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If the folks from the Westboro Baptist Church doctoring up photos to show them protesting at Whitney Houston’s funeral last weekend weren’t enough, here’s another ridiculous reaction to the singer’s memorial.

After Houston died, Gov. Chris Christie ordered flags around New Jersey to fly at half-staff to honor her. Some felt this honor–typically bestowed upon soldiers, police offers, and politicians–wasn’t warranted, but Gov. Christie stood by his decision, calling Houston of of New Jersey’s “cultural icons.” But one guy just couldn’t let it go.

According to NBC Philadelphia, a Michigan man burned a New Jersey state flag to protest Gov. Christie’s decision to honor the singer.

John Burri of Wyoming, Mich., told the Detroit News, “It was $12.95 and it was the best money I ever spent.”

Burri’s son died in 2005 in Iraq, and he feels like lowering the flags for Houston was a slap in the face to those who have laid down their lives for the country.

He explains, “I didn’t do this to offend the people of New Jersey,” Burri told the Detroit News. “If I did and you’re offended, I’m sorry. But I did this because it was wrong and it was to show the governor (of New Jersey) how wrong this was.”

What do you think? Does Mr. Burri have a point or did Gov. Christie make the right call? 

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  • laurenghini

    I agree with Mr. Burri’s position!!!…but the flag burning was overkill.

    • marais morris

      so you agree with the flag burner. but what about all the people who KNEW that the iraq war was wrong at the ONSET; still they were FORCED to go along with it [majority rules] and even had their taxes assist in the payment of this war. i do not believe they burned the flag over their disappointment, a disappointment which took over 5,000 american lives and 100,000 iraqi lives, all because of one LIE. you remember, don’t you? WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION which were never found.

    • Whatever

      Soldiers volunteer their service. This man is disgracing his own son’s memory. Whitney gave a lot of money back to various organizations in Newark. People really need to get a damn grip.

  • fancypants

    According to CNN, NJ has flown the flag at half-staff for other native sons at their passing, so this wasn’t that out of line.

  • Christie only did that to distract from vetoing Marriage Equality in NJ.

  • Sooooooooooo You’re mad that your states flag was flown at half staff and to protest the disrespect… you burn the same flag. Im sooooooooooooo confused right now.


    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      ….. that is the most boggling part.