From Frugivore — There is a nasty stereotype about black women that continues to be repeated so often it is now a legend: black women rather save their hairdos than workout. Even though all legends have a smidgen of truth behind them, for the most part, this legend, in particular, is not true.

There are countless numbers of black women that dedicate themselves to healthier lifestyles, filling their days with walking, swimming, and calisthenics. From the beautiful examples set by our star athletes to our health-conscious U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, black women are finding ways to incorporate fitness into their increasingly busier lives.

Case in point, Nicole Ari Parker. After gaining thirty pounds by eating lots of highly processed carbohydrates and only performing twenty minutes a day of aerobic exercise, Parker began a fitness journey that led her all the way to the top of a fitness competition.

But according to ESPN’s Jamele Hill, Parker needed some help keeping her hairdo somewhat fresh. So instead of letting beauty become before her health, she invested in a head-wrap that would help pull the moisture from her scalp without soaking her hair.

“It’s really about being part of the solution,” Parker told Hill. The wrap, which she released earlier this month and comes in different sizes and colors, uses Edge Control Technology to absorb sweat and heat while allowing cool air in.

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  • kissa

    I will definitely check it out…

  • Monique

    Invested in or invented? Either way, I guess that’s pretty cool.

  • Goldie

    I’m a turban addict so I will definitely check this item out. I’m always rushing and sometime even if my hair is short and natural I want to add something a little different to my mix. Thanks!

  • wuluwulu

    I haven’t seen the word calisthenics in a long time. Good on Nicole, something good is finally coming out of Hollywood.

  • Stacye

    Not hating, but there is a head wrap like that at Walmart, that has been there for a while. I read about it in a magazine and purchased it a year or so ago. I guess Parker has attached herself to a form of the product . Wouldn’t call her an inventor though.

  • E.M.S.

    I’m proud to say I get my exercise daily & even though I will sweat like crazy doing it, I manage to tie my hair up in a way that minimizes the destruction post workout. However, I could use this product to my advantage.

  • binks

    Agreed, I brought a similar product at Sally’s Beauty for like 5 bucks so it isn’t anything new. But good for her regardless but I must say sweat and my hair never kept me from working out

  • Julie

    Great article but I truly believe people use the hair as an excuse. If not the hair it would be lack of time time…the kids…work etc..if a woman is so vain to worry about her hair while she works out she is probably into her looks so much that she is already health concientious… these women aren’t the ones who DONT work out.

  • Nikesha

    For me the solution is rollers and a scarf…. I will sweat it out roll it up and call it a day … When I was natural I washed it or rinsed it and kept my scalp oiled.

  • OSHH

    Like I said on Frugivore, I wet set my hair once a week and just sweat on it LOL. sometimes I’ll wrap it in a satin scarf, by the end of the week I usually ponytail it. I might try this.
    I never let hair get in the way of my fitness quest.

  • Michelle

    I just went on the website – and I can’t wait to try this!! it looks amazing. Sweating out my hair definitely prevents me from working out unfortunately.

  • KristinaAmira

    From personal experience, doesn’t sweat come from your glands inside your body and not your hair? A scarf will not prevent your hair from sweating. Save your money!

  • Michelle

    it’s not supposed to stop your hair from sweating the band absorbs/prevents the moisture from going on your hair.

  • Michelle

    From the website:

    What makes the Save Your Do™ Gymwrap so effective?
    Save Your Do™ Gymwrap uses a patent-pending proprietary “Edge Control Technology” that uses three layers of materials that wick away moisture from your hair, allows heat to escape and when properly applied keeps hair pressed down during a workout.

    Will the Save Your Do™ Gymwrap stop me from sweating?
    No. Perspiration is a natural bodily function and should not be stopped. The Gymwrap provides a way to minimize a hair disaster while you are sweating.

  • Nikki

    It doesn’t say it PREVENTS your hair sweating, the article says it SAVES your hair from sweat. Reading is fundamental

  • Michelle

    ^ I agree.

  • modern lady

    This is a pretty cool invention-if it works. Good for her.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Kudos to whatever will help get and keep us in the gym. Rockin’ braids right now. I had to get over being “cute” too. Whatever works.

  • Andrea Hayden

    I would like to carry this head wrap at my salon, whom would I need to contact?

  • KristinaAmira

    Whoa Whoa Whoa! I thought knew something but apparently I don’t. Buy a scarf that “absorbs the moisture” so after you work out, you look like you just came from the shop. Go ahead and buy the scarf, stimulate the economy!!!

  • stephengodschild

    Has your man ever commented that he’d like to see you in something other than a “granny cap” whether it be while working out, running errands or before bed? Somewhere in the conversation this gets lost so just thought I’d shed light.

    Sometimes you CAN have it both ways! Ask him to fork out the dough so you can keep it sexy always!!!

    A male prespective

  • ROQ

    I decided to test this thing I can’t really say it worked for me. I have natural hair and I tested it to see if it would do better at preserving the style than wearing nothing on my head at all.

    The product test:

  • Teresa

    I work out often and sweat is just murder on my hair so I am willing to try this product. If it works great…if it does not….oh well I’ve tried….I’ll just keep searching for way until I find what works for me, but I will never stop exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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