions are damaging to young girls, better late than never – rappers tend to be selfish people, and thus they don’t tend to “get it” until it happens to them. Think about it – some people would not change even for the birth of their children. Li Wayne has a daughter and he is still an utter, disrespectful, colorist fool.

    So now Jay’s daughter made him finally “get it”. Good for him1 and Thanks B for having a baby girl!

  • iQgraphics

    bitches be trippin

  • B.Payne

    Real or not….it’s still music and imo, those who let their feathers get ruffled over it speaks volume.

    I’ve used the word plenty of times when someone cuts me off in traffic, piss me off to the third power or just acts accordingly so how mad can I get at Jay or anything other rapper, LOL

  • iQgraphics

    b!tches be trippin

  • bob

    what was wrong with what I said.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Ermmmmm why is this a controversy? Have people gone mad? Someone decides not to use insulting words and become more creative with his vocabulary, and people are upset? Wonders will never end……

  • iQgraphics

    thought it was just me

  • QONew


    His music hasnt done anything to young girls except make them expect more than they should materially out of their male peers. His music has damanged young boys who are in search of quick come ups shunning the hard work it takes to have the finer things in life. We will not even discuss the violence metted out to young boys young black boys in his type of music.

  • Yulez

    I can’t believe his face and Beyonce’s face are all over every media outlet merely because they had a baby. People give birth…everyday. This isn’t fodder for analysis. Who cares?! You’re not using the word bitch. Want a cookie?

  • http://www.happyrnb.com/ Tina

    That was my take on the anger produced in some people’s hearts at this man’s purported decision to stop using a term which indirectly applied to his own flesh and blood if used at all. I think people’s knowledge that they are not willing to do the same is what makes them defensive about anyone else doing it…whether they have to change their use of the n*word, the b*word or any other word which encompasses people who don’t deserve it- all those decisions are questioned when someone shows that they can be doing better. For some, there is the desire to lash out at the person who raises those feelings. I don’t know this guy’s heart, but I wish his daughter the best no matter what kind of man he is. And, undoubtedly, it’s better for her if he doesn’t think of women, her own mother included, and adult representations that look just like she will look as b**ches. Good luck to the child.

  • GordonBlu

    Its just a word. If Jay to the Z feels he’s grown beyond use of it, Kudos for Him. However, its not like the word is going to disappear from the language of rappers or anyone else’s for that matter. Slavery was abolished decades ago but the “N” word is still in use daily. Get my drift.

  • EssDot323


  • sholla21

    I don’t understand why we’re supposed to be impressed that a man who had no problem calling other people’s daughters the b word suddenly realizes daughters (women) are worthy of respect because when he has one of his own.
    Plus he called his own wife a bitch just months ago in the Watch The Throne album. Give me a break.

  • Temi

    Lol so it took his WIFE to hve a baby girl to wake him up? Idiot

    Add the n-word too, fool

  • malik hemmans

    he too old to rap about half the shit he rap about

  • Suburban Soulgirl

    I support Jay-Z’s decision, hope he sticks with it and that his next move is to permanently strike the N word from his vocabulary.

  • Dark Angel


    There’s a difference between growth and image manipulation. If this was truly about change, no song or statement would’ve been necessary–he would’ve just stopped. This was a completely narcissistic move to draw media attention for his empire while he’s unable to promote himself like he normally would if he weren’t at home with his child.

    While his change is appreciated, it doesn’t mean his actions should go without critique since he chose to make it a public issue. He has an album out with a song title that addresses his own wife as a “B—-” and yet, according to you, this moment of enlightenment is supposed to be met with open arms immediately? How quickly do you let go of offenses against you? I seriously doubt its within a couple of hours. So I don’t think it’s fair to say those who have been offended by his language for over a decade should.

    For most people, it was a non-issue whether he used it or not since most people had just accepted it as a part of his behavior. If anything, the reaction is probably coming from America’s weariness with celebrity grandstanding. We all make changes in our lives. We don’t wait until the camera or the microphone is on to do it. To make a grandiose gesture in a song makes him look selfish and foolish when for years, activist groups asked rappers like himself to stop. In effect he said: my wife, mother or any other woman I’ve used the term on, didn’t matter to me. Now that I have a child…praise me America. That’s shallow.

