Dozens of women who must be members of “Teem Breezy” tweeted their love and support of Chris Brown but did so in a disturbing way. The running themes were “he can be me” or “Chris, you can punch me in the face if you want,” both of which are especially disturbing since Brown’s performance marked the third anniversary of his incident with Rihanna. These comments seem like bad jokes on their surface, but when’s the last time you or anyone without poor taste made a joke about being savagely beaten or anything involving domestic abuse? Take a look at some of the tweets below.

It’s clear that the jury is still out and people have mixed reactions to Chris Brown, but really? I’m failing to understand what makes him attractive enough to even conjure such thoughts.

See dozens more at Buzzfeed.

What do you think?

  • a star

    yah what funny girls and i noticed they are all white.

  • a star

    what funny girls and i noticed they are all white.

  • Elle

    I’ve heard a lot of girls say this, black, white and Hispanic. It’s because of who he is and his image, it’s like he’s super human and when you’re famous, your flaws and shortcomings are either over-magnified or completely looked over. I personally, don’t think Chris Brown is that fine and no one on earth is fine enough to put their hands on me. I do appreciate his work though, very talented brother.

  • ela3

    Disturbing. We need to be more cognizant of the fact that, to a degree, the charged language – “beat” “smash” and “hit” – that we use to describe sex reflects and perpetuates misogyny and violence towards women.

    And, just an observation, while I’m sure there are a number of women of other races who tweeted similar statements, all four of these women seem to be white.

  • apple

    what a damn shame

  • Ronni

    I support Chris Brown & I’m proud of how he’s been able to move pass a bad situation. However, those young women are clearly lost& don’t understand why domestic violence is never a laughing matter. That’s ridiculous.

  • civil radd


  • Joy

    white people

  • bk chick


  • Natalie B.

    We all know that he wouldn’t DARE hit a white girl. Not only would he not be performing at the Grammy’s he would be sitting in somebody’s jail cell serving the ENTIRE sentence.

    If I gave birth to, or raised one of these young women, I would truly be disturbed.

  • Alexis

    You’re kidding right…

  • SheThrives11


  • Yb

    Not surprised they are all white. White feminists don’t give a damn about women of color, especially black and brown women being abused unless it gives them an opportunity to exploit their pain to prove a point (I.e. Rihanna’s abuse).

    If Taylor swift was the one who was beaten by Chris brown these little white girls would be singing, (well tweeting) a different tune.

  • Tonton Michel

    Twisted sense of humor.

  • Tameko P

    Sigh. Oh the stupidity. It burns.

    I saw the woman beater perform and all I could think of was what Rihanna’s face looked like after the incident. Eff Chris Brown.

  • E.M.S.

    It’s as insensitive as making rape jokes, but unfortunately some people just don’t care. I have a different question though: why aren’t these girls’ usernames or pictures blurred? I somehow just feel they deserve a right to privacy…

  • lito

    If they’re public tweets, there’s no point in hiding Googleable info. They’re dumb for tweeting under their real names regardless.

  • lito

    This is why the whole Rihanna incident will always follow Chris Brown. He and his followers are beyond obnoxious and they think the situation is just a joke. Team Breezy (ugh) harasses anyone who makes any sort of criticism of their savior, even though a felony is kinda a big deal. They close ranks whenever he has a temper tantrum after a non-softball interview (which is every effing time). They brag constantly about how the whole thing hasn’t hurt his career, how he’s back on top, yadda yadda. And Chris and his management never try to rein them in, apologize for them or show any additional empathy or humility post beatdown. That is the difference between him and Charlie Sheen and all those other abusers who are let off the hook. His behavior in the last 3 yrs has been almost as disturbing and gross as the assault itself. Almost.

  • beet

    This was just a few of them. There was a list and there were black chicks on there too. It’s really quite disturbing. Even after all this time, I still don’t think Chris is apologetic. Anyone can fake a few tears for tv, but his behavior after the fact shows that he hasn’t learned anything from it.

  • L

    Its crazy , but he paid his dues , community service fines and what not and only they know what truly happened that night …

  • Mr Jay

    They were kidding/trying to be off the cuff clever on twitter why must everything be a big deal?

  • DollB

    Why is the race of the women making these tweets important. Why aren’t we more concern that women don’t support other women? I’m not saying we should condemn CB for the rest of his life but justifying what he did because he’s “cute” and great singer and dancer is really sad and pathetic.

  • Miss September

    Smh, these young women really need a hug SERIOUSLY.
    Yes, I agree that the slang for sex is beat, but I don’t think they
    Were using it in that context. If you read the text, it clearly states that
    He can beat them or punch them in the face .I know some of these young
    Girls are just joking and I get that, but there are a few that don’t know what
    Real love and affection is and think that domestic violence is okay. They may
    Have witnessed that behavior growing up so they equate violence with love
    And that is really sad. I don’t blame Chris Brown for his fans crazy behavior
    But I do blame parents/ environments for making young women and men feel
    Like it is okay to be violent in a relationship…

  • lynn

    Really you went there!

  • Aly

    THIS is what domestic violence is reduced to??? Tweets like “I’d let chris brown beat me up anytime” and “he can beat me up all night if he wants” ?

    I’m having a “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” moment right now

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