Tamiko Robinson was brutally murdered by her 14-year-old-son

Photo Credit: David Coates / The Detroit News

The unthinkable happened to 36-year-old  Tamiko Robinson on Monday night. After trying to keep her son from joining a gang, Robinson was shot multiple times at point blank range by her 14-year-old son as her fiance and five-year-old daughter escaped out of a window.

According to relatives, Robinson’s son Joshua had been skipping school, using drugs, and acting out. His mother, who also suffered from lupus and was receiving kidney dialysis, was desperately trying to keep him out of trouble. Apparently, he had other ideas.

Family: Detroit Teen Guns Down His Own Mother: MyFoxDETROIT.com

The Voice reports that earlier Monday Robinson tracked her son down and forced him to return home after running away. And according to the victim’s brother, Leshawn Roberts, the two had been feuding about Joshua’s behavior for a while. It all came to a head when Joshua allegedly broke into a locked room that contained a 12-gauge shotgun, shot his mother multiple times, and fled the scene. He was later apprehended by police driving around in his mother’s car.

Roberts told the Detroit News he hopes his nephew was high at the time of the shooting, because it would be the only way to make sense of his sister’s senseless murder.

“He brutally murdered her. It was overkill,” Roberts said.



The teen’s family is now standing by him. Read more.

  • soulfullyreal

    is it a shame that i knew it was detroit before i clicked the article?

  • d harriatte’

    Now here’s a mom who’s on dialysis but still making sure she can save her child from the streets and he kills her!!! With a shotgun?!!! I’m mortified! Will analysts say that his behavior was learned at home and his family taught him this as well? I’m sure they will. She died trying to be a supportive and caring mom even trying to keep him from a gang! My prayers go out to her family and may God rest her soul. See media outlets..not all parents are allowing their kids to be wayward! We are trying to save them and not just letting them become unruly. What do you do when you have done all you can possibly think of? I know how she must have felt as I myself speak from experience and I thank God for Jesus that I haven’t been killed as well bc I know that attitude from an unruly son even when u hve gone above and beyond to take care of them, teach them, find them mentors and keep them in a stable,clean and loving environment. What do u do when these boys turn left anyway?!!!! I’m praying for her family just as use been praying for my very own. God bless this family.<3

  • sli

    Wow, just wow :(

  • mamareese

    He had a mother that cared….seems like most mother’s today are babies themselves or still trying to live the life to even care. I’ve told my kids….Imma OG ok I did a 9 month bid getting your here. And have a life sentence to show you the way. I’m the headbussa when someone messes with you. I put in work 9-5 and hustle hard so you can eat and live. I’mma be with you when nobody else is. I’ll die for you for real. Now that’s gangsta. This kids do not realize once you are dead you’re dead and once you pull the trigger it’s your life too. And to kill your own Mama??? The only person that would sit and hold your hand and visit you in jail? What kind of life do you expect to have after killing your own life line?

  • Toppin

    This is why I ignore all the folks who try to blame black women for black men not seeking education etc. After a certain point or age there isn’t a thing anyone can do to influence the behavior of an individul with a mind of their own. This mother did her part. Her son chose a life of crime and he deserves everything coming his way.

  • Liz

    …people are going to jump on you for this one, Toppin

    …the usual suspects, who I won’t name. They’ll come in here and slander a dead woman they don’t know with the conjecture about the murderer’s father, how they were probably unmarried, how the deceased woman probably had a slew of bf’s and baby daddies blah blah blah. Anything to deflect from this heinous act, and prove once again that black women are the cause of all the ills in the world. Just a warning.

    May she rest in peace.

  • Dalili

    How incredibly sad!

  • mamareese

    A part of me agrees with you. It is my job to raise my kids into adulthood. Honestly who they become after that is luck of the draw and in their hands. However, in this case this boy was still under his mother’s rule and something or someone came along and sold him a lie he felt his mama was worth dying for. This boy killed his own mama…..they preach rehabilitation for thugs and gangsta, etc….starting to wonder if there is such a thing. The killing just don’t stop and they are getting younger and younger.

  • twee

    Exactly d harriatte’ I was going to say the same thing. Parents are blamed too quickly when there are truly cases where parents are doing there best and it’s the kids. Thankfully not all of the cases ends with the parent killed by their own child but unfortunately this is happening all too often.

  • fancypants

    Now that’s real!

  • LaDreaming86

    I agree, Toppin.

    Just the other day I was reading something (I can’t remember what) and someone stated a variation of the mantra, “Mothers need to raise their sons right”. Because apparently, it’s solely up to mothesr to raise her kids right and not the mother AND father.

