You knew it was just a matter of time, but dammit…people couldn’t even wait a week after her home going service until they capitalized off of Whitney Houston’s death.

The supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer recently published an image of Whitney Houston’s body lying in the gold casket, and promised readers to take them inside her private viewing.

While I think it’s extra grimy for the tabloid to publish such an image, especially when Houston’s family chose to keep that section of their service private, I wonder who leaked the photo in the first place?

I hope it wasn’t one of Whitney’s friends or family members, but in an era where publications pay big money for such a photo, I can’t put it past anyone.

Houston’s family is trying to capitalize on the singer’s death in order to ensure Bobbi Kristina is taken care of. According to reports, the family has agreed to license the footage from the service to “help maximise the estate for the benefit of Bobbi Kristina.” Before her death, several outlets mentioned Houston’s money woes, and unlike other entertainers, Houston rarely wrote her own songs, which means her estate will not receive a big payday from her most famous songs.

Apparently, Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown might also be looking to cash-in on her death. Four years ago Brown shopped the idea of writing a tell-all book, but publishers weren’t interested because Houston’s popularity had wained. Now, things have changed.

The Huffington Post reports:

“Back in 2008, the interest in a book on Whitney Houston wasn’t that great,” a major publisher tells me. “Whitney had fallen off the radar back then … but now, following her tragic death, the market has changed. Now is the time for a book that details an honest look into the life of Whitney.”

But standing in Bobby’s way is the confidentiality agreement he signed when his divorce was finalized, plus the impact that a tell-all would have on his daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

“Bobby loves all his children,” his former attorney, Phaedra Parks told me days after Whitney died. “He would do anything to protect all his children.”

But friends of Whitney tell me they are not so sure.

“This is a man who left his ex-wife’s funeral because he didn’t like his seats and went to a paying gig that night,” a friend of the diva tells me. “He didn’t get on stage that night because he needed to sing his greatest hits or because Whitney would have wanted him to entertain his fans, he did it to get a paycheck — the same reason he now wants to write a tell-all book.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who else tries to cash in on Whitney Houston’s legacy.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    I read an article in Forbes that said she wasn’t broke, but left upwards of $35 million to Bobbi Kristina. I am not surprised the media is trying to paint her as broke, I just surprised the media that is supposed to be providing a more accurate reflection of black lives is going with the story without doing any additional fact checking.

    Here is the article:

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

    As for National Enquirer, it is what they do. I blame the person that sold the picture, the blogs that link to it to generate traffic, and the people that buy the magazine.

  • d_nicegirl

    Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! Tired of people bad talking Bobby. Why shouldn’t he write a book to provide for his tribe of children? Their marriage is his story to tell, just as it was hers. Whitney had no problem publicizing the details of her life, including her marriage, on Oprah when she was trying to stage a comeback. And he shouldn’t have worked the day of the funeral? GTFOH. These so-called friends of the family need to sit all the way down.
    And selling the funeral footage? WTF!

  • Frank

    Anything written here should be taken at face value. For instance that 1.7 Million dollar home in Mendham. Yes it was on the market for years without a nibble. I have to assume she was trying to dump it and it’s 43 to 91 thousand dollar property taxes PER YEAR to trim her budget. What the article doesn’t tell you is that she spent 7Million dollars building that home in 1992.

  • Frank

    If it’s worth anything I have a feeling she might be asset rich and cash poor. Remember, she had a entire entourage of “hanger ons” leeching off of her. For them this means for them now is grab while the gettin is good. Last ditch money grab. Who knows what the ramifications will be from the unfulfilled cash advances and if that money will have to be repaid as part of settling the estate.

    I have a feeling that young girl will have some tough times ahead until this all blows over. Hopefully there will be something left for her.

  • Toppin

    Cannot believe you claim to be a graduate of Spelman College. They must let anyone in the door these days.

    Try to follow me here:

    According to Whitney Bobby Brown treated her like trash. He spit on her and he emotionally abused her. While I know there are two sides to every story one thing is very clear: Their union was not healthy.

    If Bobby Brown truly loved Whitney he would respect the dead, keep her name out of his mouth and fall the fudged back! If not for Whitney’s sake then at least for Bobbi Kristina who is probably hanging on by a thread.

  • Choco-Drop

    Who Bobby is suppose to be, F@c% him and he is the one that made Whitney the way she were. He introduced her to drugs and made it seem like she was already on drugs. He just told a big nose lie. RIP Whitney ( I Will Always Love You)



  • Newark

    +1 @ We The People. Thank you. I know the family and unfortunately Whitney was on drugs when she met Bobby and so were other family members in the business. Stop blaming Bobby, they were both in it together.

  • jazzyphile

    Take note ladies, this is what happens when you love bad boys: You get Bobby Brown!

  • d_nicegirl

    @ Toppin – I have absolutely no desire to follow you anywhere. Although you obviously are very interested in me. Save your insults for all those who are ill-equipped to have discourse without resorting to insults. Bless your heart.

  • Yara

    You know what r problem is. We alway lknoiog for a good lknoiog person in r life.There the one that give you the problems. If he do not look like model or if she do not have a big ass little waist and a pretty face that person is not good for you. Let mariah, whitney and usher live. They must have something in common with nick, ray-j and tameka. I seen alot of people leave beautiful people for someone that they do not have to have alot of drama from. We need to stop lknoiog at look and look at someone that going to respect you. BUT I NOTICE ALOT OF PEOPLE DO LOVE DRAMA. So go whitney. Not saying she a crackhead but she look alittle crackish lol.

  • David

    Man this ish is rediculous. First Whitney then Mariah I beviele they both are going through a mid-life crisis and tryna find a young dude to help them with TWO OF THE LAMEST DUDES EVER!!!! Man Ray J want to be hard wit those ashy ass elbows and Nick Cannon is another lame duck. Man this makes me dislike the both of them (Mariah and Whitney) Im looking like damn I could’ve had a chance with the both of them if I was in the right place at the right time since they’re that vulnerable. Damn ladies

  • Hatake

    It’s amazing how you cichks hate on Mariah and Nick who actually looks happy and drug free, but ya’ll just loving nasty whitney and dirty Ray J who has raw sex on tape with Kim slutty kardasiian . Whitney Houston is a MESS, her song is a MESS, her wigs are a MESS, her shoes are a MESS, her daughter is a MESS, She’s the black Amy Winehouse. Whitney has tooooooo much money to be walking around looking like a bag lady in a grandma wig, bitch get ur nails done too.

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