When Iyanla sat down with Oprah last year to clear the air about why she fell off the face of the Oprah universe, Iyanla’s fans began to hope that a show for the spiritual guru would be in the works. Now the former Oprah stand-in and host of her own Barbara Walter’s produced show will have another chance to heal the hearts and minds of America. Her upcoming show, tentatively titled “Iyanla Fix My Life,” will air on OWN later this year and follows appearances by the guru on Oprah’s Lifeclass series. Of the new project, Vanzant says:

After much prayer and conscious consideration I am choosing to move forward with this project as my next step in service to the world. I am so humbled and grateful to have this opportunity to do what I love; on a network that gives me the freedom to be myself; working with people who value what I bring to the table; offering to the people I love (that would be you) a consistent dose of something I believe will facilitate and support the personal growth and spiritual evolution of individuals, families and communities.

Following her groveling appearance on Oprah, Iyanla Vanzant’s book made its way to the best-seller list and she was again fully-embraced by the Oprah fold, so it makes sense that the next step would be her own show (even if many could view this as a desperate attempt by OWN to bump up sagging ratings). I remember reading Iyanla’s book In The Meantime in 1999 and taking the advice to focus on myself after ending a relationship, which is a process that I still follow. But I’m curious about how Iyanla’s advice has aged since she last had her own forum for spiritual guidance.

What do you think? Is Iyanla worthwhile as a spiritual guru? Will you watch her show?

  • Dalili

    In The Meantime is in my opinion one of the best self help books on the market, but I feel like I’ve outgrown (for lack of a better word) Iyanla. I’m happy she’s doing well again and hope her show does well!

  • modern lady

    I must agree with you. Iyanla’s time has come and gone and I think the ‘new age/self help’ wave is over now. Oprah’s network isn’t doing well b/c she’s not keeping up with the times. Most people are into reality,now (unfortunately).

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/ Val

    So this must be part of Oprah’s strategy to gain Black viewers since her middle-aged White women fans have abandoned her. I feel bad for Iyanla, she’s being used. Her best chance was back when Oprah was hooking up Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray, etc.

  • Mimi

    I’m not one for this touchy feely crap, but I do wish Iyanla the best. After watching her on Oprah’s show, I knew that she would offer her a show on OWN. During that show, Oprah played clips from back when Iyanla used to do a twice a month show and Oprah would sit in the audience and give the stage up to Iyanla. You could just see how Oprah was so inamored with her, which is surprising since Oprah is usually only inamored with herself.

  • pink

    Val: Sorry but your comment makes absolutely no reasonable sense. How is Iyanla being used? #1 No one is forcing her to do the show. #2 (and more importantly I might add) Iyanla will be paid a healthy fee for doing the show. Why would Iyanla, or anyone else pass up a chance to make money $$$$…….real money….benjamins!!!

  • pink

    I will definitely be watching. I’m not going to judge the show until I see it. Wisdom is never outdated, or out of style.

  • marais morris

    when i heard that there will be an iyanla show, my first thought was: “Oh, thank God, thank God.” i used to go to the harlelm city college campus to see [and hear] iyanla in person. she was always phenomenal. and then someone told oprah about her and she never did those harlem engagements again; too busy, i guess. but now, i just cannot wait to see her again. and i will give her time to grow into her show, if that is necessary, and not jump ship at the beginning if she has not gotten her footing immediately. after all, she has been away for a time and numerous [terrible] things havehappened to her. but she is like thep heonix rising from the ashes, so yes, i will watch. am responding to “pink” because this reply was so very positive. some people actually said that the “self help” period was over. i believe it will never be over because people need to always stay positive and open to learning. i just cannot wait for her show because i have loved her through these years and have always wished her the best. this is like a wish fulfilled — for her because she helped so many people during her heyday and aksi for all the people who still need her. THANKS PINK !

  • Wuluwulu

    God is good. Everybody deserves redemption, all I can think now is that she will finally have health insurance and be able to get a warm winter coat. I don’t have cable, but if I did, I would definitely tune in. Iyanla has much wisdom to dispense and sometimes it is good to learn from someone who has had a few downfalls, it gives them compassion for the suffering, and the ability to relate.

  • dre

    i agree. healing is necessary for everyone, and Iyanla’s teaching style is very engaging. i’ll definitely support–and learn from–her new show.

  • http://[email protected] April

    Yes I will definitely watch iyanla vanzants program. I was so impressed with In the Meantime that I pirchased over 20 tapes and gave them out to all of my sisters and many women I came in contact with because there was a message on there for all women. I got so many positive reactions from both sisters Nd friends that it brought me to tears. I have been praying and waiting for her return to television. I am so very excited about the.return of the show. PLease keep me posted.

  • http://www.sunsetskincare.com Josie Latimer

    Yes Iyanla deserves another chance. I was on her show when she was with Barbara Walters. She was a nice sweet person.

  • Arturo Schultz

    I would love to watch your show, which is why I looked it up when I saw it bon Steve Harvey HOWEVER.. Will not.. I am not paying extra to see OWN.. Sorry, not worth the cable charge. Ms Winfrey had our support from DAY 1 when she arrived in Chicago.. While I am happy she is doing what she wants and wish her success, she snubbed Chicago and America and because her network is in red ink up to it’s ears does not mean we will bail her out. she doesn’t even have the show on her own Network that MADE HER ! Sorry.

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