  • LaDreaming86

    I agree, Toppin.

    Just the other day I was reading something (I can’t remember what) and someone stated a variation of the mantra, “Mothers need to raise their sons right”. Because apparently, it’s solely up to mothers to raise her kids right and not the mother AND father.

  • Alexandra

    @ Toppin

    “After a certain point or age there isn’t a thing anyone can do to influence the behavior of an individul with a mind of their own.”

    You can endlessly tell people that, and some will still point to the parent. He definitely had his own mind, and murdered the woman that birthed him. Really sad, his life is done.

  • Mimi

    I think this is the saddest thing I’ve read in a very long time. It’s a shame that trying to keep her son on the straight and narrow caused her demise. The unfortunate part is that once certain (not all) kids reach a certain age, there’s only so much mothering that they will allow to be done to them and outside forces have a greater influence on them than their parents. Just sad.

    I wonder if he’ll be tried as an adult? I don’t think he’ll get much support in jail once people find out that he’s in there for killing his own mother. I have to believe that he’ll get the same type of treatment as child molesters. I hate to sound evil, but I hope he gets some serious time to really reflect and think about what he did. Perhaps a boot camp of some kind and when he turns 18, straight to a real prison.

  • iLuvRenae

    Wow, that was strong. I’m bout to go call my mama! Lol…Not to justify this disgusting crime, but he HAD to be on some sort of serious drug. To kill someone that is not even abusing you and it’s your mother? That was nothing but a demon in him for real.

  • Si No Da


    No way, I will allow you to get away with that bullshiggity… Victim status seems to cover all sins for BW…

    Very few women have done everything right in there mating choices to say “oh, she did everything right, but external forces were beyond her control…”

    It is one thing if incident like this is a rare occurance, but now fatherlessness & OOW births are commonplace… We can assess blame accordingly…

    But at least, women are reminded everyday, that a matriarchal community cannot thrive… Even though they resist patriarchy at every turn


  • QCastle


    You can use this rather rare occasion of a child killing his mother to go off on your high horse but in reality you are the one who is slandering this dead woman. This is about probabilities. The probability of your child going off the rails is significantly increased when there is only one parent, usually a mother in the home. Now if women decide to raise children as the sole parent, and they the vast majority of the time do, things like this can happen.

  • QCastle


    You aint slick. This isnt about a black man but a black boy still under the care of the parent and in this case this invalid woman. Children arent house plants. Your job isnt done just because they pass through the birth canal.

    “After a certain point or age there isn’t a thing anyone can do to influence the behavior of an individul with a mind of their own.”

    And how was that ‘mind of their own’ formed? Its important to properly socialize your children because they will eventually be adults.

  • Toppin

    @Si AKA SWP
    @ Q

    This young man made his own decisions in life and he alone is responsible for those decisons. The reality is no matter how bad your childhood is you alone are responsible for the choies you make in life once you reach a certain point.

    Your tired woe is black men and boys rants falls on deaf ears with me because we are all responsible for our own plights once we reach a certain point. That goes for men and women. No one had to in influence me not to murder, rape, get pregnant etc. I wanted something bettter in life. Black women and girls are not given the excuses you all throw out and I refuse to use them for black males.

    No excusing or enabling here. Oh and I do not date black men period…let alone thugs…killing that bird before it is even thrown out.

    I will not treat black men, young black men, or teens a infants.


  • Isis


  • WhatIThink

    In this day and age if the sole venue for your children to grow up is the streets, then you are in trouble. If you don’t have a structure for your child where they can be involved in productive activities when not at school or in bed, then the streets will make a structure and it will likely turn out bad for your and the child. Sending your child into the streets “to play” is tantamount to playing Russian roulette. The odds of them getting mixed up in the wrong things is way too high. And it sends a bad signal to the child. All the ills of those children not raised properly and in bad households will undo all your attempts at good parenting.

    But then again, good parenting doesn’t just send kids out into the street as the primary method for recreation. Heck good parenting also doesn’t mean depending on public schools or institutions to properly raise and educate your child either.

    However, most people aren’t equipped to really do all the things that are required to properly raise and nurture children in the environment that exists today and the additional stresses caused by the breakdown of society.

  • WhatIThink

    But above all, my heart goes out to the family this is really a terrible thing.

  • Liz

    I did no such thing, Q. But knowing you and your ilk, I knew what to anticipate. Toppin’s comment gave you an opportunity to do exactly what you love to do, and precisely what you did in your response to her. It must suck being that predictable.

