Jordin Sparks and Jason DeruloMonday, singer Jordin Sparks stopped by the Today Show to sit in with host Hoda Kotb. During the show, Sparks talked about her starring role in the upcoming remake of Sparkle, her music, weight loss, and her newly public romance with fellow pop star Jason Derülo.

Along with her beautiful voice, the former American Idol winner is also known for her famous purity ring. Back then, the teenage Idol was very set on remaining a virgin until she was married, but now at 22 things in the game have apparently changed.

After Hoda Kotb asked her about her romance with Jason Derülo and whether or not she still wears her promise ring, Sparks left the door open to getting down with her man.

Sparks told Kotb, “You know what, I switch it from day to day — I don’t wear it exactly every day anymore. . . I can’t say what’s going to happen a couple months from now, or whatever. People grow, you know.”

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Although some of her more conservative fans may have an issue with Jordin’s new stance, she doesn’t seem worried. She told Kotb that young women should make the choice about whether or not to become sexually active on their own terms.

We agree.

  • SheThrives11

    Jason Derulo, though? Really?

  • S.

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don’t do it Jordan!!!

    At LEAST not for this guy!!! *Ewww*

  • Freebee33

    Ugg Jason Derulo? Kudos to her though, for following her own mind and holding out until she is ready and mature enough.

  • CaliDreaming86

    Why should her fans care?

  • Zaza

    I’ve always found promise rings creepy. If you want to wait fine, good for you,but why do women and girls need to be advertising their sexual status?; that smacks of very outdated notions of judging women solely on their sexual worth. Why you need to be wearing jewellry announcing what you do with your vagina I don’t know.

  • sunshyne84

    Exactly and she probably already “did it” with Steph anyway.

  • African Mami

    @ sunshyne84,

    who is this stephy?! I’ve been hearing about her a lot!

  • Natalie

    I always thought he was gay. *sings* Jasonnnnn Deruloooooo

  • Natalie

    and lol at “people grow”. No, your ass just got horny! lol

  • Shaune

    Steph is a “he” lol

    Steph Jones is her ex boyfriend, they were together for a while

  • Kai


  • African Mami

    thanks Shaune!

  • overseas_honeybee

    LOL! Dying at some of these comments. Homegirl should have just kept her mouth shut. Steph was a cutie though :)

  • African Mami

    Promise rings. I get it but then I don’t. I have one. I put it on, when I reach the promised land. Ain’t that what it is for?!

  • Mimi

    @Zaza, I agree. It turns SUPER creepy when fathers give them to their daughters! I read somewhere that Jessica Simpson’s father gave her one and he basically said that her virginity belongs to him. Uh, can someone get child services on the phone for that creepy ass comment??? MAJOR side eye!

  • Bosslady

    Agree with Zizi

    Mimi, LMAO at the Jessica Simpson comment!

  • LemonnLime

    Jason Derulo? Really? Girl RUN!

  • Alexandra

    I’m confused by these comments? lol
    What’s the deal with Jason Derulo? Is cause he’s Haitian (referencing “Why Don’t We Like Our Own Men”?) a dog, etc; What’s wrong with him?

  • yulez

    Aww, I was hoping she’d hold out. But I kinda figured she wouldn’t once I saw her consistently photographed with Mr. “Take that off. Take that off.” Well, her body her choice.

  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Good for her. I’m glad she made that statement about young women making their own choices too.

  • Rhuebekah

    How many times have we heard this story:
    1. Get a little fame
    2. Lose a little weight
    3. Lose your morals

  • binks

    Agreed as well I always thought the idea was creepy. why does one have to market one virginity status? Only two people have to know if your a virgin you and the person you choose. Plus I would be cautious because some guys just like to pop cherries so why advertise and be preyed upon…

  • Danielle

    i find it so ironic that women champion sexual choice, but somehow advocating for purity rings or abstinence is frowned upon…you can’t have it both ways.

  • hehe

    I like her response. We need to remember that she was a child when she decided to do the purity ring thing, she’s a young woman now and has every right to change her mind on what she want to do with her body. Also having sex isn’t a lost of morals. It human nature to change your mind.

  • twet

    If she chose to wear that as a Christian, she needs to be real with herself on why she chose to remain pure and what she forfeits in giving it up. Truth be told these are the sort of things that expose what we truly believe.

