Kerry Washington Essence cover

Even though 2012 just started Kerry Washington is having a great year. The Bronx native just celebrated her 35th birthday, she’s gearing up for her starring role in Shonda Rhimes’ upcoming dramatic series “Scandal” and she just snagged Essence magazine’s coveted “Black Women In Hollywood” cover.

Despite all of the obstacles facing black actresses, Washington says it’s still a good time for black women in the biz.

“I think it’s a really special time to be a woman of color in this business. The landscape of who has the power is changing,” she told Essence. “We are in more influential positions and are able to have a say in the stories that are told. I feel very lucky to be in the business now…”

Perhaps she’s onto something. Although Oscar nominee Viola Davis recently spoke candidly about the lack of quality roles for black women in the business, with writers like Shonda Rhimes, ‘Pariah’s’ Dee Reese, and award-winning director Ava DuVernay on the scene, things might be changing.

What do you think of the Essence cover?

  • African Mami

    Iunno what Kerry is on about—–> great time to be in Hollywood, because there are TWO black people nominated for Oscars?!

    Nyhoo, Happy Belated. Cover is great, but she looks a little preggo to me.

  • MarloweOverShakespeare

    You are so right Kerry. The game is changing.

  • fuchsia

    Kerry is definitely my favorite actress for a while now. I love the cover and I can dig what she’s saying about it being a good time to be a Black woman in Hollywood. She’s being positive and her style is always amazing. Congrats on making it on the cover!

  • Alexandra

    I’m not really a fan of her looks (permanent pout), but the cover looks great.
    I do love her as an actress and I wish her luck in the changing film biz.

  • girlformerlyknownasgrace

    She is the first black actress to say something completely positive about being a black actress in a while.

  • flagrant

    The cover it terrible. It makes her left breast look odd.

    I love Kerry and think she is beatiful.

  • Whatever

    Is that why she gets down to a size 0 to get roles? Oh please. I like Kerry but this idea is more like a fantasy. While Shonda is amazing and maintains a great relationship with ABC, she is 1 woman in a sea of “others”.

    “We are in more influential positions and are able to have a say in the stories that are told”

    Really?… Again Pariah is 1 in a sea of “others” and it is also an independent film. Is it really a good time to be a black woman in “Hollywood”?

  • apple

    If a good time means nonexistent roles or playing maids in movies that lie about history then why sure it’s a good time for black women.

  • Tough Call


  • Karen

    If it’s so great to be a black woman in Hollywood, then WHY WHY WHY we don’t see enough black women in movies playing lead roles instead of supporting roles? Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer nominated for Oscars don’t mean jack. Huh, you can ask Halle Berry that. And I remember when Halle won her Oscar. She stood before everyone and said that the doors are now open for black women in hollywood. I knew right there Halle was talking in vain. And she found that out the hard way. Everytime you see a person of color its mostly BLACK MEN. Single or with a non black woman. So I don’t get what Kerry is talking about.

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