  • Liz

    @Toppin …told you.

  • grateful

    Agree 100%.

  • grateful

    Forgot to add you cant let be raised by mtv either…

  • grateful

    I know this isn’t Pc but ladies please have your kids with a man after he has married you because I think after a certain age most young boys will only listen to their father’s stern voice. And yes I know that marriage isn’t a guarentee and after some divorces the man seems to forget he has kids but in general divorced dads stay in touch with their kids more than the alternative.

  • haffie

    What a tragedy…. only time will heal. I hope for the son that he realized that what he did was wrong. Enough with this violence and gang activities.

  • marais morris

    clearly, this boy was not ONLY deeply troubled, he was criminally insane, something that parents often ignore because such a truth is too painful to acknowledge. it is not so much that this boy wanted to join a gang as there had, most likely, ALWAYS been something mentally wrong with him. he did not just wake up one day, get a gun and then go on a killing spree. all parents should not ony watch out for their children as far as gangs and bad influences are concenrned, but parents need to monitor their children so much so that when they see the need for the intervention of a PSYCHIATRIST, then this should be done with the quickness instead of sweeping it under the rug because mental health problems are so embarrassing.

    important, also is what society is offering and it is difficult to see any way around this. and that is: the horrendous video games where far too many boys are participating in [along with some girls too] which involve virtual shooting. when a boy plays such games numeorous times where he is pulling a virtual trigger and shooting over and over again, it is only a matter of time before he will pick up a real gun and act out in real life just what he has been doing with the video game that promotes killing. a lot of these boys who shoot real people got their start shooting virtual people in the video games that they became obsessed with — such as that mentally imbalanced guy who shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords in arizona, the recent school shooter in ohio and the many people who roam around urban areas just shooting people at will, whether robbery or revenge is their motive.

  • Tonton Michel

    Truly a tragedy for the family, a mother trying to save her son’s life loses her own to the same son, I can not imagine the pain and conflict the family is going through. My prayers to them all including the boy.

    As for the rest of you all, some of you all are some real pieces of work. What 14 year old do you know has a mind of their own? If he had a mind of his own he wouldn’t be trying to join a gang in the first place. This wasn’t a young man, he does not have a job, pay taxes, has a driver licenses, graduated school, eligible to vote, join the military, or subject to the laws of an adult, he is a boy with serious issues who committed a serious crime that he can never take back. This one aint fodder for the gender wars, y’all got to let that baggage y’all carry around go man.

  • wuluwulu

    The poor mother had her plate full trying to deal with her health and then having to deal with the stress of a wayward child. I can’t even imagine what she was going through. Some other kid would have been so sad and compassionate toward their mother, seeing her situation, but this kid saw her illness and weakness as the opportunity to do his thang. Even worse than her death, is that he has crossed a sacred boundary and will now live for the rest of his life that he killed his sick and suffering mother.

    The truth is, I don’t even believe a father being present would have made a difference with this kid. He would have just shot his father too. The issue is not just having a father in the home to raise boys, the issue is having a QUALITY father. A man can be present in the home and still be completely useless at child-rearing. However, in this teen’s case, I do not believe having a father would have helped him, he is a cold-hearted snake.

  • QoN


    Im going to separate my arguments between adults and chilren. Black women are given all manner of excuses and are even subsidized by the tax payer. Your hatred of black male children is palpable. For the record, adults have a larger responsibility to children than they have to themselves. In communities that value children, especially boy children, they understand this point.

    This child will pay for his mistake. I pity this children and his mother. She probably did do all she can but all she can is not enough. Black folks need to plan better for their children’s sake.

    Sad how we often throw away black male children. Turn them into adults before they are even ready. So sad. As I’ve mentioned previously on the topic of the inherent evil of black boys, I think we should just have them adopted by well meaning white women. They seem to do a pretty good job.

  • QoN


    Its sad how black children and especially black boys are set up to fail. We do nothing for them in their formative years then we wash our hands of them as soon as they reach a certain age while callously patting ourselves on the back on a child well done or the best I could have done. Black boys especially need to be raised by another community. They dont have a chance in the black one. Paging Sandra Bullock.

  • QoN

    @maraise morris

    Too many extreme measures are taken with our children and their difficulties. We either dope them up, ship them off, and ignore them completely. Black people dont raise their children anymore. When I say raise their children, they dont CARE for their children. Food and TV is not raising your child. I am talking about developement of black children. Now this case is extreme. Other cases are not extreme. This boy did probably need help pyschologically and true to our culture we send them to church or drop them off at some after school program that isnt sufficient to deal with thier needs.

