Unless Apple Bottom Jeans make a comeback there won’t be much booty on the models you see in fashion ads, and we know this; clothing advertisements usually feature women of a certain size with certain body shapes that aren’t a match with what the average woman looks like. But Levi’s Curve ID, kind of like those old Apple Bottoms, feature a customized fit for women with curves. The problem with the brand’s latest ad is that its slogan is “Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes” but the models pictured are really in one shape and one size.

I tried looking at this picture sideways, upside down, and with squinted eyes and still cannot se how these women’s curves are supposed to be different from each other let alone cater to the idea that this brand is for “average” women. I even feel generous calling them curves at all, as there is not much junk in any of these near-identical trunks and all three women are rather thin about the thigh area.

The advertising watchdog blog Copyranter called this ad an insult to women size six and up due to its focus on thin women, but petite women have curves too and I think that’s the point Levi’s was trying to make, albeit poorly. I’m more confused about why a brand aimed at women with curves — a brand that has the word Curve in its name even — would demonstrate that they have no idea what body diversity means while trying to get women who are actually curvy to buy their jeans.

What do you think?

  • Blasé

    this looks more like an add for butt lifting jeans.

    the Levi Curve adds for South Africa are much better in terms of curvy booties but they are still ‘conservative’.


    Then don’t buy the jeans…it’s really that simple. Not really discussion worthy.

  • cleo

    I am a woman who is above a size 6 and a faithful customer to levis. I love their curve id system and how it does seem to fit women of all sizes. I’m confused as to why the models in their advertisement don’t reflect the full spectrum of women that wear their jeans. I just want to point out that although the advertisement is catered toward a specific subset of women, their jeans do fit women of all shapes and sizes .

  • ummm

    Who wears jeans? They are so uncomfortable!

  • Mr. Man

    Well considering the ad is an all American one (white) I wouldn’t expect to see anything else…

  • http://www.twitter.com/amanilovejoy Amani

    I’d be interested in hearing what brands DO fit Clutch readers. For the past several years, I’ve found it difficult to identity a nice fitting pair of jeans that don’t cost an arm and leg.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Thank you.

  • cindy

    Actually the ad’s are different for each magazine they appear in. If you look at an Vogue the ad looks like the one above. In a Elle or Glamour the curviest girl is a Hispanic girl with a normal round butt. If you look in an Essence the same Hispanic girl is still in the ad wearing the medium curve, while a Black women with a bigger butt displays the curvy jeans.

  • http://questfortheperfectcurl.com Elle

    Levi’s Curve ID doesn’t actually mean they are supposed to be for curvier women – they cater to different body types – (From the Levi’s website) Slight (for women with straight figures, or have trouble finding jeans that fit at the waist), Demi (for women who are more evenly proportioned aka usually the girls who hardly have trouble finding jeans that fit), Bold (for women with curves who experience waist gapping in the back), and Supreme (for women with the curviest shape and need a back with a higher rise so it doesn’t sit too low). You can obviously be any of these body types and still be thin.

    As for the ad, it’s pretty small and blurry but I do see a difference in their body types, especially looking at the curve in their backs. I tried those jeans, and they do have different cuts and it’s noticeable. IMO, people are being overly critical, but that happens all the time, right?

  • Tonton Michel

    Jesus those are some flat butts, bet when these models use the toilet with the seat down they still fall in.

  • You Are All Blind

    I see three distinct curves. From left to right, they are standing in order of curviness. The girl to the left-most is the flattest – her butt doesn’t begin to curve outward until her far lower back and her thighs are the slimmest. Sorry for the stereotype, but the girl to the left-most as a more East Asian body type. The girl in the middle is about 20 to 30% thicker than the girl the left of her. She has more curve, but more because she has more “meat on her bones” (sorry about the meat comparison) than the girl to her left. She is has the body type of a white girl that works out regularly and eats healthy portions. The girl to the right-most is the curviest. She doesn’t have as much “meat on her bones” as the girl in the middle, but she has much more curves. She as the kind of curviness that comes from being slim but fairly toned and having the right genes. If I had to stereotype her, I would guess that she is a slim Hispanic that does a lot of aerobics.

    The differences are as clear as day, I can’t understand why anyone can’t see the differences.

  • Jaslene

    I agree those booties look different they may not be huge but with each booty there is more pinchage.

  • chanela

    hell ,according to your logic what is the point of discussing anything?

  • Liz

    lol..Levi’s surprisingly. I wear Levi’s (these http://www.zappos.com/levis-womens-legging) and in black. I don’t know if that’s your aesthetic…but they’re great. Really fitted (obviously) nice rise, nice color. Fit great under boots, or with flats. They’re awesome. Calvin Klein is great too and DKNY…they don’t have any logos or anything and they have nice colors and a mid rise. Happy shopping =)

  • 12

    Make a straight line from their lower back, continuing down their backsides. With this method you will clearly see the difference in curves.

  • http://www.shesgottawriteit.com a.chigozie

    i’m curious about what magazine this ad was lifted. if it was in, lets say Essence, the models would probably look different. Advertisers obviously use different ads/copy to market to different audiences. I’ve seen some of these Levi ads that featured curvier women and still even consider trying on a pair for purchase. So I don’t think it is an advertising fail. This is not to say that only readers of Essence are curvier than other women mags, but the demographics that these pubs reach are different, hence different marketing. I actually don’t see a problem with this ad

  • KIM

    i thought i was the only one noticed this, they only go to a 12

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