  • Shannon

    I . LOVE. THIS. ARTICLE. yes, yes and yes!

  • Shannon

    and ugh. shut up to everyone who thinks this is image manipulation. seriously. shut up.

    we always talk about how negative hip hop his, and how women are poorly portrayed. here we have one of the most influential names in music owning up to his faults and vowing to be better.

    I’m praying for those who don’t see the pure beauty in that. Really.

  • Vonna B

    I must agree B.Payne…I miss the Pre-Bey Jay-Z as well…there is nothng like some classic Jay-Z.

  • Be free

    Thank u.. It was a pleasure to read your post.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    Tina: I think you hit the nail on the head. All those that weren’t inspired to stop using the word despite having daughters (e.g. “conscious” rapper Common, Lil’Wayne, too many random black men) are feeling shamed.

  • Whatever

    Excellent Post.

  • Whatever

    Thank You! This is just way too much credit being given to some damn drug dealer turned rapper who decides close to 50 years old that calling women all kind of bitches in his music is wrong. It wasn’t worth an article and it damn sure wasn’t worth a comparison to Malcolm X.

  • binks

    Yessss to this and cwa’s as well. And let’s not forget his love affair with the N word hit let me guess his growth doesn’t include that word -_-

  • Isis

    I told Qon not to address me a while ago. All she does is defend black men and their self hating ways. Leave me alone with that bs

  • Isis

    How disrespectful to compare that dude to Malcolm. Ughh typical black woman who defends black men that trash her. Omg never heard of Malcolm calling a black woman a bitch.

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  • http://www.thekgtheory.com KG


  • iQgraphics

    i said the same thing. why announce it?

  • linda

    JAY Z:MIddle finger to you and your punk B*tch colleagues-aka-black male rappers.

    @B.Payne and QON: you or your reasoning are dumb or both.

  • EssDot323

    It’s been getting around the Interwebs that this open letter is a hoax.

  • http://@clnmike Tonton Michel

    “MIddle finger to you and your punk B*tch colleagues-aka-black male rappers” Riiiiight cause those black male rappers are the only ones who use it……excluding your use of it right there of course.

  • cocochanel31

    He expressed how he felt in a song.Like he always does. He didn’t call a press conferences announcing his cease and desist of the word. let’s get off his balls people. 2PAC’s I aint mad atcha rings in my ears regarding this issue and the public outcry bc he’s trying to do better! smh,

  • Tracey

    I’m glad to hear it. I sincerely hope he’s sincere. Now can someone ask him to please stop using the “n” word??

  • Rastaman

    FYI, You do realize that Malcolm was a pimp in his early years?

  • yana

    the problem i have with his new revelation is, why did it take him this long to realize how disrespectful the word is? the realization came with his new baby, but his mother didn’t inspire it? beyonce didn’t? it was fine to use it with those women in his life that he should love and respect enough to not use the word. i just feel like it’s too little too late. he’s a 40 year old man and should have known better for years.

  • Neffertiti

    I couldnt have said it better… sure Im happy that he is going to stop using the word but he was married to beyonc prior to the arrival of his daughter.. He wouldnt like it if his mother was called such names or wife, or maybe she allows it who knows.. I give him his credit but it shouldnt have taken 2 decades to realize this..

  • white niggô

    If Having a mother, nieces and getting married didn’t make him stop using the word Bitch as a synonymous with woman, I honestly don’t believe he’ll all of a sudden stop saying the B-word because he has a daugther now. Not happening.

    By the way,thisso-called is not authenticated. Don’t believe Jay-Z wrote it.

  • Gen

    Are people really believing that Jay-Z wrote that poem? If he had, he would have released it on his website in the same way he had “Glory”. He did not. Furthermore, the poem isn’t Clever enough to be Jay-Z. At any rate, people take umbrage at the alleged declaration because it reeks of arrogance.nothing hopeful about that.

  • http://www.babyapparelforthem.info Cole Pinkard

    Im obliged for the blog.Much thanks again. Will read on…

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