Dozens of women who must be members of “Teem Breezy” tweeted their love and support of Chris Brown but did so in a disturbing way. The running themes were “he can be me” or “Chris, you can punch me in the face if you want,” both of which are especially disturbing since Brown’s performance marked the third anniversary of his incident with Rihanna. These comments seem like bad jokes on their surface, but when’s the last time you or anyone without poor taste made a joke about being savagely beaten or anything involving domestic abuse? Take a look at some of the tweets below.

It’s clear that the jury is still out and people have mixed reactions to Chris Brown, but really? I’m failing to understand what makes him attractive enough to even conjure such thoughts.

See dozens more at Buzzfeed.

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  1. THIS is what domestic violence is reduced to??? Tweets like “I’d let chris brown beat me up anytime” and “he can beat me up all night if he wants” ?

    I’m having a “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” moment right now

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