    Some people choose to wear these rings however because society parades their sexuality around, it’s a way to be a voice for their stance. I’m never a fan of celebs doing this, it never goes well and they’re put in a profession that is anything but godly so 9 times out of 10 if the foundation wasn’t strong or real to begin with, they’re not going to carry it out OR it will only go but so far, Jessica Simpson and Nick for example.

  • binks

    I don’t think anyone in here is frowning upon being abstinent or refraining from sex if they choose so I think that is a wonderful thing the issue is why must it or sexual activity in general be advertise from the purity ring to woman shouting ” girl i got some last night…”What happened to the school of thought of what you do or don’t do in your bedroom is your business and not up for debate or anybody’s business.

  • Sunny


  • African Mami

    @ Rhuebekah,

    She has lost her morals because she has decided to ditch the promise ring?! You can’t be serious. Promise rings are bs! if anything. Let her be and just live!

  • rose

    Jason Derulo is CLEARLY gay!!!
    Runnnnnnn Girrlllll
    Don’t be that man’s beard!

  • ms_micia

    Uh people grow??? Into what, hoes???? Ughhhhh I’m so mad at her for that! Ok so you don’t want to be abstinent anymore, SAY THAT! With the same vigor that you said you were going to remain a virgin. This makes me think she was lying all along because it worked with what her image was at the time. As someone who’s been out there I tell her good luck girl…you’ll soon find that all that glitters aint gold. Aint no going back once you give it up (assuming you haven’t given up a looong time ago). Virginity should be celebrated more than it is. Instead of a star like her being ridiculed, made fun of, or called lame they should be applauding. I know many young men who have daughters who are gonna regret the day they ever wanted a girl to NOT be a virgin.
    As someone who proudly rocks a purity ring and it shall REMAIN there until the day I marry and it is replaced by a WEDDING RING I say…girl rock your purity ring. And don’t be shamed. Jason Darula aint even all of that :P

  • mluv

    exactly! I always thought he was gay.. so eww lol

  • Danielle

    hi, binks. my comment wasn’t directed at anyone in particular here – otherwise, i just would’ve replied to a particular comment. – i’m not that passive-aggressive :) i’m referring to my own experience. even in having private conversations, i had found – more often that not – that women were very uncomfortable – almost defensive – when i shared my decision to wait until marriage. i was perceived – by some, not all – as being judgmental, merely by disclosing that part of my life. however, i found many friends who were supportive!

  • Adrienne

    cosign, Danielle

  • hehe

    “Uh people grow??? Into what, hoes???? ”

    Hold up having sex make you a hoe? wow ok then. You have to remember she wore a promise ring when she was 13 years old, she’s an adult now we change our views and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    “you’ll soon find that all that glitters aint gold. Aint no going back once you give it up (assuming you haven’t given up a looong time ago). ”

    Or she might have a good experience when she finally(if not already) have sex. I have no problem with ppl wanting to remain virgins but it seems like women are being vilified for wanting to explore their sexuality. Not having sex or having sex doesn’t make you a whore or a prude. Stop putting labels on women.Your vagina isn’t the most important thing you can give your husband. The thing about the whole purity/virgin thing is that women are the ones being held to the (unfair)standard. You rarely hear men chastise for not being virgins.

  • Court F

    Jordin has a new body, new style, new perspective and she’s trying to get her swerve on. I’m not mad at you J.


    I think it’s just that he gives off a gay vibe to a lot of ppl

  • Valerie

    I think if shes a christian then she needs to wait til marriage. As a christain, thats the view you suppose to have and not so much go with how you feel or what you see the world doing. I know its hard. I waited til I was married to have sex and it was a huge HUGE struggle but I made it and Im glad I did. Of course I understand rethinking it. I did too because at 13 I too made a choice to wait but I had no clue what I was actually deciding because I had never felt like I was in love, never felt sexual sensation at that point, never even really thought about it. lol but I hope she doesnt loose her values and decides to wait til a man gives her his life before she gives up her body. <3

  • Kay

    If she was truly dedicated to her Christian beliefs in the first place she would have held strong to her promise of chastity. True values don’t change with time, people nor situations. So much for being a Christian role model for young girls…

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