  • QoN


    I agree with you and to be honest and I dont mean to diss anyone, all too often the excuse that you are the sole parent seems to be a valid reason for being a half stepper. I think there does need to be more REAL development of our children and not these bandaids. This was an extreme case however.

  • Si No Da


    I have no problem giving young black boys adult status, if we can extend young black females the same privilege…

    And yes, your hate for black males is showing…

    Thanks @QoNC again

  • Toppin

    @ Si and Q

    Yeah I must really hate black males because I refuse to hold anyone accountable for this young man’s actions but him. Oh the hatred on my part for pointing out this 14 has a mind of his own and he chose to use it despite the protest of his mother.

    You two can kick rocks. Most black women out here are not on welfare so plase kill that noise.

    And I have no poblem holding black women and girls responsible for their actions…after all I never hear any excuses for them.

    Next thing if white women want to adopt the future prison population I say let them have them and good riddance. Maybe over time these folks will learn the meaning of taking responsibility under the watchful eye of someone white. That is probably what these young black men and boys need: A life long field trip back to the plantation but with Ms. Scarlet holding the whip this time.

    Q if you start some type of non profit to encourage white women to adopt black boys will donate to the cause.

  • Trisha

    Oh my goodness, I did as well. Hmm..that is not good, but it is the truth.

  • QoN


    Youre so incredibly toxic. Black boys need to be protected from a virus like you. Utterly deteriorating you are.

  • QoN

    Can I just say that its topics like this that provide the greatest proof of how out of touch black women are with raising children. Ive actually never experienced such indifference to the state of children like I have seen from the black woman. Im hard pressed to call you people women because youre so outside of a woman’s nature. Its actually quite sick and while I dont subscribe to some of the more crude stereotypes of black women I am starting to sympathize with your continued shunning as life long partners for any man.

  • Alexandra

    Yea, you only have one opinion, no surprise.
    All this going around, why cant you just say, what you really want to say? You have the anonymity. You think Black women are inferior? Ok. Now carry on.

  • Tami

    Tonton you are so right. This is truly a tragedy & the mother was on the right track. Other factors weight in when we are raising kids. You can do everything right inside your house, but the media, school & other factors also contribute to a child’s growth. The 14 yr old was not a man, he was an immature child with problems.

  • Liz

    What does this have to do with…anything? A woman is dead. Why are we “guessing” about the decisions she’s made?!

  • Liz

    Someone please get Qon a muzzle.

  • Toppin

    Look Itch….any indifference on the part of black women concerning the plight of blac males has been earned by them. I do not see anyone holding them accountable for their decades long indifference to black women, black girls or their community. Please STFU.

    While the mass exdous of black women probably won’t physically happen I could have predicted the more crippling emotional and mental exodus of the masses of black women. It has been a long time coming.

  • QCastle

    Paging Sandra Bullock. She can raise the next black president.

  • Monique

    Please. Asap. Smh.

  • Mocha

    This is sad. Once again…another one bites the dust. Sigh..I’m tripping off of all of these folks who can excuse his behavior to a degree. If these teens were so naiive and innocent, we wouldn’t be reading about stories like this. What he did was wrong..it’s no getting around that. I don’t know why people want to keep making excuses for children who do adult things. Then as soon as a teen does something in their neighborhood to them, their kids, family, dog, car or whatever, they’ll be the same ones talking about how the kid is BAD and needs some home training and how the child knew better than to do what they did. They may not understand the EXTENT of what they did, but they know when they have done something wrong. C’mon ya’ll..

  • Monique

    This goes to show it’s not always about how that child is raised or what kind of home life they have. A child is a person just like an adult. They make their own decisions. His mom, who was sick, did her best to keep her son out the streets and on the right path and instead of thanking her for saving his life, he takes hers. For what reason? For being a mother? For doing her job? I don’t get it. This world we live in is so crazy.

  • Si No Da

    @QoN I am genuinely SHOCKED & saddened as well…

    And the lack of investment in black boys ironically ends up hurting BW ultimately… Because instead of a productive member of society…

    He is a walking suicide bomber…

    When women are legit victims of anything men do… Remember comment section like these…

    Women with axes to grind from the men’s perceived failing in their personal lives….


  • LaDreaming86

    I literally laughed out loud at your comment.

    If I didn’t know any better, I would think he/she responds to himself/herself under different screen names, because it’s always the same person/people agreeing with him/her.

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